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I created a REST WCF Service that has a method that needs to process DocuSign Connect webhook request. I followed the instructions below but the model DocuSignEnvelopeInformation is always null. Has


Why notifications do not work when the app is open? UNUserNotificationCenter.current().delegate = self let authOptions: UNAuthorizationOptions = [.alert, .badge, .sound] UNUserNotificationCenter.


I am trying to figure out how to use the Google Places api and the Google Maps api together to show markers for all places of search query nearby the current location of the user. I have already found

Azure - ASPNET -网络密码不正确

I am loading a .pfx cert from embedded resource file in my project. The embedded resource file is loaded properly and I'm getting the raw data correctly - code: using (Stream stream = assembly.

硒Python驱动程序= WebDuff.FixFox()错误

I'm trying out selenium's Simple Usage. Its code driver = webdriver.Firefox() gave an error. This is my full code: while True: try: from selenium import webdriver from selenium.


I'm trying to read a XML response from a webpage using Retrofit2 and SimpleXmlConverterFactory: Retrofit retrofit = new Retrofit.Builder() .baseUrl("http://www.somesite.com/")


I would like to use ag-grid to display an expandable 'drawer' which appears just beneath a row and to display additional data about the row's record. I've read tons of docs but I can't seem to find a


My default editor for PostgreSQL is vim and I tried to save my update of a UDF while opening vim using \ef command. The vim said "/private/var/folders/4m/****/T/psql.edit.37246.sql" 98L, 4912C


I have an iOS code that allows me to connect to my PCB. The PCB transfer data through BLE. The data are a big array of UInt8. Because it is too big to transfer them in one way, the PCB slice them up.


I have a rough idea of the logic but if anyone can help, greatly appreciate it! Trying to see if any of the numbers match in both the JSON (from a URL) and array. If it does, do something. In this


I have problems with the changeDetection in Angular. The view does not get displayed correctly after routing. The problem occurs when using the cordova plugin 'openwith'. export class AppComponent {


I have a small program that allows users to create rooms (i.e. chats) and join those. I created a global list and a dict to store those and access throughout the program. Now it seems when a user


import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib as mpl import numpy as np print(mpl.get_backend()) def rotate(xy,deg,rp): """xy is the path, deg is degrees of rotation, rp is the rotation point"


So before I show my code, I would like to point out that I know you can't create spam gmail accounts, with the bot protection and all, but I am just messing around with selenium. What I can't find


Is there a particular reason why the script I am troubleshooting will not apply their assigned classes, or styles? I have tried different methods, (in an attempt to achieve the same result), but


I am trying to execute some bash commands within some java code. The goal is to get the rx and tx data. I got a function for the command execution. I have tested the function with other commands and

REST API中的单元测试(JAVA Play框架)

I have a REST api with java and play framework and I'm trying to make unit test for my controllers and services methods, but I cannot find how to do that. Controller method example: @Transactional(


I'm trying to create a new tables in a new app added to my project .. makemigrations worked great but migrate is not working .. here is my models models.py from django.db import models # Create


I'm trying to use Tesseract to identify the text in etchings on records, such as the following: The Tesseract command line documentation suggests one can specify the "OCR Engine Mode" by passing an --


In index.php i got this sql $sql = "SELECT buytime,id,situation,buyer FROM shells WHERE situation = 'sold' AND buyer = '$buyer' "; Where $buyer = $_SESSION['username']; And i did $_SESSION["


Basically, I want to achieve exactly the same task that was solved in the approved answer here. However, this solution does not work for me in case the input CSV file uses semicolons as delimiters. I


I am using mysql and flask for web application ,I am trying to display all records from mysql using select statement :cursor.execute("SELECT * from tablename) In this table I have 3-4 date fields for


When i add new data node to the running cluster, there are some running jobs, what will happen to the new blocks which are created by running jobs?


Whenever I send a POST request to the server, OPTIONS is ALWAYS being returned. I have a very simple login app using React and Apollo. When I submit the form, a mutation should be sent to the server


I have this line of code: catalog_df.columns = catalog_df.columns.str.replace(' ', '\n') I'm getting the usual "AttributeError: Can only use .str accessor with string value" but I (think I) know


I have this problem, I want to delete some data in multiple tables (not using foreign keys), so I did make the query and laravel throw a SQL error, wich has the query I made. So I copy and paste the


I recently learned that Django's on_delete=CASCADE only emulates ON DELETE CASCADE -- if I run a DELETE FROM ParentTable as explicit SQL, it will fail when the child table's rows have live foreign


I'm spring newbie trying to get the home.jsp but without success. I've tried to do some research here and there to fix this but still getting 404 on home.jsp I'm using sts 3.9.3-RELEASE and Pivotal


My backend is giving me an array of text: ['lamIt','lamItLite'] Here is my GET Request to get either version lamIt or lamItLite: getVersion() { const url = this.lamItUrl + this.versionExt + '


I am building a table and populating it with information from an API call. The response returns an array of objects which I break down using ng-For in the < tr> tag of my table. One of the objects


I have two custom modules. Say for example, Module_A Module_B I have created module.xml of Module B with sequence of Module A. Like this, <module name="Module_B" setup_version="0.0.1"> &


I know that generally similar questions have been answered before. I have read them all of them. I have tried them all. Nothing seems to work for my particular case. I am working in kivy with python


I want to insert a small icon at a particular point in a polar graph. From what I understand, fig.figimage(image, x, y) receives x,y as display coordinates. I use ax.transData.transform_point((theta,


I am currently working with JavaFx. I need to make shapes and then add a click event which will open a new window which will take inputs to change the size of the shape. I have a parent Class "MShape"


I am facing an issue where if a developer publishes a package to our private repo with the same version number the package is not updated as expected but it is corrupted somehow and all the

GaN的ToSoFrase- Tf.ValuabLyScript,重用参数

i am trying to build a GAN for a project and i really like to understand how this variable sharing in tensorflow's variable_scope is working. For building the GAN, i have a generator network, and


I'm trying to make Flask works with subdomain matching (i.e. subdomain is part of my routes definition, e.g. foo.example.com/about is different from bar.example.com/about) AND at the same time,


When I set a breakpoint in an R script in RStudio, and then I source it, it will execute fine, and then when it hits the breakpoint, it enters debug mode, which is expected. But now, it is

如何在SQL Server中获得预期的输出

I have one doubt in sql server . how to get required output based on below table data. table: parent CREATE TABLE [dbo].[parent]( [parentsupplierid] [int] NULL, [supplierid] [int] NULL, [


I'm using visual studio 2017. I'm getting character display in output but can't control movement Please check where i make mistake. I use pygame and it's keyboard input for character movement help me


So I'm trying to split an array without using any loops. With loops I got: Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To UBound(xData) dData.setNameArray = Split(xData(i), ";")(0) dData.setDataArray = Split(


<script> window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({ appId : '2125175191100353', autoLogAppEvents : true, xfbml : true, version


The compiler cannot find the attributes in the app.config(He throws a SettingsPropertyNotFoundException ). Here is the Code: class Program { static void Main(string[] args) {

Web API在不同环境下有不同的响应

When I call service using browser, or postman response is true, which is ok. But if a call this service using code i have diffrent result Way is not identical? Here is code on angular side


I am creating a voting app and my app model is shown below. Whenever the user votes the value is received through req.body.select. At first, I run some loop to find the index of that option inside

在伊江中用JavaScript ToLoCaleSrand圆格式化货币值

I am trying to format a currency value: console.log(123123132778339.40.toLocaleString('en-US', { style: 'currency', currency: 'USD' })) The output in IE 11 returns

I'm trying to upload a csv file which is a Microsoft excel type of file and it seems that there is a problem in importing a csv file. the controller(Csv_import.php): <?php if ( ! defined('


why does AnnotationConfigApplicationContext has to implement BeanFactory when it is implementing ApplicationContext? As ApplicationContextitself is subclass of BeanFactory . As it is said: while


Current data: Stored as a Pandas DataFrame print(df) col1 | col2 A | 1 B | 3 C | 3 D | 7 E | 4 C | 3 Goal: I want to create a new column that adds 1 to col2 if col1 is either


I am using the following script (I got it off a blog, actually) to pass URL parameters like utm_campaign and utm_source into hidden fields in a form. But the script isn't executing and in browser