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I would like to know how to generate k fold cross validation sets. I would like to know if it can be done through a higher order function such as fold, avoiding recursion. From a matrix or array,


I have code that stores session authorization details that has been working for years, and after a recent deploy, I'm getting complaints users are being redirected to the login page. The logs show the


I'm currently working on a board game called Neutron. let boardArray = array2D [ ["*"; "*"; "*"; "*"; "*"; "*"; "*"; "*"; "*"; "*"; "*"]; ["*"; "1"; "*"; "2"; "*"; "3"; "*"


How can i send autoenter key in my message box after 2 seconds ? someone can help me ? MessageBox.Show("MESSAGE ") ? AUTO ENTER in Windows AFTER 2 sec. Ty, all for read.


I have an issue verifying functional correctness of a matrix transposition, and the issue is symptomatic of others I had using frama-c -wp. I am not sure how to enable frama-c to reason better about


I have a link field with the machine name of field_link. I need to use the URL only in my views-view-field--NAME.html.twig file. I'm having trouble figuring out how to separate the url from the link


I just followed the getting started codes of Smack Xmpp 4.2.4 and I encountered this error. Can anyone help me? Here are the errors. The type org.jxmpp.stringprep.XmppStringprepException cannot be


Can some explain me what the following does? find $FIRMWARE_BASE_DIR \( -name "*.txt" \) -type f | xargs -t -n1 sed -i '' -e '/^#/d;/^nocrc=/d;/macaddr=/d;/^$/d;s/[ \t]*$//'

i´m trying to generete a GeoJson to send a Google Maps (google api) on LineString type. I´m using Spring Boot. Right now, i can generete a Json, but i can´t find the way to "convert" or "transform"


So while I was doing my game project in Kotlin, I thought why does Kotlin have so many collections? Like list, set, etc. is very confusing. I mean a list, mutableList, and a hashMap is good enough. In


I have purchased 'Pages' dashboard theme which made by Revox. Now can i use it in my project? i want to use it in my ASP.NET application. Is there a way to use or get the project similar to the live


I have a report that allows the user to select a specific date and then the report will then produce the age of a student as of that date. Currently the report uses the SQL query below to calculate


Im trying to create abackend that sends a GET request to another api. For example: My api: localhost:3000/ Route: /getdata/data1 Other api: api.com/target/data (this is a fake url, just assume

I'm getting this from cmd. Windows 10. 'watir' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. In all the consultation people say that the problem is on


I am trying to save 40kb of json content to firestore from Google cloud function, it doesn't go through, just hangs. But if I take some content out it saves successfully. Is there any issue with


Hi everyone could someone show me how to get this script to quit when the X is press rigth now it looks like it's doing the same as if i press no any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


I can play .m3u8 link in JWPlayer but I cannot integrate Adsense ads in the video player. I would like to open ads when visitors play the video like YouTube show ads. Thanks


I'm trying to send a JSON file as an attachment with Alamofire to a LiquidFiles API (LiquidFiles is sort-of like Dropbox). LiquidFiles offers this example in bash/curl: !/bin/bash filedrop_server=


how would I go about drawing line numbers in a JavaFX TextArea? I'm aware of RichTextFX. I don't want to add a massive weighty API on top of my program just so I can draw line numbers. If possible, I'


I am trying to create a child theme for my site in order to update my theme and using the plugin 'Child Theme Configurator' I am getting the notice errors below: Notice: Undefined property:


I am using Gatsby v1.1.52 running Node v8.11.3. When I run gatsby serve I am prompted with with message mentioning that there is an UPDATE AVAILABLE: The latest version ofserveis 9.1.0. I've tried


I was hoping stringstream has a constructor that steals its initial content from a string&&. Do such inter-species "move constructors" generally not exist in the STL? If not, why not?


Firstly, I know this has been posted on before, but either A) the recommendations don't work or B) the recommendation is to manually delete the module from the namespace and re-import it like normal.


Can't create SelectElement object, i have applied the package "using OpenQA.Selenium.Support.UI;", but it doesn't work anyway. the "SelectElement" class does not exist even i have applied the package.


So I managed to get asyncio / the Google CSE API to work together. When I run my code on PyCharm, I am able to print my results out. However, at the very end of the printed stuff is the error "


I am working on windows project.I am using opencv 3.0.0. I have used haarcascade to detect upper body. I want to superimpose the cloth from shoulder to navel point. Please help me to solve this


I need help with understanding how should i do following example: Write an array which you get when you use adjustprocedure 3 times on the given array(within procedure heapsort); given array:20,100,


We have an asynchronous servlet which produces the following warning log from Jetty: java.io.IOException: Closed while Pending/Unready After enabling debug logs I got the following stacktrace: WARN


The Problem: Construct the SQL statement to find all of the messages that Michael Phelps sent. Note: You must use the WHERE clause to set the conditions for this query. Display the following columns: -


I've looked at several examples of using the switch statement with a string, and haven't been successful in making mine work. I'm just trying to count the number of votes for A or B, and when I


I am trying to reference an .svg file, output by Adobe Illustrator, from an <img> tag: <a href="http://aw236.github.io/" class="logo fleft"> <img src="http://aw236.github.io/img/


I have this table (picture below) that contain answers to questions, the fields in the table include AID, Answer, QuestionNumber and IsCorrect, the is correct has 0s for wrong options and 1 for


This is a snapshot of the R data frame df1 that I have. NEW_UPC IRI_KEY WEEK UNITS DOLLARS F D PR 11820005991 1073521 1230 1 14.29 NONE 0

I have a cluster in AWS, for some reasons I can not seem to delete it. I've tried What should I look into before retry again? Is there proper order I should follow ? Is there a way to forcibly


<?php global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); printf( __( 'Username: %s', 'textdomain' ), esc_html( $current_user->user_login ) ) . '<br />'; printf( __( 'User email: %s', '


I'm working on a university project and I almost finished the CLI. This is the result on IntelliJ console: Intellij Console-CLI I wanted to test it on CMD by making a .jar. The result on CMD is


I'm currently creating a basic home server and have had issues with updating JFrames with Threads in the past. Which of the following examples would be better practice? First: https://i.imgur.com/


I am going to use python-intercom find_all method to find all users which has custom attribute ( "Agency Status") value is Suspended, but couldn't find any way to handle this issue. If there is

强制下载AWS S3预设的URL PDF

I have access (paid for) to a pdf hosted on Amazon Web S3. Access was granted via a pre-signed url. The pdf opens in browser but I want to download it. After reading around, it seems that this was


Gostaria de atualizar um webview a cada 10 segundos, mas o app somente pega a última opção de um loop que gera os nomes dos arquivos. Como faço para atualizar o webview dentro de um loop ?


I am new to cryptography and am struggling to implement a Java code that is equivalent to Google's CryptoJS.AES.encrypt(inputVal, secretKey); What I essentially need is that I have a secret that is


I get the above message with the following code - please advise. I've looked at other questions with a similar error message, but issue persists after updating my version of R, restarting MacBook, and


I am attempting to create some enemy AI in Unity using the Unity Standard Assets. However I am running into a slight problem from a script revision. I would appreciate any input and information i


I am taking some user input and trying to store that as my user properties in firebase. I know it is storing the value into the varibale, but I don't understand why it is giving me the Reference.push


I did the following in mailer settings: config.action_mailer.smtp_settings = { address: "smtp.gmail.com", port: 587, domain: "gmail.com", authentication: "plain",


so In short i am developing this web application with NodeJs, MongoDB,Express, react, and redux, where user's can post their announcement with pictures of this post. I am wondering which is the best


Is there a way to select checkboxes (created dinamically) if another checkbox (also dinamically created) is checked? What I want to do is to group checkboxes based on their names. For example: '


When I want to rename a file in NERDTree, I would normally Hit m to open the menu, then m to move. This opens a prompt as below: Now let's say I want to change the folder from add-friend to create-


So, beginner developer here, and I'm wanting to create an app that has one feature of sending custom reminders/"to-do's" to someone based on username, phone number, etc. If I wanted to do this, how


I've developed an outlook addin which works perfectly on Outlook for Mac and on office.js online. Very well. Just on Windows, it behaves weird. First time I run it (click on a button and does