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Say I have a variable URL = '' and I use this in all of my calls like this (URL + '/logon') as my path. If you go into Google's dev tools you can find my address and port (the URL

I am trying to make a custom stepper in Flutter. I copied the implementation of stepper.dart, save my file to my own lib folder and fixed the imports to remove the errors. import 'package:flutter/

Recently I have been struggling with a problem that rose up because of NodeJS's asynchronous nature. I have a situation where I try to issue a request to one server, and if it does not work (because

I want to trigger an event only when the check box is tick and then it will remove the event when the check box is unchecked. How do I do this?Currently I'm using (change) to trigger an event but this

i want to create a ansible playbook , that when i enter 1 no then my add user playbook run and wen i enter 2 no then my remove playbook run , so how can i solve my problem i am stuck in the when

When trying to refresh the access token when it expires, had an error: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://api.sonos.com/auth/oauth/v2/access" on this server. Reference #18.

I know my issue is already discussed in How to run shell script on host from docker container? but i think my issue is a littel bit more complicated. At first I try to explain my situation. I'm

Good day. I have a Linq code that when run, shows this error Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function. But when I try to put all the same values into SQL, it works fine.

Hi everyone i need to get tag name in relation tasktags using query but I get an error $posts2 = Path::with(['pathtags' => function ($q) use ($TagArray) { $q->with(['Tasks'=>function($q)

I am using gunicorn to start tornado application with the following command. Reference gunicorn -k tornado sample:app -b -w 2 -p server.pid -D Code sample sample.py from tornado.web

I attempted performing a search function and at the same time display a w3.css modal using 'search' button but when I hit search the modal comes up and disappears almost immediately and doesn't stay.

My target is to create a combobox which displays any list of strings when opened (so the standard behavior), but when the user selects one of the strings, it gets added at the top of the list under a "

It's possible to write in Laravel query reverse for whereJsonContains() query, something like: whereJsonDoesntContains()? I have problem with data filtering in Model. This code works perfectly:

So I'm learning about linked lists recently. The functions are somewhat straightforward, but when I checked the output, it's always messy. In the test file, from test 1 to test 3, I changed the

How can to show test1, test2 on the same row? I tried with float:left, and display:inline, without any success. <div class="col-sm-12" id="oblgrad-text-class"> <div class="form-group">

I am trying to animate a heatmap using Plotly.js. So far I have got: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script src="https://cdn.plot.ly/plotly-latest.min.js"></script>

I want to do a test of MEF on WPF. I use a project as interfaces: // Project name MEFWpfTest.Interfaces public interface IAppViewModel { string Name { get; set; } } then create a new project to

Instead of (A) following a more traditional route for running a web application on AWS (e.g., using Ruby/Sinatra or Python/Flask on AWS EC2 or Beanstalk), or (C) creating static HTML and JavaScript

Am getting an error in making magrations for my current django project. below is the code written in settings.py file to connect to MSSQL Server. DATABASES = { 'default': { 'ENGINE':'

I have faced with very strange issue. Host OS is Windows 10 Pro, installed Docker for Windows. When I run microsoft/mssql-server-windows-developer container using simple command docker run -d -p

We have a spring boot application which is referring to a 3rd party jar . The 3rd party jar is having all getters and setters . But this external JAR keeps changing periodically . This external jar is

Třída AbstractTableModel a má arraylist s daty import java.time.LocalDate; import java.util.ArrayList; import javax.swing.JOptionPane; import javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel; public

So I have a number of XAML pages with various Controls, most of them with a TextBlock indicating the intended content. Like: <TextBlock x:Name="txbCustomerName" Text="Customer Name"/&

okay im very new to this and i have tried searching for the answer but nothing is fixing my issue. the information i enter into this form will not show up on my php page. all im trying to do at this

I'm trying to show a list of books in GridView and images are smaller than expected. I searched for this problem and found some answers on stackoverflow which tell to use imageView.setLayoutParams(

I'm trying to produce a histogram in SAS which has 10 bins of the x-variable and the average y value per bin. The dummy dataset is as follows: data test; input y var1-var10; datalines; 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

I'm coding a compiler for the MC68HC11 microcontroller. I used the regular expression operations to identify the different addressing modes of each mnemonic excpet the relative mode. I extracted all

I want to test the the vue component using shallow or mount method. vue file maxRange : { type : Number, default: 10, validator: (val) => val <=10 && val >-

I'm trying to make a Web API in a Docker container that will be shipped into an OpenShift instance. The API has swagger and a http post method with the Kafka consumer settings params to start the

I need to upload some data into a database table using Dbeaver. I just created a flat file connection and the csv file is uploaded called "new_data1" How can I insert the rows in new_data1 into

I am trying to return unsigned characters from one function to another, but am unable to, since I am new to C and it's data structures are still a mystery to me. Here is the function that is calling

How to store data table value in another data table with filter. DataTabe dt = objProfitLossDT.Select("AppBalance <= 0");

I am working on an Augmented reality scene using Aframe and ARJS. I am currently rendering obj models when the marker is detected. My requirement is to be able to click on individual models upon

I have an ionic app and I need to run my app when I trigger any new call 'incoming outcoming etc' like truecaller app is there any way to do that?.

I am using code from: https://github.com/BenGriffiths/pdo-mysqli-pagination to show database with paging and add search input to filter database. My problem: when I click paging or change page, my

I followed the doc here When I tried to create a virtual service for Windows, I get error: The Deployment "nanoserver-iis" is invalid: spec.template.metadata.labels: Invalid value: map[string]string{"

We have implemented Actionable Notification using Notification Extension Service. We receive push notifications and it shows the proper content for notification title, body, action buttons. We have

I have to make a validation after fetching a column from an entity using JPQL. The validation is to compare Logged Out time and current time. But while comparing I am getting error, since the returned

I know this question has been asked before but not seemed to work from the solutions i found. I am using a windows system aand I am trying to run jenkins behind apache. I installed XAMPP for apache

I am a student in woodworking and I would like to make a website that regroups everything I learned. So I would like to make a responsive vertical sidebar. For exemple like the documentation page of

I have a submodule in my specific iOS project with few classes that do a determinate logic (it relays in submodule the logic as those are reused in other iOS projects that I have). In my submodule I

Hi This question is not new but I could not find any proper way of doing this.Please help me. Requirement Sending a uploaded File inside the json object and handle at rest service. Example of

I have a Qt3DWindow and two QLayer-s. When I do some changes (transformations, adding (sub)entities) on second entity, the (sub)entities from entity_1 blink from time to time. Does anyone know what

I am hosting a single html file with my RaspberryPi using the BaseHTTPServer library, which is included in stock python. The HTML page is only really basic and has two buttons which trigger J-Query

I created one spring boot application. When I run this I am getting below error for persiatance.xml. Seems like it is not reading my persistance.xml file. Could you please help me in resolving the

I have some serious trouble getting this to work in the Cordova / Phonegap application. I can let it work in the browser version of Cordova but the iOS and Android version don't work. I get the

I am trying to get the elements inside the second frame here but I am getting the error that the element does not exist or the Unable to locate element: {"method":"xpath","selector":"//frameset/

Is that possible to wrap div inside a row? I know it's possible but I just want to know it's a bad practice or not. I'm not using any col-md classes inside row. Please see the example below. <

I want to a simple thing. When user fill the form and click the submit button, form action goes to /registration (I just want to get data via this name, not the page) and take the input names and send

I have the following inline function with a reified parameter to generalize an http resource get: inline fun <reified T> getResources(): ResponseEntity<List<T>> { val httpEntity