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I access the CEPH interface through https://github.com/aws/aws-sdk-js using Ajax mode, but now prompt 405 Method Not Allowed & No'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested


I have setup a HAProxy in front of my backend server application to enable HTTPS. I have read that I need to set X-Forward-Proto https. I have tried to do that in the frontend with: frontend haproxy


could anyone kindly advise on which library I can use to implement self destroying photos/videos (after a set time) in my Android app,just like in Whatsapp stories. Any help would be highly


I'm trying to run osdk3.6 sample 'djiosdk-flightcontrol-sample' with Matrice600 pro simulator. when I select, [a] Monitored Takeoff + Landing It works well, but when I select [b]Monitored Takeoff +


I want a part of a page to be made user specific in Wordpress. I have tried with available pluggins but none could give the required solution. The page is as shown below. Generic and client Specific


I'm making an excel table with c#. One of the columns contains the information about a house number. The house number in my program is a string. When this stirng for example is "3-5" it appears as "5.


I'm new to iOS, and not able to get data in a proper way. NSLog(@" %@",[[array valueForKey:@"countrySubdivisionCode"] valueForKey:@"value"]); I want to fetch data from this JSON. And this is what


I currently have this code import { Tooltip } from "@sitebase/ui-kit"; import React, { Component } from "react"; export default class TooltipWrapper extends Component { constructor() {

ASP.NET WebAPI和Ra剃页面在同一个Web站点

I've developed a project that consisted of just a WebApi, which was deployed through VS WebDeploy at the root of the webspace. With new requirements, I also needed to host a webapp in the same


I am creating multiple pivot tables using VBA.My code works fine. Here in this pivot I have Aircraft Type as report filter Operator Area as Column Labels and Summation values as Count of aircraft


sorry, i used firebase and got a nasty error I tried to solve a week, google everywhere but still no results I simply use Auth, Database and Messaging, I also use https://github.com/playgameservices/


I'm creating a basic selenium Webdriver program by adding the selenium jars and relative jars, below is my code. but when i try to resolve firefordriver and webdriver for importing them. im getting "


My AMP page serves a list of reviews. Each review is an amp-accordion in order to implement nice read-more features. I am currently in debate whether or not to load the reviews straight into the DOM


I send 20 MB file over socket with these lines Dim bytes As Byte() = Await Utils.ReadAllBytesAsync(path) Await stream.WriteAsync(resBytes, 0, resBytes.Length) Here is the utils function: Public


my wsdl is <definitions targetNamespace="http://impl.service.server.soap.arpit.com/" name="HelloServiceServiceImplService"> <types> <xsd:schema> <xsd:import namespace="


In custom module I'm inherit purchase.config.settings and add two field. How add below field set_dafault_value and get_default_value after open config file need load data in my field from database.


I would like to know how the order of consecutive 'pending' pods changing to 'running' is decided in k8s. When I tried creating 25 pods with the same condition sequentially, the order that these

UTF编码标签不工作和如何使用C ASP.NET在XML文件中添加属性ID

I tried to add the utf encoding tag which appears in xml files. but the codes i tried doesn't seem to work. Im also a newbie in this field. So, I would really appreciate if anybody could tell me where


If spring boot provided @CrossOrigin, why doesn't it work as it should ? Thanks, In advance.


I am writing a query to calculate some values and save them onto a table on a periodic basis. The values I needs are being returned from a function call. These values need to be saved on to a table,


I have a Wordpress development setup with MAMP and Browsersync, and this is pointing to localhost:3000 In order to develop on mobile, I have changed the site URL, to my IP address, XX.XX.XX.XX:3000


I want to add compilation option with : target_compile_options(foo PRIVATE `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0 gtkglext-1.0`) But when CMAKE adds it to gcc compilation line he adds double quote around the


Is there any performance benefit of using named Hibernate queries over the regular ones? E.g., would the (1) be preferable to the (2) in terms of performance? 1.: Query namedQuery = session.

IOS ObjyE-C使用具有.mm编译文件和私有接口属性的类别

Great Article! I had a few issues that maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I have a large class and would like to do the categories approach to keep the methods and properties (ivars)


im using crypto obfuscator 2018. it obfuscated my assemblies and integrated with visual studio but when i run my project show unable to update database error im using entity framework code first

用户错误,流超过限制[2048 ] javaang.iLalalAguMuthExtExc:流超过极限(2048)

user error, stream exceeds limit [2,048] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: stream exceeds limit [2,048] this is error while using hue to do a job. I don`t why, please~


i wrote this code but i cant send data inside getbody i want send hashmap but IDE say umust send byte[] i cant do that please help me its my code apart of volly @Override

使用Maven和JUnit构建CI /CD管道中的Spring启动项目

Here I am trying to write build stage for Jenkinsfile for making CI/CD pipeline for my spring boot project. When I am building the project I usually adding the mvn clean install both in my local


I have been trying to create a Text Prediction Model. I went through an article in http://curiousily.com/data-science/2017/05/23/tensorflow-for-hackers-part-5.html . The code works perfectly fine but


I'm trying to plot the CDF for different lists of values I have (contained in different files). Here is the code: import argparse, os, math import fileLibrary import numpy as np import matplotlib.


Is there a way to add custom buttons to control a video view rather than using the media controller that is native to android? Also rather than making a custom media controller class I just want to


My Android Studio freezes at least 2 times per day sometimes, even more than dozen times. I use Android Studio 3.2 Beta 5, but it used to happen also on stable 3.1. About my mac Model Name:


Using Spring-boot with spring-session, bumped into problem when user cannot login after he logged out and waited for some time (when session expires). Same happens when I just leave the login page and


I have use facebook account kit in angular 6, installed using following command npm i --save-dev ng2-account-kit Now the version is v1.1, I want to upgrade it to 1.3. I refer https://developers.


I cannot find another post pertaining to this one as the class I am trying to do it in is a Service type. Can someone help me figure out why I am catching an exception? EDIT: Logcat - 08-20 19:06:


I have a recyclerview that shows images from the smartphone's external storage. In order to avoid memory leak, I decided to scale these bitmaps before showing them inside the recyclerview. This is the


I made a research about adding custom endpoints at the Identity Server 4 level. My real question is : Is there any possibility to add custom paths with Controllers like a normal .Net Core Api ? If yes,


It is possible to do something like this: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.domain.fr RewriteRule ^linktopage.html$ [NC,R=410,L] The thing is, the URL is the same for .fr and .es, for example, but i


Hello dear stackoverflow and friends! My name is Lefteris and i REALY want your help. Sorry for my "bad" english! I try to create an order form with 3 level dynamic dropdown list, item list future,


I have an toggle-button for 'watching' and 'watch' in my ngfor-Loop for all my feedItem: <button ion-button small icon-left [color]="primary" (click)="toggleNamedColor(feedItem)"> {{


My goal is to create a dummy.tar file containing all my files&dirs in a dummy directory, which sums up to several TB of information. Moreover, I want this to go as fast as possible. I created


I have the following lines: After=netfilter-persistent.service network-online.target docker.socket firewalld.service After=network-online.target docker.socket firewalld.service netfilter-persistent.


I have written a procedure for a simple bubble sort in MIPS. Single stepping the debugger, I was able to find my first few sorts were indeed right, but on iterating through the loops, I misplaced/


download image from URL working in local machine but not working when i dump code in server my code my code


I have a problem with the end of my code. I would like to display the last two curves, the problem is that at the beginning the size of YY is 288 and then after the equality with diff, my size goes to


I'm trying to select multiple IDs using mySQL, PHP and PDO as Follows: $scheme_ids = "23,24"; // get details for all permitted schemes $stmt = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM schemes WHERE id IN(?)"


I have a basic doubt - why do we need @ExceptionHandler annotation for exception class separately when we can write our error message and details in Catch block itself? Kindly help


I am changing the Frame rate of the video to fast forward and reverse video, but how can I save the video to the library after changing frame rate in swift.

使用Type前缀NGX Bootstrap防止文本更新

I implemented Typeahead component successfully following the official ngx-bootstrap documentation. Now the problem is that the component automatically updates the text typed by the user with the value

在NavestScript VUE应用程序中存储一个值

Im making a simple application with nativescript-vue, on the home page i have a button that launch the scanner so i can scan a product. Here is my home page : <template> <Page class="page"&