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I need to pass an object through as a query var in PHP but am unsure the best method, it's not a big deal but I don't really like how serializing it looks in the URL, prefer random stuff like

I have a overlay div and a div inside. I'd like to close overlay when user clicks on it. but if user clicks on inside div I'd like to ignore the click and keep overlay opened. http://jsfiddle.net/

Got following error while installing Exchange CU11 on Windows Server 2016 (with all updates). Situation: Virtualbox with 8gb of RAM and Internal Network Adapter Exchange installed by running setup.

I created a table using Android's Room library, which stores items of type User. For the ID column, the value is automatically generated by adding the annotation @PrimaryKey(autoGenerate = true) In

$.each(data, function (rowNumber, rowData) { var row = $('<tr>'); row.append($('<td>', { 'html': '*HERE*' })); $('#js-lobby-table').append(row); }); state = data; }; am I

What is the benefit in using toString method in java if it has always need to be overridden? example: String var="3"; byte [] var_inBytes=var.getBytes(); var2=var_inBytes.toString(); this will

I want to write a post method when an external form in Bonita needs to be executed. in the other words when click on the submit button, A post method is called. I do not know how to write and call

I have created the rangebar chart by using canvasjs and the sample JSON data. The chart is showing the values correctly but due to no data points the chart is not giving the expected benefits. Most of

i am trying to delete a unity gameobject with a class attached but i would like to keep the class so that i can use it later if i decide to attach it to another gameobject later. so i guess with this

I have mounted a server with Selenium RC, I do the test and export it to Python 2 remote control. From my nagios server I run selenium.py but the test fails because you can not change the window. The

How can I check for the data in database if it exists? When I used firebase-realtime database It was similar to : if (dataSnapshot.hasChild(receiver_user_id)){ String req_type = dataSnapshot.

I'm stuck with my first dashboard project with d3, dc and crossfilter. Cannot find a solution. "ETCBTC","BUY","0.002325","1.04","0.00241800","0.00104","ETC" "ETCBTC","SELL","0.002358","1.04","0.

it was working last week , i didn't change any thing so what is wrong ? SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: (0) SMTP connect() failed. Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed. $mail = new

I'm running spark inside a docker container.inside spark-shell I want to convert my data to parquet and put it in hdfs using this code: val dff=sqlContext.read.textFile("/data/

A table view and a text field which looks like a search bar. It has methods to call to a remote server to get potential auto complete words. Are there any good approach?

I am trying to figure out the best approach to coding my firebase cloud function. My requirement includes 3 nested http requests. The 2nd request is made with data from the 1st request. And the 3rd

I understand that when using reference tokens, it is then possible to revoke them. This is because the value that the client has is just a pointer to the token itself. If you revoke the token from the

How to give page link to View Cart & Checkout on Mini Cart Icon ? using Magento ver. 2.2.6 MiniCart Magento ver. 2.2.6

I have a UIPageViewController where one page is a Settings screen. On that screen, there is a UISwitch to toggle a setting on or off. While I've noticed many people tap a UISwitch to toggle it like I

I am trying to push code from my local->cPanel using cPanel git version control. I'm pushing my code to github and when I merge my branch, it kicks off a a build in CircleCI. My build errors out, and

I have the following HTML sample document: .. <div class="TableElement"> <table> <tr> <th class="boxToolTip" title="La quotazione di A2A è in rialzo o in

I'm trying to learn javascript on my own, so I'm lacking a lot. I'm trying to change the color of multiples elements depending on the color in the css of another element. I want the javascript to

I'd like to set up a small lab in Azure. Two vm's, one is the domain controller and the other is the Windows 10 client. Both are in the same subnet IP /24. My problem is , my client can't

The question is from here https://leetcode.com/problems/contiguous-array/ Actually, I came up with a DP solution for this question. However, It won't pass one test case. Any thought? DP[i][j] ==1

I have two options for using Mybatis, not sure which one is better: 1, Using dynamic SQL The advantage: Dynamic Sql is powerful and I just need update the xml file no code modification needed.

I have installed cmake in android studio and I have added the binaries in PATH variable. But android studio keeps showing the error "Please make sure the folder with the CMake binary is added to the

So, I want to write some code so that the user cannot type in a city that is not in the city list, the city_list array is a one dimensional array of size 5 which values are A,B,C,D and E. So what I

I can see that some function like this is using something called file-like object. it would be great to have something to write data into apart from actual file on disk. What are the options in

I have painfully realized the gulp has switched to V4 and now all my projects tasks are broken. I have managed to fix most of the issues but gulp-connect seems to be not working properly. //

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) function they can utilize but once it's set up, these calls can not be easily cancelled. How could we stop it such as a custom method "cancellable_dispatch_after"

problem statement you have a list [8,7,6,5,11,12,13,8,8,7,11,1,2,8] task is to find the length of the longest non decreasing sequence of numbers . in this case output is 8 and longest

I am trying to handle the receiving of signals in my Python script to clean up and exit gracefully. The script utilises many socket connections, which I realised may be running during the raising of a

I'm trying to import some functions created in a C++ library, to be used in delphi. Here is the library i'm trying to use: https://github.com/NGSolve/netgen/blob/master/nglib/nglib.h I've looked

I was trying to make a demo project which uses a POD dependency of this URL PageMenu POD install correctly but gives me many errors on building this dummy app as many methods' are renamed in latest

i want to make a chrome extension that would change the content of chrome://newtab. But when i put it in the matches selector, it gives an invalid scheme error. How could i fix this? { //

I have some HTML5 videos on my website in .mp4 format. The colors are accurate on all the browsers but Chrome due to hardware acceleration feature. When disable the color accuracy is fine, but I want

I want to have the SUM (SQL) of all the answers where audit_ID = 1 in the column "cijfer". Does anyone has some suggestions? There are very welcome! So the answer I'm looking for is 9.

I try to write search function for finding a word in array. I have inserted txt file into array as a char and i want to search for a word in this array and return the position of that word. How can

I have to use some outdated scripts and bumped into multiple JS errors in Chrome. All JS scripts on page give exactly same error in Chrome - "Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token" on line

I'd like to run my build pipeline only when my repo is tagged with certain specific release tags. I can get the tag value from the CODEBUILD_WEBHOOK_TRIGGER environment variable and I can

I am not able to create a sub buffer in OpenCL vai my c code, its returns an error code, which says invalid value, which I am not able to trace why its not working. #include <stdio.h> #

I'm a new student in the web development world. I am trying to create a static page for personal study and I need to leave the image to the left well below the menu, however, I have already tried the

I'm trying to make a registration function for users. I want to check first if the email exist, if so return a json({message: 'cannot register a new user'}) else a json with confirmation and

Running the example of the org manual, https://orgmode.org/manual/Capture-templates.html I evaluate the following code in emacs: (setq org-capture-templates '(("t" "Todo" entry (file+headline "

In file1.php I have include 'database_functions.php'; // bunch of other stuff function render_php($path){ ob_start(); include($path); $var=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean();

Here is some of my Code for a plugin on a game, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. namespace Oxide.Plugins { [Info("Fake Player Add Plugin", "NOT asmr", 0.0)] class

I got a little problem. I've been searching here, but I was unable to find anything, so, I want to compare 2 chars, for example: char a; char b[2][2] = {"a", "b"}; cin >> a; //For example I

I have this problem statement: For optimal performance, records should be processed in batches. Create a generator function "batched" that will yield batches of 1000 records at a time and can be used

I have a simple function like this: function myfunction(text: string,num: number) { console.log( args_namesValues ); } I would like to get as a result after calling myFunction("myText", 3) To

I'm using an API to translate my blog but it sometimes messes up with my html in a way that it gives me more work to fix everything. What I'm now trying to do is to extract the content from the html,