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Uncaught TypeError:不能读取属性

been stuck on this for hours and none of the other solutions online seem to be helping. Any ideas what might be causing this? List of my includes: <link rel="stylesheet" href="../../node_modules/


My android studio is failing to build right now due to the execution failed for task and it says I have more than one library with package name android.support.graphics.drawable. Here is my build.

SKStoreReviewController .RevestReVIEW()不在实时应用程序中工作

Earlier this functionality used to work in live app and few reviews submitted by users too. But currently nothing happens when tapping out Rate us Button. While in dev mode I am able to get ratings

如何在Java 8日期API中从HIJRAH日期中减去HIVRAH年

I want to display the Ramadan 2017 start and end dates. I tried writing a code. import java.time.LocalDate; import java.time.chrono.HijrahDate; import java.time.temporal.ChronoField; import java.time.


#include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; int main () { int cnt[26] {}; char alpha[26]; string s = "abcdefffggghiii"; for (int i = 0; i < s.


I've been using Instant Articles since it started. I created an app for the Audience network integration, so I can have ads inside the articles. I'm using Wordpress and a Instant Articles plugin that


In creating a React app, I'm currently creating an app where the parent component is handling and managing all the state changes. I am passing down the necessary states and functions to each child as


I have a JSON object whose details can contain different types of JSON objects, the rest of the JSON remains the same, in such a case how can I have a single struct in Golang to handle both types of


I'm using VS Code with AngularDart. I need to see, what values are inside some variables. Usually one can do that, by setting a breakpoint. But the debugger doesn't seem to work for web projects.


I'm trying to have a tag fire when someone clicks an the Google Rating box on the top right of this website (it's a Google Rating box that opens up a lightbox). The problem is, depending on where you


I'm new to django and I am practicing with it now. I am creating image uploading system, but I cannot upload image uisng form even though I can post and save data through admin. Here is my code.


Hey so i'm trying out laravel and when i create a new project and run it i cant see any of the components i create myself. The example component shows up but when i make any changes it doesn't show up.


So I've created a google map activity and it was working. And everything went down after connecting the firebase. I'm not sure what to post here but below is my build.gradle: apply plugin: 'com.


I'm working on ratpack.io web app and using gradle as the build tool. Templates are rendered from template files in a src/main/thymeleaf directory, which works fine at runtime (just using gradle run).


I am trying to write a JQL query to list all bugs assigned to resolved epics. And I need to do without Script runner. The filter I have for resolved epics for a particular duration is issuetype =


I am unable to install the package with the command npm install -g hummus The error from the logs is: 1926 verbose stack Error: hummus@1.0.87 install: `node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build`


I am starting to move from VB6 to C#. Although I am a experienced programmer (40+ Years) often it is knowing the newer constructs that are the big help rather than diligently translating line by line.


I have XML structure like the one below(Sample XML). I want to change the img tags value and change them to relative path.Each XML document can contain more than 100s of img tags. My code works for


Good I want to make an application that creates routes in Google maps, well what I can do is create a map at this time, I want to know if there is a way to get the coordinates of a route that is


Currently, I'm developing a ios App. Initially, I have a login page. if the user is logged in, I want to show the main page. if user not logged in, I want to show login page itself. So how can I


var keyList = [String] () ref1.observeSingleEvent(of: .value, with: { (snapshot) in for child in snapshot.children { let snap = child as! DataSnapshot let key =


function Title(mainTitle){ this.mainTitle = mainTitle; } var projectTitle1 = new Title("Project-1 Main Title"), projectTitle2 = new Title("Project-2 Main Title"), projectTitle3 = new Title("Project-


I tired to add a multi server to my image hosting site.it not working so far for me.I can not understand how to file these. I have a VPS Host (Ex: "ftp.example.com"): ftp.xxxxxx.com User:xxxxxuser


I am trying to tokenize an expression with the following rules: The separators are '}}' and '{{' The strings between separators should be kept intact (including spaces) The separators can be embedded


Given an array X of shape (n, m) and another given number l how can I get an array Y of shape (n, l, m, l) where Y[i, j, :, :] is the null matrix that has been replaced the j-th column by the i-th row


I want to delete specific values/data from one column with the WHERE condition. I used this code: A ='ab123'; sqlquery = ['DELETE * FROM myTable WHERE ' 'product = ' A]; curs =


I want to have an intro in my app. and I use a viewpager as an image slider that displays images on each layer and I want the fade in out effect when slides. How can i implement that?


This is a bomb lab phase 2, and I have noticed that there are two inputs, and this is a recursive function, could you please help me to figure out what func4 is doing and go through every steps? When

TysFoo流只在终端工作,但不在Python IDes中[ Linux MINT]

I'm on Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64bit and running into a weird problem when trying to install Tensorflow. After installing it via native pip according to the official documentation, I validated its


I am trying to run a logistic regression on the total replacement cost of power plant stations from a csv file. The explanatory variable, data$TYPE, has a drop down list in the csv file which contains


I am using a text field to help a user select a common tree name. There are 246 choices. So, I would like to use type ahead to help the user find a tree. If a user types maple, the auto selection


I'm writing typescript tests in Mocha, and defined a test like this: describe("IsDefined", () => { it("should work right ", () => { class Test { @IsDefined() p1:


I am using in a windows form code to Open IE and navigate to a site I get: authorization was successful, the result: StatusCode - OK "Enable (((HttpWebResponse) response) .StatusDescription);" If I

当将Mango Java驱动程序从2 x升级到3 x时会发生变化。

I am in the process of upgrading my app's Mongo driver from 2.13.3 to 3.7.1. The backing Mongo database is on 3.2.x. I am encountering an error on the call basicDbObject.toString() after the


I'm trying to use Kcross for spatial point pattern analysis. I wish to compare between species A and species B, from my dataset called 'birds'. The variable of interest is species_name. It only has 2


I'm new in firebase. Is Infinite scroll (or pagination) realized? If not, how can i implement infinite scroll in my android app? Please save my day!!! Sorry for my english


I'm using flask to make a website in which I want to see all the restaurants, with all of their items and their prices and descriptions. To do this I tried iterating over a list of the restaurants


From https://algs4.cs.princeton.edu/42digraph/ Shortest directed cycle. Given a digraph, design an algorithm to find a directed cycle with the minimum number of edges (or report that the graph


The Rust Book mainly talks about move mechanics, but if I have a large structure I see that the Rust compiler produces code that copies the contents of the structure bit by bit. Is it recommended to

如何改变NGNX文件根在AWS ListS帆?

I have setup an AWS Lightsail server running LEMP. I adding a demo app for laravel and want to change the document root of the ngnix server so that the main website goes to /myapp/public which is the


So basically these are my steps Create an xlsx with excel online, nothing to fancy, just 2 columns, I added some data on those columns. Download this xlsx from oneDrive. Open with NPOI this excel,


So I'm getting the error Class is not abstract and does not override abstract method actionPerformed(ActionEvent) in ActionListener import java.awt.*; import java.applet.*; import java.awt.event.*; //


For example, I have a folder new_folder and I have a lot of folders and files in this folder. I want to list all the files that have math in their file names. So files like maths.txt, text.mathabc


I'm writing the following code to update SQL Server. I received the following error message: Incorrect syntax near '-'. Must declare the scalar variable "@id". Description: An unhandled exception

WordPress WooWin中的非翻译字符串

I'm trying to translate all the strings in WooCommerce to spanish in Wordpress, and most of them are already ok, however the "Categories" and "Products" labels in the left side of the shop page are


I have a simple form appear at the bottom of an index page using Ajax to submit the form and reload the index list. For some reason, when cancelling the form or going between pages on the site and

JSF 2特立尼达2 AutoStuMIT不在UI组件(前端DOM)中更新

I have a requirement is to enable "SUBMIT BUTTON" after entering a value in a text box. For this, I have used: autoSubmit="true" Below is the code snippet what I have <tr:inputText value="#{

When I create a new Javascript file in Visual Studio 2017, this: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <meta charset="utf-8" /> always shows up in the <


Suppose i have a model with carrierwave file upload. class Book < ActiveRecord::Base mount_uploader :file, BookImageUploader end If i want to check if a book doesnt have any attached


I have recently encountered a problem on javascript functions being called repetitively. I have a button that would call a javascript method. In the method the webpage will get send and get a POST