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Does anyone know the difference between using --release and the older -source and -target command line parameters? In the javac man page: -source Provide source compatibility with specified

example I need use this code to get this nameID requests.orderByChild("doctor").orderByChild("nameID").equalTo(id) but i can't use this because it can't use 2 (orderByChild)

Is there a difference between these two implementations of openmp? float dot_prod (float* a, float* b, int N) { float sum = 0.0; #pragma omp parallel for shared(sum) for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) {

Is there a way to build an apk faster? (by disabling some shader compilation, for example Hidden/Post FX/Uber Shader takes most of the build time) p.s. Yes I know about Unity Remote and use it - this

On KVM (Centos 7) Hypervisors Windows 10 Virtual Machines show High cpu usage. Around 30%. While other Linux, Windows 2k16, Windows 2k12 and Windows 7 Virtual machines just use from 1%to 7% CPU. By

I've builded my app but if I launch it, it will crash. Logcat: android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #12: Binary XML file line #10: Error inflating class com.google.android.material.

I have the following data in xml format. <UserStaging> <Staging> <Stage Type="Stage1" Start="0" /> <Stage Type="Stage2" Start="50"/> <Stage Type="

I moved my project from my old host to my new host I tried some times but every time I tried, Laravel showed this error: could not find driver (SQL: select * from orders where status not in (

I have a matrix a with shape k x 3. And based on the first index I want to slice it and store. The first index has values 1:1000. While I am done slicing, I don't know how to store it as the length of

How can I create unique usernames and unique emails with prepared statements? I know the code that I have is wrong because, as of now, the correct error message will display if I enter an already

Can any one give an example of edge box detection algorithm to generate proposals for object detection using open cv. We can get the details from https://docs.opencv.org/3.4.0/d4/d0d/

I know this has been posted 100 times because it is in a free course that I am sure thousands of people have used. I see a bunch of answers that I don't understand. I don't want to learn something

For my application I need to do extra operations when a model is saved via form. In practice, I need to add a value in another model if certain conditions are present in the form. To do this I have

I would like to scrape the results of this booking flow. By looking at the network tab I've found out that the data is retrieved with an AJIAX GET at this URL: https://shop.caremar.it/

This Error comes When i try to server site login.

Receiving the error message below, what to do to fix it? ERROR: Non-parseable POM C:\Users\Asus\Downloads\TODOList-master\TODOList-master\pom.xml: only whitespace content allowed before start

My sql query returns orderhed_pino_c OrderHed_OrderNum OrderDtl_OrderLine calculated_totalsqm 19.0503 50291 1 1.6359 19.0503 50291 1 1.6359 19.0503 50291 2 1.59244 19.0503 50291 2

I am trying to install Pymakr for VS Code, and I've used VS Code before but when I download this it doesn't stop giving me the error "The terminal process command "node.exe" failed to launch" (see

I need to make a wrapper function to invoke a function multiply with a given number num of times to allow the multiply to execute. nTimes(num,2) Then assign to runTwice -- runTwice can be any

Everyone is speaking that python is awesome for its unlimited libraries but how it is integrated with networking and security how to get started with it? which certain path to follow to be a

I'm trying to scrape the titles of football players. My problem is that I can't get all the values. The dynamic variable is working sometimes, but I don't understand why not always. Also for some

I have a C# app with a webbrowser control that navigates a web and clicks on a link, the href of that link is this javascript instruction: href="javascript:PriceListExportCSV('/es-XCL/Products/Csv','

I was given a project to make a basic C# IPv4 address program (WPF). We are to have 5 text boxes (4 for each octet, one multiline textbox under for displaying the IP and class). In order to display

I am getting component class got object error while using react-native-router-flux, Here is my app.js file and component files. app.js import * as React from 'react'; import { Text, View, StyleSheet

am writing a code which like the lottery should produce a list of 6 numbers like this (20,45,11,16,09, + 12) numbers have to be from 1 to 50 How do I do it so that it just gives me the last line

There are many examples how to get all combinations of n items of length l, if l <= n. But how about get all combinations of n items (f.i. digits) of lenght l, where n < l, for instance: n = 3 (

I have created a custom pipe which transforms a text. For example {{'labels' | customPipe}} The pipe is part of a library. However, this is purely for testing purposes and I want to disable this

I was using android studio 3.3.1 and I wrote the whole code correctly and at first it brought me the gradle error and I managed to remove the error. However, when i was running the application on my

I have to extract data from this website. I cannot do a regular webscraping using requests and beautifulsoup because i have to get data after I fill an input form. Is there any way to do it, I found

i use dockerized wso2 https://github.com/wso2/docker-apim. i want use api manager behind haproxy. my config is: frontend app bind *:443 ssl crt /etc/ssl/wso2.pem default_backend wso2 backend

I have kotlin script (but it can be any linux command with arguments) for example: #!/usr/bin/ls kotlinc -script println("hello world") When I run it in ubuntu I get: /usr/bin/env: ‘kotlinc -

im not seeing my collisons on my 2D background even though the scripts are pretty fine and got no error! I'm cofusing about my error and can anyone help me plz?

I am trying to create an "accumulate" code that run via iteration. In general, a combiner takes in 2 parameters e.g. combiner(x, y) which returns a function e.g. (x+y) and term determines the next

Trying to draw 100 predictive samples from the posterior distribution: data = norm(50,5).rvs(30) with pm.Model() as model_x: mu = pm.Uniform("mu",30,90) sigma = pm.HalfNormal("sigma", sd=10)

​Hello Im having a problem. When taking a recepi as a template (c202 transactiom) i also take a lot of materials which i need then to delete them (like 60 materials). Mentioned is very time consuming.

1 I have built a web platform using flask for python, https://github.com/NoluthandoMdanda/Agora-Holiday-Hacks-2018, and was hoping to integrate the Interactive Broadcasting abilities of Agora.io to

I'm trying to solve a Laplacian given the following boundary conditions: V(x,y,0) = 0 V(x,y, z -> infinity) = 0 V(x,y, z = Sqrt ( a^2 - x^2 - y^2)) = 0 Essentially, the region I'm considering is

I'm using xamarin build an app which get image from webservice and bind to carousel view. But I can't see the image showing. This is my xaml. <StackLayout HeightRequest="250">

In my angular application, I have a form in which employee data can be entered and I have a grid page where the entered data will be displayed. When I submit the form, the details should get added in

As an example, I have a table of cards. They are partitioned by owner (user), have unique IDs, and can be in folders. create table cards ( owner uuid, id uuid, front_text text, back_text

I'm working on a project with Vue and VueX. In my component, I have a calculated method that looks like this: mapState([ 'watches', ]), isWatched() { console.log('check watch'); if (!this.

i would like to know if there is a way to pass data from a PHP WebApp to a ReactNative on ? My WebApp is hosted on www.example.com, and i would like to know how the ReactNative app can get the data

I need to have a tableview for the iphone X with margins relative to safearea layout guide : this is the result I get : there is too much gap bet. the left edge and the edge of my tableview I have

I'm trying to modify this WPF Diagram Designer example, to have the resize controls stay in place, while the rotate control rotates the content. I create the canvas and the content this way, like in

I'm using django-import-exportand receiving the following error when trying to upload a csv file: InvalidDimensions encountered while trying to read file I know that this is a tablib error, and due

When I add a css doc for a form it destroys my page margin. I have already tried changing all margins and paddings to 0 but didn't help. The only way this works is by removing the entire css file. I

I am trying to understand the language extension OverloadedStrings from the page https://ocharles.org.uk/posts/2014-12-17-overloaded-strings.html. When the OverloadedStrings is enabled, then String

Greeting everybody. Im using BadChoice/handesk for my own ticketing system. I think that is good open source project now while create ticket , im getting error Swift_TransportException Expected

While building new android app in android studio, gradle throws app:mergeDebugResources failed error. After running assembleDebug task in gradle, I get the following log: Executing tasks: [

Hi i'm making a hangman game and I get stuck on getAvailableLetters(lettersGuessed) in my Hangman function Here is my code def isWordGuessed(secretWord, lettersGuessed): ''' secretWord: