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i need your help again! my query looks like this Select * from USERS Where username = 'username1'; now i want to add some OR to the where clause: Select * from USERS Where username = 'username1' OR


I have making 2 XtraTab in my DetailGridControl , I want do some thing like this : if( XtraTab1 is selected ) { code } else if ( XtraTab2 is selected ) { code } I don't know how can I


I was asked by a client to verify my domain in Azure Active Directory, even though I had an account for my domain on azure. I went through the verification process. It turned out not to give me access


So I have a sub in Access, that creates a folder based on user name, but i want to know how i can save the file path into a field in a table. this is my code and i want to savestrFolder into a field


While trying to implement https on our ServiceFabric backend, following [this][1] guide, I found my local cluster throwing following error: There was an error during CodePackage activation.The


I have found out that not all wheel events can be canceled in Chrome 68 (Opera 55). E.g. there is the following code: #block { width: 10em; height: 10em; border: 1px solid black;


A body of HTML, put in 3 columns, has list items with text nodes longer then their parent element. The HTML is like so: <div class='wrap'> <div class='column'> <p>text&


I want to fetch the value of textbox of given post in WordPress. For example, I want to show the title of each post in between the description or I want to show the URL of the thumbnail in the


How do I bind a DataTable containing list of custom objects to a GridView? I have a list comprising of two other lists of custom objects that are linked by an Id. Essentially I have an 'CPDActivity'


I want to make an operation for each row and put it in a new column I have col "likes" and col "dislikes", so I want to create the "ratio" col(new) I take this from stackoverflow but it doesn't work

为什么在Java VARARGS中编译错误?

static void m(int x,double y){} I'm try to use this method. But it compile error.I want to know the reason. int x[]=new int[2]; double y[]=new double[2]; I make two arrays like this and i


Here is the code which I'm using to open already existing code. Content in the excel in Japanese. Using ExceljetCell library string sourceFilePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SourceFilePath"];


I am writing a .htaccess with several rewrite rules. Do I have to write RewriteEngine On for every rewrtie rule? Must I write : RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{


I want to wait till the complete execution of the scripts in mysql container or oracle container then the next execution should happen in docker-compose. I have tried depends_on, wait-for-it.sh but I


I have a column having datetime objects in my table. I am using datatables plugin. Upon trying to sort the particular column, it gets sorted with errors. Like,for the following dates Aug. 20, 2018,


I want to use swagger client generator and feed the json generated by "../v2/api-docs" from the jHipster application. The problem is that without the security definitions the generated code will not


I have this code: public interface IRequest<out TResponse>{} public interface IPagedRequest<out TResponse>: IRequest<TResponse> { int Page { get; set; } int PageSize {


I'm developing a dynamic document in Microsoft Word. This document should be different depending on some variables. For instance, when a checkbox (checkbox created using the developer tab) is marked,


I‘m new to Android programming and couldn‘t find a good solution for my problem yet. In my App users can select photos from their gallery which are then used in a Cardview Layout for different


CONTEXT I am implementing Google Optimize on an Angular 2 application. I have found numerous resources stating optimize must be triggered on custom events (for example http://blog.stack.foundation/


I want to read the sent message content from the mobile messages. I am not developing an sent sms reading application, but instead I want to read the recent last sent sms content form the mobile


I'm trying to send https post request to my api that send json response, this is a search function so it will require 1 parameter, but i cannot get the expected result from my api, here are my code


I'm currently facing an issue on the conception part of my project. I read many posts and no one abort this problem. I'm using Laravel 5.6 as API for my web App. So I have two type of users :


This is really stupid question, but I'm trying to make a Spring Boot application Let's say I've figure out backend and got my Repositories and REST done, but now I'm trying to figure out basic


According to Web driver IO specification , I can set the browser's the user-agent for chrome as below: desiredCapabilities: { browserName: 'chrome', chromeOptions: { args: ['user-


I can not figure out if there is there any way in GDI32 to draw a string on two not adjacent areas (lets say Rectangles) on a form? The text should automatically split if the edge of the first


table bonus_questions id idf qq hint ord date 3 1 How many hands we have?" Five per hand" 1 2018-08-19 4 1 Are you happy? Yes and No 1 2018-08-19 5


I have a problem with modal deleting from my page. On my page I have more modal. I call these modal them with different buttons. Each button identifies users, so I click on the button and open a


If I want to send multiline string in JSON using curl the only way is to concatenate string using spaces. So this is working. But what to do if I send groovy script which will be run? Like in content

JS- WebGL地球选择区域

I'm using the webGL-globe lib to visualize earthquake magnitudes. To anaylse the data further I implemented a single clock selection (by intersection like in WebGl-globe bar selection) This working


select SUM(CASE WHEN (Wms.P3_CustomerReview_RFT='YES') then Sum(Wms.P3_CustomerReview_RFT) ELSE 0 END) AS RFTWos, SUM(CASE WHEN (Wms.P3_CustomerReview_RFT='NO') then Sum(Wms.P3_CustomerReview_RFT)


In my assignment i'm expected to look for a word and only return a set number of characters (which is 80, and 40 on each side surrounding the word), without the use of nltk or regex. I've set my code


I have the following table created in d3(See image attached) which has two columns. However, I am unable to remove the white space on the right hand side of the table. Here is the css for the table:


In My Project am Passing value with Single quotation in Partial View and Same value pass to Partial View to API Controller. But in Api Controller its not showing am tried with escape character "\"


Could some one provide a regex for the following link on GTM https://secure.lovetheatre.com/book/43P2-tina-the-tina-turner-musical/#perf=43P2-6B&date=2018-08-24&time=7.30PM The items in bold

如何在Python STATSAMS模型AdFulle中选择Max参数的值?

I have monthly data about clicks on websites and want to build a SARIMA model to predict the next month's expected clicks. Because a SARIMA model needs to work with stationary data, I transformed the


I've been attempting to write unit tests for a registration page on a new react application However I am very new to the concept of Sinon stubs/spies and have been having issues with intercepting a

自定义目标不再使用VS 2017

We updated our TC builds and sln files to use VS 2017 from VS 2015. Unlike this question: How can I use BeforeBuild and AfterBuild targets with Visual Studio 2017?, we do not have a "" section.


probably a newbie questions (starting with REACT) but I am unable to change the theme colors in my newly bootstrapped react application. I read some answers but unfortunately, they did not work for


I have an external eeprom where I save log data, but in the internal eeprom I want to save the adress to acess the external eeprom, (Saving an unsigned int) Its the internal EEPROM empty, 0xFF or 1?,


I had a problem with the text editor when I use the admin panel of the Voyager. How can I add shortcodes to my admin panel to this editor? I've seen the same editor use in Wordpress but there's a


I have a tab layout and each fragment has a viewPager which has three different fragments. On each tab I am making multiple network calls and the response I am sending it as a string using bundle to


So i have form with address inputs in,and a button which show new form(if the user wants to add new address) and show the old one with the entered values in it above the new one.I want to do this

更改大容量密码ActiveDirectory服务器2003 R2

I would like to change the passwords of a list of users ( SAMAccountName ), the list can be a csv file and the password is one single password for all users, users can then change their password. I


Following is the output for code echo("Error description: " . mysqli_error($conn)); Output Error description: Duplicate entry 'London' for key 'Loc_City' The above error output could be bit


How do I set my arguments to make it scroll to only half the page?


I created my own standalone WP theme, but the site didn't see the scripts, so I wrote it this way <script src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/js/jquery-3.3.1.min.js"></


I have a table like this: ID NAME Dept_ID 1 a 2,3 2 b 3 c 1,2 Department is another table having dept_id and dept_name as columns. i want result like, ID Name Dept_ID 1 a 2 1 a

如何将PrimeStar 0显示为值

i want to show result 80 percent when i got result.(start 0 to myresult=80) but my progressbar is show result 0 until 100 (max of procress bar) @FXML private ProgressBar progress; @Override public


I have a problem. In my mongoDB database has multiple data and each data has an array field. In this array field has lot of duplicate data. So i want to remove duplicate data from this array and keep