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The below uses scrapy for web crawling. I am attempting to use BeautifulSoup to extract the text from the tag in the 'full_xml' page but am returning an empty list. def parse(self,response):

I am using MINGW64 to push my changes to a remote repository. When I make a new change I add it and commit. When I push it said it made the changes then I go to github and the changes weren't made.

I'm trying to use Blockly in an Angular 7 application but I'm unable to inject the Blockly editor. I have downloaded the files from https://developers.google.com/blockly/guides/get-started/web and

Warning: Please bear with me and I am fairly new with Gatling. So, apologies in advance. :P :) I was going through Loadrunner Asynchronous Calls Function - wb_reg_async_attributes, and I found that

I'm working on a problem and I'm a little confused about where to begin. Here is the list I'm working with: customers = list(); customer_list.append( {{'id':12345, 'first_name':'John', 'last_name':'

So, I am trying to do an application which gives a user the ability to keep track of the score and number of fouls of two different teams playing football <LinearLayout android:

This will be simple for someone, so hope you don't mind my asking here, I have some php code like so: <?php $zip = new ZipArchive; if ($zip->open('myfiles1.zip) === TRUE) { $zip->addFile(

Using Slack plugin in Jenkins. Set configuration at a job: Build Environment Inject environment variables to the build process Properties File Path /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/[MY_JOB]/var.

i'm new with c++, and i was messing around with the stuff i have learned thus far. I was messing with arrays and i came up with the following code #include <iostream> using namespace std; int

Hello I'm having a struggle with displaying locations in Wordpress. I have a page that haves some Local Dentist receptions. There divided in different categories of places. And I also have another

I'm using a very simple program to push an ffmpeg stream from my raspberry pi camera to a nginx server. However, it fails after 90 minutes, with almost every single Raspberry Pi I use (I have this

My redux state seems like this. import SearchIcon from "@material-ui/icons/Search"; const initState = { salesIconList: { Icon: TrendingUpIcon, color: "#ff9800", text: "sale analysis",

Curious how I can get a localized, plural part of any date. e.g "Octobers, Novembers" or "Mondays, Tuesdays"

I want to fit rr-vglm model using rrvglm function in package-VGAM. I fitted it with simple simulation data, but I get the error Error in lm.fit(X.vlm, y = z.vlm, ) : NA/NaN/Inf in 'x' Here are

I am running Mongodb on AWS windows instance, I changed my config setting as following: net: port: 30000 bindIp: As far as my knowledge, Server should get started on port 30000, it can

I'm developing a server emu for a game. And I create a socket and using socket.accept() to accept the connection from client. Things goes fine util I want to read data from the socket's input stream.

While entering into state I want to pass parameters with state as follows: playerStateMachine.enter(pauseState.self, ["score":123, "rank":1]) so I can get that value as follows in didEnter method:

I am trying to invoke some C++ functions in Python code with Python ctypes. I have two code files: one is core_lib.cpp, which defines a class and a member method; the other is demo.py, which

I have implemented the Twilio php quickstart (https://www.twilio.com/docs/voice/make-calls) and it works great. I set the endpoint for the phone # to the answer_call.php on my local server. If I

I am creating a number to word translator and have it working with one exception. I am having trouble accounting for zeros, for example if the number '4056' is typed in 'four thousand zero hundred

I am facing this error while uploading an image with a title and description text to DB in PHP Laravel. I am using the same code for other webpage there it is working properly but the same code is not

I have a dataframe,df with 3 columns:FirstCol,SecndCol ThirdCol. I intend to match the words in the Firstcolumn and if the word ends with up which is the last word in FirstCol,

I use PyPDF4 to merge pdf files, then I use the merged pdf as a HttpResponse. I use BytesIO to get the result from PdfFileMerger. I got it working using this code def mergePDF(listOfPDFFile):

I am using mxnet, python3.7, to debug my program, and an error stack have Traceback of following File "C:\E\project\code\evaluate.py", line 39, in evaluate_accuracy output = net(data) File "C:\D\

I'm working in a small team of developers and we're using github.com for our project. I created a topic branch, let's call it A, off of dev, completed work on it and created the Pull Request (PR) to

I have one 500kb document in a MongoDB collection that looks like this, with the "Content" array having 5000 entries: { "BookID": "120", "Content": ["The day was pretty good", .42],

I make games like quizzes, but use the concept of drag and drop. for example there are choices A and B, when I select option A to column 1, option B I drag to column 2. Then both of them will check

I'm a newbie C++ programmer. I've written a basic emotion checker that reacts based on your reply that gets fetched from an array. I'm wondering how to make it so that the replies work in both upper

Using Xdebug and PHPStorm (or any other debugging tool/ide) is there any way to define a condition to break the execution without spesifiny the breakpoint's line? For example "break when $x>4, in

I'm currently learning Javascript at school, so my codes may look like a beginner coding style. I wanted my list(arrays) on the browser to change when I check the checkbox input. But, when I do check

I have a field which is a concatenation of single letters. I am trying to order these strings within a view. These values can't be hard coded as there are too many. Is someone able to provide some

I recently followed a tutorial on authorization and authentication (login) and everything works fine but everytime I input the username and password it's showing an error of bad credentials. This is

On below code always get model is null,But not issue for [frombody]string parameter Set cors in WebApiConfig var cors = new EnableCorsAttribute(origins:"*",methods: "*", headers: "*");

I'm currently having an issue creating an image with PIL when Tkinter is present in the program. I'm currently in the process of giving my program a proper GUI,( Which works fine ), but it is

I created a simple calculator in ruby and it works fine. I am wondering how to add a loop to the program so it doesn't fully stop it and keeps it running. I just started programming so any help would

I'm trying to implement the CYK pseudo code provided by wikipedia. The example sentence I input should be outputting True, however it is outputting false. I think I'm getting issues on the indexing

I'm trying to set the path for the external resources within my Electron app. I have set the location in the package.json "build": { "appId": "uk.raffles", "productName": "Raffles", "

I am new to c++ and I wish to dynamically change datatype. Eigen::MatrixXd data; In the above declaration, I wish to change the datatype of variable data, for example if user input is float then the

I have an app HTMLSpyII that I developed a few years ago when I was an absolute beginner at Android programming. Anyway here it is a few years later, I have been away from programming through this

What I am trying to do have the user press one button(let's call it button 1), then drag their finger across the screen to another button(button 2); and while they are doing this, a straight, dashed

Sorry if this is a basic question, I have been learning AB testing for couple of days now. For instance i have a table with visitors and purchases for four different versions of websites and

Calculation left or top ? <div style="width:100px;height:50px;"></div> div.style.transform = `rotateZ(45deg)` // 获取矩阵 let transform = window.getComputedStyle(div)['transform'], matrix

Wondering if anyone can help me with this one. The project I'm working on is with a datagridview and an undo function. Currently my undo code works with every other piece of functionality I have

Scenario: An azure function hosted on an app service plan and scaled out to 5 instances. The Azure function is triggered by Blob. Question: Is there any documentation that explains the mechanism

I have been build production Webserver but i stuck in: linux apache2.4.35 php7.2 curl does not execute in text result but in html does. I just run this code : <?php // create a new cURL resource $

Person Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 ----------------------------------------- Dave 1 1 1 Sean 1 1 -1 Chris 1 -1 -1

I need to use a custom css file but I am unable to call from the public/css directory. Is there anything else I need to do? <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{asset('css/businessfrontpage.css')}}"/&

I am trying to check whether a list of points (which are stored in df.Coords) are found inside my shapefile (multipolygon). I wrote a code below, however, I realised that python only reads in the

Let`s say there is a collection "goods" in mongodb like this: {name:"A",attr:["location":"us"]} {name:"B",attr:["brand":"nike"]} In the past,I use spark to flatten it and save to hive: goodsDF.

To be clear, this is about overlapping markers visually not by lat/lng. I'm not looking for clustering or spidering. How to determine, in this case, 1 and 3 are overlapping and not 2 In my case the