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Span is working fine with static data but i need it dynamically. can anyone help <Span Text="{Binding Text}" ForegroundColor="Fuchsia"/> // I tried this peace of code but not working


I have an XML with this structure: <table> <header> <c0 type="string">name</c0> <c1 type="ip_address">last_ip_address</c1> </


I'm trying to build a Radiobutton-Group in ReactJS just like this: I'm also using the Bootstrap custom radiobutton. First of all I made this component: import React from "react"; import ReactDOM


Is there any way how to detect if user is on mobile device or tablet device without external libs using javascript? And how? I am using React (not react-native).


I'm working on USB CDC Serial for sending and receiving data by SAMA5D36 Development board. I need to add my own header files to the code.I tried it is not picking the functions. How to add my own

I have a database with two different paths to a certain entity, one path with DeleteBehavior.Cascade and the other with DeleteBehavior.Restrict to avoid a multiple cascade paths error on database


a friend told me that VS Code is good for coding Python. So I am trying it. One advantage should be the debugging features i.e. adding certain breakpoints in a script (mark text, Shift+F9). But my


Using Spark Streaming i am reading messages from Rabbit MQ. I am using Scala as programming language. ** RabbitMQUtils.createStreamString ** is the statement i am using to create DSstream from


I have a div with 100% width and some padding. The div is larger than it's wrapper. Obviously I don't want that to happen. I can not work with pixels on the width as the width is dynamic. I've tried


I want to stop the browser bounce behavior in chrome browser vertical scrolling. But scrolling in x-direction of my page. So I applied this css to my body body{ overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden;

Python烧瓶的jQuery Ajax CORS问题

I'm using Python Flask which is running on port 5002 and my application is on Apache. When I make a AJAX call I'm getting an CORS issue. I'm able to fix that issue using flask_cors package. But I need


I am facing a problem where The data that i am fetching from database that was inserted via CKEditor is displaying HTML tags instead of the actual texts Example In CKEditor i typed "HELLO WORLD" The


I want to generate files which have a sequential numbers in their file names with numbers having same width (appended with zeros) like file names should be generated like below : File_001.txt File_002.


In my MacOS app (Swift) I'm receiving an RTSP stream, which I want to record to a local file. I found a few examples using the .startStreaming() and .stopStreaming() functions from the

JavaScript S.G.JS.FILE()不

I'm using honeycomb-grid library (which uses svg.js) to bulid a hexagon grid with some hover effects for a project. When mouse hovers over a lower element, the element should change its color to white


I have one scenario for which I need help. I included database with app in Asset folder and then used SQLiteAssetHelper, which works fine. Now the thing I want is that, I dont want to include the


I want to sort a list of elements with dependencies, and so I want to allow only certain positions of an element in the list. for example: x <--| - A | I want to disallow C to be before A - B |


I'm in trouble about node.js's async. This is my full code. const fs = require('fs'); const request = require('request'); var schedule = require('node-schedule'); var getBTCData = function(callback)


The following memory layout info is printed by linux kernel at boot time, on my SoC platform (with 4-core Cortex-A53 processor and 2.75GiB DRAM), but I don't exactly understand the content of the


Sorry for the vague title. I am not sure how to express this. So i want to draw a line from the bottom left (or right) corner of the div to a certain point in an image. What is the best responsive way


we use jmap -histo pid on my linux runtime can find these on interval time: 5752: 1 24 Script_1534757298461_6311 5753: 1 24


I need call yestarday date with only close value in method Save_Classifier. I tried by GetElementByDate{0} but something I do wrong. Than compare with date from today with close value in "If"


I have created an app using react + node + webpack. I want to deploy it. But I am not sure what is the procedure of doing it. I know that when we use create-react-app when we run npm run build it


I'm trying to play the previously mentioned file formats on android using iceplayer. I'm already using that player to play mp3 audio streams, and it works fine. For some reason it's not working with


We have a RabbitMQ server running under Docker. We both publish and receive messages from code in both Ruby and Python, all of which is almost exactly straight from the online tutorial examples. After


I am Writing a web application using Django, where users can upload images to aws s3. i am newbie to testing. when i googled, i found that when writing tests, we should avoid using external resources


I have custom search form in php. when I search any product then product list shows. I can select any product from searched product using checkbox. I have a button to add product in variable. Then


i am using parse.com when i login as facebook it showing Facebook auth is invalid for this user. eror code 101 AppClass public void onCreate() { super.onCreate(); Parse.initialize(


We are trying to load programmatically footer/header from ooxml text. The problem arises when we have images in footer/header. We are using item.getFooter("primary").insertOoxml(ooxml, "replace");


Table Size: 500GB 2Days Ago (Approx) Index Size: Clustered Index Not Avbailable Non clustered 180GB in size 2 Days Ago before starting of the delete process Row Count: 9 Billion Rows 2 Days Ago (


I would like to unzip and decrypt a zip-encrypted file using Camel. The encryption has been done as part of the zipping process, with a simple password, so this is a one-step process, not x.zip.pgp


I have QLineEdit as search input. When value of search input changed it call slot: void myWidget::slotApplyItemsFilter(const QString &searchString) { viewArea.applyItemsFilter(searchString.


We've been having this issue in prod for the past few weeks. Every few days, the number of connections to our compose.io Mongo db spikes to nearly 5000, which is the connection limit. There doesn't


I am able to create a bot on Azure via a bash/cli script. This script require Microsoft App ID and Password which i have been getting manually from https://apps.dev.microsoft.com Is there a way to


I am trying to create ECS cluster and I have manually built VPC with 3 public and 3 private subnets. All 3 public subnets have IGW attached to them with and all 3 private subnets have NAT


[i run the servlet program in webserver(tomcat8) without any IDE,i got " The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists"].

使用Curt Manager、NGNX入口和允许加密来为KubNeNETs服务配置TLS/SSL

I apologize in advance for my english. So, I need to configure a secure connection to my services in Ingress. DNS name (sh220.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.com) registered on virtual machine Azure.


how to add array to be like this in php? before: 'a' => 3, 'b' => 9 after: 'a' => 3, 'b' => 9, 'c' => 7, 'd' => 1 and shorting it with ascending 'd' => 1, 'a' => 3, 'c' => 7, 'b' => 9

PHP Azure DB连接错误(HY000/9002)

I have an issue connecting to an Azure Database in PHP and i can't seem to figure out why. I am running Apache on XAMPP and trying to execute following code. $servername = "((Database Server


Everything is fine with the code or with MySQL workbench. Credentials are right to connect to an AWS EC2 instance, but it shows this error to my pc and not in other pcs. _mysql_exceptions.


This was my first time fetching data from php to android studio. I was bit confused why does my catch exception has an error. public class Conn_checkEmail extends AsyncTask<String,Void,String> {


I am using eval to execute my function which is already present in another module and the function name I am receiving on the fly in JSON file from Kafka using spark streaming but it is throwing an


I have a problem trying to align two different pandas dataframes. Actually the time alignment works using: df_aligned = df1.join(df2, how='left').resemple('2S') However the two columns in df1 and


I have a VM Scale set (which is used for Service Fabric) and I am applying some rules on CPU average and I cannot achieve to do the auto scale up. I even tried to put a CPU of 1% average and still not


I want to append some data to a list according to condition: arr = ['abc', ('def' if condition else NOP)] here, if condition is false, what should I do with NOP when I want arr to be only contains


I have Table Like which contain id,Name,Uid Like This: -------------- Id Name Uid | 1 Ram 0 | 2 Sham 1 | 3 Cam 1 | 4 Dam 2 | 5 Eam 3 | 6 Fam 4 | 7


I'm using web forms and have same text in two different blocks. HTML: <div class="div1"> <p>My text</p> </div> <div class="div2"> <p>My text</p> </

Django CBV:在同一类中创建函数

I'm working on a new project based on Django Class Based View and I would like to get advices in order to factorize an important post function. I'm pretty new with this concept. My post function

SAS PROC SQL -如何计算日期差

I'm using SAS with SQL procedures. I need to compute a field as a date difference from today, ex the number of days from the birth date. PROC SQL; CREATE TABLE myTable AS SELECT BIRTH_DATE, <some


When i start my python3 script with subproccess from an other script i get the following error: Select the keyword preset you want to use:Traceback (most recent call last): File "generate.py", line