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AVAssetReader is fantastic, but I can only see how to use it with a local asset, a file, or I guess a composition, So, assetReader = try AVAssetReader(asset: self.asset) assetReader.addOutput(

I was wondering if you could help me. I've been trying to make a Radio application for a while now and things have been going well. However, any time Siri gets activated, the stream cuts out and

I'm writing a code that creates a random image. The way I do this is by taking a LOT of different random values and creating a file. The file will than be read and shown via OpenCV. See the example.

I have been searching for a way to link files that execute C++, Haskell and other languages on the server backend. I have configured my apache to be able to execute .cgi files and it is successful.

I found this piece of code while trying to find out a way to load a reddit page so that I can use ctrl + f to find a specific post. The problem is that it just keeps scrolling down and loading the

I have two tables in oracle 10g X and Y both are not partitioned. Y have a foreign key constraint in X. Can i partition Y without partitioning X. Here is the procedure i want to follow: Create

I have a generic list view from which I paginate using the querysets from two separate models : Message and safeTransaction. django terminal output gives this warning upon entry to my inbox view : /

I want to design an app to solve the below given problem. Problem: "Road accidental death is a cause of major concern on Highways. Black spot is a place where road traffic accidents have historically

I have data like that : Customer1 Customer2 Customer4 Customer5 Customer10000 Product1 1 0 0 1 0 Product2 0 0 1

I have createed a windows service. Which has 3 threads, two of them with FileSystemWatcher and third sends file to printer. My question is , Do I need to or How i can kill them in OnStop() function?

I know not many are going to see this post but I needed to ask this question not only for me but maybe for some other people two wondering. To get this question out quickly, can you run chASH, ASH,

I'm trying to get emails from my gmail using Java Class saved in Oracle Database. Currently I use Oracle 12.2. This is my Java source code: import java.io.IOException; import java.sql.SQLException;

I have a plot where I draw arrows from points to points. I would like to put this arrow heads not to the end of the line. Is there a simple way to do it other than placing arrows with half length of

I could not find any example for this in Unity. I have the following database: Would it be possible to JOIN the leaders and users in one query and retrieve like top 10 based on score? I want to do

I set up my .htaccess to always redirect to www. however now its sending me to www.example.com/Example.wsgi when I enter the url example.com. Site works fine if I prepend it with www. I figure the

i have json file that containd the metadata of 900 articles and i want to extract the Urls from it. my file start like this [ { "title": "The histologic phenotypes of …", "authors": [

My data inputted into a registration form is not being sent into my database. relevant code is below if anyone can see the problem. the first set of php is within the html file with the html form.

I write this function and I want when I call the function return result in a variable. but I can't return the result. function personalInfoReader(){ var db = openDatabase('myDatabase', '1.0', '

I am creating an app to play some music from the raw folder, I have successfully done everything but the main problem is that when the current song finished playing it doesn't play the next song

For example, If i wanted to count the number of males in the 'sex' column and print that number in python. How would I do that? enter image description here

I got a c++ project on my bitbucket and in this project I use opencv for example. but if I clone my project to a different computer I need to config the visual studio project with opencv. How can I do

How would I force close an https request or is there a better way to do this? var https = require("https"); var fs = require("fs"); var option = { hostname: "api.particle.io", //port: 443,

i am working on a project that i have to make faster for loops. How can i do that? For example at this code there are 2 for loops that i need to make run faster for ( i = 0 ; i < width ; i++ ) {

Component conditions are not being evaluated properly while applying patch I have a scenario where I have two components with conditions . Files under these components are with same names but with

I read a lot about SELinux, and I would have liked to try and get my hands on a case study for the university. I have installed various virtual devices on GenyMotion, from Android 6 to Android 9, but

I confused that why we need to give self or any word as argument when we define a function in class of python: class Parent(object): def try2(selft): print("hello this is part 2") a =

I'm developing a operating system in assembly language. In time of developing i change a little part of code and the output file is not bootable. There is code: BITS 16 start: mov ax, 07C0h

Apologies for the title. After 15-20 minutes of struggle only this title worked. Code pen link here In my fist ReactJS tutorial video, I was writing hello world script and disappointingly its not

I am using shortest_simple_paths() that is implemented in Networkx to find k-shortest/best paths between two nodes. shortest simple paths However, I also need the algorithm to return the path length

Error when cropping image into sub images using imcrop in Matlab I am trying to crop an image (1260 x 3222 px) into several small images as following. Sample Image this image into Expected Image

I got a problem which I simply can't solve on my own. Maybe one of you knows more? I wrote a code which handles my buttons. The first Button on my GPIO2 works fine. However the GPIO21 is buggy. It

I already know how to open chrome, but I do not know how to open a specific page from the URL. I'm using python 3.6

How to use a nested function in javascript to print some output in HTML. function abc() { var radius = document.f1.rd.value; document.write(radius) } function def() { var fala = document.f1.

. > I am creating a web application using agora io web sdk for creating video call clienti've followed the steps but still i am unable to join a channel by entering another appIDi have provided

I would like to do something like this, but all Kubernetes quickstart demos are just for deploying a simple applications and not multiple. How would I create a yaml file that can deploy multiple

I have the following RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.example.com/$1 [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^gl/(.*)/$ gl/

I have this table country weeek quantity 1 quantity 2 quantity 3 0 1 sa 3235 365 123 1 1 su 6698 32135 1234 2 1 mo

I have got message from google play store saying below. "To clarify we have determined that your app enables background playing of YouTube videos (YouTube video continues to play after pressing power

I have an APIService class with the next method: public getRecipeIndex() : Observable<Recipe[]> { return this.http.get<Recipe[]>(this.serverURL+'recipes'); } I'm calling this

How do you programming in SQL, I don't understand nothing in it. :) Table1: +-----------+----------+------------+ | id | key | page | +-----------+----------+------------+ | 1

I am using gradle to compile my Groovy and Java code. today I update my groovy 2.5.4 and upgrade gradle to version 5. gradle run command failing now with this error message. FAILURE: Build failed

I have a custom Tab Bar class. It is shown below. In main.storyboard, I set the class of my tab bar to be CustomTabBar: class CustomTabBar: UITabBar { override var items: [UITabBarItem]? //[

I have a math problem: 2 ^ 56.198.375. When I do Math.Pow(2, 56198375), 0 comes out. Is there a class or trick, how to calculate higher numbers? Kind regards Translated from german to english with

I retrained an object detection model ssd_inception_v2_cooco to detect a custom object, and it works great on test cases the same size as the training set. But when i either resize the test picture

Using OpenGL to draw objects and also have my fragment shader outputting a scalar integer ID. For drawing the objects, I'm using multi-sampling for anti-aliasing, so when I create the buffer for the

I am using two axes as follows: handles.axes2=axes('Units','pixels','Position',[58,311,665,191],'ycolor',[.4 .4 .4],'xcolor',[.4 .4 .4],'Color',[ 0.97647 0.89412 0.93333]); axes('Units','pixels','

I'm trying to get the result of an input from: https://web2.0calc.com/ but I can't get the result, I've tried: result = browser.find_element_by_id("result") result.text result.get_attribute("

I am pretty new to Angular and I am currently creating an Angular 7 project which out of which I will need to make an UMD file from. Can you please provide me a way out as to how to create a .umd file.

#include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> int main() { static int i = 5; if(--i){ main(); printf("%d ",i); } return 0; } The output of above code is 0

I have a really really frustrating error in Visual Studio 2017 I am running code via NUnit tests and get the error below The condition for a breakpoint failed to execute. The condition was 'value ==