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I've suddenly figured out that this declaration: <uses-library android:name="com.android.nfc_extras" android:required="false"/> inside <application> scope of my

I'm a newb; here's how I'm currently attempting to view the latest activity in my ALB access logs on S3: aws s3 ls s3://mybucket/super/long/path/that/seems/to/never/end/ visually identify the latest

I am trying to initialize hashicorp vault with api. payload.json: { "secret_shares": 2, "secret_threshold": 2, "pgp_keys": [ "sample_pub_1.asc", "sample_pub_2.

I'm new to scala & spark.Wanted to list unique and duplicate records based on two columns values:UserId & MovieId UserId,MovieId,Rating 101,M22,3 101,M23,4.5 201,M23,3 201,M33,5.5 201,M34,4

I am developing an E-commerce mobile app for android and ios. Back-end is running on Woocommerce. I have developed some basic features (like login , sign in , order , check out etc) using Woocommerce

I'm trying to print a progress bar using end=\r with print(), but the Jupyter notebook output still has new lines. Here's a picture of it. I'm running the server on Ubuntu 18.04 and am accessing it

I tried to create a localdb with visual studio. I use c# for connecting and inserting a new row. I do not understand the problem is in visual studio server explorer database connection or in my code.

My problem is this, when I compile the code, the date column is empty. I could not find a solution on any website. The code is just below. I think there should be missing the fxml file for this

Is it possible to check with a conditional the item already printed and print items other than the one already shown? I am trying to give other breweries as recommendations. I suppose there is a way

I'm having a problem with a query is not showing COUNT 0 when i'm adding where clause. I have two tables "Parking" & "Active_Parking". I want to get COUNT of active parkings per id_parking that

I am developing an augmented reality application that tracks an object via camera (real object, using Vofuria), my aim is to detect the distance it pass. I am using unity + Vofuria. for each frame, I

I read in IDS4's tutorial that the following is a way to obtain a token. var tokenClient = new TokenClient(disco.TokenEndpoint, "client", "secret"); var tokenResponse = await tokenClient.

I just can't find out how to implement an object to my Birthday constructor. I hope somebody can help me out :( Birthday public class Birthday { private int day; private Month month; //

i've got this assignment which is part of a last year exam. I'm studying it for a test next week. I have to calculate the answer with pen and paper without the use of a computer, which can be achieved

In Jupyter Notebooks you can type, for example \alpha and hit the tab key and the \alpha changes into α. This is a pretty cool feature. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in the jupyter-lab editor. Any

I've created a simple template like in the demos: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Add your title here</title> </head> <body> <h1>My B2C

Reactjs: handleNames() functions automatically post data via Reactjs axios as page load. Am supposed to post each persons name when I click on Post-Names button. but here the handleNames()

I want to benchmark some remote API calls via code. I've been using JMH for it so far, but it doesnt quite fit my need as a stress test tool (JMH works well for micro benchmarking, where the snippet

I am pretty new to the Admin SDK, what I am trying to do is post to my Firebase Real time database, for a test I am simply posting to the root node in the database however I am getting the following

I'm trying to add the HTML::Entities module path to @INC. I did export PERL5LIB=/mypath/HTML/ followed by source ~/.bashrc. That path is reflected in PERL5LIB, but not in @INC. Is there an additional

I've a form I'm creating, and I'll have some sections that will apear from right to left, on top of that and fixed is a bar, that should increase in width each time I click on continue to go to the

I am not sure the best way to ask this question. I apologize if this is a duplicate. I came across this while doing the [Advent of Code 2018 Day2, Part1] solution in Rust. The problem to solve:

I am having an issue, that I think could be due to my lack of knowledge of how the RecyclerView works, but even after reading a lot about it from the documentation I still cannot resolve it. The

Hie everyone, My scenario : I have a job which sends an email along with a pdf attached. The pdf is generated in the job handle() and attached with the email. To make user experience more friendly i

I am intending to create a GUI in Tkinter which has a bunch of blocking, potentially slow calls it has to make and I obviously don't want to block the GUI thread. There are already many questions

I am trying to build a profile ui such that the user image is just outside/floating on top of the remaining content like in this image. I have used a bottom sheet dialog fragment and created the

I'm trying to build a very basic full stack application with React and Node. I'm having trouble getting the front end to send the data to the server. What do I need to do to send the data submitted by

I'm using ionic v.3, what I'm trying to do is to create an authentication with "localstrategy" using the passport. The problem is that I can not find the user, look at the line "console.log ('passport

I have a survey with 3 open-end questions. I have performed topic analysis, for each with no problem. When I merged the three questions together using: survey_all = (survey_cleaned,

tsc -v returns Version 3.2.2 Running Ubuntu and VS Code import { Appearence } from "./Appearence"; export class Character { public constructor(){ } appearence: new Appearence(); }

i try to configure a cron task(* * * * * ./public_html/protected/yiic script ScriptCommand)for a file but it failed because it seems like the name of the action is wrong. The file is ScriptCommand.

I am trying to write a script emulating https client to login to a website, but despite trying several different ways, the calls I made only ended up loading the login page, and never actually perform

I have a n amount of images with a format: <PIL.JpegImagePlugin.JpegImageFile image mode=RGB size=64x64 at 0x7F555F6E3898> all together in a list. I can visualize each individually but I

I have an application for meeting. Which can be booked through the outlook calendar. And everything works well, but if you make a weekly or monthly event, then in my application it does not work. Only

the question I have is: is it possible to access the indexPath.row outside of the cellForRowAt function. the tableView I am making only has 1 cell (which is custom) and the cell contains a button and

I'm trying to change the color intensity of a cube with shader material, uniform variable and GUI, but it does not work, so here is my GUI setting: this.params = { screenController : this,

I have a requirement where I need write a bash script to Split a single input file into 'n' files and each file should not contain more than 'x' number of records (except the last file as the last

Using buefy Programmatic modal how can I have the data back from child component to parent on close event. I have the following method I can listen to close event but I do not know how to get the data

I'm looking for simple workflow for working on library dependencies in stack projects. More explicitly, the situation is where I'm working on one Haskell app/library (A) that depends on some other

I'm trying to create an extension method in TypeScript for ngZone, but I get the follow error: error TS2484: Export declaration conflicts with exported declaration of 'NgZone'. Code snippet for

In my main file, if I type (for example, discord.js) message.aut it would suggest author, but in my second file if I write that it wont suggest author, or anything to do with the module related to

I have enabled query caching and entity caching in NHibernate to store large collections of objects, needed for repetitive operations. I'm using syscache as cache provider. While I have minimized the

The following is my model that I am using when training model = Sequential() model.add(Conv2D(64, kernel_size=3, use_bias=False, input_shape=(size, size, 1))) model.add(

I am using a Hindi udpipe model and creating a wordcloud in Shiny apl with some text. The wordcloud is not showing me the words. It is just showing square like characters in mac.

I have a Azure Function that handles SharePoint operations. Due to throttling I only want 10 concurrent functions running at the time and always 10 functions concurrently. I was considering to use

I have used w3school collapsible example in my project.I am new in java script. My project works fine,but when i clicked one section,then the others does not close.How it will be closed if i click

I was going through Adam Chlipala's book on Coq and it defined the inductive type: Inductive unit : Set := | tt. I was trying to understand its induction principle: Check unit_ind. (* unit_ind

I am trying to something similar to what is being shown here https://jmperezperez.com/medium-image-progressive-loading-placeholder/ but seem to have some problems rendering the correct image in,

When I try to include java.xml.bind in my runtime I get an error message: Error: automatic module cannot be used with jlink: java.activation from file:[url to javax.activation-api-1.2.0.jar in my

can i add custom input field to woocomerce cart ? i want to give a option to user for repeating the same order weekly or monthly e.g user added two or three products into cart and want same items to