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When converting a color JPG image to grayscale, and saving it back to JPG, one can usually see at least 20% file size reduction, which seems natural. Question: Is there a specific "grayscale"


i have a lot of ids and each id has a lot of date and hour i want to show for each id the fird event for each id


i have problem with the translation with the html amp pages. You can see the problem at this link: https://translate.google.it/translate?hl=it?sl=it&tl=en&u=https%3A//www.noleggiocity.it/opel-

Exim/cPad Spasasasin理想分数设置

Greetings Stack, I have searched a lot for this and I cannot seem to select a great SpamAssassin Score settings that will minimize spam and will not detect real emails as spam. There are thousands


From documentation: buildID is the build identifier of the application as a string. The build ID is in form YYYYMMDDHH When I run navigator.buildID in my browser I get "20180323154952", so I assume


I'm using Entity Framework 6 with MySQL. Inserting is fine, I was able to insert a new record. but when I tried to update the newly created record. It updates all the rows. Here is my code for


It seems that I cannot get the font to preload properly. I have tried every possible combination I could think of. Here is my index: Here is what Dev Tools sees: The Dev Tool says that the font


First of all. Hello everyone, I'm starting to learn how to use js now and I have a question. So I have this code: $(document).ready(function(){ $.ajaxSetup({ headers: { 'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('


I've got a query inception problem. I want to add this url let url = "https://example.com/?1sCmRaAAAA72SeRa7wRVoddtJBRw&3u2500&4u1500&5m1&2e1&key=somekey-5o-Wj4&callback=


@Override public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) { this.db = db; db.execSQL( "CREATE TABLE `Transaction` (" + "_id integer primary key autoincrement," + "`


I'm working on an implementation of a DAO that have to persist an entity, but i'm stuck having to mock the beginning of the transaction. In particular, i don't know how to mock with Mockito this call:


I am writing a few analytic geometry functions and so far the only problem is getting in input. The program reads the firts 3 cals for inputs (x intercept, y intercept and name for the first point)


i am having a issue, i fund some exemples deep in the internet about itsdangerous but i am never finding out what to do! i must send a email through flask with a link to unsubscribe who in the case i


is there any lib or function in java to calculate c, if I know ln(a) = c (a is known) is there any lib or function in java to calculate c, if I know ln(a) = c (a is known) is there any lib or function


LINEAR REGRESSION-here is my basic gradient descent for multiple variables code: from sklearn import datasets import numpy as np from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split data=pd.DataFrame(


When DOMContentLoaded the site is visible but images are invisible until they aren't loaded. Is there option to provide loading page until images are not loaded?


I'm fairly new into Swift programming and right now I'm implementing a dynamic table view within a static table view's cell. I know there are plenty of solutions on stackoverflow already but I


I'm creating for fun an android application that tracks the spendings. I'm using Room to persist the user's data and I have POJOs that show the daily/weekly/monthly summaries. These classes are


I have installed Ubuntu bash on windows 10. I have already installed ruby on rails setup and required packages ruby, rails, mysql etc on bash. But while using Visual studio code, and running my rails

I am trying to solve this puzzle in prolog: A bat and ball cost $1.10. The bat costs one dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? solve(Bat, Ball, Sum) :- Bat + Ball is Sum,


I imagine that this is obvious, but not for us. The applications in APIM (publisher/store) redirect you to JIRA project in https://wso2.org/jira/projects/APIMANAGER for reporting bugs. This page is


I am using quicklisp to load libraries in my Common Lisp project and I need to load a customised version of some library instead of the version provided by quicklisp. The customised version of the


i want to hide block images, if the image is not available in the post. for both version in mobile or desktop. please find the attached image Visit Here https://indiatvlivenews.blogspot.com/ find


i am learning spring from quite some time now and i have researched a lot about this,but couldn't find any satisfying answer. why would i want to use configurable application context? what are the


I have Respons text, catch from Ajax Error.responseText. error : function (data) { alert(data.responseText); } the value from data.responseText = "<!

I tried to install new packages, for example by executing : ! pip install ggplot But when I do this, I get an error : PermissionError: [WinError 5] Accès refusé: 'C:\Program Files\Anaconda3\Lib\


Given hash-table in method of double-hashing I undestand that need to define the table so that the size of the is a number prime. But, if we insert elements to the table, and we in case that we need

Android:FLUATION SeaScVIEW在片段中的使用

I want to ask on how to use the floatingsearch view in fragment so that, when I search some text it will display on the listview and I;m using mysql database Sample layout: this is the library that

ZED框架2 REST服务器文件上传

I've created a Rest Server with Zend Framework 2 and I want to upload a file using the POST request. Following the basic methods used to handle the HTTP requests: public function getList() { $


I am trying to display a sum of all of child component lists values but it is not accurate, because it keeps the previous value in the array too, how could I work around this? the code: import React


I need to know about basic Mongo upsert operation using with spring boot.i searched few blogs related to it , but i dint find exact solution. any help?


Is HTML a programming language . How do I make AI with HTML is it possible to create an OS using HTML want code to how to make better os than window with HTML.


I have an issue with my "Food" class I created for a food tracker I want to create. It is working fine in one file but not in the other. This is the class: import uuidv4 from 'uuid/v4' import moment


I have a NFC fob which I am scanning and able to get the serial number by using NFC tools. For example when I scan a existing fob, I get the serial number as: 5B:29:D8:52:DC:80:07:E0 but the serial

HTTAccess 404版主页

My htaccess 404 rule is set as follows: ErrorDocument 404 /404.htm but this is what happens: Non-existent url with no extension: https://www.example.com/bgbgbgbgbg redirects to https://www.example.


I use asp.net core razor pages to create my application, in my create page, I have two file controls, one for upload icon image and the other for uploading detail images. But when I click edit button,


According to the document by android here, an activity has essentially four states, and one of them is called paused and it is the state of an activity which has lost focus but is still visible. My


I'm right now trying to set up an ExpandableListView inside my fragment with following behaviour. I have three Groups with CheckedTextViews: Brands (VW,AUDI, SEAT ) Types (Polo,Golf, A3, A2,


I am trying to create a camera displaying items contained within a flat, 2d world. Ignoring collisions, culling, world boundaries/limits, etc., I seem to have a hard time working out the transform for


I wan't to implement a method in Java that automatically converts the received object to its string representation without having to explicitly call toString, like print/println does. Is it possible?


I have a component which reacts on a css animation (fadeOutUp, fadeInDown), but after the animation which brings the component back, the form in the component becomes inactive. Any ideas how I can fix


We are using google's transfer service in order to export data from AdWords directly into BigQuery. While everything seems to work fine, the campaigns' cost is roughly 50% of the actual cost. I'm

We have a wordpress site which is served from various different domains/subdomains, which I'll call https://source.example. We also have an Nginx-fronted Rails site at https://destination.example.

NoDEJS MySQL客户端不支持身份验证协议

When I am trying to connect with mysql 8.0 I am getting this error. How can I fix this ? code: 'ER_NOT_SUPPORTED_AUTH_MODE', errno: 1251, sqlMessage: 'Client does not support authentication protocol


I am processing log files with awk. Some lines are like: [TIME] [TYPE] entryA:a entryB:b entryC:{c1: val1, c2: val2} All primary fields are like name:value or name:{subentries}(subentries have

LaaVIEW VUE路由器返回404页

I am using Vue Router in my app. When user visits '', the HomeComponent should load and it does! However, when I goto /login, the LoginComponent doesn't load and the app redirects me to the 404 page.


I am new in iOS developing, I am trying to create a tableView wih customCells which contains each 3 paramethers I can display them but the problem is that when I scroll down all the "not visible"

Python 3.7通过使用栈交换可用代码来美化页面

I have been trying to do webscraping for the a forum (https://forums.bharat-rakshak.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7630) with the stack overflow code given in Scraping a page for URLs using


I need to create a UML class diagram for my .net core project. If I go to Class View - View Class Diagram, I get all of my classes, but there are no relationships and to do them by hand is a lot of


I have an Opencart Ecommerce site. I want to run the website on my local computer and automatically sync the local database Im running on XAMPP (or alternative) with my Hosting server's remote MySql