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I have created a directive with a selected pyb-button-group that uses @ViewChildren, which is declared like this: @ViewChildren('header', { read: ElementRef }) headers: QueryList<ElementRef>

I was trying to compile a C++17 program on Ubuntu using CMake/g++ 8.1 which contained #include <filesystem> When I used this set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-lstdc++fs") I got a weird linker error

I'm learning some testing with Espresso and I've understood how to check if an intent has been launched. What I can't understand is how could I check if the intent was not launched. I tried with the

There are multiple compilers that exist for C and C++, some of which are used to compile program for microcontrollers. Is there a way to limit our program to only compile in specific compilers? I

I have hard time uploading picture and then displaying it in my view. I went through a lot of posts here and for some reason nothing really works for me. Picture gets uploaded (in my case saved in "~/

I am new to javascript and nodejs I am trying to generate a PDF table using node.js using google puppeteer. I followed a youtube tutorial and the code below is the same as used in the tutorial.

i have looked for way to implement this with no luck. i am trying to an open a pdf file which coming from the server with window.open() doesn't work instead im taken into an new tab with with

I would like to open chosen WAV file, read it's header and then put audio samples from this into arrays. I have already managed to read header and I think it looks quite fine but there is one question.

I have written a Python function to automate a software program. The workflow looks something like this: def main(): while True: do A if A is not done correctly for more than 100

I'm creating an Android app for controlling the configuration of a bartender working with a RPI I want to show all the current drinks and their ingredients in a listview. Here is the Json Response

I am trying to use CryptProtectData in Delphi XE7 on Windows 10. I use the David's answer as a base. The code works when compiled on 32-bit platform, but I can't get it to work on 64-bit platform (

I have this code that I use to block countries I don't want my site to be accessed from. This works perfectly in desktop browsers as well as mobile browsers like firefox etc., but in mobile's chrome

i want to add a conditions in v-select in here i want minimum and maximum . this for real-estate app export default { data() { return { blogs: [], minbed: "", maxbed: "",

I have a DataFrame containing an attribute called "x" that contains information about if a client a bought promotion in a bank or not. Having only the data available in the DataFrame, I have to choose

I am trying to append an element to individual dynamic class names. However, SelectAll seems to find all classes and not only the one specified. I am starting with a nested JSON array. The first

I'm working on some challenges in Python (www.pythonchallenge.com/) where I need to find sequences of characters in a rather long string of seemingly random characters. I've worked out most of the

I want to find a function fit for these curves, without guessing their basic form, and adding boundary condtions for θ->0 (asymptotic)

I want to add Free Shipping "Warning" if the Free Shipping method is selected. I'm using this code to echo the warning, I want to echo it only if checked. function notice_shipping() { echo '<p

How do I validate the property through object? I have define the list of Property in the checkProperty I expected missingFields to return Batch.Name is missing. Currently is is outputting [ 'Batch.

I have some questions about my project, i need to write a application in angular with using ngrx, json-server. This app should show list of items with searching/sorting(title, date in range, price in

I have installed many libraries and tried many different codes but I'm not able to play the audio file on Raspberry Pi 3B+. If you know any method or have any code. Must recommend me.

this is my code ! /bin/bash if [ -d $1 ];then if [ `ls -1 $1 | wc -l` -eq 0 ];then echo "Folder is empty" else for i in `ls -l $1 | tr -s " " | cut -f9 -d " " ` do echo $i if [ -f $i ];then cp $1/$i .

I am trying to get this https://github.com/dirkliu/vue-json-editor editor to my project and as its stated on the instructions i am running npm install Vue-edit-json --save but it gives me this error:

Recently I stumbled upon a following peace of code. Can you all help in understanding the code. May be I forgot basics of OOPs. So please go through following code peaces, I still believe its bad

I'm sure I must be just missing something simple here but I've searched everywhere for an answer and no luck. I have a bog standard file upload control on my xpage showing initially the standard "No

Android Studio 3.4 Canary 8 I am creating a app that uses firebase messaging service. My architecture has the presentation, domain, and data layer. Ordinarily I put the firebase messaging service in

I bought a NFC Reader for my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I can´t get it reading anything. All Documentations, that I found were too old and the codes often not available. I need some proper hints, so

I've got a page where I put some horizontal slideshows, and have added panning and swipe to them. Sadly, when scrolling on mobile devices, if you scroll above the slideshows, hammer will recognize

I want automated mail for my test report generated using pytest. Can any one help? Report is generated locally in html format. i wanted to mail this report to me on my office email id. Can anyone

enter image description here I want to access my aunt's wifi for the first time but it appears that it is not found on the system. What should I do? Sorry I am not good in computer.

From Tinder is possible to see others users Instagram Photos. Since 10 days ago it's not possible anymore for me, this: it don't allow to proceed with instagram photos link, thus is not possible to

I have a MySQL table with around 3 million rows (listings) at the moment. These listings are updated 24/7 (around 30 listings/sec) by a python script (Scrapy) using pymsql - so the performance of the

I'm trying to use induction here to show this, I'm stuck in the inductive step. Let $s$ be the source vertex of $T$ ,and we apply BFS from $s$. Base(1 vertex):this case is trivial when we only have $

My tables are TRANSACTION TABLE transaction_id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, customer_id INT, inventory_id INT, kiosk_id INT, rental_out DATETIME,

I'm recreating my Node.js project using RoR just for study and stucked at very beginning. The app is a SPA so all I need is REST api. Is there some way not to use render in every route like this?

hello everyone sorry for bad grammar. my English is bad. i am making a site for renting exhibition stand and I'm using image marker to user click on stands in image to select stand number. i use this

I'm using Aforge to display camera output to PictureBox. How to know camera frame size in pixels in order to set PictureBox.Size property?

Here is my Project Basic structure : I have 3 Activities as follows 1) MainActivity 2)CalculateActivity 3)SharedActivity I just trying to add Shared View Animation between My CalculateActivity to

I'm streaming 1 string of data to Unity using TCP Client/Server communication. The code works, I'm receiving the 1 string, however after a few seconds I somehow receive two strings added together and

how to get String url for webview with txtfile in host or json in android studio This Code for txtfile and has a problem : public class readtextfile extends AsyncTask<String, String, String> {

My goal is creating pages from local plugin. I wrote a custom plugin named my-custom-plugin. I've also installed gatsby-plugin-page-creator plugin to automatically create pages from my components

everybody! Literally a month ago, he published his application in the play market, but after a few weeks ad units stopped working. What could be the problem if splash appeared with interstitial

I get error 'Undefined index '. I'm sending request with parameters by XMLHttpRequest in POST mode. I don't know how to read sent parameters by target php script. I have such code: function

So i'm trying to make a Server-Client chat using Socket programming with the ability to send files from client to server.However , when the server reads the file's data it's always empty. Here is the

I have a problem in vapor 2 where it randomly sets 0000-00-00 00:00:00 at a created_at or updated_at of a random Model . And when I want to collect data from database I get this error [Node Error:

I have created a HelloWorld.java file in Git Bash by $vi HelloWorld.java Then inserted the following: class Hello { public static void main (String[] arguments) {

I created a project called Energy2 in Azure DevOps. Then I deleted it by going to Organization Settings, selecting Projects tab which is selected by default, the using menu of Energy2 and choosing

i have ubuntu 16 and hyperledger fabric 1.4. I am have problems with the order when starting a command on the peer. Error reading from rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context

How can I add html text at bottom of word document with c#. I have already added html text to word document but it always append to top of document. private static void WordApp_DocumentOpenEvent(

I have added a unit test case in python with setup, test and teardown part, Am not able to execute the test when am running using the unit test. When am not using the unittest methods and try to