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I've been following this tutorial https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/offline/#7 and so far I was able to make my service worker cache the offline page and load it but I want to show this


If you add a second child to a UniformGrid with 3 rows and 3 colomns, will it be added in the same row or to the same column? Thanks for your help.


In one of my projects I need to store a students list for each course. This is my current courses table: id | name | students ================================================== 1


I have a class that represent the world where subjects live in public class WorldLifecycle { private ExecutorService executorService; public void startWorld() { executorService =

如何添加名为MaGeto 1通讯

I've been trying to add the subscriber first name to the Magento newsletter. I've can't find anything on Google. I've looked at Adding a custom field to Magento's subscription module but it's not


I want to create an App with Tabs to get the users input. The Problem is, that the different Tabs get different inputs, but i have to collect the inputs for the Database. My idea her was, that the


In Rust, how does one use a TakeWhile after a for loop? #[macro_use] extern crate itertools ; extern crate primal ; fn main() { let sieve : primal::Sieve = primal::Sieve::new(7_071) ;

Laravel don的形式

I try to make a form with multiples date inputs, I copy the model from the register / login blade template but it don't work, here is what I do in my template : <form method="POST" action="{{


I'm using mongodb version 3.6.5. I would like to do a query on a collection, and then sorting it based on date. I work on a (what I think) is a pretty large dataset, currently 195064301 data in this


I would like to send an email when a project is registered (with a category and a eligible audience) to each user who has created an alert (with the same category and same eligible audience). MODEL


Consider the following snapshot of a system: Allocation ABCD 2001 3121 2103 1312 1432 Available ABCD 4212 5252 2316 1424 3665 Max ABCD 3321 Answer the following questions using the banker’s


I am trying to get series from the movie database in multiple languages. My goal is to update the object returned by the API to have the following keys : name_en, name_fr, overview_en, overview_fr I


I hope to set background image from input local file. But it occurs 'net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME' error message. My input tag: <input accept="image/*" className="input_img" type="file"


i have a project in assembly that i have written, its a spin slot with 3 picture option. i dont know why' ive been sitting hours and couldn't find why the first and second image slot can't never be


I'm trying to create a custom CAF receiver with my own HTML5 video element and supporting library. Since I'm using my own <video> element, I'm setting up the PlayerManager instance as follows: /


I'm trying to make a code that will check if the user enters their age in letters and the code will not let the user go further until he enters only digits. My code: while(user_age.matches("!\\d+"))


I have populated a virtual in Mongoose, the populated virtual will retrieve an array of objects. objects:{[name:'xxx',age:20],[name:'yyy',age:21],[name:'zzz', age:23]} How do I make it that it only


Using a mobile app, it is possible to "Cast" media from your mobile app to a Roku device on the same network. I do not understand the mechanism being used which allows a remote device (YouTube

i have tried to convert image RGB to HSV using cv2.cvtColor(image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2HSV) code. But i get an error like this: and the code just like this : Anybody can help me please? I really


I know there are other answers to these types of questions but they usually say that the parameters don't match up but I believe my parameters match up so I don't know why I'm getting the above-


Can someone please explain this!! int main(){ int *x = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); printf("x = %d",x); printf("&x = %d",&x); printf("*x = %d",*x); } output: x = 13135888

Android FixBasic——神秘对象键

I tried pushing an object, extended by RealmObject, to my Firebase Database. And then these key-value pairs appeared out of nowhere: "loaded", "managed", and "valid". User Object Pushing User object


I have the following jQuery code: $(document).on("input", "#textbox", function(event){ var characters = $(this).text().length; $(".character-counter").html(160 - characters); }); And the


Using a MongoDB cluster with access from everywhere ( and connecting through a Node.js driver. I also have Compass installed to analyze my data. The connection establishes on my work


This code makes a scroll indicator (source: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_scroll_indicator.asp) . Can you please help me figure out how do the variable scrolled is calculated here? Please


Following up on my previous post, I re-designed my model to make it more DDD oriented. I was probably missing a level of abstraction and I was also misusing domain services. In my invitation system


I'm trying to send multiple webhooks based on the number of items in a JSON array. I'm using a example from: how to trigger webhook from zapier code I tried it and it almost works as planned. I have


I'm using Postgres's version 9.6 I want to perform an ANALYZE operation. Does ANALYZE operation has any impact on database performance or any other database action? Is that safe to perform ANALYZE

如果会话超时,网站上的用户的PHP -块操作

I'm doing a website in wich I wan a session timeout for inactivity of 2 minutes and if the timeout is reached, the operaion in the website must be blocked until the user do again the login. I wrote


I am working on a website but I have a big problem in arranging input items in my work I want to make the result like this photo but I found it coming like this photo and I do not know what is

有人能给我解释一下关于Coq Ide的一切吗?

This semester I started to learn logic in college, but just now the professor asked to learn about Coq. I tried to read the tutorials on the site, but I didn't understand quite much. Can somebody


I'd like to play a sound effect (about 50 ms long) while printing some characters. However, this is far too slow both in script languages such as Bash and PHP: One sound effect every 500 ms or so,


I'm trying to filter a list with many objects with the following structure: { "element1":{ "code":"12345", "location":"Location" }, "users":[ { "id":1, "name":"Name 1", "


Suppose System.setOut(new PrintStream(new File("/path/to/test.log"))) is used in a Java file. This file extends JFrame and has a JPanel. This JPanel then refers to many other files. If System.out.

PHP MS SQL计数行数为空

I'm trying to put together a table that displays events by date range. Which works with the code below. My next step is pagination, learning as I go. From everything I've read, I must get the number


I have the following vector: v = c(1,2,3,1,3,2,3,4,3,3,1, 5, 5,2) I would like to obtain the vector v_new = c(3,3,2,3,4,3,3,5,2,2) from which I removed the first smallest elements which are 1, 1,

为什么C中的数组[-1 ]返回0?

I was making an infixToPostfix method in C. and I found this thing. printf("%d\n", array[-1]); and the result is array[-1] == 0 but I don't understand why it has a value 0.


I'm using the phyton-gpg library to decrypt / encrypt. Validation while decrypting a mail works fine, but i'm also trying to check which key was used to created a PGP signature, for example when a


I want to reset the index based on a list Lets say i have dataframe like this list = ['RGB','RBR','RGD'] a b RBR 0 1 RGD 10 2 RGB 11 3 RGD 10 2 RGD 10 2 RGD


I want to implement a Map data structure, but I can't quite figure out what to do with underlying array structure. If I'm not mistaken, in Map each key is hashed and converted into an integer which


I try to use EventTriggerBehavior with ScrollViewer's ViewChanged event: <ScrollViewer x:Name="scrollViewer"> <i:Interaction.Behaviors> <core:EventTriggerBehavior EventName=


Can anyone give me the code for generating a word cloud using java with user-entered data? User will enter the string and then the word cloud will be generated. its urgent! Please help!


I need to set a message verbosity using a variable, e.g.: my_write(my_verb : message_verbosity) is { message(BUS, my_verb, vt.text_style(PURPLE, "txt txt txt")); // other logic


I'm new to tensorflow and I'm trying to combine two models in one graph because I need one model's inference result to modify the loss function of the other model. I wrote the code and it runs without

NETWorkX 2.1节点索引

I have an old Networkx script that uses G.nodes().index(nnn) and need to run in Networkx 2.1. From the documentation is not clear how to convert or what is the equivalent.


in this function,I want to achieve “if is long press,return flag=true,else open tile”.enter image description here but It is not working when I long press the tile. It is executing “open tile”. enter

字符串到数组节点JS JavaScript

Hi my current string is shown: 082759 078982 074470 066839 062069 062068 062029 062027 059304 059299 056449 056421 052458 050666 100530 078977 072967 072958 072957 066982 062864 062064 056506 052456

I setup following php script on first server to print all server values var_dump($_SERVER) from another server calling first server link $curl = curl_init(); curl_setopt_array($curl, array(


It's my code snipper to print message public partial class Default2 : System.Web.UI.Page { public Default2() { DebugManage.ShowMessage(this, "hello"); } } public class


I have this issue with a little program I'm coding to practice Express.js. I have a separate router wich I want to send a response depending on the route. So if a go to "/santiago", it have to send "