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For example, I have a folder new_folder and I have a lot of folders and files in this folder. I want to list all the files that have math in their file names. So files like maths.txt, text.mathabc


I'm writing the following code to update SQL Server. I received the following error message: Incorrect syntax near '-'. Must declare the scalar variable "@id". Description: An unhandled exception

WordPress WooWin中的非翻译字符串

I'm trying to translate all the strings in WooCommerce to spanish in Wordpress, and most of them are already ok, however the "Categories" and "Products" labels in the left side of the shop page are


I have a simple form appear at the bottom of an index page using Ajax to submit the form and reload the index list. For some reason, when cancelling the form or going between pages on the site and

JSF 2特立尼达2 AutoStuMIT不在UI组件(前端DOM)中更新

I have a requirement is to enable "SUBMIT BUTTON" after entering a value in a text box. For this, I have used: autoSubmit="true" Below is the code snippet what I have <tr:inputText value="#{

When I create a new Javascript file in Visual Studio 2017, this: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <meta charset="utf-8" /> always shows up in the <


Suppose i have a model with carrierwave file upload. class Book < ActiveRecord::Base mount_uploader :file, BookImageUploader end If i want to check if a book doesnt have any attached


I have recently encountered a problem on javascript functions being called repetitively. I have a button that would call a javascript method. In the method the webpage will get send and get a POST


So, I'm creating a Visual C++ program that is intended for use on Windows and uses the .NET Framework version 4.0. I want my program to run as a service in the background and if another program on

我想在XMPPFraskSwift iOS中创建一个只有成员的房间

I am using XMPPFramework (robbiehanson) for developing a group chat (like Whatsapp groups). Please share the code to create a member-only room and how can I edit the room configs. Thanks

i still can't figure out why this program doesn't compute and give the result which i thought it would. I'm trying to use the an instance of the PrintWriter class to write several floating-point


#sidebarcover { position: absolute; left: 800px; bottom: 80px; } #sidebarcover:hover { opacity:0; } #sideimage { height: 60px; width: 60px;

AWS ECS:运行任务失败的原因:

While trying to run a task in EC2 instances, I get this terrible error message. Run tasks failed Reasons : ["ATTRIBUTE"] Like many others, I was referred to check out the "requiresAttributes"

Android(Java,KOTLIN)- CONONE API,将Python /JS翻译成Java -HMAC

https://doc.coinone.co.kr/#api-Account_V2-UserBalance (CoinOne Api) The site provides js and python sample code. I saw it and changed it to java, kotlin I am using the Coin One API now. However, I


class Test { public Test(){ int i; char c; System.out.println("i:"+i); System.out.println("c:["+c+']'); } public static void main(String[] args) { new Test(); } } When I built


I have assembled a pc and start using from last week but suddenly two days ago it stopped working. Repairing center said motherboard is damaged and it needs to be changed. I am from rural area of


Good day: I'm trying to understand the indexing process for Completion Suggestion. Referencing the ElasticSearch docs link, I was wondering if the suggestions couldn't be made against properties of


I'm currently working on getting the text from a label on a medication bottle using google Tesseract as the OCR engine. I'm only interested in the name of the medication, and I have a dictionary with

Python [复制]中使用Le()的效率

Usually, I will use a variable like listLength = len(list) because I will use listLength several times in the program. It helps me to reuse the length of list. But sometimes, I will only use it one


I am trying to import a csv file into R in which rows are formatted as follows: 012002001 14.852DL 0000000034630100304660 012002001 84.031GG 0000001049180100304660 012002001 84.033DO


I have a signup form that works great. One feature of it is users can press "Add more +" and have more identical "instrument" and "level" select fields created. The django admin only shows the first "


So for some reason, this worked yesterday just fine and now it doesn't, I haven't even touched this file at all. Either way, every time I click Login I get this error: mysqli_stmt_close() expects


I have two elements in my component that use the same fade animation. Only one is on screen at a time, they both have *ngIf directives to control their visibility. It's a simple fade in/fade out


Firebase states: "On Android, Firebase automatically manages connection state to reduce bandwidth and battery usage. When a client has no active listeners, no pending write or onDisconnect operations,


I have the following function that checks if a code exists in the database: isCodeExist(code: string): Observable < boolean > { return <Observable < boolean >> this.afs .


I am trying to run some adb commands using cron. While running cron, I expect it to run under a default shell environment and not the user's which is why I provide the path of adb file to be appended

前包装API 23

How can I use DrawableWrapper on pre 23 api? Because this is related to Drawable.callback interface, what methods should I override to play around with callback for animation on DrawableWrapper on pre


I noticed that the BillingAgreement start date must be in at least 24 hours, meaning that I can only charge upfront costs in the merchant_preferences setup fees. If I want to charge an upfront


I get this error: *************************** APPLICATION FAILED TO START *************************** Description: Parameter 0 of constructor in com.maximmalikov.onlineshop.service.


The context of this question is that of writing data from an indexedDB to the client disk and reading it back in again, offline performed all on the client. Thus far, to write the database to disk, I


I am trying to analyse notes in a CSV file of 315,208 rows , each note represents a comment from a field monitor during the implementation of the project and I am trying to analyze the text to predict


I have an application with multiple modules that need to integrate with a single datepicker instance. So, for example, when onChangeMonthYear is called I want to trigger: moduleA.onChangeMonthYear


Ansible doesn't print the output of the passed argument to the screen when using raw module for both adhoc command and playbook. Here is what I see, [root@localhost ~]$ ansible s1 -m raw -a 'show ip


I'm currently working on my game design. I am kinda new to Unity and have no idea how to implement following functionality to my project. I have several balls in my square game board, and the players


Input Here Please Click image then you will see the result **Output should be like this ** 123456789


Below I have a code snippet that encapsulates an issue I am having. What I am trying to do would be trivial in R, but is much more difficult in Rcpp. I am just trying aggregate values according to


Please I have a hosted java web application at sometime of the day it just get unresponsive, do I have to always restart the tomcat server for it to always remain responsive or should I increase my

AWAlambda JavaScript SDK当我在IAM SDK中出错时,回调设置为未定义

AWS Lambda Javascript SDK when I get an error with the IAM SDK the callback is set to undefined. When there is an error with the iam.listAttachedUserPolices call I get an error with the callback. If


I want to try a regex to match my string of this kind like if (cadena.matches("[0-9],[0-9]")){ Do something} //this being like if the string has numbers before and after the comma wich way can

Culjress Java互操作JavaCass.类

I am using a Java library that frequently references as method arguments JavaClassName.class. For example, it will require a call: document.get(TextAnnotation.class) I have tried a few ways to


If you have a cocos2d-x3.16,and use it to match VS15 with the development environment.Now that you have create a new project,and then in this project,you just have to do one simple thing:which is to


I would like to prefaces this by stating that I am not a programmer however I am a designer and 3D artist who likes to dabble in code every-once-in-a-while. My basic question is if anyone has had any


Feathers/Express is really slow to load static content. Is there any way to speed up without using Nginx? Each request to load an image takes about 3 seconds for a 200-300kb file on a ADSL connection


Scenario: I want to read a large text file fast (e.g. lorem.txt with 200 lines in example below) . I have tried three different ways in code below Non-concurrent sequential processing Channels and


I need to make a python script which generates sine waves of a given frequency and plays them using pyaudio (blocking mode), I also need to be able to change this frequency while it runs, modulate it


[ e | v <- f:fs, q ] reduces to [ e | q ] [ v := f ] ++ [ e | v <- fs, q ] The output of [ e | v <- f:fs, q ] should be a single list. What does it mean to put two lists together in the


I have an Event model in Mongoose as such: let eventSchema = new Schema( { description: { type: String, required: true }, start_time: { type: Date, required: true }, end_time: { type:


I have been googling this for a while already but I did not get the answer. In my JUnit test I set up DynamoDBEmbedded instance and I want to create tables/load test data from JSON files. Thus I am


I didn't implement whole infixTopostFix method yet. but I have a question about it. I am figuring out it still. (notice: My infixToPostfix method is not complete yet) #include <stdio.h> #

简单的Express API错误

I keep receiving the following error when running my express API below shows the error i get in terminal, and have broken the code out in 3 blocks which will be three seperate sheets. if you could