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I've googled for hours and I can't seem to find the info. This might be a simple questionmy question is this: I have a big script to start up k8s. When everything is up and running and i do a "

I want to create a masonry layout layout with infinity scrolling.enter image description here

I am Using Amazon API Gateway as a proxy for DynamoDB without Lambda. My Invoke URL has a path variable {selectdate}. I am following the tutorial : https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/using-amazon-

I have a product page that contains variants with different prices. However, when changing the variant the price shown seems to default to the lower price and won't change to show the price of the

When these links on the top of this image are pressed, I want the main text to fade out, then I will change it's content, then to fade back in. my thought is: When the fade out completes, call a

while i was adding value to a query set i got this this error. models.py from django.db import models class Topic(models.Model): def __init__(self): topic=models.CharField(max_length=

If I need to query certain data from the database depending on some variables is there a better way than doing this ? <?php if($_POST['condition'] = '1'){ $sign = '<'; $number = '3'; } else

I have to make a code to print a square made of stars(*) and its diagonals by inputing the number of lines. For lines=5 it should look like this:square This is my code so far: #include <stdio.h&

I was working on last few days with codeigniter framework, what i found is debugging is not as simple as i thought when lines of code increases. i am basically looking for something intrinsic to

AWS documentation gives the procedure to create users. As ec2-user, running below command, gives command syntax error: [ec2-user@ip-xx-xx-xx-xx ~]$ whoami ec2-user [ec2-user@ip-xx-xx-xx-xx ~]$ sudo

what the console outputs my code I have managed to get the total price and the average price to work but i am struggling with getting the max and the min. I have heard that it has got to be a tuple

I have around 30 buttons in my window and i want to change the background color of one of them after some processes. Here's my code : private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e){ . .

I am on the hook to instrument a piece of legacy LLVM IR code, and then we are planning to feed to the SeaHorn framework for some model checking tasks. After the instrumentation, I tried to use llc (

We are using babel and lerna to keep certain elements of our react web app seperate. It's been working really well so far but seems to be having issues with styling when we create the static build.

I have written an API which works fine on local computer but throws an exception when deployed in open shift environment. Code - @Bean public RouterFunction<ServerResponse> routes() {

I'm working on binary classification problem and I want to implement a custom loss function but I'm not familiar with creating symbolic functions. I know that the loss function should take y_pred and

I'm using JDK 11 on Windows. I realized a modular JAR file, Uti.jar (into the directory dirLib), containing some classes in a single package, say pkg. Then I realized a simple client, say app.Maine,

I need to some help implementing a loop to this program, so the user can replay the application without exiting the program. The program itself uses OOP concepts, it is a version of "Guess the Number",

I am trying to find select the address upto 5km from a coordinate, My collection is like this "user_address": [ { "location": { "coordinates": [

I want to multiply row per row to create row x row import numpy as np a = np.random.random((10, 8)) b = np.random.random((10, 4)) a.reshape(-1, 8, 1) * b` ValueError: operands could not be broadcast

I have worked on both function binding and converters to bind converted values to a property of an UI element. But, I would like to know which is right or efficient procedure to bind the values.

When I create a post in Wordpress a slack notification plugin sends notifications to a channel using the slack api. The notification works fine. What I'm trying to do is to the send the content of the

I am trying to implement the B-spline algorithm in python to study it, however I am doing something wrong. For a degree 1 (order 2) B-spline, I can draw with no issue, resulting in: But for a degree

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getData() on null in C:\xampp\htdocs\postgrad\osadmin\protected\components\Controller.php:124 Stack trace: Code : $language = array();

I want send Contact Form info on my email using PHP when a user fill contact form with file attachment. this is my HTML code. what method to send this four fields to my email. Thank you <form

Error here: Model Bodega: Edit Bodega: I do not understand why I get an error because of the composite key

Task: Determine the int-type two-dimensional array with 10 rows and 10 columns. Fill it with random numbers from 1 to 10. Then, move the arrays from the position [0,0]. A massive crawl takes place

The pyspark ml recommendation package includes an ALS implementation based on the paper by Hu, Koren and Volinsky: http://yifanhu.net/PUB/cf.pdf for implicit feedback datasets. https://spark.apache.

I have 3 python files, 1.py, 2.py, 3.py and I'm trying to make a bat batch file that restarts my python files in case they break or close for some reason. I'm trying with the following code, but it is

AVAssetReader is fantastic, but I can only see how to use it with a local asset, a file, or I guess a composition, So, assetReader = try AVAssetReader(asset: self.asset) assetReader.addOutput(

I was wondering if you could help me. I've been trying to make a Radio application for a while now and things have been going well. However, any time Siri gets activated, the stream cuts out and

I'm writing a code that creates a random image. The way I do this is by taking a LOT of different random values and creating a file. The file will than be read and shown via OpenCV. See the example.

I have been searching for a way to link files that execute C++, Haskell and other languages on the server backend. I have configured my apache to be able to execute .cgi files and it is successful.

I found this piece of code while trying to find out a way to load a reddit page so that I can use ctrl + f to find a specific post. The problem is that it just keeps scrolling down and loading the

I have two tables in oracle 10g X and Y both are not partitioned. Y have a foreign key constraint in X. Can i partition Y without partitioning X. Here is the procedure i want to follow: Create

I have a generic list view from which I paginate using the querysets from two separate models : Message and safeTransaction. django terminal output gives this warning upon entry to my inbox view : /

I want to design an app to solve the below given problem. Problem: "Road accidental death is a cause of major concern on Highways. Black spot is a place where road traffic accidents have historically

I have data like that : Customer1 Customer2 Customer4 Customer5 Customer10000 Product1 1 0 0 1 0 Product2 0 0 1

I have createed a windows service. Which has 3 threads, two of them with FileSystemWatcher and third sends file to printer. My question is , Do I need to or How i can kill them in OnStop() function?

I'm trying to get emails from my gmail using Java Class saved in Oracle Database. Currently I use Oracle 12.2. This is my Java source code: import java.io.IOException; import java.sql.SQLException;

I have a plot where I draw arrows from points to points. I would like to put this arrow heads not to the end of the line. Is there a simple way to do it other than placing arrows with half length of

I could not find any example for this in Unity. I have the following database: Would it be possible to JOIN the leaders and users in one query and retrieve like top 10 based on score? I want to do

I set up my .htaccess to always redirect to www. however now its sending me to www.example.com/Example.wsgi when I enter the url example.com. Site works fine if I prepend it with www. I figure the

i have json file that containd the metadata of 900 articles and i want to extract the Urls from it. my file start like this [ { "title": "The histologic phenotypes of …", "authors": [

My data input to a registration form is not being added to my database. The code is below. The first set of php is within the html file with the html form. The last php code I have included is

I write this function and I want when I call the function return result in a variable. but I can't return the result. function personalInfoReader(){ var db = openDatabase('myDatabase', '1.0', '

I am creating an app to play some music from the raw folder, I have successfully done everything but the main problem is that when the current song finished playing it doesn't play the next song

For example, If i wanted to count the number of males in the 'sex' column and print that number in python. How would I do that? enter image description here

How would I force close an https request or is there a better way to do this? var https = require("https"); var fs = require("fs"); var option = { hostname: "api.particle.io", //port: 443,

i am working on a project that i have to make faster for loops. How can i do that? For example at this code there are 2 for loops that i need to make run faster for ( i = 0 ; i < width ; i++ ) {