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We have a generic solution for a business requirement for our customers. Somehow we ended up putting 4 different customer implementations (differs only by %20) into one microservice to reduce the code

I keep getting that error when I try to use stats.linregress with datasets genreated with make_regression function. Here is my code: x, y = datasets.make_regression(n_samples=100, n_features=1) slope,

I'm having trouble generating tables from entities. I'm using Eclipse Photon on Mac OSX, I have successfully enstablished a connection with my local PostgreSQL database and successfully tested the

I have a form in ms access with many combo boxes. I want to see the dropdown options when the cb has the focus. I can do this individually using me.cboboxname.dropdown. instead of doing this

$user1 = user::where(['other_id', "LIKE", '%'.$uid.'%'])->get(); dd($user1); // [] $user2 = DB::table('user')->where(['other_id', "LIKE", '%'.$uid.'%'])->get(); dd($user2); // [uid ,

When users are added (via their email address as string/userID) as users in Google Analytics their ""userRef.id" string (21 digits) are provided using the Google Analytics management API. Question:

I've been combing through previous questions and trying many solutions but cannot figure this out. I'm trying to convert this query to a Prepared Statement: $query = mysqli_query($this->con, "

It's better to express this behavior in the code: List<Integer> list= new ArrayList<>(); Stream.of(1,2,3).forEach(i -> list.add(1)); // COMPILES Stream.of(1,2,3).forEach(i -> true)

I'm attempting to loop through calculating stats for the rgamma distribution at 4 different size n's and store the results in a matrix. It should be 4x4 (the 4 different sizes and the 4 stats for each)

I have three tables: Table1(PKFK1, A, B), Table2(Id2, B) and Table3(Id2, PKFK1) I did a join between Table2 and Table3, like select t2.Id2, t3.PKFK1 from Table2 t2, table3 t3 where t2.Id2=t3.

I am trying to implement Azure B2C into my Angular 6 App: authentication-interceptor.ts: @Injectable() export class AuthenticationInterceptor implements HttpInterceptor { constructor(private

I need to get user entered markup (tables) and if it does not contain a div with a certain class, I need to add the div & class. <div class="parent"> <div class="table"></div>

when I used date = pd.date_range(****). data_df is a Dataframe and data_df.columns = date then get this enter image description here but I want to hidden "00:00:00", and keep the type of

while I was creating a basic for-loop in Python within a function in order to work with a dynamic variable length (z) I've just come across the following error: Rs = [] z = [] N = 120 m = 1 for i in

I´m trying to build a new validaiton algorithm to evaluate the performance of classifiers. But since a week I have hit a wall that I cant climb by my own. Everytime i try to evaluate on 2 labeled data

Can you insert an autoincrement value into several columns at once? Example table `zoo`: id (int autoincrement primary_key); parent (int); data (varchar,10). INSERT INTO zoo (id, parent, data)

I have a class where I use a property like Exists that returns true when the field _value is not null. This field is later used to create a StreamReader from it. When I use it ReSharper is warning me

1) I am currently trying to use SF actor service. I would like to know how multiple sub actors can be spawned from a parent actor and how parent actor can get results from all the sub actors ? Can you

I am trying to access username of the person who liked or commented on posts of my page using Facebook graph API. But I could get only the message content of comment. The API version I am using is 3.2.

I've some problem. I would like to display the created user from my txt file. For example, to have a message - " now the user "John Debt" is being created. I don't know how to do it, I already have a

how can i paste this two character list and matrix together library(XML) library(stringr) library(rlist ) theURL="http://www.loc.gov/rr/print/list/057_chron.html" presidents=readHTMLTable(theURL,

how we can find top 3 student from using SQL server .

I'm trying to create a nodejs function from a zip file and through the REST API using the following curl: curl --request PUT --url 'https://my:credentials@openwhisk.eu-gb.bluemix.net/api/v1/

I have a directive in angular 6, through which I am getting the nativeElement of the control. I want to add the ngx-popover in my directive to that element. How I can do that, please suggest.

I am trying to define a name to a specific cell in Excel using openpyxl. So instead of a cell being called 'A1', for instance, it would be 'myNamedCell'. I have been looking for a while trying to find

I've a form that should show a textarea when usr uploads a file. I need to show a textarea field if user uploads an imagen, in an image field. However, actually my code does not do that, even

I try explain my question more clearly. Sample data myd= structure(list(product_id = c(11514L, 11514L, 11514L, 11514L, 11514L, 11514L, 11514L, 11514L, 11514L, 11514L), shop_code = structure(c(1L,

Im trying to detect outliers . Im using python and i tried the method of Zscore and i wrote this line np.abs(stats.zscore(Newbase)). my data is cleaned before and there is no null values before.

I am making Grails application in which I need to download file from Google Storage and move it to specified folder. CODE: File downloadedFile = new File("Google storage URL goes here.") String

I'm having a problem with one the buttons. It doens't work properly. When I click "Add Run" button and then "Home" button almost nothing work. The form that is dynamically created doesn't hide and

im getting this error when i try to build my app :CordovaLib:processDebugJavaRes NO-SOURCE :CordovaLib:transformClassesAndResourcesWithPrepareIntermediateJarsForDebug UP-TO-DATE :

I have a project that's using several custom frameworks. These custom frameworks have some pods as dependencies like Alamofire, SwiftKeychainWrapper, etc., so I have these installed in my main project.

Sub test() link = "http://w2tsl72/FAB-2_PROD/DmrListResults.asp?area=FAB&location=EPI&status=OP&Lot=ALL&waitTitle=ENG&waitBadge=18352&OpenFrom=ALL&OpenTo=ALL&CloseFrom=

I am trying to get a maximum value from a count selecting 2 label srcip and max, but everytime I include srcip I have to use group by srcip at the end and gives me result as the max wasnt even there.

I update my angular and my angular project version to angular 7. But When I try to run I have this problem: Package "@angular/compiler-cli" has an incompatible peer dependency to "typescript" (

Sometimes learning Delphi is really frustrating. I have the following declarations in a unit; TPipes = record InputRead : THandle; InputWrite : THandle; OutputRead : THandle;

I have 2 tables in mySQL DB: A & B. a, b, c columns. Table A: a(1) = 1 a(2) = 2 a(3) = 3 Table B: a(1) = 1 a(2) = 2 So, we could see that in B table there is no row with a = 3.

I seem to be having issue with calling static C# methods. I currently have 2 DLLs that I inject into an ancient legacy app and then execute a static method as seen in the code below: Module.cs

I'm trying to create a data mining model using Oracle SQL developer. However, it is not working. I've checked the Oracle docs before posting here but I couldn't resolve this. I'm trying the code

I'm trying to initialize a bidimensional array with this function void initialize(int n,int m, float **v){ v = malloc(n * sizeof(float *));//problem here int i,j; for (i=0; i<m; i++) { v[

So the javascript canvas has been zoomed in at a point, like this: scale = 1.5 scalepointx = 50 scalepointy = 120 ctx.save() ctx.translate(scalepointx,scalepointy) ctx.scale(scale,scale) ctx.

I have a String date and I want to add 00 time to it and make a request in to the API in milisseconds How can I achive this? I get NaN var startDateTime = "15.12.2018 00:00:00";

I'm trying to query for specific issues and pull requests on github, using the GraphQL API. The issue is that other than the "search" term over all repositories, I don't see a way to have logical AND

Can I filter files in a GitHub repository by file content? For example, there is the public repo: https://github.com/xamarin/mobile-samples. I know that I can find file by name using this option:

private void resolveGetterConflicts(Map<String, List<Method>> conflictingGetters) { for (Entry<String, List<Method>> entry : conflictingGetters.entrySet()) { Method winner =

This is my index.html - as you can it has lots of external css and js files. I wonder if there is any way to fix this. See the index.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" ng-app="myapp" ng-

I have some doubts about what I'm trying to do; I have several virtual machines and I want them to be accessible from outside my LAN, I can do something with my fixed IP that my provider assigns me

I am running a code in cooja simulator on contiki. I want to broadcast a structure named ReqMsg. the structure.h file has been defined as below : typedef struct { int id ; int t1 ;

I was just using the terminal, when I realised that my Mac mini's system name is set to DANIELs-iPad, although I have never used said iPad, let alone signed in to anything on it That's the only

I have custom query $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1; $q = new WP_Query( array( 'post_type' => 'product','posts_per_page'=> 12,'paged' => $paged) ); and I