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Starting with a 10MB on a local computer, we'd like to copy it to all 100 nodes on an existing cluster on AWS, without restarting the cluster. This cluster has 1 "master" node; the rest are "Task" and


I have a google map with drawn shapes and a table where user can see name/description of all drawn places. When I click on a table row I get the place id. Now I want to find the drawn place with this


I am currently working on a dataset with scikit-optimize for automated model creation. I use gaussian processes to find optimal hyperparameters which are created by gp_minimize(..) from the scikit-opt


I had a project, but, it seems that I have missed it. The problem is about parsing Author in Json, Author is not always present. So, how to parse a miing field that might be present or not. See on

闪亮的plotlyoutput plotoutput停止工作

I am experiencing a weird error. I don't know if it is because of Shiny, or pheatmap, or RStudio, or plotly. I need to show a plot coming from pheatmap and another plot (with renderPlotly) in the

F #搜索通过多值/输入记录

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I'm still trying to figure out how F# does things So, say I established a record with the following: type person = { fName: string; lName: string;


How can I terminate Makefile with an error if shell command output an $$? -ne 0 ? HELPER := $(shell dirname $(abspath $(lastword VERSION ?= $(shell . $(HELPER); getVersion) || (echo "getVersion


im having the followng code: case WM_PAINT:{ PAINTSTRUCT ps; HDC hDC = BeginPaint(hWnd, &ps); HBITMAP hBitmaptest = (HBITMAP)LoadImage(NULL, "pls.bmp", IMAGE_BITMAP, mapBreite*scaling,


Thanks for looking at what is probably a stupid mistake. Just getting to grips with powershell for automating Lets Encrypt certificate update using Certify. My problem is I have made a script which

检索特定驱动数据得到wmiobject win32_logicaldisk

I am attempting to retrieve the FreeSpace for a specific drive using Get-WmiObject. Using Get-WmiObject Win32_logicaldisk on my machine returns the following: PS C:\Users\Julian\Desktop\Tools\


I am attempting to draw some polygons using tkinter. That is relatively easy. The problem is that the edges of the polygon are fairly pixelized/low resolution. See the example in the picture: Is


Is there a way to convert a Spark Df (not RDD) to pandas DF I tried the following: var some_df = Seq( ("A", "no"), ("B", "yes"), ("B", "yes"), ("B", "no") ).toDF( "user_id", "phone_number")

It is very weird that I can't seem to make this work. This is my architecture: I have a named pipe which will communicate between a always-running root reader process and multiple application writer


I have a tiny jQuery function to add an id to each header (for the sake of using as anchor in a TOC). $(":header").each(function() { let eachID = $(this) .text() .toLowerCase() .


Create a log file with one record. test test 07-05-2018 04:35:434 2018-05-07 06:41:04.844 941 Logstash config file. input { file { path => "/path/*.log" type => "test" start_position =>


I turned in my communication app to Apple. But they returned some issues to me. One of them is that my app doesn't have spam report mechanism. I wondered how to make users to report spam in my app.

自动拒绝承诺在未解决promise.all [复制]

When using Promise.all if one of the Promises rejects the Promise.all rejects as a whole. However, it seems my script will not terminate until all of the Promises inside of the Promise.all have


In my application user's have the ability to post. I am trying to implement image uploading so that they can post pictures too. As of now I have the text upload working but when I try to implement the


I'm creating an ASP.NET core razor page web app, one of the pages need to be able to modify a Dictionary property. The object i am trying to modify is as follows: public class Element { [Key]


This is my class: class Test(): def __init__(self, book1, book2, book3): self._book1 = book1 self._book2 = book2 self._book3 = book3 def__eq__:????? I need to create


I had a nullable field in my model. I changed it to be required and non-nullable. New records get set correctly, but is there anyway to have existing records have their field be updated? In the

从循环[复制] jQuery检索值

My loop gets the data from the mysql database and creates a div. these values are more than 1. I need to get to the values from the class: cenaprzedmiotu and nazwa when I click on the addtobasket


I have a plot that is scaled from 1-30. I want to switch that to having 40 microns for every 1 increment. So a total from 1-1200, without changing the plot. Please help me modify the code. Graph is


Using CSS I have set the width of the page's footer: #footer { height: 80px; width: 100%; position: absolute; bottom: 0; left: 0; padding: 1rem; text-align: center;


I have a grid and dropdown list. Items of dropdownlist should change depends on which row I have selected in grid. It's working fine. But the problem is when I select another row, it's showing data


I have a problem like this Parent Child1 Child2 Child3 now if parent moves, the child also moves and the sorting order is rewritten, now i am


I am trying to run my Website from localhost by using Wamp Server with Word press but problem is when i try to access it , its always shows errors .. This site can’t be reached mysite’s server IP


The following code executes the unit test that is it loads the page url, and wait there until timeout, but exit out with error Error: Timeout of 65000ms exceeded without taking a screenshot. describe(

不允许进入价值多排块Oracle Forms

My table looks like this: +-------------------+ |Name | +-------------------+ |Name1 | |Name2 | |Name3 | |Name4 | |Name1Jr


In looking at fileformat.info and Wikipedia, they use different notations for the unicode symbol ▨. On Wikipedia they use U+25A8 while on fileformat.info they use everything else in the table below.


I have an xts object that reads like this: index ID timestamp_event Answer X2018. 1 2018-06-05 16:01:49 no X2018.


I have this sample array: In [38]: arr Out[38]: array([ 0, 44, 121, 154, 191]) The above is just a sample whereas my actual array size is pretty huge. So, what is an efficient way to compute a


I am trying to kick start on machine learning but I am not sure which approach would be the most suitable for my case. What I wanted to do is user enter text to search, then the text suggestion list


I have a CollectionView with a random image in each cell called imageCell below. And I have another imageView called mainImage. I want mainImage to equal the image selected in the CollectionView when


I am trying to create a custom RSS feed for my project. I am fairly new to making changes with RSS Feed. So i was reading articles by John West and how to override my RSS by creating a new template

提供OpenStack VMS通过ManageIQ误差

1d Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, so please forgive me if it’s incorrect. I am working on an Openstack cluster, and have added it to ManageIQ as a cloud provider. It


Is there a command that returns the area underneath axes in pixels? Something like the findobj(gcf,'tag',axes1')? I tried it with no luck


We're looking at using Google BigQuery to store some data, sent from a ReactJS web client. Reference: https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/docs/reference/libraries#client-libraries-install-nodejs The


What's the best way to store a persistent file in Kubernetes? I have a cert (.pfx) and I want to be passing to the application its path. From the looks of it it can't be stored in secrets. Was


I am formulating a MySQL query that tries to aggregate a COUNT. The data looks like this.table is "workers" NAME DPT ----- ---- CLARK 10 JAMES 10 ALLEN 10


I'm making an app with Ionic that calls a Laravel API and one of the functionalities of the app is a real-time chat between users, so I need to listen to events that will be triggered on the backend.

线程在JJS jrunscript vs.

I have a system that's based on jrunscript (for now) because it is capable of using both the pre-Java 8 Sun Rhino implementation, as well as Nashorn, to run scripts. There's a lot going on, but my


Basically, I am writing an 'Enemy' class that takes in an image from a list of images and a position number (o), and assigns it to its position on the screen. Variable o is set to -1 initially. How


i want to convert it to php, who gonna help me ? code: import requests import re try : user = raw_input('User : ') msg = raw_input('Message : ') nbr = input("How Much : ") url ='http:/

更新的另一种形式的C # listviewitems使用文本框

I have Form1(main form) where I load in a ListView a list of Products created in Form2. I created a context menu strip that when i select a row from the listView, and choose the Edit option in that


I am trying to retrieve the number "1" from the "display-ratings" span class in the snippet of html below: <article class="surveys-verbatim__item "> <h3 id="engine_major"> &


I'm trying to grab the first 15 seconds of any video selected from the UIImagePicker and then save that to the photo library. I'm using AVFoundation to grab the first 15 seconds and then save as a new


So this is similar to my previous question, except now does not work either: ssh tunnel in foreground works for mysql host localhost but ssh-tunnel in background works for mysql host 127.0.0.


I have a table like this user_id | start_time | end_time | group_number 1 | 2018-06-20 01:00:00 | 2018-06-20 01:10:00 | 1 1 | 2018-06-20 01:20:00 | 2018-06-20 01:30:00


I am trying to check if a data exists in the database. The fetching of the data is done in an asynchronous method. I need to detect when the function finishes and execute the next sequence of code.