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如何在MySQL Workbench架构中设置双数据类型的精度值

I want to have double datatype with precision of two points. Is there any way it can be achieved ?


Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript-based framework/platform built on Google Chrome's JavaScript V8 Engine.


is it possible to detect CoreNFC tag without that default PopUp ? and if not ? can i change icon in it or somehow modify that PopUp ? i am using objective c. Thanks in Advance

从OpenCV C到NoDEJS/JS电子的数据传递

I am trying to do a POC for Video Processing application with the following stack and struck with passing processed media stream from c++ application to Electron Front end GUI. Electron |


I'm trying to install a jenkins plugin (Blue Ocean) from the Dockerfile of my jenkins-master image. Then, I use docker image build to build said image. The code I use to install the plugin is: #


The access rule in multi company. The user's allowed company is 1 company. Print custom report action, then error is: Please contact your system administrator( sale.order, Operation: read) The


In tensorflow tf.layers.batch_normalization() layer is used to train a model. The code to train the model is like this, layer = tf.layers.conv2d(input, ) norm = tf.layers.batch_normalization(layer,


I have a data frame with two columns. I would like to create a new data frame which lists all values of second column for each unique value of the first column in the first data frame. I do not want


i have 2 components present in one screen. if i add or delete in the screen, those count must get updated in the siebar. Can anyone help me to fix this issue. HTML: <app-side-navigation></


i got a mysterious phenomena if i am going to write a file to the share folder on a remote machine. object[] theProcessToRun2 = { "CMD.EXE /C " + '"' + "echo.exe test 123 4 5 6 7" + '"' + " " + ">

Azure VM上的SQL Server:我的应用程序如何连接?

I have an application written in VB, which used to connect with a Microsoft SQL Server, whichh is placed on a VM in the domain, using Windows Authentication(Local Domain). But, I have moved my DB to


I was creating a batch script to run several commands to enable winrm, changing network category and such and I got across a problem with the netsh command, specifically netsh advfirewall firewall set


What is the best way to replace last digits of a number to zero keeping first three digits as it is, in python? Example: 23456789 -> 23400000 112022 -> 112000 1111-> 1110 111 -> 111 (no

SMTP:客户端:535 5.7.3认证失败

Im trying to send an email every time someone inputs a form on my website but the smtp isnt working, it keeps on showing me this error.The credentials of the email account are correct.Also i have

Spring Buff:如何设置一个FieldFieleMe读器来读取JSON文件?

My approach so far: @Bean FlatFileItemReader<Blub> flatFileItemReader() { FlatFileItemReader<Blub> reader = new FlatFileItemReader<>(); reader.setResource(new


I've a file a my s3 bucket and I want to access this file from lambda function. When I pass the path of this file to one of the method,I get error as "Could not find a part of the path '/var/task/


Suppose I have an expression like :(Main.i / (0.5 * Main.i * sin(Main.i)). I would like to replace each occurence of Main.i into some other symbol. Is there an idiomatic way to do this in Julia?


I've created a custom annotation in java and I'm trying to use it in a Kotlin written class but now in compile time I'm facing an error of annotation parameter must be a compile-time constant this is

‘Git克隆’到$Gopa'没有'Go Go?

With badly formed Go packages, this doesn't work: go get -u How do I clone without go get, and without manually parsing out the path?


I'm trying to draw a canvas on another webGL canvas. This is my code. function createCanvas(width, height) { var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); canvas.width = width; canvas.


i have a react native tab navigator component created using createBottomTabNavigator, see screenshot. I tried to do the last icon as a toggle button (with press you toggle it's state) but not to do


I have values from one form that need to be transferred to another. var manager = $('input[type=checkbox]:checked').val(); im capturing the value with this. and trying to send it to this. $('input[

Django REST API与Django视图

I am building a project where I have 2 approaches to follow - Either I can create APIs for all operations and call them from my frontend which is in Angular. Or I can use normal Django views and


so Basically I am trying to do Components Communication with event Emitter. but I don,t know why I am getting this error Type '{ result: UserCredential; }' is not assignable to type 'LoginResponse'.


Here i have a function named fnswiftWordApi which sends asynchronous request to a [https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com][jsonplacehoder] and returns the value.But i cannot store the value that is


I want to remove ref="magnificPopup" from anchor tag using preg_replace


I would like to achieve the following: http to https: http://www.domain.co.uk -> https://www.domain.co.uk non-www/http to https: http://domain.co.uk -> https://www.domain.co.uk non-www/https to https:


Below is my code snippet. This is giving me compilation error, as env.getProperty will return String. How do I get integer value. Interger.ParseInt isn't working. when(this.env.getProperty("


I have a cassandra cluster(four nodes) on four machines with data size of 745.54 GiB ,670.79 GiB ,695.65 GiB ,634.43 GiB of each node.I need to migrate all the data to single machine with single

Date Picker XAMARIN形式

<DatePicker x:Name="StartDatePckr" Format="ddd dd MMM" DateSelected="Handle_DateSelected" /> I am using a simple Date Picker in my Xamarin forms Project. When the Picker is displayed, Today's


i have to create a new column in my SQL db. The new column should have some data from two other existing colums. I thought this is a simply SQL command, but it doesn't fill the new column with data

I have to copy multiple rows in VBA excel repeatedly. My current solution looks like this: 'Select row with sun altitude values Range("A11:A277").Select Selection.Copy Range("EE11:EE277").


Basically, the question is what's the best way, in terms of development, to have a JS or PHP file, that is the same for two different websites, in a way that don't have to develop the code twice, for


I have a class with out have any attribute. At runtime I need to add the custom attribute to the class. My Requirement is, I created the Class without any attribute, at runtime based on some value

当调用WebService API时,TFS自定义插件获得空异常

Configuration: 1 Tfs2017 2 Clarity web service (CA) 3 Custom plugin (Implements ISubscriber) Sequence of events 1 Saving a work item 2 The custom plugin is called 3 The plugin calls a login API


I am trying to do a contract upgrade after I successfully authorised, I try to initiate the upgrade flow, but the counterparty is hitting an exception. So I'm wondering when/why this is happening. In


I'm trying to fetch og (OpenGraph) tags from a URL and display in the app. I get the tags properly for most of the websites, but for some, I don't. ex. This URL When I render it on the browser and


I am adding toolbar button to the gmail view, using gmail.js. var main = function() { gmail = new Gmail(); // add toolbar gmail.tools.add_toolbar_button('', function()) } calling this main function

是否有任何角度组件释放功能视图(如Win Explorer)?

Just looking for angular component with anology of win explorer tile view. Mb anybody sees smth like this?enter image description here


Do you have any idea about How we can make a code that generates random solid grid graph examples? Definition of solid grid graph (from:http://www.graphclasses.org/classes/gc_1058.html): A graph

I have client and server app. They use udp socket to communicate. I can send some message from client side and receive it at server. But I can't send message in other direction. I modify client and

在SWIFT 4中解析不同类型的JSON

someone can help me parsing this JSON? https://restcountries.eu/rest/v2/all I want to obtain every country. Thank you


I have a data frame like this Account timestamp no_of_transactions transaction_value A 2016-07-26 13:43:29 2 50 B 2016-07-27 14:44:29


I want to Convert a shot video from the phone to bitmaps. The video recorded is of 15 seconds, and the fps is 29, I want to recover every frame from the video. I am using this CODE : @Override

请求本地主机API [复制]

I recently developed some simple APIs as a project using ruby on rails. I can access them from PostMan just fine. As a further development, I decided to write an HTML page (hosted in the local Apache


Ive been currently migrating my app from 4 to 6 and I can not executing my proxy script for my e2e tests. The script listing looks as follows: "scripts": { "ng": "ng", "start": "ng serve",

获取Windows的UNXUTILS T.EXE,如Unix TR字符脱逃

From another cross-platform program I would like to use the UnxUtils tr.exe program exactly as under Unix but I can't manage to get it to work, the issue being the escaping. Here's an example. Create

带邮递员要求的Twito WebHooq

I can't set StatusCallback to a message in Postman. From this page I copied cURL code, imported to Postman, added authorization (it's Basic Auth), messages are sent from Twilio number to specified in


I am 100% sure that ids are unique I check it many times using Logs and prevent the notify() method of manager to be called multiple times if not necessary to avoid some overhead. Now I have first


I need to add some angular directive in my JSP page but it's not working while working fine in HTML page. Below is angular directive code: angular .module( name: 'msfot.app.directive',