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I'm using R Markdown to make a beamer presentation and I have an issue with slide level. I choose the Frankfurt theme. This theme allows to have a presentation's plan (bullets in header). My


I'm hoping someone can help me. This is my very time time interacting with Firestore so I'm probably doing something wrong! This is how my firebase database is structured: I want to listen and run


I want to upload an image to google play store and I resized the picture like you do resize other picture with this step: Tools => Adjust size => and Image Dimensions meeting the requirement of google


I have experience with Realm migration so I know a little about it. Anyways to explain my situation I have a variable named phoneInfo that was of a type PhoneInfo but the Android developer changed


I've got a system where I'm working with a few classes. One of the classes is called the Mailbox class, which is supposed to transfer several messages from one place to another. However, whenever I


what is the difference between these two snippet code ? the first one give me the error and the second just work fine. I've read some similar topics about it but i don't get them completely. #


I'm currently working on an application with an Electron front-end and ASP.NET Core backend. The Electron app needs to zip a series of files into an archive and upload the zip to the backend. I am


I am pulling in some JSON data and parsing it into into these fields: DriverOrder Class: import Foundation import SwiftyJSON class DriverOrder { var id: Int? var customerName:

表4。x JSON空对象

I'm trying to return an object as json with express. But here is what I don't understand: class Greeting { Greeting(name) { this.name = name; } get name() { return name; } } app.get('


Today I just googled for "Worst bollywood actor" and the thing I saw made me unhappy and annoyed. What make people think of him as a worst actor? I don't know how is that actor relevant to the text I


Hello I have a scenario where the only thing I should do is to output data and I must use DMA. Which one is the best option ifI only have to output data,write back or write through and why? Thank you!


I'm new here.. I have a csv file with data in this form.. 2018-06-01T09:20:00+0530,16.85,16.9,16.85,16.9,1000 2018-06-01T09:21:00+0530,16.9,17,16.9,17,500 2018-06-01T09:22:00+0530,17,17,15.5,15.5,500


Iam reading string from a file and convert it into Dictonry but i cant load it in a tableview : here is my code let DocumentDirURL = try! FileManager.default.url(for: .documentDirectory, in: .


I know this is probably a super silly question, but how do I install on my pc open source programs that I find here on github. By installing I mean directly from the source code, and not by going on


I'm using Prestashop I want to set up a cart rule to offer a carrier for purchases over 14 products with the same kind of attribute (grams of pigment: 2 grams). I want to display or hide


while running a thread I got this error. I have used a reference to the fstream as an argument to the readFile function to avoid copy constructor calling also. Still I got the same error, How?

我如何依赖文件更改在执行texttemplatingfilegenerator .NET核心项目?

I have an old framework project that I'm porting to .NET core (VS2017). However, parts of the code and documentation is being generated based on XML and processed automatically by a couple of T4


I have ASP.NET Core WebAPI Controller's method that returns Cars list based on query params. [HttpPost("cars")] public async Task<List<Car>>GetCars([FromBody] CarParams par) { / }


I played around today with the nginx Unit application server and Python 3. It works fine as long as I run a simple WSGI application, but I won't work (404) when trying to use Flask nginx config:


Let's imagine that I have two squeres. Firstly I generate the VAO, VBO, then bind it and so on My goal is to check the collision between the two objects in every frame. In this case, I have to know


is there any way i can improve the performance of my mongodb query? I have a database with around 60.000 documents, it's going to grow alot bigger so i need to start looking at performance. i have a

要求#函数从C #不丑

I prefer to separate functions from types idiomatically for F#: [<Struct>] type Vec2 = { x : single y : single } static member inline (/) (v, scalar) =


Basically I don't know exactly how to convert a date like 20 de julio de 2018 (Spanish) to July 18th of 2018 (English). I'm a very new programmer and I'm struggling trying to find a solution.


I have several spring boot services and all services work fine except of one. One service can't resolve the placeholder if I use the @Value annotation. I can't find any difference to the other


I want to be able to update a dashboard-like Chrome extension with long-running calculations and network activity happening in the background. There's plenty of answers about how to accomplish this


Here is a question I am having problems writing the proper query for and below the question is what I have so far.. List the company name, contact name, phone number, and country from the Customers


Hi I have this code for XSS filtering: public class CrossSiteScriptingXSSRequestWrapper extends HttpServletRequestWrapper { public CrossSiteScriptingXSSRequestWrapper(HttpServletRequest


We have a port of openssl on an HP Nonstop and have a requirement to send a SOAP request with the same security header which SoapUI is generating. Thus far, we have been able to get a match of the


I want a class to be loaded and a specific method to be invoked in a remote client location. I am now sending the loaded class through ByteArrayOutputStream through a socket channel to the client. But


I'm doing an app that shows data from a futbool API by receiving JSON, and displaying them in a recyclerview with cardviews This is the code as I receive the information. private void


Is there a way to change only the first item in a relationship via a changeset? Aka if I had: 1 account with N emails s it possible to do something like: schema "accounts" do has_many(:

Eclipse的IMG SRC

¿What is the correct path to show a img in Eclipse?


Hey i know this is simple but for some reason i'm having a tougher time than i thought. All im trying to is if the size of my dynamic array is equal to the actual amount of elements that are in it (


I want to define 2-directional lazy list in scheme that when it get an intial argument non-negative number n it will return a lazy list of n, -n, n+1, -(n+1), n+2, etc.. I've defined lzl1 with an


My questions are How return 1 can be helpful at troubleshooting software issues How escaped characters can help me prevent sql injection when inputting data


I have large word file and I want to style some parts with headings3 (Styles("Heading 3")). The sentences that I want to style are written in bold format all all of them starts with "Madd" Ido not


I'm trying to use the google-trends-api npm module to pull down google trends historical data. This had been working fine for a week or two, but then all of the sudden last night I got rate limited


hi everyone please help me to resolve this problem, i dunno how to fix it, although it had changed the code but the same error still appear !!


I'm learning Python by myself and I''m playing with ttk library. I'm stuck in a problem regarding the change of status of the buttons. In particular, if I change the status of the button from


I'm trying to create an app for teachers in my college from which a teacher just can select students which are present from list and once the list is submitted every app should be updated with the


I am new developer and I try to make a program. in my program there is a list of messages (listMessages) and each message in it is a MessageItemController which I created (a custom control) with a

openggl makefile链接错误C

I been trying to make Makefile for medium sized project but it is no go for me.This is main file glfw.cpp,shader.cpp,shader.h. DPS=-Wall -lglfw -lGLEW main: glfw.o shader.o g++ $(DPS) glfw.o


I am trying to build an autocomplete feature in Django framework. I was going through trie. I found a lot of docs about the same but no one explained about hosting the trie on the server. My question


I have an optimization problem that requires (k choose n) operations, We already know that (n choose k) is in polynomial time. I was wondering if anyone knew of any polynomial time algorithms for

pytorch 0.4方:为什么每个时代变慢吗?

I have a toy model of a PyTorch 0.4 LSTM on a GPU. The overall idea of the toy problem is that I define a single 3-vector as an input, and define a rotation matrix R. The ground truth targets are


Given the following data stored in the db: { myArray: [ {key: 'a'}, {key: 'b'}, {key: 'c'} ] } Is it possible to query for intersections as follows? [ {key: 'a'}, {key: 'd'} ]


I have a 2 column layout such as the following: |--title--|--content--| The title is always going to be one word, hence one line, but content could extend into multiple lines. When that happens, it


Please consider these types: struct Part { float data; }; struct Wrap { Wrap( const Part& p ) :data( p.data ) {} float data; }; Now I would like to use an std::array<


I've already accomplished this task in a way I'm not satisfied with: for i in *.*; do mkdir "${i}"_; 7za x "${i}" -o"${i}"_; done There has to be a better way to do this, right? If so, what is it?


I'm trying to implement a batch service with Spring Batch. My only problem is to pass a jobParameter dynamically. I'm trying to start this service with docker, so in my docker-compose.yml I'm running