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My goal is to create a dummy.tar file containing all my files&dirs in a dummy directory, which sums up to several TB of information. Moreover, I want this to go as fast as possible. I created


I have the following lines: After=netfilter-persistent.service network-online.target docker.socket firewalld.service After=network-online.target docker.socket firewalld.service netfilter-persistent.


I have written a procedure for a simple bubble sort in MIPS. Single stepping the debugger, I was able to find my first few sorts were indeed right, but on iterating through the loops, I misplaced/


download image from URL working in local machine but not working when i dump code in server my code


I have a problem with the end of my code. I would like to display the last two curves, the problem is that at the beginning the size of YY is 288 and then after the equality with diff, my size goes to


I'm trying to select multiple IDs using mySQL, PHP and PDO as Follows: $scheme_ids = "23,24"; // get details for all permitted schemes $stmt = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM schemes WHERE id IN(?)"


I have a basic doubt - why do we need @ExceptionHandler annotation for exception class separately when we can write our error message and details in Catch block itself? Kindly help


I am changing the Frame rate of the video to fast forward and reverse video, but how can I save the video to the library after changing frame rate in swift.

使用Type前缀NGX Bootstrap防止文本更新

I implemented Typeahead component successfully following the official ngx-bootstrap documentation. Now the problem is that the component automatically updates the text typed by the user with the value

在NavestScript VUE应用程序中存储一个值

Im making a simple application with nativescript-vue, on the home page i have a button that launch the scanner so i can scan a product. Here is my home page : <template> <Page class="page"&


I have a google sheet with multiple columns. I want values of column a,b,c,d,e to converted into a single base64 encoded string. example: A1 B1 C1 D1


I am trying to fetch Azure AD app details using Get-AzureADApplication command. But this command is throwing below error. "Get-AzureADApplication : You must call the Connect-AzureAD cmdlet before


I need to install older version of sqllite3: I tried: gem install sqlite3 -v '1.3.13' But I get: EMP-SOF-LT075:admin_pci test$ sudo gem install sqlite3 -v '1.3.13' Building native extensions.


I am using the Quasar CLI version 0.15.20 which has the dialog $q.dialog for confirmation. I want to control the backbutton on android device not to go back to previous page if the user doesnt confirm


I have to debug a google contact management app and the problem is sometimes there is some synchronization problem because some mail are deleted on google servers but they appear active in application.


After launching the app and scroll the page. When navigating from one screen to another through button action, when trying to keep the vertical scroll position of the page on button action using $(


I am new to protractor and facing an issue while handling the authentication pop up in protractor. Please find the attached screenshot. Authentication PopUp Please suggest me any solution. Thanks


I'm trying to make a small 2d hockey game where the player selects the puck and shoots it. At the moment my code allows the player to select the puck from anywhere on the page, but ideally I would


I'm trying to display a splash screen until I load all necessary resources and open the main stage afterwards, but I keep running into InvocationTargetException. In other words, my primary stage


I'm trying to both build an uber jar using the maven shade plugin (to build a docker image) and also deploy the project jars to a maven repository. I do not want to deploy the uber jar to the maven


Is there any possible way to configure a visual studio solution. My requirement is. I have a latest dll available in nuget and need to download that to a particular folder and then use the same as the

PageSheet viewcontroller没有正确显示

Have a PageSheet view controller, which is not displaying correctly, the nav bar buttons are over the top of the status bar, this is ugly but usable on most phones but on iPhone X unusable. Its an


I'm writing some of the features in a web project (similar to a web disk), in which I have difficulty writing a search function that can search the corresponding file by keyword and display it on the


I use a multi-user cluster with LSF_platform. I have been requested to estimate computing time over a year. I analyze results produced by others, and in my work I use a multitude of applications. I


I'm working with a third party API which developed by Java. It require to encrypt data with given RSA private key to generate signature. But 'RSACryptoServiceProvider' in C# only allow encrypt by


I have a rather simple issue I suppose as I'm just learning Access, but couldn't find any solutions from the forum. In my code there is a function that is returning a recordset and it does that just


I am new to building webchat bot. I have one built one webchat bot in C# using the Microsoft Bot framework. I now need to add an Adaptive card to the app, my basic question is - Should I build the


I want to set the IE11 browser resolution to 2610*1610 using Selenium IE driver automatically through scripts

如何将控制台应用程序转换为Linux BASH程序

I wrote a small console application that I am using to compress and decompress folders and files, everything works well, but it behaves like a normal program for the user, like that: I want to change


I currently have a simple application which is fully functional and queries data using php and sql. However, I am struggling to style the website as attributes don't seem to be applying. I am using


How to numbering equestions automatically in word document. For example y = mx + c, i want to number at the center and the number of equation appeared at the end of the page as


I try to parse version of project into new variable named build-number, i use following plugin <plugin> <groupId>org.codehaus.mojo</groupId> <artifactId>build-


enter image description here Just like this table


I want to parse json to c# class .so that I can store data. My json file contains : { "screen": { "0": "42x11", "1": "16x16", "2": "40x30", "3": "32x32", "4":


Can I pass any value dynamically without a stored procedure here ALTER PROCEDURE Ev @v1 int AS BEGIN IF (@v1%2=0) BEGIN PRINT (+cast(@V1 as varchar(10)) + ' is even') END ELSE BEGIN PRINT (+cast(@


a noob here. I tried to use the data that I get from the database using the webmethod in VB. visual basic <WebMethod()> _ Public Shared Function GetChartData() As List(Of datadetails) Dim

Uncaught TypeError:$Ajax不是函数L.Tyelayel.BeTwitWMS函数

Hello guys I'm trying to display an onclick popup for my wms but I get this error Uncaught TypeError: $.ajax is not a function. I followed the instructions and downloaded jquery-3.3.1.js from this

ValdB Java客户端在lambda函数中使用时抛出异常

I get the following exception when I try to write into VoltDB using the java client with ssl enable and running my application as a lambda function java.io.IOException: decrypt task failed at org.


I am new to React language. I have been working in the Shopify store for a year. Now they updated their store to React. if React is for the single page web/application then Why Shopify Implemented it?


I am trying to update an .append that has a dynamic variable inside that receives the data from a web service. I get the data however how do I update the div that holds the dynamic variable? this is


I have declared an own enum type. export enum MyEnum { FIRSTENTRY = 'B', SECONDENTRY = 'F', } I also get some data from a service. res:[{ID: 1, description: "someText", MyEnumType: "

IIS RDLC报告查看器2015网站需要管理员权限

I am getting white page on my ASP.net web application while using simple RDCL report while the identity on the Website's Application Pool is a simple windows user memeber of IIS_IUSRS but when i join


I try to check video rtp stream on my Windows OS computer using command on server: gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location = d:/TestVideos/lama.mp4 ! qtdemux ! video/x-h264 ! rtph264pay ! udpsink host=192.

在Lails PrGRES-RGEO项目中查找LAT/Lon记录

Having Table Neighborhoods, which looks like this: id: 1, title: "Sun City", state: "CA", geometry: "MULTIPOLYGON (((-117.1935499999999 33.74306900000005, -117.1935729999999 33.74198700000005, -117.


sry for my bad english here is my Problem: The "Home" is a H1 element and i want it in the background Here is my css Code: ul li { float: left; width: 19.86%; background-color: black; opacity: .


I'm trying to detect mentions (using @) in a UITextField. Basically, what's I'm trying to do is convert the text String that's being entered by the user into an array and then loop through each item


I use Grunt spritesmith for collection my normal and retina icons in one sprite sheet together. My main problem is that, retina icons size are bigger than normal one about 2x, and I want to use same


I am trying to get the start of the week from a given date. For example if i passed in a DateTime of 16/08/2018 i would expect a return of 13/08/2018. Everything i have found is to find the start of


The following code instantiates jqgrid along with a custom button once the columnModel is available. This works fine. export class SomeComponent implements OnInit{ private _someService;


I have the following function which works as expected. var getJSON = function(url, callback) { var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhr.open('GET', url, true); xhr.responseType = 'json';