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Coming from a more traditional web frameworks like Django and a little bit Rails, I am a bit confused about what is the best to register new user in your couchdb backed web app. The registration

在Spring MVC中自定义字段访问器而不是BeangWrasePror

I've setup a basic spring boot web mvc application with an expression on my view like this: ${foo.bar} The Foo object has a structure like this: public class Foo { public String get(String


i'm trying to rewrite my url's, but i'm also using a router. so i want the router to control error pages such as error 404 not found, and not my htaccess file. everything is working perfectly fine,


how can i get the coordinates of every single character of my file? My program lets the user open a file with the JFileChooser and reads the content of the file. As the file I specifically open with


I want to set width and height of each item programmatically (textview + recyleview) so that I can place three ones no matter which device renders it (when devices differ I got different width and

如何在SQL Server中减去当前值和先前值

Have one table, need to minus one column previous and current amount. table value is below, need to write syntax for cal-Amount column Id Amount Cal-Amount 1 100 0 2 200 0 3 400 0 4 500


I can finally fetch my audio based on my words, but the problem is: I can only click once and after that the error message Cannot read property 'lowercase' of undefined in my console.log(). This is


I am using collapsingtoolbar inside there using imageview and toolbar. But problem is not working smoothly. Please help.. Here is my xml code : <android.support.design.widget.CoordinatorLayout


I want to color a matrix, using GNUPLOT by the "set pm3d map"; "splot 1.txt". The point is that this code makes and averages between neighbor elements, to color the matrix. (maybe to have a better


I use an array which contains seperate arrays and push objects in it. my push looks like: this.storeFilesService.base64files.filetype1.push({name: file.name, base64: str}); After i push an object


In Xamarin Forms, using C# is there a way to get the dimensions of the source of an image before you render it to the page? I want to be able to display images in either portrait or landscape


I am an newbie in Linux,I have a text file with multiple column and I want to rearrange the cell position by keeping the column number same.If there is any perl or comand line solution.I need help in


I am trying to show two switches in a Sidenav, with labels of different length. Here is my original version, without trying to align the switches: <html> <head> <link href="https:


Please take a look at std::advance function. The according to cppreference the complexity is: Linear. However, if InputIt additionally meets the requirements of RandomAccessIterator, complexity


Assume that I have an image stored as a variable, from a form, in the form of var someImage = document.getElementById("input1").files[0]. How would I insert this image saved to a variable into an HTML


I am trying to send parameters from Front-end to Back End via a Request POST with a body (GET won't solve the problem). Front-End side, paramaters are represented by an array of object : [{Foo1 : '


I'm trying to determine variable imortance in my classification and I use ClassifierAttributeEVal option in Weka. I select SMO as my classifier and I got following resut: === Run information ===

TINYCLinux Linux -Firefox ESR V52.1.2打印PDF/PNG模糊和模糊

tinycore linux (coreplus) - firefox-ESR V52.1.2 prints PDF/PNG blurry and fuzzy. Printer used : Zebra GC420T


I have a view and button inside that view, I have done drawing in touchdown event in view. While drawing over the button the line is hidden. I need to see drown line over the button. shown below Any


Using ForkJoinPool, suppose I submit main ForkJoinTask, that eventually invokes 20 other sub-tasks. Right after that I submit another similar main task. What I would like to achieve, is that main


My web page uses iCheck checkboxes. I am trying to get event when Shift key is pressed along with clicking on checkboxes. but no where in the documentation, iCheck gives that notification like normal


Assuming I'm using an external package implementing structs A and B, struct B implements method func (b *B) C() []byte My code uses this library by calling a.B.C() and using its value, I've already


So I would like to connect to a MongoDB database in a simple web page. However to be able to connect to MongoDB I need to install a PHP MongoDB driver using pecl. I can make this work locally, but


I'm trying to select a div used in an iframe, but the select instruction always return an empty object, any idea how to solve this please ? console.log($(this).contents().find('div')); https:/


I'm trying to create custom radio buttons with different sizes, it was working fine until i changed their size into three different sizes, when i click on one of them it doesn't get checked and it


http://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/82/A I don't understand how this code can be solution to this problem. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { string s[]={"


I have a recyclerView in my app that contain a list of Menu and when i press one of them if will change items in another recyclerView but when i open my activity noone of recyclerView where there are


When I try to convert to nclob from XMLTYPE fetched from table, I got error: ORA-03001: unimplemented feature When I try the same for XMLTYPE created on the fly, everything goes fine. My Oracle


I'm trying to get my custom webapp which has log4j2 jars within it's lib working with tomcat 9 with it's security manager enabled, Java 1.8. If I add this line to the catalina.policy under the


I am trying to use Cucumber and REST Assured to create autoamted tests in my Gradle project. Below is the XML Response Body: <ValidationResponse> <errors> <error>


My puppet master is 3.8.6 and hiera version in agent is 2.0.2.Is this compatible.? Can somebody guide with official guide ?


I have an index page with different software in a table. I want to display additional information (in a modal) when we click on a tr. Everything works but I have the information of a single software


Is it possible to do so using javascript, HTML code? I wish to print their location(city or country) in text format.


I have 1000 rows, and I need to arrange them group by column Name, Report format needs to be look as below, Page should be break once all rows of particular name shown. NAME1 1. ROW1 2. ROW2 NEW


I am trying to send an ACK with a data payload using the socket library but I cannot understand how to do it. Is this supported and if not, what are the alternatives?


I want to use this lib in my app : https://www.npmjs.com/package/jquery-animated-headlines But i don't know how to import it. First, i add these lines in my angular-cli.json "styles": [


I'm trying to extract fields from a text file to a vector of strings. In each line of the file the fields are separated by tabs. The problems is that some fields are missing, for example: 1st name\


I have multiple polygons that I am displaying via the go.Mesh3d function from plotly. That works very well. The only thing misbehaving is the axis scale. It stretches the polygons and looks wrong.


I know I am an idiot.. But I have been trying to create this simple stored procedure in my Oracle database for some time now and I keep getting the error "procedure created with compilation errors". I


I'm trying to keep a big model with reference data and in memory and attach other models with inference rules, and I need matching rules to fire when new triples are coming, lookup the reference data

Python 3.65安装但以Python 2.7作为默认文件

when i try to get default python version its showing 3.6 but when i try to run my code its running in python 2.7 ABC abstract method is also installed Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/

在Lotus Notes文档中渲染RixTeX

I am trying to create documents inside a LotusNotes Database by using the COM API. So far everything is working, except for the rendering of the RichText. The RichText is created by converting a


I keep getting NoReverseMatch at /music/2/ error, and it's pointing me to the parent template that i'm inheriting from, base.html, but i can't find anything wrong with it. I know it's probably


I'm crawling a website with http.client library in python and use htmldom library to parse the response. My problem is with a page that contains datepicker, which uses javascript to generate contents


https://www.marinogroup.lt Today i added new References page to menu. And after this logo jumped out of menu in english section, And in German and Lithuanian section menu items messed up. Could you


I have a bunch of commands in my discord bot and what I am trying to do is to make the bot listen to some commands ONLY if they come from a specific channel. Here is an example of a command: @bot.


My goal is to provide a 'feature rich' runtime (instance tracking) visual interface for in-progress WF workflow instances. In other words: I want to produce a UI which will show a user the progress of


In jest config setup.js, I mock two modules: jest.mock('somePath1/Translator'); jest.mock('somePath2/Translator'); When running tests I get this: jest-haste-map: duplicate manual mock found:


I am having trouble understanding the problem with threads in an Android App. The app is basically a html webpage, and I need to go back and forth between the webview and the android app to do load


I'm reading this XML (this is a small sample): <gameList> <game id="39873" source="screenscraper.fr"> <path>./1941.zip</path> <name>1941 -