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I am creating an assessment test using Android Studio and Firebase. I am pushing the entries in the first activity and update the scores after the second activity. What I want to do next is that after

After using go vet **/*.go occurs named files must all be in one directory; What i need to do to fix it?My project structure looks like.

I am unable to implement two views for the same presenter, while compile only one permutation is done. I am using GWTP, I have a gin ClientModule which installs LoginModule (here I am binding

I'm looking how to access database with something like phpmyadmin using Ubuntu and Symfony 3.4 (I will have to work with this kind of symfony version soon). php bin/console server:start [OK] Server

I am using the following Java sample code to connect to an imap server: void emailtest(String user, String pass, String server, String port, String folder, String timeout) { Properties props =

i am using the latest beta(19) of ionic4 and i am trying to create my <ion-header> in the app.component.ts in root. <ion-app> <ion-header> <ion-toolbar color="primary"&

I'm trying to use the ES update API from my custom made Beat. Here is what I'm trying to reproduce in my Beat implementation: POST test/_doc/1/_update { "doc" : { "name" : "new_name"

Error reading the xml files they are like textfiles, how to fix this. Thanks before

def myMethod(myType: String) :Future[Future[Either[List[MyError], MyClass]]] { } for { myStuff <- myMethod("something") } yield { myStuff.collect { case(Left(errors), rowNumber) =>

org.eclipse.egit.github.core.client.RequestException: Invalid request. "base", "head" weren't supplied. (422) Source code pullRequestService = new PullRequestService(gitHubClient); PullRequest

have this formula: =COUNTIF([IDS],$T5&"?*"&"<"&$T5)+COUNTIFS([IDS],$T5,[IDT],"<"&$U5)+COUNTIFS([IDT],$U5,[Start],">"&$E5)+1 Trying to assign unique numerical ID but

This code works well with Pycharm CE but Kodi have some imports issues that I have tried to solved but I cannot see what is wrong. The Dropbox library comes from this commands : pip install -t lib

So, i'm developing client, which can update firmware on android phones. This called OTA updates, but i found one example from Google, which provides only A\B updates here example But i'm wondering

I dont know why and when it happens. anything is ok in my site exept when Submit forms error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'text' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' will be shown. see error in

I have created a plugin to allow users to upload images into WordPress media from front end. However as the number of images increases, It is hard to locate other media files from Wordpress. I am

I am saving an array into a button via Jquery .data(). If the array is empty, I'd like that button to be red. How can I match the empty-array button via CSS? var values1 = []; var values2 = ['

I have the following mapping for colleges in elasticsearch: { "properties": { "name": { "type": "text" }, "city": { "type": "keyword" }, "programs": { "type": "

This scraper code does everything I need and brings back the keywords I want however if at least one keywords match the keywords in the array then it should return allow however the only thing it ever

Assume, you have a PAT: protocol PAT { associatedtype T func provide() -> T } And another protocol, that uses that protocol as a type constraint: protocol RegularProtocol { func

i have a problem with fragments! in my xml file i have a fragment already set there, i want with the click of a button replace it with another fragment! so with my code i can replace the fragment with

In my calculator, I would like the notions of operation priorities with parentheses. I did a unit test to try to solve the problem but I can not make it functional. UNIT TEST [Test] public void

I want to start my program, meassure the time when the program starts and then wait some seconds, push a button (K_RIGHT) and meassure the time when I push the button. I am using Pygame to registrate

I have come across unexpected behaviour on pages which contain ads from Google Adsense. On mobiles (iOS and Android / Safari / Google Chrome) if user scroll over the ad (iframe), the browser blocks

I have been having problems with a web page and the way the content has been displaying on mobile. To get around this issue I thought it might be better if I direct to another page using javascript.

I have a file structure like this: bots -| |- test1 -| |- index.js |- activate.bat |- token.txt |- test2 -| |- index.js

My question is stupid but I can not understand the difference between Test stub and Test Driver, can you help me to understand better? The Reference Text gives the following definition A test is

I'm trying to create a simple http service with the endpoint to download file to the local system in Go. The link comes in ?uri tag, but when I want to get it I receive an empty string. I tried to

I changed CentOS timezone to Asia/Jakarta /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jakarta. When I ran tomcat, I got error message on Tomcat : com.mysql.cj.exceptions.WrongArgumentException: No timezone mapping

I was implementing bottom app bar in: implementation 'com.android.support:design:28.0.0' and it all went fine until I put the coordinator layout in a constraint layout with match_constraint property

In the following code, I am converting an image file into a string depending on the choices of radio buttons: def convert_now(self): self.img_data = "" self.img_data_encoded = ""

I'm looking for a way, and a simple example, of running Active MQ in memory, (under .Net Core) in order to perform encapsulated integration tests (using Unit Tests framework, in my case: xUnit).

As I am new to html and dart. As I am going to connect html button with dart file but I couldn't connect it so please help how to do it. Folowing is my html and dart codes. <div> <button

My json passed from angular { address: "sample address", gst_no: "asdfas2342asfsdf", vendor_code: "12312as", vendor_name: "asdfsdf3", } In Laravel api.php Route::post('createVendor' , '

How Parent object will create in Django Restframework nested serializers? I want to show all children associated to the parent but the problem is that when I try to create Parent it asks children list

I want to build a modularized system with modules communicating over ZeroMQ. To improve usability, I want to Dockerize (some) of these modules, so that users don't have to setup an environment.

<?php $sql_query = "SELECT id_card_no, voter_name, gender,age, voting_booth_detail, ac_no,part_no,sr_no,email FROM a318 WHERE email IS NOT NULL"; mysqli_set_charset($db,'utf8'); $

I want to incorporate inverse-probability weights (iptw) into the likelihood to do what the svyglm does with weight (i.e., create pseudo-populations). According to @Jeremy Miles and elsewhere, svyglm

Python 3.5 / Windows 10 / tensorflow-gpu 1.12 (GTX 1070) Goal: Build a convolution autoencoder for 3 channel images Tutorial Source: https://towardsdatascience.com/autoencoders-introduction-and-

Alright, so i'm trying to create a script that flips a coin untill either "heads" is flipped 3 times in a row, or " tails" is flipped 3 times in a row. My attempt is a quite long snippet of code that

Im new with flexbox, im using bootstrap 4 and i have and issue. https://imgur.com/a/OQIOfZg The flexbox has a margin left and right, how can i remove it? I want that .cont1 have 100% of his parent div(

I have a remote Virtual Machine and I'm developing a Spark Application that runs inside a Docker container. 2018-12-16 13:07:10 INFO main [AbstractConnector] - Started ServerConnector@79c3f01f{HTTP/

I've just started python and OCW seemed like a pretty popular choice to start. However i'm stuck at a problem set wherein given a set of params you have to figure out the amount of salary you have to

please anybody help me in the UIautomator for UI testing, i am unable to find proper answer

I'm working on SEO for my blog and I'm building structured data for Google. I think I have to get this date format : 2018-12-13T10:50:00+00:00 Currently, my date is like this because I don't know how

I am working on WebRTC and connecting two-peers on different browser pages, one peer which is initiator comes with this url http://localhost:4200/#init and other which is video receiver comes with

I have a question about webhook connect. I edited usually by inline editor of dialogflow. But now I want to edit in my local. So I did some setting. [1] I made file, Users/a/firebase.js

I Have an Activity , that has a button on it , i want to change orientation 90 degrees clockwise after everytime user clicks on button , i wrote some codes and worked on emulator , but when i tested

How do you load another common script for a provisioner such as . scripts/common/import.sh "provisioners": [ { "type": "shell", "script": "scripts/scr.sh", } ],

So I've always run whois from linux command line and I see the normal stuff, Im sure we are all very familiar with. But lately I have been seeing 2 weird occurrences when running it. Occurrence #1:

How can I write Szudzik's function in Java? Szudzik's Function is a function that pairs two numbers to give a unique number. Mapping two integers to one, in a unique and deterministic way