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I have a file with transactions, each has a time when it is valid. I want to run a SystemVerilog simulation, and "play" each transaction on its time. However, I don't want to actually wait the clock

I run shiny server behind nginx reverse proxy to add SSL layer to my shiny applications. All shiny users have X509 certificates issued to secure access. I would like to pass fingerprint of the X509

I am trying to see wether I can make the code below faster keeping two of the variables (the ones we need to reuse) in register or any place closer than the cache. The code takes the two adjacent

I am doing a cross compilation test with Eclipse IDE with meta-toolchain made with Yocto, for arm cortex A9 processor. After performing hello world test, which ran successfully, I created a basic

I've just added a React.js page to my .Net MVC site. I think I've got the path value in my component wrong but I can't figure out what it's supposed to be.

we have a server with a growing number of domains. now I'm looking for a solution to reduce the effort of configuration. I'm looking for something like: <VirtualHost *:443>

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I'm still new at php and would like some help making a font larger. I have a form that I've set the font size but in that form I have a drop down to select the state code. This is php code and I can'

Using Postgres and extensions cube and earthdistance I do this query for zipcode 78705 with 50 miles radius range: WITH query1 AS(SELECT * FROM listings WHERE earth_box(ll_to_earth(30.2961708, -

I am trying to add commenting system to my django application. for that i am using django comments(https://django-contrib-comments.readthedocs.io) along with django threaded comments(https://github.

I've write a web server several time. Now the last problem is before me. I want to support FCGI in web server.But now, php-fpm send me [RST] packet when it have sent END_REQUEST fastcgi params. Now, I

Using the Stripe API to build a simple e-comm site. I initially was requesting all SKUs but realized what I really wanted was to display all Products. For example, instead of listing all the

I have an issue with JSON data. In my Json it is having data types with values. not sure how to parse. ex: {"id":"123456","name":{"firstName":{"string":"Nathon"}, ,"lastName":{"string":"Jason"}}.

I'm working with React 16 and Emotion 10.0.7. The Emotion library is a CSS-in-JSS library one can use with React used to style components. I've got them working together and styling components. For

I have the following lines of code to change the type of data in pandas DataFrame columns: X["AIRLINE_ARR_ICAO"] = X["AIRLINE_ARR_ICAO"].apply(lambda x: str(x)) X["WAKE"] = X["WAKE"].apply(lambda x:

I'm porting a pretty old C (and a bit of C++) code basis from KEIL OS to Linux 32 bit. when compiling with gcc/g++ 6.3 to 6.5 it works ok, when trying to do the same with gcc > 7.0 (tested with 7.3

I have a source file where a typedef struct is defined: typedef struct { unsigned int seed; }generator; generator* create() { generator* g = (generator*)malloc(sizeof(generator)); g->seed =

I'm using Xcode 10.1 and iOS 12.1 Also I'm using Firebase Firestore on my Project. I have done all provisiong profile procedure and app running fine when install on device through wire from xcode

I'm building a floor plan view.I have floor image(.svg) and its coordinate which is coming from the server. the map view should be zoomable. I have to set some circles on the map according to some

I have a liste with around 60 000 characters. The package I'm using take only list above 999 characters So for this example I have to run the function 60 000/ 999 = 61 times. Here is how a list

I have a image with size 187x16 which contain 10 items in a row Like this : A , B , C , D and i want split that items into 10 different pictureboxes Image : example image

I'm using TinyMCE Wysiwyg editor in webpack encore. The editor is working absolutely fine ,but the submit button doesn't work. To make button work I need to reload page. After saving I fill data again,

I'm adding my website a night mode. And I've done most of the coding part and while started to change some parts about design. I'm going to need to change my "hr"s in the HTML and add them a solid

For an Application I need the user to be disabled to click on a specific window, while he is still able to use a window, which is in front of the other window. In Delphi, this works perfectly fine

[deshpand@ess-danik37 angebotsapp]$ dotnet msbuild . /home/deshpand/angebotsapp/kommmit.Offers/kommmit.Offers.Android/kommmit.Offers.Android.csproj(393,3): error MSB4019: The imported project "/usr/

My graphql/apollo server has the following mutation: async signup(parent, args, ctx, info) { args.email = args.email.toLowerCase(); const password = await bcrypt.hash(args.password, 10);

I'd like to overlay a picture with Boundingbox and text around the detected object(s). I'd like the overlay to appear as they are detected on the same picture, on the same windows. Unfortunately when

I'm almost new to Python and I'm trying to fit data from college using lmfit. The Y variable has a variable error of 3%. How do I add that error to the fitting process? I am changing from scipy's

There is a scenario where in I want to make my Refactor my Angular Application. I have a html where in on click of different button ,I want to open Dialog Box which are same in all respect except the

I have a parent component like this: class Parent extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = {count:1}; } shouldComponentUpdate(nextProps,

How can I get the content of the div with class box, expand according to the content by adding vertical scrolls? allowing me to navigate through all the content I tried to use overflow: scroll but

Does anyone know a way reading\getting the flight data (Telemetry and more) in realtime using the android mobile SDK? I've used the getLogPath() to get the log path, but had no luck reading it in

I have written a function that writes log files for my scripts. The first time the function is used, it writes a log file in the directory and the name of the script. Every subsequent run, log

I want to build an Android application with two activity screens. One with an array having predefined values, and the second with an array with the selected values from the other array/activity. My

I need to dynamically load classes at runtime in Kotlin. I would like to check that they implement my interface, and if so, all green. Unfortunately, Kotlin's "smart casts" is failing me: var

Apparently there's no built-in support for a Cassandra sink in Spark streaming. I found this example online which implements a custom Cassandra sink for Spark structured streaming based on

In My I jQuery v3 / Bootstrap v4.1.2 application, I use chosen.jquery (Version 1.8.7) and I did not find how to set color of placeholder text of of Chosen selection input with styles like: ::-webkit-

I have multiple videos in the swiper to show videos one by one, but all the videos are loaded and playing at the same time and audios are messed up, I want current video only play at a time. <

In PostgreSQL 9.6, I'm in one database using a Foreign Server connection. But I have a second database which is a common Db with common functions. I'd like to add a common function to that common db

I need help here, in my game, players are able to create their own worlds. What I'm trying to do make is a saving system like Minecraft. Where players have multiply saves like worlds, and where they

I have a file as /var/www/vhosts/***/***/parser.php when i run su popuser -s ./parser.php ,it always says permission denied A process with user popuser tries to execute it (it has php shebang),

I am building an application that does not have a client interface. At the setup step: The user logs into the server throught a browser once using oauth, and the server makes sure that the client is

Am I correct in saying that it is not possible to use this eslint plugin with tslint? I tried adding this to my tslint.json: "plugins": ["react-hooks"], "rules: { "react-hooks/rules-of-hooks": "

I have a ClickOnce project that I'm publishing on DevOps. I've set the MSBuild Arguments property for the WinForm solution's build stage in DevOps to /target:Publish in order to trigger the creation

I have a little problem: I am trying to take an image and divide it into 20 by 20 pixel blocks. Then take the average color of each of those pixels and set it to every pixel in the pixel block.

The main idea of the question is just same as the title - what is the difference between .getPath() vs cursor, when you get the real path of a file from uri in Android? In case you don't get what I

var total=0; $( document ).ready(function() { $('select').on('change', function() { alert( this.value ); }); $(".amount").change(function() { var amount=$(".amount").val();

The docs for wx.grid.GridCellEditor say Instances of wx.grid.GridCellEditor can be associated with the cell attributes for individual cells, rows, columns, or even for the entire grid. Now, I

I moved from npm to yarn and for some reason, although I imported the react-native library it doesn't recognize it, I get the error: ./src/App.js Module not found: Can't resolve 'react-native' in '/

I am nearing the completion of my program (i think) and my last part is creating a better loop that will take a list and purchase the items from the list in sequence until it runs out of money. While