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Now I have the image gcr.io/google_containers/pause-amd64:3.0 locally, but when I exec docker pull gcr.io/google_containers/pause-amd64:3.0, it report Error response from daemon: Get https://gcr.io/v1/

What are the limitations of Power bi and Tableau when it comes to dashboard designing ?

I have a non-template class with a few method templates, and a second templated class. Let us call the non-templated class A, the templated method A_method, and the templated class B. A.hpp looks

I have a custom table (traffic data) for data about some posts (custom post type: domain). Here is the structure of the custom table called "domain_traffic": domain date traffic ebay.com

This is my code: install.packages("ggmap") library(ggmap) twmap <- get_map(location = 'Taiwan', zoom = 7,language = "zh-TW") After I ran the twmap code, the following messange showed:

SELECT * FROM CSDMSSJ.dbo.EOBImage WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE EOBArchiveID = 32223 enter image description here

I want my api to hit after every 12 hour so i am embedding it in aws lambda function and trigger it. Thanks in advance

For HTML and CSS, how do I prevent li items with list-style: none; from actually being pushed to the right and just stick it to the edge? My English is not so good, so I'll show some examples. I

I have two containers linked together by Docker compose and I can successfully ping the container containing MongoDB from the one containing my node.js app using the hostname. However, when it comes

im trying to learn hibernate and this is my first try. I made 3 entity properties and want to create schema for them and then store objects into DB all using hibernate. But when i try to execute

FIDDLE: http://jsfiddle.net/johndavemanuel/htLx358f/17/ $(document).ready(function(){ // Sort the parents $(".sortable").sortable({ containment: "parent", items: "> div",

my questions is quite a long one so im gonna write them down in steps that i need to achive here. 1. recycler view(RV1) for number of items is there in a fragment. 2. on click item in recycler view

I compiled PCL1.9.0 ,and installed in /usr/local/pcl then I want to link to this lib. cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8 FATAL_ERROR) project(basic) find_package(PCL 1.2 REQUIRED) message(STATUS "

I have a master branch, and add_db branch for a simple project. I have done all my code edits and pushes on add_db. However, I want to merge all these commits into my master branch. When I try to

I have created a plot with two X axes - one main axis of the the plot and a second 'twiny()' axes below that. For the second axis I want to be able to adjust the xtick label vertical positions using

I have a mongod.conf which contains processManagement: fork: true However when I run mongod --config ./conf/mongod.conf it gave me the error as following: ERROR: child process failed, exited

To preface, the project that I am working on is going to be a 2d web mmo. I’m using Ruby on Rails to create the web end like the account system and etc I am using ActiveRecord models to store the

It's a little bit off-topic but I know nowhere else so I can currently make an unresponsive website using HTML/CSS with a little bit of Jquery/Javascript Fundamentals and PHP. But I'm wondering

In my microservice I have to fetch data from places. Some of the URL's are fixed but some are not . So do I need to create Webclient again and again if my base URL changes. If not then is the below

I’m trying to install Tomcat8 on EC2 (I installed Java8 first). However, when I try to list all available tomcats using: yum list available | grep tomcat tomcat versions do not show up and this is

Help!~ I need to install package libv41-dev as a required library and when I install sudo apt-get install libv4l-dev, I get unable to locate package libv4l-dev error. Why can't locate that package?

There is some error in my code, anyone can help with debugging? Apparently there is something wrong at the scanf part to get my 'x'. The instructions are as shown below: This program is a simple

The specific question is this: the user enters the text, for example, if the user enters hello (spaces) (spaces) world. The output that the user gets is hello (space) world. The following is my code,

I deployed an ASP.NET Framework compute engine instance from the marketplace and am not sure how to get autoscaling to work? It seems like I would have to create a managed instance group from a

On December 15th the rb-inotify gem was updated to version 0.10.0 which now requires Ruby 2.2 or later. The compass gem has a runtime dependency of rb-inotify >= 0.9 which appears to now

I want to delete some cases with some component? But not find api to do this, and also not from webpage. Only see remove cases from test plan in batch, but I want to delete these cases. Any comments?

When opening the magnific popup on load I am getting the translucent overlay but text inside saying "Content not found" Why is this? In the console the elements inside #test-modal are greyed out.

So I have a method that retrieves data using BeautifulSoup; it's able to store and append the data gathered from the dictionary; however when I try to print the list in order to check data; it returns

The table Users have a few relationship on another table So here the snippet code var users = DbContext.Users .Include(x => x.ApplicationUserGroups) .ThenInclude(x =>

I'm going to lay out the current scenario I'm having trouble with. I've created three topic branches; Topic-A, Topic-B, Topic-C. I'm done with all these branches, and am ready to merge them into

I'm using tmdb api multi search, I have a get request that returns back an array of items which have an object key and value. Some return 'media_type: tv', some return 'media_type: movie' I have two

my wired situation is, the online service is working now, and everyday i can find a few 500 error reports like below: runtime error: index out of range i can find which api by log, but it returns

We are using Klarna Checkout(3rd party plugin) to handle payments for our WooCommerce platform. When the product is added to cart, Klarna Checkout Form appears with the details needed like email and

Currently I have a textfield in the format ###/##. When typing it types in the correct format but for some strange reason when deleting it will only delete until the '/' sign and won't delete before

Can i create a mobile application using python and firbase, which work in Android and IOS phones?

I have a datatable with several columns of strings. One column is "IPAddress". I want to sort the data table by the IP Address column. I've tried DataView dv = dt.DefaultView; dv.Sort = "IPAddress

I am new to angular 6, I want to show change password field and button when update password button is clicked. (Angular 6/TypeScript)

I would like to train my image and detect anomalies with Keras, but how do I make a weight file? I watched the net, github, medium, etc but I could not find anything using my image data to detect

I created a code to copy file by the partial names which are included in the active workbook and when it is done that cell will be colored. I used "Boolean" option to overwrite the files before but

I have a scenario exactly like this. If one value of a given object matches an object's value in a nested array then update the nested object. If it doesn't match any, push it to the array. If the

i had programming return to other page : when i load page belong to Controller A , it will check login session or not and if it's not so redirect to page login - Controller B . In Controller B i had

The command I used to compile was ./bootstrap the results were: Usable autoreconf found, running main::scan_file() called too early to check prototype at /usr/local/bin/aclocal line 617.

I'm trying to use fft function in R. Now I know how to apply zero-padding to apply linear convolution. However, for a vector of a certain length (after padding), 415999, R program fails to give the

When I ran my code, the batch normalization layer raised error. x = tf.layers.conv2d(x, f, w) print(x.shape) # x.shape = (64, 5, 5, 256) tf.layers.batch_normalization(inputs=x, axis=-1,

I wrote a Java Code to find the result for exponents and powers. It works for smaller exponents and kind of smaller powers, lets say if power is 10 to 20 range. But the real problem happens when I try

I'm having "fun" trying to get a cash drawer kicker to work. The documentation says to use either Ctrl G ^G or ESCp0. This is the code: const //CTRLG = #$07; ESCp0 = #27#112#48; if

I'm not sure how to modify a recursive method call to handle a list of JVMNodes, which I would pass in to be checked and replaced with different JVM commands to peephole optimize the language. Each

I am trying to disable TLS 1 and 1.1 in my docker instances along with disabling several algorithms for security purposes. However I am trying to figure out how to add the below to properties to the /

I need to help for a sql server query. I have a table and it has 3 columns like a, b, c. a b c --- --- --- hello world 10 world

I want to proc sql syntax from sas in python. This time without making any db connection in proc sql in sas. I know sqlite. But this requires to provide sql server name.