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Python 3 Tele:()与附加读取模式中的文件指针失去同步

Unlike in Python 2 (2.7.15) I'm seeing strange f.tell() behavior in Python 3 (3.6.5) when a binary file is opened for appending and reading. If n bytes are written when the current seek position is


I wonder if there is a way to extract a dataframe from a nested Html structure/ code like the Pandas read_html() method. Here is the html from which i need to extract all columns that come after the


I'm a student dealing with this weird old program that takes only files as input and outputs directly to terminal. I have a python script, that makes this input file, and writes the output to a text

I've written a script using python in combination with PyPDF2, PIL and pytesseract to extract the text from the first page of the scanned pages of a pdf file. However, when I tried the below script to

语义分割中的Tensorflow OOM(记忆外)

I am running out of memory (OOM) when running semantic-segmentation using DeepLabV3+ from this repository (evaluation script - evaluate.py) . A strange aspect is that I have successfully trained the


Hello i'm new using libraries in github so my question is if i use a library do i need to pay something ? and what happen if in a future my app get popular do i need to pay to the owner of the


I want to use the gd library on eclipse c/c++ but when I build the project it's shows me those errors : Info: Internal Builder is used for build gcc -fopenmp -o testC.exe "src\\test.o" src\test.o:


I already know about this question and it worked perfectly, but with only one value in each key of the dictionary. So for example this worked: dictionary = {'group_1': 50, 'group_2': 70, 'group_3':


I have been trying to display the elements in my dropdon but in vain ! The dropdown doesn't work. Can anyone light me where am I making a blunder? My code for the button: <div class="btn-group"


What is the difference between Native Heap Size and Maxmemory? What is the Native Heap size? Log.d("tag", "debug.heap native: allocated " + df.format(allocated) + "MB of " + df.format(available)


I have data.js importing axios and VueAxios as below: When I am calling the getRecordTypes function in mutations(vuex) returns undefined. But when I do console log it returns the correct data set.


Hi I have a problem with types in ts. I have load some global libraries in index.html file. and I want to use them in my main.ts I can not install the library from npm to use it's built in

通用可解码协议SWIFT 4.2解包可选错误

having issue with generic decodable protocol here, it seems that it returns optional unwrap error. I am new to Swift but I don't know why it return optional. See my code below: public func


how many object references can be stored in Level 1 i.e L1 cache? If we are firing select query and storing all result of select query in List, what will be stored in cache? List reference or last


I have a variable that looks like this: { "id": 8, "first_name": "First_name, "last_name": "Last_name", "birth_date": "1950-01-10", "email": "test@gmail.com", "password": "

Python Sqalalmiy关系测试

Coming from testing in the Rails world, there is a simple way in rspec to test that the model relationships are setup right: require 'spec_helper' RSpec.describe Country, type: :model do it {


I have a script in my Django app that is used to scrape some data from the web and save the results in the database using my Django models. For example, I have the following model: class WebPage():


Flask-SQLAlchemy suggests the Declarative pattern for setting up a database connection. The example hard-codes a single database path, and it seems like I should avoid that, so that I can configure

I try to use in my current project Dapper ORM with the contrib package. The select query works perfectly but my problem is when I try to insert data. Visual Studio 2017 returns this message:


see the pic pls :> class myThread (threading.Thread): def __init__(self, threadID, name, counter): threading.Thread.__init__(self) self.threadID = threadID self.name = name

谷歌接触式接触GDATA API返回间歇性

Thursday June 21st, 2018 started recently reports from users, mostly outside of the United States, that the contact sync using the GDATA Contact API is returning a "500 Internal Sever Error" when


A while ago I started my first project with Larvel, and came across this weird issue with a Elequent query I had. So I have 3 tables: |---------------------|------------------|------------------| |


The following code gives different results during testing in XUnit and working normally (here - controller method) var actual = await _itemService.GetSingleBySpecAsync( new


I have this string which contains HTML code: . . <span class="sss">some word</span> . . How can I take only text from this line, in my case some word. I tried to do this


I have been training Tensorflow object-detection models by manually editing config files (to change the dataset path, hyperparameters etc) Instead of manually editing them, I'd like to have some

SMARTY 3获取方法剪切HTML的尾部

I am using $content = $smarty->fetch('eval:'.$content). The problem is.. it just convert parts of the html content, and cut off the remaining html code Anyone can help me please ?


I have recently updated a NOP 3.5 to 4.0 successfully. But is facing a issue with keeping the word press(WP) in the sub folder. As NOP 4.0 it self is trying to process the blog route. Any idea on how


In Chrome I noticed when I gave my footer a min-height that the footer is given extra space because of the items inside it with a margin-bottom applied, this only happens in Chrome. It is also fixed


I'm trying to measure distance with pepper depth 3d sensor camera. Using the following code, I get the 3D image but I don't know how to extract depth. Code: Source code Example: Picture (aquired


how can 2 persons share a same database and work in two different pc. If i Have mysql database and me and my friend are working on the same project then is it possible to use the same database from


When running pip install -U channels command on Centos7 I get the following error: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement twisted>=17.5 (from daphne~=2.2->channels) (from


Iam doing a Bootloader for an arm cortex m0 based microcontroller and for that I have gone through some projects in github and I donot understand some of the lines in the following code. What is the


My objective is to retrieve the existing inbox message using the Gmail Advanced Service in GAS, modify the subject line and then call Gmail.Users.Messages.insert() to paste the new message to the


I use the NorthWind database and my point is to select the total amount of shipped orders per City in one row. Sorry for dummy question but I am new in Sql


we have quite a big database that we have a shared code-first model (we don't use migrations). This model is packed into NuGet package and exposed to internal NuGet feed. This NuGet is consumed by


From: https://github.com/brandon-rhodes/luca/blob/master/requirements.txt ansi2html pytest sphinx tox -e . What does the last line, -e ., do?


I have an array which I want to convert to Map such that the first element in the array is key and second element is value and so on. I am trying something like below: Arrays.asList("Tamilnadu", "


I am trying to get the X,Y position of a particular value on a UISlider track so I can place a textfield at that location before I even move the slider with my thumb. I want to be able to place


I create weather application and use API openweathermap. I fetch data from API, but network in console show infinity request My React code class CityWeather extends Component { constructor(props){


I am trying to dynamically load html content and execute JS on ajax response. The response object has two key:value pairs. content: having the html elements js: having the required js Here's the

在我的程序中,Python检测到了一个错误。而且我肯定有更多的错误。请修正^ ^

My program: import random from random import randint print "Welcome to fishing game!" tries = 3 Fish = [] Fishlist = ["Shark", "Whale", "Boot", "Nothing"] Money = 0 randomfishvar = (random.choice(


I'm trying to practice devOps and thought of deploying my software to a cloud provisioned machine. Source code: https://github.com/tj/frontend-boilerplate package.json: "scripts": { "test": "

@ FXML不初始化VBox [复制]

I have main controller and an fxml file. In my main controller I have written: @FXML public static VBox spectrumListVBox; And in my fxml file I have <javafx.scene.layout.VBox fx:id="


I am working on program that write data in excel sheet. I want to give color to the background of the cell depending on its value(HEAT MAP). IndexedColors.RED.getIndex() doesn't work wit me because I


So i just started learning object oriented programming in python 3 and i came across the "__add__" method and i don't understand what " other " is and what it does. I tried to look on the internet for


I`m really struggeling with an exercise i was given recently. The task is really weird: I have to change the variable expr inside the function dosomething(). I CAN NOT use a pointer to expr!!! I


I have two files: 1. A graph mL which has been constructed of a public transport network with nodes representing stops/stations and edges representing connections between nodes with a corresponding


I want to put an alert dialog to checking some items on list. I can choose items but after unchecked it my app is closing. Here is my codes; AlertDialog.Builder builder=new AlertDialog.Builder(


I tried to move text and jar file to StartUp folder with this code: File m = new File("C:\\Users\\danyb\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Startup\\lol.txt");//startup the


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