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I wanted to ask how to change background image of a LinearLayout using code in a Java file. Here is what i came up with, but it makes the app crash. methods which I use to set the image of the


I have an app that displays a list of items. One can then click on an item and this takes you to an about page. When you click back, it should ideally keep the list as is. However, the router appears

一个Linux进程使用1999% CPU,它将重新启动后,我杀了它。这是一个危险的过程吗?

Recently, I found my server(linux) runs very slow, so I use command top to find the reason and found a process occupies 1999 %CPU. I think this is the process that make my server slow. After I kill it


main.cpp #include "QtGuiApplication4.h" #include <QtWidgets/QApplication> #include "megui.h" int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QApplication a(argc, argv); megui test; test.show();

Bootstrap 4.1.1页脚中心对齐与右边框

Here is my design for footer Here is my code for footer design based on Bootstrap 4.1.1 .mainfooter-area { background: #404044; padding: 100px 0; } .mainfooter-area h2 { color: #


so i m creating a simple spinner and using a specific style. <Spinner android:id="@+id/spinner_lang" style="@style/spinner_style" android:


What code to use for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for implementing adaptive bit-rate streaming in Java?

用JAVA API获取索引文档时获取弹性响应的空响应

Am fetching the indexed documents from elastic search using Java API. But am getting Null as a response from elastic search. But if i search with the same query using kibana with curl script am


I have this code below that is able to transfer the array value to another array when i click on it for example when i click on lime it will move into my Green Array The problem is after i JSON.


I want to create diff in javascript in which it can check difference line by line and check each word and spaces. And if found any difference then that difference should be recognized as a highlight (

将外部域名连接到AWS S3 Webiste

I want to host a static website on Amazon S3. Created the relevant buckets - testing them ok. Now I have a domain name i've registered with EuroDNS - www.gopropel.io - I can't find how to connect it


i have a homework to draw a spiral(from inside to outside) in python with turtle, but i cant think of a way to do that,beside what i did its need to be like this i tried to do it like that: but its


Im looking to find the data usage of all apps ever installed on my phone with the install, removal dates. Something like app name ----- install date ------ removal date ------ data used youtube


I recently got to work on a project earlier made by someone I don't know. I've searched the complete internet before posting this question but didn't find any help. I'm getting the Shell Script


So my issue is that I have a canvas element with two events attached to it (mousemove, touchmove), both are expected to execute the very same function in a corresponding Typescript class,

组合框不被NITro PRO 8验证

Below is a simple pdf file I used in Nitro pro 8. PDF file of combobox Here I have added a combo box (drop down menu) which fill color (back color) is white by default. There are three options "One"


I have a problem like this. I am making report generation part in angular 5 using jsPdf. This is my component.html file part. <div class="content-wrapper"> <div class="container-fluid">


I create custom razor location everything working fine except _ViewImports.cshtml. Here is my code : public class LocationExpander : IViewLocationExpander { public void PopulateValues(


i have set up Node JS server cluster environment to fully utilize all the cores of my server. There is a Cron Job which runs every day 08 O'clock to run some tasks. But due to clustering it runs 4


I'm currently new to programming and don't know, how to let the program process while the loading bar is running. I wanted to display the loading bar and check, wether the program is finished


I'm not even sure if this is possible, but this is what I would like to do. Give the user an option to share some content (such as an inventory item). This is easy enough to do with and Intent using


LoginService public List<Login> getLogins(Optional<String> attr1, Optional<String> attr2, Optional<String> attr3) { Specification<Login> loginSpecs; // Doesn't


I have the following piece of code to poll my Dead Letter Queue in JMS. Message m = mconsumer.receive(3000L); while (m != null) { try { sendMessageToDB(m); } catch


I am attempting to automate testing on the client side of a GWT built site. I have been able to run through all the DOM elements and find the span element which is clickable I tried the click() method


For a column I need to convert the informatica logic To_date($$RUN_DATE,'yyyy-mm-dd') to hive. I guess the same will work for hive as well ? Pleae let me know if any other approach.

Python Velyon的建立

MacOSX: 10.12.6 Iterm2:bash shell Vagrant 2.0.2 ansible version: pip version: 10.0.1 from /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pip (python 2.7) pyenv version: 1.2.3 Python versions:

安装Python PIP的错误

after install python-pip using "$ sudo apt-get install python-pip" when i check version "$ pip -V" showing error "bash: /usr/local/bin/pip: No such file or directory " can anyone help please???


I'm trying to parse a string object that carries simple XML. I have parsed XML files at the past but I can't use the code because it refers to files and not strings- please review the code I used for


I have created a function where I need to pass data frame I get shape and return me df.head() def shape_of_df(df): tup = df.shape print('Shape of df is Rows :{0[0]},column:{0[1]}


I'm currently working on an Android app that allows me to access the camera and upon clicking one button, I switch to the front cam. I click another button, I go back to the rear cam. However, I'm


Im doing an calendar apps, i wish to scroll my scrollview in the fragment to a specific Y-position as presenting the current time, i tried this code in an ACTIVITY, it successes, but it is not working


I used below code for file upload to server in ionic 3 getImage() { const options: CameraOptions = { quality: 100, destinationType: this.camera.


I would like to save and restor my tf.estimator model. Although I tried to follow other related issues on stackoverflow, I could not be successful. The following input_fn can provide the data to be


I have used Qt designer to create two different windows, Login_ui.py and Register_ui.py. Here is the python scripts for the window. Then i created APP.py file as main and DB.py for database. How


I am trying to solve the following problem: https://leetcode.com/problems/encode-and-decode-tinyurl/description/ I went through a couple of answers on SO, as well as other forums online. I am


When using Maven, it's easy to look up latest version of SNAPSHOT artifact by going to parent's pom.xml: https://github.com/apache/maven-compiler-plugin/blob/master/pom.xml#L33 But where do I look

警告:FoO的数据已经达到0.0323 GB的每日上限和收集您的应用程序

I've been getting these alerts lately, however if I search events in my Application Insights account, I only have 5 events in the last 24 hours, and 7 events in the last 48 hours. The largest event


I think I have built it properly. I have other boost libraries working. I am getting the following error Error: *SNK1104 cannot open file 'boost_pythonPY_MAJOR_VERSIONPY_MINOR_VERSION-vc141-mt-x32-


I have a page with several buttons that all open the same modal using Magnific Popup. However I need to customize the popup for each button according to the calling button's data- attributes. So I


I'm trying to achieve this look like on hover below. When I hover on text or a block, then should I have a look like this. How I can do this? I couldn't find any example with style like this. Below I


I have recently completed a course on Neural Networks/Deep Learning and have completed some projects successfully. I am now looking at using RNN's to look at making fantasy football predictions. I


I am kind of stuck and looking for ideas how to solve this problem: My app is in ionic v1, (ionic 1.3.4), with cordova 8.0.0 . For social login I am using facebook cordova-plugin-facebook4 (v 2.1.0)


I am using the django's built-in auth module for user authentication. urls.py url(r'^accounts/logout/', auth_views.logout, kwargs={'next_page': reverse_lazy('login')}), url(r'^accounts/login/',


I have a situation where my response is encrypted. In order to decrypt it, I need to get hold of the session because there are some variables on the session that are needed to decrypt. So far I have


Where can I find details to implement siamese networks to perform image similarity and to retrieve the most similar image from a dataset It is difficult to get a large number of image data for all


This is the description of the question: Every cell interacts with its eight neighbours, which are the cells that are horizontally, vertically, or diagonally adjacent. At each step in time, the

警告:使用版本为0.0.172的JavaFX运行时,使用版本为0.0.1的JavaFX API加载FXML文档

Please help! I am newbie to JavaFx I got this error when trying to set setScene *.fxml file javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader$ValueElement processValue WARNING: Loading FXML document with JavaFX API of version


I'm trying to add a real time scoring system to my Python game. But, it writes the new score over the old score. It means that 1 is written over 0; 2 over 1, etc. Do not suggest solutions that


I am trying to send WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP to notepad's edit control. The following example works, if I send a VK_F5: Notepad inserts the current date and time. However, If I try to send a simple h,

用Selenium WebDriver滚动到元素

I want to create a function that takes the class name as a parameter. This method tries to click on the element. If it fails, it scrolls to the element and tries to click again. That’s it! I want