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I am having troubles when trying to implement a functionality (list, upload, download files) on my client mini app of Dropbox in JS. I am learning JS and what I did is to use the SDK API for JS, but

I'm completely new to opencv and tesseract. I spent all day trying to make code that would parse game duration from images like that: original image (game duration is in the top left corner) I came

I created a scatterplot from the data (see rcode and data below). The y-axis shows the mean rate of sapflow measured from the xylem in trees during transpiration and the x-axis shows the mean ambient

The program can be found in https://github.com/sakibsadmanshajib/NSU-CSE225 I don't know why. It's showing this error. It probably has something to do with conversion between string and basci_string,

**Hello, I am developing an app in which the user should enter the integer values.according to that values we should display those number of text fields.. for Example: 1) enter total

I'm trying to create managed bean in eclipse's dynamic web project. There I need to add support for @ManagedBean annotation. I tried this way.. Right Click on Project > Properties > Project Facet >

In my HTML <ion-segment [(ngModel)]="landmarkTag" (ionChange)="changeOption(value)"> <ion-segment-button value="placesofworship"> Temples </ion-segment-button>

(I know that there is a similar question in stackoverflow, but I can't understand that question's comment..) I'm Korean middle schooler. So I am not good at English but Please help me. I'm studying

i'm not sure what this program print out in case of "shallow binding for function with static scope", i know it's pretty unusual as combination but it's just an exercise int x = 700; int n = 30; void

I have used the SoundCloud API for a couple of years, and from the past few days, they just stopped working. How I can make sure I'm not used deprecated API's and how I can migrate, if there are any,

I have a desktop app that relies on getting the mac address of the user's machine and send it to a server , but i have a problem that the mac address of some users keeps changing , not all the mac

I try to get rid of the last slash in the URL, but only if it exists. any ideas? tail -1 /var/script/string.txt | grep -oP '(?<=expanded_url":")[^"]+' response: https://research.checkpoint.com/

I am using Rob Hyndman's forecast package, and I'd like to extract some of the values from the checkresiduals function. Is there a way to call checkresiduals(model) and then extract the p-value, lag,

How can I draw a stroke with a fill color and a (different color) border? I tried creating 2 paints - one with a Stroke style and one with a Fill style, but calling strokePaint = new Paint();

I have an android Lollipop (5.1) Point of Sale (POS) machine. It has two screens, am able to make my app display on the main screen, but my question is, how do I write apps that make use of the second

I made a logOut button and want to define it's width, height, background color, font etc. Inside render() I defined a new const Style as you can see here: import React, { Component } from 'react';

i have made this ajax calls , and now i need to transform it as a promise , However i've try in few ways to convert it but with no succes .. Any ideea ? Js var root = 'https://jsonplaceholder.

i have been trying to load 2 csv files to create entities and relations: this 1 is for the entities: USING PERIODIC COMMIT 1000 LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///jobs.csv" AS row MERGE (j:JOB {

How can I reach the result of a subscription billing service from another activity. I can check the status of the subscription service over another activity. My goal is to capture the subscription

Currently I have the below object structure, `let selectedOptions = { "color": { "id": "2", "values": [ { "value": "red", "label": "Red", "id": 1 },

In Azure DevOps I have a Pipeline variable "package version" and I set it using 0.1.3$(Rev:.r)-alpha . I use that variable to replace the "Version" in the .net core project file. In the Build tasks

I am setting up my Cortex-M4 platform to use heap memory and encountering some issues. I set heap region size to be 512 bytes, and it only allocates 9 bytes. Then I set heap to be 10kB and it can only

SITUATION: I use beanIO 2.1.0 to read a csv-file into different kind of objects. This is my csv-File. A list of animals (color, type, number of legs). In my list are also animals without a type (

i'm trying to draw on Screen more than one component in different classes, This is my GameView Class : public class PlayGame extends JPanel { public JFrame frmGamePlay = new JFrame();

I'm working on a test and i'm asked how to make a "read" sleep or a "write" stop a process" For the latter I don't understand why my sigpipe is, indeed raised, but isn't stopping the process: #

If there any difference of CTE in BigQuery comparing with other RDBMS? I can only see benefits of having CTE as increasing code readability as well as reuse of CTE in the main query. What is the

Im trying to add the percentage to each bar: # Set up the work directory in which all data is gonna be extracted H1517 = read.csv("HiBAPMapGraph.csv") #Change name of the file library(ggplot2) #

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and Python 3.7.1 (Anaconda) takes more and more memory after each execution to grab the interactive mode. Symptoms If I execute the following line : > python -c "

in this array, I want to find word "in" from value and make new array from that songs including number (key) songs from album. $londonCalling = array( 'song-01' => 'London Calling', 'song-02' =>

I have a very basic spring controller with a bunch of login/registration endpoints. I have below very POST endpoint, I am directing the user to home page. @PostMapping(value = "doLogin") public

Here is my setup: A static site (vue.js) hosted on s3 Two buckets domain.com and www.domain.com, former with the content and the latter redirecting to a domain without www CloudFront with SSL

I am using Firebase for my android studio project and am facing a problem. Say I have two databases like this: and I want to search the userids that are common in A and B (i.e. here ABC and DEF)

My code: mean= all_data.groupby(['Id'])[features].agg('mean').reset_index() Now, the output of columns are like this: 0 0.000000 1 362.000000 2 0.000000 3 0.000000

I'm trying to write a unique_ptr implementation. I'm struggling with writing a move constructor. Here are my problems: When I mark the move constructor as default, my resource is deleted twice, when

im still learning in php. Appreciate on your kindness. :) <table style="width:100%;float:left"> <thead> <tr> <th>Class ID</th> <th>

I need to get result on python: 2018-12-10 06:15:36 but I get: 1 (count i think) as result when i use this: On python: >>> dateadd = g.cur.execute("SELECT FROM_UNIXTIME(date, '%Y-%m-%d %h:%

I've heard that in Kotlin creation of the new objects is cheap. How is Kotlin memory aspect of object creation is different from Java? Is there difference in cost of creating objects from the data

I have following XSL stylesheet: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" version="3.0"> <xsl:output encoding="UTF-8"

I am using Excel and have a problem that I cannot solve. I have data in a cell that contains duplicates, e.g.: "Abraham/Beta/Abraham/Charlie" I would like to remove the second repeats to "Beta/

Here is some code: function polygon(x,y,r) { var a = Math.PI*3/2; var points = []; var sides = []; // [[{x,y},{x,y}], ] var max = {x:0,y:0}; var min = {x:Infinity,y:Infinity}; ctx.

i have trouble for post to upload some images on instagram using api. and get response like '415 Unsupported Media Type' anyone can help me ? i will send the code on comment

C# remotely connects to ORACLE database whit DbProviderFactory,ORA-03135: connection lost contact. will appear after a period of time. The query code is as follows: public DataTable ExecuteDataTable(

I wanna change button colors when the user click on it. The main plan is: every month 10th one worker's button go to red and if the worker done his job then click on the button and it going to be

currently I am backing up data to AWS S3 using cli sync command. I´d like to make use of AWS Glacier. The idea is to backup data to S3 and move this data to Glacier based on lifecycle rules. However,

I'm pushing an updateOne query to update (or create if not existent) a subdocument. This is my schema { accountData: { userId: Number, items: [ {

There're many solutions to launch application in unique personal scope: parallel space, second space and etc. As result users can generate many bots in games just like they would have infinite number

I need to convert two lines from .pro file in Qt to corresponding lines in CMake: CONFIG -= staticlib CONFIG += shared what should I write in cmakelist file to generate teh same effect as this ?

I want to download a jar file from a Nexus repository. But that jar file is created with a timestamp. My directory looks like that: "https://myhost.com/nexus/repository/snapshots/com/tr/oms/om-

I tried to create a blank project but the problem is same and then I un-install the Android Studio and re-install it but no difference. I am using Android Studio - 3.2.1 9th Oct build Android

So here is the deal, i'm having trouble picking up a certain type of message content (not sure of its name) and I can't seem to figure this out no matter how much I look into the Internet since I can'