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I called Hosting API referencing Deploy to your site using the Hosting REST API but I got the following response: { "error": { "code": 403, "message": "The caller does not have permission",

I have updated the app with the latest Firebase perf SDK. App Level buid.gradle buildscript { dependencies { classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.2.1' classpath 'com.google.

Account_data csv looks like this Accounts Sales_date Acct_1 20180901 Acct_1 20180902 Acct_1 20180903 Acct_2 20180902 Acct_2 20180903 Acct_3 20180904 Acct_3

I try to deploy cloudera on centos https://github.com/Azure/azure-quickstart-templates/tree/master/cloudera-on-centos I get the following error. { "code": "InvalidTemplate", "message": "The nested

I need to out.print an information (ONCE) when the speed goes beyond 343. The input of the program is mass and height. For example if I input mass : 80 and height (h0) : 39000. I would like to have

I want to compile an objective-c project which uses protobuf. According to some tutorials, I should install protobuf. $ brew install protobuf ==> Installing dependencies for protobuf: python@2 ==&

Im trying to install some plugins of a purchased wordpress theme I did it successfully on my local host after increasing limit size and file size in .htaccess with the following code php_value

In my mini app in C# I have a button that I want to enable and disable it by right click on it. i.e. when button is enabled by right click it turn to disable and when it is disable, right click on it

This code is written with dev-c++, I want to debug it in visual studio. What should I change in code ? The file name is .cpp. Is this about libraries? Or shoukd I change the code ? #include <

I am new to Mailchimp api. I have this csv file which has list of subscribers, that needs to be bulk exported to mailchimp. I initially thought of iterating each as json object in for loop and make

I want to inherit function add_product of models.Order. Here is the original function /point_of_sale/static/src/js/models.js add_product: function(product, options){ if(this._printed){

What is the most convenient way to capture a video streamed in the browser with a frame rate around 15? I would like to avoid to capture the raw screen because I should play with x,y, width, height. I

I am learning R, and I am trying to understand the indexing properties. I cannot seem to understand why the following code to change a column name does not work: state.all <- as.data.frame(state.

I am using sqlite in one of my application. I need to use rank() over partition by. I am using System.Data.SQLite provider. Does it support rank and other window functions? I am getting error while

in c# i want to add variable from trackbar.value to hex stream: UdpClient udpClient = new UdpClient("", 52381);= Byte[] sendBytes = new byte[] { 0x01,

Upon changing the auth status i want to retireve data thats why created a function check() but it is not working. firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged(function(user) { if (user) { // User is

I'm writing a Spark application in Scala using Spark Structured Streaming that receive some data formatted in JSON style from Kafka. This application could receive both a single or multiple JSON

I am working on a Swing Application in which I need to uncheck or check the JCheckBox in a JFrame from another JFrame. I have tried multiple ways but was unable to do. Is that possible? My

I want to sum my Excel data dependent on what the class of my data is. Basically, is there a quick way using some formulae that I can sum the total costs for each of my classes? Here is some of my

First off, as I'm not asking to debug specific code (the code is working) and as the code is quite entangled, I'm not going to provide it. Rather, I'm asking this question hoping someone has a good

I saw several guides and finally I can make it work but I really don't know why. Here is the working setting: version: '3' networks: proxy: external: true internal: services: traefik:

I'm converting listview to recyclerview in my app, converted most of the code to recylerview but facing this issue in FavoritesFragmet.java. cannot resolve setOnItemClickListener cannot resolve

I try to implement mutex using multiple condition variables inside, locked flag, global mutex for flag, and global mutexes for condition variables initialization (before initialization they are set to

Premise A project that I am working on recently started porting our Javascript project to Typescript. The ability to have types is a real blessing and it works awesomely with VScode's syntax/error

I have a similar issue as below with exposing kubernetes services via type: LoadBalancer on my local minikube cluster. LoadBalancer support I saw that there is a workaround for this and it can be

I have TFS on premises version 16.122.27102.1 I saw it's TFS 2018 RTW. 1. What does RTW mean ? 2. Will update this to TFS 2018 update 3 cost money ?

this is the problem, how can I solve it? enter image description here

I am starting making a game where the player is allowed to move around inside a set grid. The first thing I am doing is setting up the grid. I wanted to do this from a txt file. It compiles without

I have a problem with jQuery. I want to add the 'fixed-top' class (Bootstrap 4) when scrolling the page, but this is not the case. jQuery(document).ready(function($){ var scroll = $(window).

I am converting text WebView content to PDF. Using below code. PdfDocument.Page page = document.StartPage(new PdfDocument.PageInfo.Builder(webpage.Width, webpage.Height, 1).Create()); webpage.Draw(

I am new to API testing and RestAssured. I have been trying to access the API (protected by basic authentication) http://restapi.demoqa.com/authentication/CheckForAuthentication through RestAssured

I have a problem and I could not find any answer that can help me. I have Worksheet that I need to deliver protected to users. BUT - I need to leave the specific ranges to change values there. How can

I wonder if EMF has a possibility to concatenate two enumerations into one? I am building model representing card game, and I have two enumerations of Ranks and Suits in class Card. I would like to

I need help or ideas to solve the below business challenge. Sample questions has been provided. A snapshot of the sample data has been attached below: Business Case: The regional marketing manager

I am trying to create a login page for my website with PHP and can't seem to get the login validation to work correctly. I am attempting to validate a username and password that exists in the database

I want to find a node of type T that is located somewhere in a non-binary tree in Java. Can it be done both recursively and non recursively? I thought of applying the rules of binary tree search but

Why the following code: private static IEnumerable<int> TestYield(bool check) { if (check) { return 1; } else { Console.WriteLine("In the else"); } }

In mongodb aggregation if two high level operator are used then which one would be first prior?

public class FlutterRunArguments { public String bundlePath; public String entrypoint; public String libraryPath; public String defaultPath; } There are four fields in FlutterRunArguments.

Obligatory "I'm new at this". I'm having an issue where a cookie doesn't seem to be persisting after captive portal login. I have a captive portal set up where it lands on our web server, stores mac

I am using the following code to reduce spacing before and after figures and equations in order to save space \expandafter\def\expandafter\normalsize\expandafter{\normalsize \setlength\

I have a question on SQL but I couldn't get the correct result. The question is in below: Please use MySQL(5.6 or later) or MariaDB(10.2 or later) There is a contest start from Jan 01, 2018 and end

want to normalize an array and need help. Array i have: $myArr = array( array( array( array("id" => 1) ) ), array("id" => 2), array("id" => 3), array( array(

I have a div in which there is a octagon with img at its center and p tag just below it.I have created it and its working fine as well in responsive but now what I want is that the octagon div and the

I am using jQuery's $.ajax() method to send a POST request to an end-point on my ASP.NET Web API. However, the browser/jquery xhr object sends an OPTIONS request instead of a POST request, to which

I just want clarity of $this behaviour in PHP. From below program I want to know how can refer $this in class B to class A members, also on same time how can I use $this to refer the class B scope.

I want to search for Freelancer projects via their API with multiple query words. I want the projects to match any one of the words in the query and not all of them. Reading through Freelancer's API

In first, sorry for my bad english. I following a tutoring, and the function softmax crash when i use it. newSignals = [0.5, 0., 0., -0.7911, 0.7911] newState = torch.Tensor(newSignals).float().

I would like to add a number of days to a date with custom holidays, where I can define the holidays list in a separate sheet in excel. I tried it with workday, edate and some other function. But none

I'm trying to visualize an image of massachusetts roads dataset with its related mask I got this situation only the image with no mask visualization image with completely black mask the input image