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preface First of all: It is not duplicate of Differences between requires_new and nested propagation in Spring transactions - I read it but I didn't found answer to my question question: After

I need put a script file and a line in crontab in 1200 Linux servers. How could I do this task automatically ?

Let's say I have the following column in a data frame which contains 100,000 records: A 0 9846529 1 7235697 2 926395629 3 12471509 4 7569256301 I want to add a random number

Let's say we have a list of data.table's like this: dt <- data.table(x=rnorm(10^6,100,10), letters=sample(LETTERS,10^6,T)) myList <- list(dt1=dt,dt2=dt,dt3=dt,dt4=dt,dt5=dt) If I wanted a

[ Extracted source (around line #14): 12 13 14 15 16 17 # Current_user wants to room with user_to. Neither have a circle. Create a new circle and add both if current_user.circle.empty? && user.

Hi I am a relatively new programmer, who wants to become a games dev. I mess around in python a bit, but my tutor told me that I need to build a portfolio. What are some easier ways for learning to

learning django, and trying to make a todo list. A task is created first with only a task.name. Then I go to a taskdetail.html, with a form for task.detail, task.duedate, and task.done. The latter

I built my own widget to easily see when I'm on silent mode, but I can't detect when the phone state has changed. I know it has something to do with receivers but I can quite figure this out. I tried

I ma trying to scrape data from a webpage which has multiple tables in it and when trying to get data of that table in r, using below commands, it just get data for the first table in that page. The

I am running Yolov2 algorithm in Colab. It works but as the number of iterations grows (and it does quite fastly), the output capicity reaches a limit and creates "freezing" situation. Thus, is there

Some time ago I've encountered an interesting algorithm task, and I'm having quite a big difficulties solving it. The task You are given two variables, L and R which correspond to the directions

So I have this form: <?php echo flash_message_success('status_msg'); ?> <?php echo form_open('students/mark_attendance/'.$session.'/'.$term.'/'.$class_id); ?> <input type="

what does list1=list2 and list1==list2 mean when we use ArrayLists? ArrayList <String> list1, list2; list1=new ArrayList<>(); list2=new ArrayList<>();

Hi so i made a frame as main frame for my window and after that i made a canvas that using the frame then I made a frame that using the canvas and after that i made a window in the canvas then I

I am using R Keras. I can obtain the output of an intermediate layer by for example executing: layer_output <- get_layer(mymodel, index=1)$output where mymodel is a Keras model. The problem is

For this problem, you are given an encrypted PPM (type P6) image file. The file is encrypted using AES with 128 bit key size, in ECB mode. The encrypted file is located in problem2/secret.bin. Note

Apparently xrange in python is faster than range. because xrange creates a sequence of objects lazily. However range creates objects in memory. What I'd like to know is what is Ruby's equivalent of

I needed to display flashing border in on top of chosen application's window (in my example the application is cmd.exe). I used layered windows for this purpose. Everything works fine, except the one

I wanted to use concurrency in Python for the first time. So I started reading a lot about Python concurreny (GIL, threads vs processes, multiprocessing vs concurrent.futures vs ) and seen a lot of

I have gcc installed: $ gcc --version gcc (GCC) 8.2.1 20180831 Copyright (C) 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty;

I am sending Pjax request which reloads the whole page even when I am using renderPartial. The pjax container is #promo-products than why it reloads the whole page not only fill the container with

Here is my code and I am getting PropertyNotFoundException please help me to get rid from it.please help me to solve this problem.thanks. Flight.java package com.bulbul.flightreservation.entities;

Can I select elements which do not contain certain other element with a CSS selector ? Example: I want to select div 1 and 2, but not 3 <div>Text1</div> // <-

I create app using Jhipster. By default it use combination of username+password to login. I would like to create email+password login so i can make username not unique. What is the best way to do this

I would like to insert in the same stackview, four objects(stackview1,stackview2,stackview3,stackview3) that are given by the same function [setupIngredientStackView()], but when I run my code, the

DirectAdmin Error Status Code: 405 Method not allowed Plesk Status Code: 200 OK I think, It's maybe about DirectAdmin on share host. I take slimphp framework install other hosting. Other hosting

Advice would be very much appreciated Also decompiling them never has the PC location data, but compiling them does.

I have few Win servers (Like Build, DB, App etc) where WMI is installed and configured, and able to read Metrics(based on rules like Disk Space >90) on my Prometheus dashboard. Setup a Altermanager

I'm working on ns-3 to include header files to my own module. I've tried to type commands on ./waf command and wscript file, but it doesn't work. Below I listed the commands that I've tried. In

I was using the following code for resizing a video. Here I used ffmpeg_resize function. As I run the code I get an error message that says res is not defined. But in the argument list of the function,

I have run into two identical errors I cant figure out. The error goes as follows "binary '<' no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'const_Ty' (or there is no acceptable

So I want to display the total value for each bar above the bar chart. Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to be positioned directly above a bar. I've tried several things, but the value seems to

I'm using delphi 10.1 for developing Android mobile application. I need to integrate Instamojo Payment gateway for my android mobile app. 1. How can use Instamojo Android SDK for integrating with

I am wondering what approach to take problem flow : I have a web API which can accept request from the client The API layer talks to business layer and then to data layer Data layer Gets huge

Suppose I have a Avro file and I would like to know how to add new field/column like timestamp to store the current system timestamp for each record in python. I am trying to extract avro schema and

I've been trying to get some initial code working before I start working on my app. I have had this working maybe a year ago so something tells me there is an update/version issue. But any help is

I understand that the [ , ] notation extracts values from a data frame in the form [row#, column#]. I also know that the $ notation returns all the values in a column as a vector, but I am unsure how

I have a dictionary contains keys and values: dic1 = {'first': 13, 'second': 7, 'third': 5]} I want to compare the values and select key with the largest number: The output should be: 'first'

So i've tested my route itself with postman and get the following if I console.log(req.file) I get the following: { fieldname: 'myImage', originalname: '7yFHYXe.jpg', encoding: '7bit', mimetype: '

So, I am trying to output all text files in my directory that contains any of several regular expressions. Here is a sample regular expression that searches for a Phone number in a file #Search for

I know Stack Overflow is a populated place and so I will try to make myself brief. I am a hobbyist programmer working within a small pocket niche of the coding world; my experience outside is horribly

I've been getting the error Object variable or With Block variable not set when I try to run my script. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't work. Right now the error occurs on the following

I am using the deploy theme with Visual Composer but the function "equal height" is missing here. Now I made row with 4 columns in frontend. All starting with an image following bulletpoints in

I have a table like this:- Branch SL Month Amount1 Amount2 Amount3 A 1 January 100 0 0 A 2 February 0 0

def sum_powers(x1, n1, x2, n2): """ Computes x1^n1+x2^n2 x1,n1,x2,n2 -- numbers Use only call expressions, Not infix operators(+,-,) """ return __________________________

I want to change my data as follows: "Republic of Korea": "South Korea", "United States of America": "United States", "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland": "United Kingdom", "China,

I am using Visual Studio 2017 Community and I've been trying to build a project but the following errors keep showing up. I've downloaded .Net Core 2.1 SDK and tried adding a reference in my csproj

I get the same error messages over and over again: "The development server returned response error code: 500". "Unable to resolve module x from " Even though I fixed the route, which causes the

I want to check if there is same value in the array or not as I mentioned in the title. And if there is, I want to pass that value and check another random value to add to listbox. In my form, there

So I am new to spark. My versions are: Spark 2.1.2, Scala version 2.11.8 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, Java 1.8.0_131). I am using IntellijIdea 2018 Community on Windows 10 (x64). And whenever I