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I have just started learning python. I am using python 2.7.5 I created the test module named "t.py" as below: $cat > t.py import os def greeting(name): print("Hello, " + name) c=os.system('clear'


I want to display a chatbot on Microsoft Azure. I've looked at the different alternatives and I can't find a way to do what I want. It's the first time I've ever used Azure and it's probably simple.


I have an inline bot similar to @pic and it works ok, when I type query word I can see pictures appear so I can choose one and send to a chat. The problem is when I do - 2 copies of same result are


I am getting API: s3:CreateBucket Access Denied But when I try the same code to create the S3 bucket, in another barebones template, it works AWSTemplateFormatVersion : '2010-09-09' Transform:


when I build my Angular 6 app with ng build --prod it gives me this error in the browser console, however the build works fine. throwing error main.6550dbccf7ad088cc65a.js:1 ERROR e {_isScalar: false,


I am trying to create a D3 scatter Plot graph with Zooming facility. While zooming , I want to hide all the data points that goes beyond both the axis. For that I am using clipping Path. However,


I want to create procedure, that will use cursor, which is the same for arbitrary tables. My current one looks like this: create or replace PROCEDURE some_name( p_talbe_name IN VARCHAR2,


I´ve got 70 files with the same format. All what i try to realise is, that i would like to get there content and write each of this content to a seperatet list. I´ve tried it with a


I am trying to achieve what on subject, so a tooltip with fixed width, and with right alignment basing on my relative parent. Do you have any hints? Here my jsfiddle <div class="container">


i try to optimizing parameter k in knn using genetic algorithm in r, i have been tried but still error. Here, i used accuracy of the knn based on the selected k value as fitness function. please help


I have an app which include a custom loginactivity which passes username and password for autofill in webview. After that in webview user fills the captcha and login, Now i want to redirect user to

在使用Xamarin MessageCenter时,我应该在Base.OnDebug()之前或之后取消订阅;

I call a method to do unsubscribe of messages in my OnDisappearing(). Should I do this after the base.OnDisappearing() protected override void OnDisappearing() { base.OnDisappearing();


Howe change color in Row grid janous contolor foreach (var Row in grid.GetRows()) { Row.RowStyle.BackColor=Color.Red; } show error System.


I need help figuring out how a custom product page template was created (link) I don't understand where these texts can be edited. I searched the source code and looked for them in both the product


I want to open pdf files from assets but inline with other flutter widgets. like in column widget. I have used flutter_pdf_viewer plugin it is a very good plugin but it opens pdf as a new activity


I have a huge list of dictionaries that I would like to sort into a huge list of smaller lists based on a shared value. The dictionaries represent pixels hit on a matrix and have entries that

在CTRL 0中插入Dbnull到DATAGIDVIEW,而不是空

How do I get a DataGridView control to set a cell's value to DBNull when the user enters a null value into that cell? I'm using null to mean something else entirely so I don't want a user be able to


I just got myself a new laptop, wanted to setup MoviePY on that new Windows 64x (Python3.7.0)machine. I triple checked everything but when it comes to text part of my code, it throws that error at me;


Hello I am trying to use the debuger on VScode for a c++ project. The code uses a external shared lib (.so) that it is not on the OS (linux) usr/lib. The shared lib is on the repository of the


web.xml as error page I am using Dynamic project in eclipse And Annotations in servlet pages but i am getting error in web.xml file but it showing the error and when i run my project getting error as


I have a basic SpringBoot app. using Spring Initializer, JPA, embedded Tomcat, Thymeleaf template engine, and package as an executable JAR file . I have this domain object in my app. @Entity @Table(


I have a stream of documents, that go through multiple processing steps. These steps are done in parallel. After each step completes, a message is sent to stage completion topic. After all the steps


i need your help again! my query looks like this Select * from USERS Where username = 'username1'; now i want to add some OR to the where clause: Select * from USERS Where username = 'username1' OR


I have making 2 XtraTab in my DetailGridControl , I want do some thing like this : if( XtraTab1 is selected ) { code } else if ( XtraTab2 is selected ) { code } I don't know how can I


I was asked by a client to verify my domain in Azure Active Directory, even though I had an account for my domain on azure. I went through the verification process. It turned out not to give me access


So I have a sub in Access, that creates a folder based on user name, but i want to know is, how I can save the file path into a field in a table. this is my code and I want to savestrFolder into a


While trying to implement https on our ServiceFabric backend, following [this][1] guide, I found my local cluster throwing following error: There was an error during CodePackage activation.The


I have found out that not all wheel events can be canceled in Chrome 68 (Opera 55). E.g. there is the following code: #block { width: 10em; height: 10em; border: 1px solid black;


A body of HTML, put in 3 columns, has list items with text nodes longer then their parent element. The HTML is like so: <div class='wrap'> <div class='column'> <p>text&


I want to fetch the value of textbox of given post in WordPress. For example, I want to show the title of each post in between the description or I want to show the URL of the thumbnail in the


How do I bind a DataTable containing list of custom objects to a GridView? I have a list comprising of two other lists of custom objects that are linked by an Id. Essentially I have an 'CPDActivity'


I want to make an operation for each row and put it in a new column I have col "likes" and col "dislikes", so I want to create the "ratio" col(new) I take this from stackoverflow but it doesn't work

为什么在Java VARARGS中编译错误?

static void m(int x,double y){} I'm try to use this method. But it compile error.I want to know the reason. int x[]=new int[2]; double y[]=new double[2]; I make two arrays like this and i


Here is the code which I'm using to open already existing code. Content in the excel in Japanese. Using ExceljetCell library string sourceFilePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SourceFilePath"];


I am writing a .htaccess with several rewrite rules. Do I have to write RewriteEngine On for every rewrtie rule? Must I write : RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{


I want to wait till the complete execution of the scripts in mysql container or oracle container then the next execution should happen in docker-compose. I have tried depends_on, wait-for-it.sh but I


I have a column having datetime objects in my table. I am using datatables plugin. Upon trying to sort the particular column, it gets sorted with errors. Like,for the following dates Aug. 20, 2018,


I want to use swagger client generator and feed the json generated by "../v2/api-docs" from the jHipster application. The problem is that without the security definitions the generated code will not


I have this code: public interface IRequest<out TResponse>{} public interface IPagedRequest<out TResponse>: IRequest<TResponse> { int Page { get; set; } int PageSize {


I'm developing a dynamic document in Microsoft Word. This document should be different depending on some variables. For instance, when a checkbox (checkbox created using the developer tab) is marked,


I‘m new to Android programming and couldn‘t find a good solution for my problem yet. In my App users can select photos from their gallery which are then used in a Cardview Layout for different


CONTEXT I am implementing Google Optimize on an Angular 2 application. I have found numerous resources stating optimize must be triggered on custom events (for example http://blog.stack.foundation/


I want to read the sent message content from the mobile messages. I am not developing an sent sms reading application, but instead I want to read the recent last sent sms content form the mobile


I'm trying to send https post request to my api that send json response, this is a search function so it will require 1 parameter, but i cannot get the expected result from my api, here are my code


I'm currently facing an issue on the conception part of my project. I read many posts and no one abort this problem. I'm using Laravel 5.6 as API for my web App. So I have two type of users :


This is really stupid question, but I'm trying to make a Spring Boot application Let's say I've figure out backend and got my Repositories and REST done, but now I'm trying to figure out basic


According to Web driver IO specification , I can set the browser's the user-agent for chrome as below: desiredCapabilities: { browserName: 'chrome', chromeOptions: { args: ['user-


I can not figure out if there is there any way in GDI32 to draw a string on two not adjacent areas (lets say Rectangles) on a form? The text should automatically split if the edge of the first


table bonus_questions id idf qq hint ord date 3 1 How many hands we have?" Five per hand" 1 2018-08-19 4 1 Are you happy? Yes and No 1 2018-08-19 5


I have a problem with modal deleting from my page. On my page I have more modal. I call these modal them with different buttons. Each button identifies users, so I click on the button and open a