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enter image description here Is a problem of readers - writers; i'm new in this. I don't understand the concurrency and i need have the problem readers-writers in c++, also i have investigating and i

I have an Oracle DB installed on an ec2 instance and I want to run a script on that server so that whenever I put a script into the s3 bucket then code pipeline will trigger and deploy the script to

I am using jmeter plugin (WebSocket Samplers by Peter Doornbosch) for creating websocket requests manually. Before i go and create manually, i need to understand what message is been sent and the

Helo, I've upgraded my app to Android 8.0 and higher. But now my background pushup notifications doesn't work. My app worked great, when I used a service with a timer. So my database of pushup

Is there any function inside Python that can accept multiple rows of strings and return a percentage of how much similarity they have? something like SequenceMatcher but for multiple strings.

I'm experiencing the issue described here. I use private IntPtr WindowProc(IntPtr hwnd, int msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam, ref bool handled) { switch (msg) { case 0x0024: //

I have a csv file with 8 columns and at least 150 rows. The first column has the same value for a number of rows. For example, in the first column, from row 1 to row 5, the value is 2.5 and from row

I am trying to scroll to right of each element, but could not calculate right of element and scroll to it. var $scroller = $('.scroller'); $('button').on('click', function() { var

Okay we had the Task to create a constructer for a class which inherits from another, which also inherits from another class. Our solution to this was the following code: AxeThrowerTroll::

I am trying to add a page to admin panel and following this tutorial here admin-panel.php function add_menu_to_wpadmin(){ add_theme_page( 'Admin Contact Us', 'Subscriber list', 'manage_options',

project A depends on project B. project B has parent C. C defines dependencyManagement section. Does A get dependencyManagement from C? Or does C's dependencyManagment section have no impact on

There is something really weird happening in Windows 10 speech synthesis. First of all, even Windows displays different installed languages count in metro and classic control panels. Metro app shows

I had a requirement of finding a movie poster, normally found in the streets, walls or everywhere. They are usually pasted in groups of many different movie posters. My job was to locate that one

I do not know if it is a mistake, but I did a test here in Google Analytics. I went to Public > Overview, I ran from 09/12/2018 to 11/12/2018. I add the 'points' and in the end gave the result of

I have this check box that is supposed to go through the database and echo out the the collection associated to each product. <div class="list-group"> <h3>Brand</h3>

I'm trying to apply this VBA code to all sheets, to no avail: Sub MoveColsDown() ' MovetoA16 Macro For Each sh In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets Range("A1:I1171").Select Selection.Cut

I have a simple data frame: > var_body_part <- c("eye and nose", "eye", "eye and ear", "eye and mouth", "foot", "foot", "ear", "ear", "foot", "mouth") > var2 <- c("bla", "bla", "bla", "

I want to create universal method, for any enum object, that will check if enum has specified value name, but as Enum type object I am unnable to use method values();. Why? Is there any way to get

Based on the image above, what I'm trying to achieve are: Once the container reach middle of the viewport, it's text background will change to yellow. And also while user scroll down or up, the

I have this method which selects one row of a table and copies it to the another table and then it just deletes it from the first one. The problem is that how can I unit test it because it executes

I am trying to develop this project in which I want to get a simple String input, pass it as a parameter in a function in the app in my MainActivity file. I have written the TCP-server initialization

for (directory_iterator pos(dir); pos != end; ++pos) { if (is_regular_file(*pos)) { filename = pos->path().filename().string(); num = atoi((filename.substr(0, filename.find("."))

I'm struggling to find the correct way to define typings for namespaced library of React components. I've read some articles and helps on internet but the more articles I read the more confused I am.

I want to connect my esp8266, which is the gateway I am using to post the data to AWS-IoT, to another MCU (Arduino) to receive data serially. I am already posting my temperature data using C language

What I am trying to do is restart a webpage once it is down. The services don't let us know that it is down. (Poor programming on the creator's side) We only know that the site is down by when it is

Probably this has been asked before but can't find anything helpful yet. I have this task: - name: Create folder if not exists win_file: path: '{{ folder }}' state: directory when:

I need to load a proper site into webview. What I do: webView.setInitialScale(1) webView.webViewClient = MyWebViewClient() webView.settings.allowFileAccess = true webView.settings.pluginState =

I tried a lot of method but i don't know how to make it works on Spring MVC :/, I attach my query and my Json objects on MongoDB, i read a lot of webpages without any help, I don't understand how to

Hello Guys, I have some stuck of the Geolocation , I'm accessing my current location to use the latitude and longitude on my Link API but I have some issue that does not access the API and the result

I have two tables : item and item_to_item and set up model relationship: public function items() { return $this->belongsToMany('Item', 'item_to_item', 'item_id', 'to_item_id'); } now i need

I'm building a program that I want to be able to exchange information with other programs running in another computer. I started using C# and a library called SimpleTCP. The main issue is that is too

I am trying to build an app widget (university schedule) which shows a GridView in a RelativeLayout: widget_layout.xml : <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/

Extract String List data to Arraylist How can I write a code to contain Arraylist Date,Arraylist High and Arraylist Low

PostgreSQL 10.6 (Ubuntu 10.6-1.pgdg18.04+1) Java 8 I have two tables Table test Column | Type | --------+----------------------+ id | character varying(5) | Table test2

I have class which tasks are as follows: -let only x users into the system, -handle only y requests from a given user, -handle only z requests from all users together -each request can wait given time

iam working with the highcharter package to nicely plot graphs in R and implement them into Shiny. I am working with this datasets https://www.kaggle.com/currie32/crimes-in-chicago and using this code:

I am a beginner of JAVA. I wrote a solution for the leetcode problem"Merge two sorted array", but I cannot print results. The solution can pass OJ.So it should be right. Anyone can help? Thank you

Is there a way in Excel 365 to reference a cell in a formula and lock it so that if I drag the referenced cell it does not change the cell reference in the formula?

Is there someone who can help me with making script for this? I never made one but this is what I am willing to try. So,I want to make the auto type script,but I want it to start by itself like this.

I am accessing auroradb service from my java lambda code. Here I set my lambda concurrency as 1. Since creating/closing database connection is an expensive process, I have created the mysql

i am tying to search user search from database database include varchar and image every time i type in search box this error appears in console Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at

What is the advantages of using Merkle trees over Hash lists (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hash_list)? A hash list is a 2-level structure, Merkle tree is log n - level structure. Both can be used

My setup is like this: An old Windows XP machine that still has a real serial port and a newer Windows 7 machine that uses a USB-Serial adapter. I'm trying to run the librs232 example which looks like

I am trying to delete a file. I tried using: dbx.file_delete() however I get an AttributeError. AttributeError: 'Dropbox' object has no attribute 'file_delete' I believe this is because file_delete()

I'm developing an app in Android Studio which I've installed previously on a simulator. Now I want to simultaneously run an older version of same app on SAME sim. So I loaded up the corresponding

After reading the microsoft docs (https://docs.microsoft.com/fr-fr/aspnet/core/client-side/spa/angular?view=aspnetcore-2.2&tabs=visual-studio), i have seen that we use the Startup.cs file to call

How to render java.time.localdate in grails gform. In browser I can't see field for java.time.localdate property.

I'm running a fixed effects regression in R, with four FE strata. I have an independent variable, x, that varies within two of the strata, but is invariant within the other two strata. My

My rails app is deployed on Heroku, I cannot access my Graphiql on www.mysite.heroku.com/graphiql, it gives me this page image

private void CmdPositionRel_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { CmdTest.Location = new Point( CmdTest.Location.X = + 20, CmdTest.Location.Y); What I am trying to achive is that by