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This works SELECT LEFT(DATENAME(Day,GETDATE()),3) + '-' + LEFT(DATENAME(MONTH,GETDATE()),3) + ' ' + '-' + RIGHT('00' + CAST(YEAR(GETDATE()) AS VARCHAR),2) This also works SELECT convert(time(0),

With Python's Fabric I want to transfer files to and from a remote server. The list of files to trasnfer I wnat to genrate from a glob expression (like * or *.txt) (and then apply some addional

I have a simple Ruby (Sinatra) server that starts up without issue from the command line with ruby app.rb. But when I execute the same command via my command line app, either with `ruby app.rb` or

OperationalError at / no such table: core_document Request Method: GET Request URL: Django Version: 2.1.4 Exception Type: OperationalError Exception Value: no

I am trying to load a json file into a jar file externally. This is a small spring boot application. This json file keeps on changing, so instead of bundling this inside the jar, I want to keep it

I have a React app and in an onClick handler a window opens. I then add text and styles to this window through the method below: var myWindow = window.open("", "MsgWindow", "width=200,height=100");

I wrote the below python script in sublime text3 on executing it ( ctrl + B ) it is not giving any result. Step 1: Code: class Avengers(object): def __init__(self): print('hello') avenger1

I'm writing a hosted service in .Net-Core which runs a job in the background based off of a timer. Currently I have to code running synchronously like so: public override Task StartAsync(

I am installing Sitespeed.io on Centos, but while the installation is successful but i am getting node module version issue. [root@XXXXXXXXX bin]# ./sitespeed.js https://www.google.com sleep: using

I am trying to load a table into Big Query from a CSV file but it is failing with CSV table encountered too many errors, giving up. Row: 1 errors: 1 JobId nnnnn When I click on the job status

I am new to image processing and my problem is to read the textual image of invoices and converting it to editable format by keeping the original format of the document. I am using this code for

I've a custom camera using Camera2 which have feature taking a picture for OCR. The problem is on orientation the Camera Preview, I need to lock it to sensor landscape (Landscape & Reverse

I am currently working on an .abf file, consisting of Time and Current Arrays. I have this code to find out where an event happens in the file, I name them startpoints_time and endpoints_time. Then I

This idea comes from the idea of an arcade cabinet. Let's say you have 2 layers in a project. Layer 1 with z-index of -1 has a background of blue. I want the upper most div to be black with the inner

I have developed an android app in react-native and expo. I have also published the app on google play. Now, I have made some modifications on my SQLite DB tables locally. Suppose, before the schema

This is my table look like Table A----------------- ID . Color . IDDOCT 1 . Red . 3 2 . Blue . 2,4 3 . Cyan . 4 ------------------------ Table B----------------- ID . NAME 1 . HAARIS 2 .

import random class cards(): def __init__(self,val,suit): self.val = val self.suit = suit def __repr__(self): return str(self) deck = [] card_val = ['A','2','3','4','

I am building brand new Web APIs with .NET core 2.2. In my Startup.cs I have set ILoggerFactory in configure method. When I do such a thing and add following code loggerFactory.AddConsole();

I have configured ATG SEO for URL recoding and canonical link generation. I am using below template format urlTemplateFormat=/product/phone/{item.displayName}/{item.id} indirectRegex=./product/phone/

Sorry for bad English. I use Exchange verson 2010 sp1. I get Message from public folder and i need get entryid from this message like Outlook interop: var service = ConnectToService(); var folder =

Hi I want to Add the text details on Node click like following is possible to do in 3d-graph I already try this, but this following steps are not working, if anything missing please mention. step1 .

EXTRACT statements in U-SQL Data Lake Analytics jobs are supposed to be able to only process files whose file paths that match a predicate on a virtual column, as seen in the answers to multiple SO

I want use VS2017 to write OpenMP,but i find some instruction can't use. if the version of OpenMP is 2.0,too low.So I install the intel C++ compiler 18.0,and OpenMP 4.5 C/C++ supported in version 17.0,

I am using the foreach package in R to process raster files. The R code below works fine locally (on Windows) when adapted to an 8-core processor, but runs out of memory in a HPC environment with 48

I've looked everywhere and can not find an example of someone accepting input from a keyboard using scenebuilder. I think you make the method in the controller class with @fxml, but I'm not sure what

I am having a simple problem with my Javascript program. The problem is when I try to map the lengths of nested arrays, the last array is being excluded. // the length doesnt matter, its N number of

I am using SQL Server 2014. I have written a stored procedure. I want to debug the stored procedure by logging a customized message. How could I do this?

In forum in Drupal 8 is posible for users ad new topic. But, is any way for create new forum (is taxonomy) on client side (custom template)?

I have an angular 4 application where I'm trying to insert a parameter if it exists. But I keep getting the message: ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'item' of null The object I'm working with

using c/c++ codes, years ago and now i port huge source codes into new project, i want to edit functions, vars in automatic actions, like comment all functions body, comment all global var in all

I'm trying to send ajax request to api. My code is $(".doit").click(function(){ console.log("GG"); $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: "localhost:8000/api/get-user/1", data: {

I need to inject a game object into my dependency chain, but I have the next constraints, no statics, no singletons, no Find(), and Only the GameManager inject all dependencies, therefore I'm stuck.

I cannot figure out why I am getting End of the Statements Expected Error? if __name__ == '__main__': s = input() for i in [str.isalnum, str.isalpha, str.isdigit, str.islower, str.isupper]:

I am using spring data mongdb 2.1.0. And have custom implementation of repository as given below: public class ProductItemRepositoryImpl implements ProductItemRepositoryCustom { ---- } Custom repo

I want to print an empty pyramid in python 3 and my teacher suggested me this code but i am confused about the list(array) and i want an alternative of this code. Is there any alternative method to

I am trying to create a Hotel Room relationship where in post call I am trying to pass rooms array . Hoping to save the room in controller .But i am getting java.sql.

I'm trying to create a shape that would appear behind text links on a website. I have searched online and via the forums here and it may be my ignorance but I can't seem to find any matching responses

I need to clone elements according to an input number. So if I select 1, I'll have one cloned element, if I select 2, I'll have two cloned elements. I've tried with $("elementtoclone").clone().

I am trying to find out what format status file in nagios is, it has a .dat extention but is not the standard .dat ( at least not the windows .dat ) Here is an example of the format contactstatus {

Lets say I have the following two objects object1: { CustomerId: 1, CustomerData: [1,2,3,4] } object2: { CustomerId: 2, CustomerData: [11,22,33,44] CustomerOrders: [5,6,7,8] } Now I

https://i.stack.imgur.com/OMSU0.png Kindly follow the link above to see the output of graph and code My data starts from 1995 but as the graph output shows there is a gap between origin point on x-

I have MFi device which uses BLE for control and Classic Bluetooth for audio streaming. In the App, i use coreBluetooth framework to scan BLE and EAAccessory framework to scan Classic Bluetooth. I

Can you please take a look at this demo and let me know why I am not able to loop into the all inputs and get their data type? $("button").on("click", function(){ $(this).closest('form: input'

I want to ask, so I have an input form where it includes the amount of income with an example format of 250,000,000 then I make a detailed view to see the results already inputted but in the input

I want select to another option ,it will console.log 2222 in Console,but when I choose to another,it don't console, so why? let mySelect = document.getElementById('mySelect'); mySelect.

I want to show selected start row and end row in print preview page using javascript.If I checked data in console.log is correct but it can`t show row datas in print preview .How can I do that ?

I have a list of sentences as below. sentences = ['data mining is the process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of machine learning statistics and

so I have a child component which i pass a User prop as follows: <user-profile-stage-five [User]="User" (goToStage)="changeSlide($event)" ></user-profile-stage-five> And

I'm trying to use Google's Speech beta library (google.cloud.speech.v1p1beta1.Speech) in Android project. The example project works. Fails to recognize line "import com.google.cloud.speech.v1p1beta1.

I want to remove the few words in a column and I have written below code which is working fine finaldata['keyword'] = finaldata['keyword'].str.replace("Washington Times", "") finaldata['keyword'] =