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Dears Background of my query: I have been going through lot of documentation to understand what is the standard way (if there is any) in which the java client authenticates themselves with the

I am getting the Address from the device location using the Reverse Geocoding. I am wondering if there are any charges or per day limit. If there is any limit, does it count the number of request

It appears that codeIgnitor is issuing a callback when a previous validation has failed. In this test case, I have a simple form with one text input. For blank input, the validation rule should catch "

In Chapter 3 of "Practical Common Lisp," we are asked to create a CD database by creating the function make-cd which is defined as follows: (defun make-cd (title artist rating ripped) (list :title

I am trying to write a verilog code for a universal shift register. My original register was working properly(the one without the LR_bar signal). But on this one i have no idea how i can make this

I'm going to create live pie chart in the amchart but when I am using the addData in my code the already data add to previous data that I have and remove data in the addData don't work properly my

I want to implement custom model validator. I have used example code from Pro ASP .NET Core MVC book and it is not working. The custom model validator method is never called, yet model validation is

I was working on the website locally for a couple of days and implemented a lot of changes. When I uploaded these changes to the production server the whole website breaks down and the following error

I have a label in first view controller ViewController, and a func getting date avery second in second vc. I'd like to update label in first after timer starts in second. is it good to use protocol-

how can I return a variable from a PHP query to AJAXA. I want the user to be redirected to the user panel using javascript after successfully entering the login and password. The query in PHP was

For database directories for MongoDB, Cassandra or Elasticsearch clusters with high availability, should I use EBS or EFS? MongoDB, Cassnadra and Elasticsearch clusters take care of replicating data

In my Javascript code, I get one very long line as a string. This one line only has around 65'000 letters. Example: config=123&url=http://localhost/example&path_of_code=blablaba&link=

I am a beginner to developing a Progressive Web Apps, as i have used Chrome Web Server initially to host my progressive web application.But i don't know how to host my PWA app on other web server.

recently I updated my Intel & Nvidia graphic drivers to their latest version then I realized that some programs are no longer using the GPU processing. Here is the example, I am using Shotcut to

I established my PropTypes on App component for all props that are being passed to children. class App extends Component { constructor( props ) { super( props ); this.state = {

I'm getting Object from server as Json, but I have the problem that Intelij only show Max 20 Responses and i want to get all Object. it is a way to expand the number of Answers? Thanks

I have a problem. On screens with a small ppi (number of pixels per inch), fonts and icons look dull and pixelated. On the second screen on the right, there is another application, but on the same

I want to take printout of fixed format document generated from some dynamic values in Desktop application created in pyqt5 python 3. Please give some idea for creating format for printout and bound

This is my picture: This is my code: def line_detection(image): gray = cv.cvtColor(image, cv.COLOR_RGB2GRAY) edges = cv.Canny(gray, 50, 600, apertureSize=3) cv.imshow("edges", edges) lines = cv.

I need to create a server based app that will download files from my local server. How it will work: User will install the app and by clicking download all required files. For that I'm going to

Given some SymPy matrix M M = Matrix([ [0.000111334436666596, 0.00114870370895408, -0.000328330524152990, 5.61388353859808e-6, -0.000464532588930332, -0.000969955779635878, 1.70579589853818e-5, -5.

implement a program using c++ that simulates the cpu scheduling algorithm ; preemptive such as (SRT , RR , Priority) , the program should ask the user to input the process info such as burst times,

so basically in this code is only registration and login forms and it worked very well until i added session to it problem is when user registers it logs in console that user registered it is ok

I have the following class from which I should get the values of the following fields: public class mcResponse implements Serializable { private int statusCode; private String errormsg;

I went through this example , and I am struggling to pass additional arguments when a Server Instance of DatagramRequestHandler is created. Below is the code structure I have. Is it possible to pass

Is there an easy way to change the content of Model Browser in the Forge Viewer? I would like to rename som nodes, add and remove node.

The goal is to listen for localStoarge or sessionStorage changes using for example window.addEventListener. The problem is that the storage event never gets triggered: window.addEventListener('

I'm completely new to using Dialogflow. What I'd like to do is get the user to type something like "search for recipes with broccoli leaves" (as i'm trying to promote zero-waste recipes) and then for

I would like to build a progressbar. I took a rectangular view (progressBarBckgr) and put another one in front of it (progressBar). The one in the front should increase its height by tabbing on the

I am working on array composed of 4 marks for each student I need to calculate the sum of each 4 elements apart, to get the average and store it in an other array , I wrote it this way but it doesn't

I need to find a string in a file and reformat it. String to find format: [title](link) example: [template application](https://stackoverflow.com/sample/base-app) I would like to change that to

Hey i am trying to do simple animation with css, the image should go from bottom left to top left. I tried to do the following but it didnt work :( HTML: <div class='col-5'> <img style="

I was trying to look at the sources of some AOSP classes like: "android.com.android.server.am.DumpHeapProvider" (i then found the source inside this repository and looked at it online: https://

I'm doing a very simple comparison between a KTable and a Kstream builder.table("tableInput").toStream().to("tableOut"); builder.stream("streamInput").to("streamOut"); After that I'm adding

xampp phpmyadmin is not running today and giving the error on opening : Error MySQL said: Documentation Cannot connect: invalid settings. Connection for controluser as defined in your

This is where I have taken the code fromWhy is this program working right even if I enter the same letter "ch".Shouldn't the wincounter increase every time, I guess the correct letter. So if I keep

Tech Stack: Tomcat 7.0.47 Spring 4.3.8 SQL Server 2012 I am trying to implement a DB connection pool in my Java web app and although I have achieve it, I have detected some miss-functionalities when

I got an issue in my programm with one of the functions. I've got a text, which consist of sentences. In each sentence I need to find symbols '@', '#', '%' and change them to "(at)", "<решетка>", ""

i am building a chat application where i set almost everything except the channels. the thing is i alsoset the firebase side of the channels where i write my input and shot them in firebase. but i can'

Im new in coding. I'm making my first website (mobile first). It were all fine, all divs working, responsive, all great! But now I added a new div(nothing special I guess) but when I try to just put a

Thumbnails doesn't show up while on the mobile app but shows up when the app is built on web?

How do i assign unique IDs to each fetched dropdown button. here is the Javascript code <script> function myFunction() { document.getElementById("myDropdown1").classList.toggle("show"); }

$consulta_nota_geral = "SELECT * , avg(comp1) as competencia1 , avg(comp2) as competencia2 , avg(comp3) as competencia3 , avg(comp4) as competencia4 , avg(comp5) as competencia5 FROM votos WHERE

I have the following enum class: enum class MyEnum : int32_t { ENUM1 = EXTERNAL_CONSTANT1, ENUM2 = EXTERNAL_CONSTANT2, ENUM3 = EXTERNAL_CONSTANT3 }; The "EXTERNAL_CONSTANTX" are constant

Do you have any idea where we can find components following material.io rules for React Native? I am looking for simple individual component independent with inline style. For now I only see full

so i was seraching trough the net, but i couldn't find anythig, so i am askink here in the hope that someone could help me. what i am trying to achive is to create a web page in ruby on rails with the

TypeError: PasswordResetDoneView() received an invalid keyword 'success_url'. as_view only accepts arguments that are al ready attributes of the class in dhango 2.1 while redirecting to the reset

I created a new project in Android Studio. When I run it, it says - "Error: Default Activity not found". But the default activity is there in the Android Manifest. After that when I Rebuild the

I have a video file to probe with the use of FFPROBE, I'm trying to catch the error so that instead of just throwing the error it updates the DB row first, setting it to state 2 (processed 0 = default,

This question is just having fun with Swift. Please don't take it too seriously In Swift, given this function: func greet(name: String) { print("Hello \(name)!") } the proper way of calling