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New here, new to coding in general. Just looking to see if this is an appropriate way to close the Scanner. I tried to make everything as clear as possible in the code. The reason I am asking is

I created an MVC Net Core Project Default Project. I set everything up models, controllers and displaying items in a page list.I am trying to locate the CSS html location, so I can move the following

For background, I am using an Adafruit FRAM breakout board connected by a two-wire interface to a Sodaq SARA Arduino form factor board and using the Arduino IDE. I want to have a function

I have the following Avro schema for a record, and I'd like to issue a COPY to Redshift: "fields": [{ "name": "id", "type": "long" }, { "name": "date", "type": { "type": "

I keep getting this assertion error pixel!=null from a stream builder if statement, it wont return anyting from the if, only from the else. thank you. very confused Widget build(BuildContext context)

I was wondering how to detect a refund, or any type of cancelation of an in-app purchase(not a subscription and not a consumable). I'm currently making my test and when I refund a test in google like

I have this dataset where there are multiple values per hour/min (hm). My goal is to create a new column where there is one distint hm and the corresponding value is the average. What would be the

I'm trying to work with email messages in Python 3.7 and struggling with what looks like compatibility issues. The docs mention email.message.Message having an iter_parts method that should allow me

I am not able to run a system call using PyCharm and can't figure out what variables or environment settings to change. Given this simple script: import os cmd = 'ifconfig -a' os.system(cmd)

For example, I have a data frame, and I want to subset it according to specific conditions: df[df$gender == "woman" & df$age > 40, ] What is the algorithm behind this filtering in R?

According to Google PageSpeed Insights I need to make sure that I enable browser caching for certain files. I have created a reactJS app with create-react-app. Where do I start and how do I enable

I'm currently integrating the PayPal's PHP REST API SDK. However, reading the documentation and the code I've found that the method to get the payer's shipping details is deprecated. Also, PayPal is

I want to get data from Hive table to unix server, please help me with required steps or softwares need to be installed for connectivity.

I'm developing a package that will be used by others to write processing scripts. For testing/debugging/not-going-insane purposes, I'd like to include some logging statements within my code, and

Remove the Extraneous Attribute from the given set R(A,B,C,D,E,G,K) F={AB->B, KB->CG, C->D , D->E} in KB->CG there is a mistake of E in there correct is KB->CG (C.E.G) how to find Extraneous

I am trying to show a piece of markup under the very last item in an each in ember -- I tried something like @last - but it came back with an error <ul> {{#each people as |person index|}}

I want a little bit changes with the discount logic if you can help me out. In My case, suppose the product price is 40 if somebody add more than 1 quantity then he will get those in 12. Example if he

I'm trying to figuring out what the problem but I can't. Basically I have the index.php with a login to an admin area and admin.php that Is the main page of the admin area. If I remove the SESSION

I have two arrays by array_merge() that look like this: Array( [1] => Array( [date] => 2018-09-25 [size_one] => 'XL' [

I saw some other posts on that but didn't understand. If I have a large table, with a clickable action button in each row. <tbody> <tr> <td><button onClick={this.handleClick}&

I'm trying to insert data into Database. I created Const class: public class Const { public static final String USER_TABLE = "users"; public static final String USER_ID = "idusers"; public static

All, I inherited some code and want to catch a HTTP 500 error when it occurs. I have read various things about using 'catch' but am having no luck. this.httpClient.post(endpoint, payload) .pipe(

I am trying to install Laravel composer in my Windows 10 laptop . It is failing with following error . I am using PHP 7 . PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'ext\

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> <title>Two-player Chess</title> <style>

I have a simple Kotlin class: data class ValveSpan(val begin:Duration, val end:Duration, val key:String):Comparable<ValveSpan> { } Because it's a data class, I must have a primary

I have been having issues with some odd behaviours from the EditText .setSelection that I am hoping you can all help with! The app I am working on has a search field and there is the need to have it

I would like to handle a scenario in Stripe where a trial has ended and no credit card has been entered. Currently in Stripe At the end of the trial period, an invoice is created (invoice.created).

I want to make a simple platform where a user can input his name which then generates an HTML page based on the input. The page should be based on one single template used for all the generated pages.

Sub lookuphcpcs() On Error GoTo errorbox: Dim hcpcs_code As Long Dim desc As Variant hcpcs_code = ActiveCell.Value If Len(hcpcs_code) > 0 Then desc = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(

I am trying to Upsert data into an existing S3 bucket from another using AWS Glue in Scala. Is there a standard way to use this? One of the methods that I found was to use SQL's MERGE method. What are

This is my first post I have some html links and i want to find some particular text and it's next text also. I am using regex but receiving lost of empty lists. These are links: https://www.99acres.

When I try to run a flutter app on an iPad connected to my Mac, on the terminal the progress gets stuck here: The app is fully open on the iPad and functional. But on the terminal, I can not hot

Want to list the repos of a given input string,eg java. How to access the repos alone without displaying other JASON data?

Can you have cascading parameters / dynamic parameters that are NOT based on data? My report is basically on demand printing where there are 6 categories of reports and each report can have from 3 -

I have written a C# program that pulls data from SmartSheet then inserts the data into a SQL Database. Everything is working perfectly except for dates. I have searched this site plus others on how

I've been working on a simple html5 canvas game, and I'm trying to add touch controls for devices as well as keyboard input for desktops etc. The keyboard controls are perfect: Enter is tapped to

I have taken over a rails app that is in the process of upgrading from 3.2. The problem is that the assets take too long. Here is the base_theme.js file //= require jquery //= require jquery_ujs //=

I have a location path (data_dir) as in query, where everyday around 300 zipped folders that has XML files are copied to this directory link from external source. Each zipped folder, may contain

In box w5 I will enter =20-i5 and a 20 will pop up into w5 so if I enter 15 into i5 a 5 will come up into w5 ok all good BUT how do I get the w5 box to be empty until i add a number into i5???

I am really confused in how to get a mail attachment from Outlook REST API and show it as a download link. The documentation is not precise and I have multiple forums but none could help me with it. I

how to make a session response fast to be destroyed when the user exits ? the code that I use: logout.php <?php set_time_limit(0); error_reporting(0); session_start(); if($_SESSION == null){

I am trying to run a container as daemon as follows : $docker run --privileged --net=host -d d34f188005c4 34045723709f3553533a1c823800697e55d43a7e676499310751f7116d3a1068 $docker ps CONTAINER ID

I have my own triangulation algorithm that creates a triangulation based on both Delaunay's condition and the gradient such that the triangles align with the gradient. This is an example output: The

I’m trying to archive my app, upload them into my test flight account. I kept getting this error message. I tried uploading to app store I kept getting Questions How would one go about and

I'm having trouble getting Rails Real Favicon to work in my application and I think the problem is the way I'm trying to display the favicon in the head of the app/views/layouts/angular.html.haml, app/

So I am struggling with this error. While building a react on rails project. Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 75ms (ActiveRecord: 6.1ms) ActiveModel::UnknownAttributeError (unknown

Trying to rasterize simple poly using cv2.fillPoly I get strange result - sum of no zero pixels is 10201, but it should be 100*100. pts = np.array([[0, 0], [100, 0], [100, 100], [0, 100], [0, 0]])

I'm using Dispy/pycos to run multiple jobs across a multitude of machines. The results of computations come back to the main script, which writes them out into a set of files -- from different threads.

I am trying to apply CSS styling for a HTML element generated by JS here is the function: function topbottom(stat) { if (stat == 1){ return '<td class="top"><b>top</b><

I am creating a database in a Windows Forms App an whenever I create a new table and try updating it, it crashes the Visual Studio and then starts it again. No changes are made to the database after