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Is it possible to enable an If statement based on the user input? I have a drop list with 3 values (1,2,3). If the chosen value is 1 or 3 i want to enable another if statement. If the chosen value is


I am working on a program that needs to read a specified part of screen in loop and once a certain value appears perform an action. I wanted to go about this by continually making a "screenshot" of


Hello i am trying to transparent black color in camera this is my camera i want to transparent black color from top as well as bottom how to transparent this is my camera i want to show only button


I have created an area chart with dual y-axis. I have 4 series overall. Two series are shown on the area chart basis, while the other 2 series are shown as a line. Now my problem is, that I want to

Java-可能反映JDK私有方法(CythSoaland Simple)方法

I'm currently modifying my GUI with SynthLookAndFeel, and I need to repaint the table Grid when I paint my table, but this method is private in JDK and cannot be invoked when the "paintGrid" method is


This is my first time working with C++ and properly getting into coding. I'm following the C++ tutorials on learncpp.com and I'm using Visual Studio 2017 In the tutorial they start off with some


I am looking for a tutorial to create a data dasboard on angular 2/6. I start on angular and I would like a tutorial that guides me step by step for the creation of a dashboard I want to do that with


I'm stuck with this for a few days about PHPExcel. Why when it comes to 1000 the value convert to text automatically? But It's normal if in the cell contain the number 0-999. I have my code and the

如何正确激活MAMP 5的MODY重写?

I sut upgraded MAMP 4 to MAMP 5 but I can't install October CMS due to a missing mod_rewrite extension. Would you know how to activate mod_rewrite on MAMP 5 ? Thanks enter image description here

I've tried so much and feels i'm stuck and not getting anywhere Apache is giving an error which is ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'wearpretty.settings' I'm using python 3.6, Django2.1,


I am using the following to change the colour of navigation bar <style name="AppTheme" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar"> <!-- Customize your theme here. --> <item


i have a little problem with radio check boxes and havn't found any solution in this forum yet. It should only 1 radio checkbox be activated. If i click on the 2nd radio button, the first is still


I'm looking AI Test Automation Tool for an Embedded linux application. Is anyone using any AI Test Automation tool for your application? Kindly suggest.


I am having a users table: CREATE TABLE `users` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(191) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE KEY `

在创建一个JILA插件时,我的JavaScript代码不加载点击ATLASIAN SDK中的WebLink。

After clicking on a web item a javascript cal should happen and it should display the alert message but the script file itself is not loading. Below is the code where i added the script files in


I want to pass more than one variable via url. I do not want to show those values to the user.Therefore while passing the variable via url I encode the by base64 and in another file I decode it and I


I have an application (Loadrunner) that is receiving the error 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials This application is running in service session 0. Main question: Can


I have an Anugular 6 app which uses Universal. Universal/server side rendering works locally. I am wondering how to deploy this app to azure. Considering that it has two dist folders (dist, dist-


When I launch Memu emulator I can see that it is detected by adb devices: adb devices List of devices attached device Let's say I want to have this emulator set on 21520 port. I


I am new to python and I am creating a pizza ordering system with pyqt4 which gives the customers an ID number that starts from 1 to whatever customer they had for the day, but I want the numbers to

使用逻辑应用程序,在Azure SQL表中插入或更新数据时,触发电子邮件的最佳方式是什么?

The new entry is created in the SQL azure table for any new request from the user. Then another user can modify that entry either by approving or rejecting the request. Each time data is inserted or


I would like to change Excel Query options with VBA. Particularly I would like to change Regional Settings (see screenshot) Does anyone know how can I do it with VBA?


I'm using bootstrap and the content coming in is an xml feed which changes so I may have an odd number or an even number of cols. I'm using col-sm-6 and I'm trying to close the row off for both an odd


I need to capture multiple pictures with exactly the same camera parameters (exposure, shutter speed and so on). I want to set camera into Auto mode, obtain the parameters calculated by the camera,


Use the (cin) user input to paste it in std::system and run a command with the input in another terminal int main(); { string ip; cout << "IP to scan: "; cin >> ip; std::system(" nmap

HTML5地理定位不在Android Web应用程序上工作

I have a website that gets user's location with html5 to look for something next to his position. When I try to use it on my computer or with my phone's browser it works just fine but when I try to

Java 8流收集:使用自定义分组函数,然后收集和然后

Considering the following valid code : Map<CarType, Car> map3 = CarCollection.getList().stream() .collect(groupingBy(Car::getCarType, collectingAndThen(


While we are working in different branches in git repo is it possible to accidentally push your changes from a branch say demo to master. I do know in order to bring the changes to master branch we


How can I repeat a related data in my database when a new entry is added? I usually have a column with unique values that's usually more than a single item however, I do not know how to make other


I'm trying to embed a visNetwork object returned from a function, into an html div but so far I have no success. Let's say that there is an R function that returns a visNetwork object. In its


I have a structure like this: flask_api api __init__.py tests test_base.py manage.py In init.py: def create_app(): connexion_app = connexion.App(__name__,


Span is working fine with static data but i need it dynamically. can anyone help <Span Text="{Binding Text}" ForegroundColor="Fuchsia"/> // I tried this peace of code but not working


I have an XML with this structure: <table> <header> <c0 type="string">name</c0> <c1 type="ip_address">last_ip_address</c1> </


I'm trying to build a Radiobutton-Group in ReactJS just like this: I'm also using the Bootstrap custom radiobutton. First of all I made this component: import React from "react"; import ReactDOM


Is there any way how to detect if user is on mobile device or tablet device without external libs using javascript? And how? I am using React (not react-native).


I'm working on USB CDC Serial for sending and receiving data by SAMA5D36 Development board. I need to add my own header files to the code.I tried it is not picking the functions. How to add my own

I have a database with two different paths to a certain entity, one path with DeleteBehavior.Cascade and the other with DeleteBehavior.Restrict to avoid a multiple cascade paths error on database


a friend told me that VS Code is good for coding Python. So I am trying it. One advantage should be the debugging features i.e. adding certain breakpoints in a script (mark text, Shift+F9). But my


Using Spark Streaming i am reading messages from Rabbit MQ. I am using Scala as programming language. ** RabbitMQUtils.createStreamString ** is the statement i am using to create DSstream from


I have a div with 100% width and some padding. The div is larger than it's wrapper. Obviously I don't want that to happen. I can not work with pixels on the width as the width is dynamic. I've tried


I want to stop the browser bounce behavior in chrome browser vertical scrolling. But scrolling in x-direction of my page. So I applied this css to my body body{ overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden;

Python烧瓶的jQuery Ajax CORS问题

I'm using Python Flask which is running on port 5002 and my application is on Apache. When I make a AJAX call I'm getting an CORS issue. I'm able to fix that issue using flask_cors package. But I need


I am facing a problem where The data that i am fetching from database that was inserted via CKEditor is displaying HTML tags instead of the actual texts Example In CKEditor i typed "HELLO WORLD" The


I want to generate files which have a sequential numbers in their file names with numbers having same width (appended with zeros) like file names should be generated like below : File_001.txt File_002.


In my MacOS app (Swift) I'm receiving an RTSP stream, which I want to record to a local file. I found a few examples using the .startStreaming() and .stopStreaming() functions from the

JavaScript S.G.JS.FILE()不

I'm using honeycomb-grid library (which uses svg.js) to bulid a hexagon grid with some hover effects for a project. When mouse hovers over a lower element, the element should change its color to white


I have one scenario for which I need help. I included database with app in Asset folder and then used SQLiteAssetHelper, which works fine. Now the thing I want is that, I dont want to include the


I want to sort a list of elements with dependencies, and so I want to allow only certain positions of an element in the list. for example: x <--| - A | I want to disallow C to be before A - B |


I'm in trouble about node.js's async. This is my full code. const fs = require('fs'); const request = require('request'); var schedule = require('node-schedule'); var getBTCData = function(callback)


The following memory layout info is printed by linux kernel at boot time, on my SoC platform (with 4-core Cortex-A53 processor and 2.75GiB DRAM), but I don't exactly understand the content of the