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在本地项目中存储的Autodesk Fube查看器JS依赖项

I am working with Autodesk viewer using angular and typescript. I am using https://developer.api.autodesk.com/modelderivative/v2/viewers/style.css - (For CSS) and https://developer.api.autodesk.com/


I have a problem with GA displaying 2 different URLs formats for the same URL. In the real-time dashboard, it displays correctly Instead, in the All website data view the URLs display with a hash


I have a bash script called by cron to run various python jobs. When I run them from the command line they work perfectly, but not in cron. Specifically, an if statement checks for a value in the


when I call IProgress.Report, the callback passed into the constructor of the Progress object is not being invoked. In my specific case my callback is simply calling Console.WriteLine public async

乌尔都字体(JAMEL NORIO)不渲染时,我将水晶报表转换为PDF。

In crystal report viewer data show accurate(with URDU font "jameel noori") or properly readable. but when I export it in pdf urdu data shows in un proper way. i search a lot o this issue but not find


I am trying to consumer data from KAFKA topic which has data in the following way: { "team_member_id":"0007010267", "accrual_proc_dt":"2018/06/17", "timeoff_plans":"ABC", "length_of_service":357, "

IDE在Access 2016中运行VBA时冻结

Whenever I run any VBA code in Access 2016 the IDE freezes up after a few seconds and shows (Not Responding) in the title bar. The code still runs (although seems to be quite slow) and the immediate


I am writing one WPF application(MVVM) which needs to read data from QR Code Images using QR Code Scanner(Model : Symbol DS4308 - USB to connect with desktop). I googled for the same and identified


I want to add a dynamic textfield when a user clicks somewhere on the view.textfield should increase the size as the user types. Currently i am using the below code textfield = UITextField(frame:


Recently I read about implementation of Arrays in JavaScript - homogeneous (for single type elements) vs heterogeneous (for huge and unpopulated arrays or for elements of different types). I know


Hi I am developing web application in Angular 5. I am making HTTP GET call and displaying data in web page. Once i click on button to retrieve data, It will take around 2 to 3 seconds to get data from


I have a numpy array. I want to remove first element and print the remaining array. Then I want to put back first element and remove second one and print list and then I put back second element and


I am having a issues having multiple Database connection. I am using a framework called UserFrosting where I have an initialize.php file, here I add connections and then initialize all the tables in


After I build the project and run the apk in deivce , however, the app shows something wrong as above pictures: Like this , Anyone have meet same problem ?


I have just started out on the regex part of python and I thought I understood this concept but when I started out the programming I wasn't able to get it. The problem statement which was given is to


In my program I have several different classes containing a function with the same name, but different output: #include <iostream> #define CLASS_TO_USE C class A{ public: std::string


I would like to limit the input number that can go up to the current year, the user can not enter a year higher than the current one. how can I do? my code: <ion-item> <ion-


I'm trying to test the result of the cURL through php but I find out that I will not always succeed everytime I execute the page. (E.g. I refresh the page for 5 times it works only for 2-3 times) php


I am trying to create an Angular app with Angular Universal: SSR and Custom Elements. I downloaded the sample code available in Angular Universal: SSR and added the following lines of code to for


so I have a form on another page (for-sale) which displays all of my properties at the top of this page there is a form for filtering. One of the inputs inside the filters allows you to type in an

如何使用具有XML属性名称的Ajax LIFESeLoCH

I'm trying to modify and use this AJAX live search example to get values from XML file using PHP. Here is the working code example: javascript: function showResult(str) { if (str.length==0) {


With the new HttpClientFactory in ASP.NET Core 2.1, it's quite easy to configure custom HTTP clients with things like base urls, default headers etc. However, I haven't found a way to centralize


I am trying to index some documents using the elasticsearch.helpers.streaming_bulk function. When I try to get the results using the examples from here, I get the error: TypeError: 'function' object


Trying to use the embed script from Google Trends results in the following error under Chrome. Refused to display 'url' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'. I've put the


I have an existing multi-page app with ejs templating, however, I would like to use React in one of the pages. Is it possible to mix the two using webpack? For instance, i'd like all the content on

在Safari 12中打开JavaScript的新标签[ Safari应用程序扩展]

I have this extension where I want to open a new tab in the JavaScript part of the extension. Before migrating it to a Safari App Extension I could just do window.open(url, "_blank"); But when I run


I have d3 tree structure. This one. Two things to understand from the above picture: Headers will have multiple parents(wells). I must be able to drag and drop links that connect wells to headers


I have a postgres stored procedure like this: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION search() RETURNS SETOF search_result In this case 'search_result' is a custom (non persistent) type, created like this:


How to handle below slang or short words in BOT Framework OR LUIS, Hii, Hiii BOT, Hellooo, Hellooo BOT, heyy BOT Need assistance.


I have 2 tables first one is university and other one is courses, I am loading their content on the basis of some filter, right now i am making 2 request to get total number of university & 10


I created the following persistent volume by calling kubectl create -f nameOfTheFileContainingTheFollowingContent.yaml apiVersion: v1 kind: PersistentVolume metadata: name: pv-monitoring-static-


Here is my Javascript code to add a 3D Pie chart(Google charts).It is not working.The Pie chart dosnt shows in the view.How to solve it Javascript: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.


I try to figure out how to debug my laravel project with xdebug. E.g. how can I run through a controller with xdebug step by step? Normally I would attach the debugger to the index.php of the project,

如何放慢Cassandra node?

I'm doing a kind of performance testing and I need to slow down Cassandra node. What is the best practice to achieve this kind of task? I was looking into Compaction Strategy, but I think it isn't


I have a big Django project. When I start the server, I almost immediately see this: System check identified no issues (0 silenced). July 16, 2018 - 04:29:32 Django version 1.10.6, using settings '


C# I am using a dictionary like: var dict = new Dictionary<byte, Tuple<string, string>>(); Tuple<string, string> t = new Tuple<string, string>(label, unit); I want to declare

Excel VBA - Word表中的顶部边框

My excel sheet contain 7 tables that is going to be pasted into the new word document. Here is the code that I am using for adjusting table properties of word document. For i = 1 To wddoc.Tables.

重做CurraseUCM ReBASE的问题

I did a rebase of one stream from its parent and there were conflicts. So, I resolved the conflcits manually but selected wrong versions of some files while resolving conflcits and rebased was


I'm using a Data Science VM and I have a very big table on an Azure HDInsight database. I need to stream the rows of the table using Kafka, after that i have to compute those rows with pyspark and


Question as above really. Just to reiterate I have run two identical queries except for the DAY(DATE) and DAYOFYEAR(DATE) parts which are used in the Select and Group By clauses. I expected the


I'm trying to write a code for checking a path exists from vertex v1 to v2 in a given graph. It works for certain test cases and gives runtime error for others. bool HasPath(int V, int** edges, int*


Seems like I can't find a way to hide the topic box that appears on top of applozics chat / conversation view. I'm sure that there is option to do so, but any1 knows how ? Thank you for the help : )


I have two models, Location and Machine class Machine(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=30, help_text='Name of machine') location = models.ForeignKey(Location, null=True,


Actually i'm trying to make an app for a restaurant waiter, Now i've added some variant that a waiter can add to a plate but now i'm trying to add a free variant where a waiter can draw manually

访问控制允许在预留响应中允许头部的LARAVEL API、请求标头字段授权

I have a Laravel API using Laravel Passport (OAuth2 with password grant). When I access an endpoint with Postman, it responds correctly. When I try to access with jQuery, I get this error: Request


Im trying to upload an excel file using the file upload but whenever I do "If (FileUpload.HasFile)" it always return false even I already selected a file. Below is my code when I click the upload


So I try to use a UserControl to have one document with the navigation code in it with the layout. Now, it works to include the xaml code, but the navigation doesn't work. If I try to navigate I get


I am trying to setup the Visual Studio Code environment on my Windows machine and Now I need to use Cygwin as the shell in the intergrated shell. But I have some questions: I am able to run a Cygwin


Ich möchte mit sed -i aus einer Datei entfernen. das "/" macht probleme! This works: sed -i e 's/<br/''/g' File.txt But this didn't work: sed -i e 's/'<br />'/''/g' File.txt Thank


I am pretty new to Tableau. I have a couple of tableau reports embedded in my react web project, but I don't want users to have direct access to my Tableau Online server. From my research, I found