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Going through the next chapter in a react book I decided to try to build out some code to test out how props work in react. I have the following app: import React, { Component } from 'react'; import


Currently, I have two divs. When the window is fully expanded, I want it to look like this: ---------------------------------------- | Div-Left | Div-Right | --------------------------


I have five chromosomes: chr1 300000 chr2 200000 chr3 100000 chr4 500000 chr5 800000 I have 10 samples: CHR Pos_in_CHR Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 Sample5 Sample6 Sample7 Sample8 Sample9


I have a variable "inputed_email" that I want to write to a .txt file. However, how would you accomplish this in Flask? Any help is appreciated. Thank you! @app.route('/', methods=['GET', 'POST'])


Just started learning python through Zed's book "Learn python 3 the hard way". I am currently working on a text based game as an exercise. I got the game running but I could not figure out why the

从发射温度传感器获得的数据,MIT App Inventor

I have an Arduino connected to my smartphone via Bluetooth (HC-05), and I want it to receive the data that is appearing on the Serial Monitor, from my LM35. I use an app created on MIT App Inventor. I


I have a problem with the relationships in my project in Laravel: My project consists of: Student (ID- Name - Mobile - Email) Teacher (ID - Name - Mobile - Email) Course (ID - Name - description)


I'm running this criteo linear classifier example in a distributed setting, using S3 as the shared filesystem: https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/cloudml-samples/tree/master/criteo_tft

Scala的函数类型标签:功能使用类型T T

I need to parse several json fields, which I'm using Play Json to do it. As parsing may fail, I need to throw a custom exception for each field. To read a field, I use this: val fieldData =


i have a bunch of conf files, which can be described as two types: Type 1 (Typical conf-file- like ini Files): [server] # Protocol (http, https) ;protocol = http # The ip address to bind to, empty


I am completely new in writing scripts for google sheets, so I was hoping some of you could help/guide me a little bit. So Ideally, I want a script to clear (not remove) ALL filters in my sheet. This


Interesting and weird thing I noticed writing PowerShell classes lines: class A { [object] WhereObject(){ return @(1,2) | Where-Object {$_ -gt 2} } [object] Where(){


Hello Stack Overflow Community. Would you guys explain me how am I able to add a rate system? My blog gets its posts from database. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `posts` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL


I have a simple int keyword argument, coeff, for my model function. Ideally, I could just pass/feed this kwarg as concrete int value during training, but I have not found a way to do this yet, and

我如何存储访问令牌的安全窗,在C #?

I am writing a windows form that connects with an online rota schedule system through an API. In order to authenticate with the app I have to use this token which is a series of random alphanumeric


I have a UI rendering in "screen space - camera; In this Ui i have a UI canvases for each side of the screen. These contain spawn points for items that are then launched into the screen space. I used


I would like once for all to be fixed about modulo operation and how it behaves with negative numbers. When one or the two operands are negative, the result is different depending on the programming

利用GHC API与优化编译程序

I want to compile a Haskell module to GHC Core, with optimisations applied, and use the resulting core output. However, when I use compileToCoreSimplified it doesn't seem to run all the normal


I am totally new to lisp and have no idea how I'll create this function. This is the pseudo code I created to help me solve it Binary tree children ; This function returns the children of binary


I have a single battery image appearing once here and it moves from right to left then goes away. I want batteries constantly coming and going until the player hits one of them. My question is how do


i have following problem. I have created a S-Function which should read a matrix from a text file, where the output size of the output port is not known and therefore set as dynamically sized. Matlab


I have read that the original SQL was built on top of C language. Do the current renditions of relational languages still compile this way?


In the following code, I am unable to remove the double quotations from the interger 0. value="'0'" value2=value.replace("''", "") value2 then returns: value2 Out[73]: "'0'" How do I get rid


I built an extension that can intercept and append browser tab ID to all cookie names. By doing this, the real cookies stored into chrome will have the tab associated with the particular cookie. This

主要取决于qthread PyQt

I have a Python QT application that connects to a CG server (CasparCG). The QT application triggers a QThread which listens for hotkeys using the module pynput - and sends a command to CasparCG to


I'm currently trying to make caesar cipher program. there's index dictionary made with dictionary data . showing index of letters like OrderedDict([('A', 0), ('B', 1),, ('Y', 24), ('Z', 25)]) and

I've got a d3 (v4) graph of nodes, with "circle" objects appended to them. I have filtering on the graph, so I'm using the new General Update Pattern. However, I'm having a LOT of trouble making my


I have a html table (with column names: T1, T2, T3). I want to highlight a column name (T1) ONLY when it is clicked on by the user, the rest of the column names don’t have a highlight (T2, T3). Then


I'm currently working on a MEAN stack application where my express tests are run with mocha. When I first started writing these tests, I hard-coded them against localhost/api/x however now I am a few


i am using sharp.js for image manipulation in node.js my code sharp(path) .toFormat('jpeg') .toBuffer((err, data, info) => { }); upload image as png format or any other


This is a problem faced during the development of a web application. It had an angular material 2 data table which was rendering data with nested objects and needed to concat data of different columns


My site is failing a PCI scan because of a jQuery vulnerability - CVE-2015-9251 - jQuery Cross-Domain AJAX vulnerability - in jQuery versions less than 3.x.x. I have scanned all of my pages and all

Appium Android驱动程序初始化失败- NoClassDefFoundError

I'm having trouble getting my android driver to work in Appium. I have: AndroidDriver<AndroidElement> driver = new AndroidDriver<>(new URL(SC_URL), caps); Where SC_URL and caps have been


I'm currently making an application that uses an activity log like structure. It basically displays some items and values which have been fetched from firebase. I would like to know if theres a way to


I am trying to bind a textfield to an object. I've done some research and I have found this answer. public class Person { String name; String surname; Address address; // assume getters and


For my microservice implementation I use POJOs with no implementation to serve as model classes for the service API. Is there a library that can be used to generate javascript POJOs from the JAVA

C #跳跃运动数据

I am new to Leap Motion Service. I have configured Visual Studio 2015 - C# Project to accept data from Leap Motion service and display it on the form when a Button i clicked. I want to retrieve the


What is this error? Call to a member function update() on null RequisitionController.php public function update(Request $request, SubmitApplication $submitApplication) { $submitApplication =


I tried to make vue-material and vee-validate work together but had some issue. Please see this fiddle The basic example without material is working but the material design one is not. <md-

_files美元数组是空的在提交与JavaScript [复制]

I am facing issue while submitting form, i am getting empty $_FILES array. I have javascript attached with this form where i m trying to upload images and other user inputs, with javascript i am


Right now I have a column called labels in my table "data". It includes comma seperated labels and is of type varchar(254). I have another table "lookup" with the indexes these labels to their


I created a query and at the moment it shows all data but I want it to only show the outliers. I'm very new to SQL and have no clue how to do it. I have tried looking it up and have found some answers


in localhost everything works good, but when i try to publish vm azure i can't submit a form. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) code : $


I'm developing an agent-based simulation in C++, and so far I'm able to run 1 simulation and I transcribe the results manually. It consists of an Environment class with an 2-d array with agents (


Why does df = pd.DataFrame({1 : np.random.randn(5), 2 : np.random.randn(5), 3 : np.random.randn(5)}, index=[1, 1, 2, 2, 2]) a = np.array([3.1, 3.14, 3.1415]) df.


I have a list of lists: Y= [[192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200], [507, 508, 509], [526, 527, 528, 529], [560, 561], [635, 636, 637]] and I want


So something like bq cp -f src_table dst_table but I want partitions in dst_table that are not present in src_table to stay unoverwritten. Is something like this possible?


I am trying to utilize a route guard and route resolver, both of which are using an API call that I am subscribing to for various reasons. Basically my route guard is checking if there is data for

它可以创建一个非固定大小的数组在C #?

When creating an array like with string[] list = new string[5]; There is a variable named IsFixedSize. So is it possible to create an array that is not fixed size? The only way I know is by using


I am trying to copy all the web elements with a tag on a page to a list. I am not getting any compilation error with the below code, but am seeing null pointer exception. can someone check and help