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UBUTU 10.04上OpenSSL不同版本的错误

I have some software using openssl. Tested and working on Debian. OpenSSL 1.1.0f 25 May 2017 I now need to run it on ubuntu 10.04 a 32 bit install. I have downloaded and built openssl-1.0.2o as


Laravel required if validation issue Blade: {{ Form::open(['route' => ['updateEmailSettings']]) }} <div class="form-group row"> {{ Form::label('driver','Mail


I am sending integer array of size from one raspberry pi to another using POSIX sockets in C. I am writing an integer array of size 131072 from one pi, the return value from the write command shows


so I'm having a little issue which I just can't seem to solve and I just can't seem to figure it out. I have 2 functions. One simply adds a google maps Marker to the map. private void setMarker() {


Hello Stack Overflow Community. I've made two topics so far about rating system and happily with your help I've managed to achieve it. It works properly, just everyone can vote so I made it to add


I have a stored procedure where I would like to call getModels() and return all models and getModels(3) and return the model with id of 3. I have the following but I can't find out how to add the


the codes are compiled without errors. but my phone is resetting when the code runs. I encode the main page "Blue.Class" objects with DragDrop.class to act and grab the function. DragDrop.class has


What are the best practices to transform a Wordpress live website into a Progressive Web Application, is there a good plugin that is sufficient? How does it work? If not, what is the best way to do


I want to convert an integer type to a string, specifying explicitly that i am generating two-digit hexadecimal representations. Are there any workarounds? Thanks.


When i want to run app in my device i get this error in logcat java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.example.android.allo/com.example.android.allo.WelcomeActivity}:


I'm trying to make a sticky nav bar so when i scroll down i want my logo , my seach bar ,sign in and my nav bar scroll down.The problem is when i'm scrolling down my logo and nav bar goes behind my

电子邮件通知不工作詹金斯使用AWS SNS插件

I have created an AWS SNS Topic and subscribe to the topic for email notification. I have also created an IAM user with only programmatic access and policy attached to this ARN of the newly created


Let's say I have ModuleA with a router entry of: path: 'modulea', loadChildren: './modulea/modulea.module#ModuleA' ComponentA (ComponentA's selector is component-a) ModuleB with a router entry of:


This is the error I am getting:- Fatal error: Cannot use 'Parent' as class name as it is reserved in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\home.php on line 3 Here is my code: <?php class Parent{


I am using ScheduledExecutorService, scheduleAtFixedRate method for running jobs every start of the day. sample code is below, Long midnight=LocalDateTime.now().until(LocalDate.now().plusDays(1).


The below code gets compiled successfully, wherein inside same class,I have written two methods with same name & same type signature. Am using Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.0 and I can see error "Duplicate


I am facing same issue data Table the header of it not matched the body while using scroll Y: PPHeight . Any help will be highly appreciated, i have used many solutions but not working for me.trying


I have 3 tables. a) shops b)shop_foods c)foods I need to fetch foods table data when I create hasmany relation with shops_food and store. $this->hasMany('App\Diet\ShopFood', 'shop_id', 'id');


How to create a class with indexing operation? I want to wrap a dictionary to make it treats upper-case and lower-case keys as the same key. I tried to create an Item property. That makes


This is the code that I've used, but I don't think it is something wrong with the code, as it works well in Safari but not Chrome.The left hand is Chrome and the other is Safari. As you can see, the


I am working on currency fluctuation data to generate a graph for display. The source data is as follows: rates = [ {BWP: 1, ZAR: 1.3, USD: 0.09324, number: 1}, {BWP: 1, ZAR: 1.35, USD: 0.01, number:

Uncaught TypeError:UICtrl.getDOMstrings不是一个函数

var budgetController = (function() { })(); //UI CONTROLLER var UIController = (function () { var DOMstrings = { //so i won't have to change '.add__type' for example everywhere in the


Problem It appears that my implementation Netty (version 4.1.25Final) cannot send or receive more than 1024 bytes of data per second on average. Question Is it possible to send/receive more than 1024


I'm using THREE.OBJLoader to load a 3D model into my scene. It works fine. However, after adding it to the scene, I need to scale it by 10, then retrieve its vertices position. I know that THREE.


I've been trying to use Microsoft SQL Server but when I try to start SQL Server Reporting Services in the Configuration Manager it says "The request failed or the service did not respond in a timely


I have created pie chart using chartist.js I am not able to create responsive web design. When I reduce window size i.e for small window the legend should go above pie chart and for large window size


I have 'FIRCollectionReference' i.e. collPath which points to a collection. I have setup listeners to watch for document additions, edits, deletions under this collection. Here is my sample code. [


Given array so that his size is n and in all the array exists n elements, and in any cell exists O(1) elements (in any cell exists linked-list of elements). How much cells contains elements?

具有API WebFrand和反应角6 APP的反应API不是各自的反应范式。我错过了什么?

I built a Reactive APi with Spring WebFlux and ReactiveMongoRepository. This is the service: /** * Rest api with CRUD support for the parametrized BaseEntity */ @RestController @CrossOrigin public


Go to this link https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/i7-processors.html and look at the last two processors: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K Processor and Intel® Core™ i7-7567U


My problem is simple: I've an array with 20 million floats. In that array, every float has a probability p of being randomly altered. The simples way to do so is to move through the array, doing if (

SQL Server LoalDB实例无法启动(自动)

I have a WPF application which is connecting to the SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB (i.e. a local .mdf database file). The application uses the Entity Framework Core library version 7.0.0-rc1-final.


I'm facing an issue with Vuex handling state changes toggled by Vuetify navigation drawer outside click. In the example below, after you open and then close drawer, you need to click twice on a


I have this html table: <fieldset class="form login"> <legend>Authorization</legend> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan="1">

角度5 [隐藏]不完全工作

I'm testing an option to display/hide div based on boolean value from an observable. Based on the second answer provided from this stack question, I have the following code which collects the document

在SAP HyRISE电子商务中添加新的语言资源包所需的步骤。

Steps required to add new language resource bundle in sap hybris Ecommerce. Steps required to add new language resource bundle in sap hybris Ecommerce. Steps required to add new language resource


Here I have created my method to simulate the 'ls' UNIX command in my UNIX shell implementation in C. 9/10 times my shell will work perfectly and the other time I get a segmentation fault: 11 on the '


I've recently updated my Android Studio to 3.1.3 version and something happened: when I start a new project a lot of commands like "findViewById" and so on do not work, but that's not my real problem.


Does anyone know why my background image isnt going all the way down? Here is my code for the section, Im stumped. <!-- Page wrapper --> <div class="page-wrapper" style="


How I can change file link path structure with PHP? For example I want to do like this: https://old.sitename.com/dir/dir2/dir3/file -name.xxx to https://new.sitename.com/?x=fixparam&f=1111file-

如何使用Skad DATAFRAME读写卡桑德拉表?

So, I figured out that when we have to create a dataframe using Cassandra keyspace and table name, the below given piece of code will do the job. val df = spark.read.format("org.apache.spark.sql.

Android模拟器在Ubuntu 18.04上与SIGSEV崩溃

Android Studio version: Android Studio 3.1.2 Build #AI-173.4720617, built on April 14, 2018 It's installed from Ubuntu's snap store. I installed the kvm using 1. Setting Up Android Studio on Ubuntu


As kotlin reference Classes and Inheritance say, If the class has a primary constructor, each secondary constructor needs to delegate to the primary constructor, either directly or indirectly


The build is successful but the runtime stops at node->data = bid; in the following function. So the output prints out successfully up to "Loading CSV file 888" cout statement. I'm not sure what is


I have a question about testing. I use Angular 6, karma and jasmine. My test is: it(`my test`, async(() => { console.log('### start test'); fixture.detectChanges(); // call a method


how do I make Form::label route to my Controller function. When I change Form::label to Form::submit it works. In the route file a create a post statement. What's wrong with my Form? <div class="


06-24 21:20:54.025 8947-8947/com.ukccalculator.pksnh.ukccalculator E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process: com.ukccalculator.pksnh.ukccalculator, PID: 8947 java.lang.RuntimeException:

如何在体滚动40px(n px)后滚动其他元素或头

I want to scroll up the header with slower than body's scrolling speed. <body> <div class="header"> Header will be scroll after 40px scrolling of body </div> &


/*THIS CSS CODE */ @font-face { font-family: 'Komika'; src: url('/bin/res/font/KOMIKAX_-webfont.eot'); src: url('/bin/res/font/KOMIKAX_-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),


class Student { public static void main(String args[]); { private int age; private String name; public void setAge(int n) throws Exception; { if (n>=18) age=n; else throw new Exception("