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I am trying to extract an ID from a string with python3. The regex returns more then one item, despite only having one in the text: text_total = 'Lore Ippsum Ref. 116519LN Perlmutt' >>>

I have four arrays that look like this: int[] 1 = { 1, 2, 3, 4}; int[] 2 = { 2, 3, 4, 1}; int[] 3 = { 3, 4, 1, 2}; int[] 4 = { 4, 1, 2, 3}; I wanted to make a some sort of a loop that for example

I Made a code for CSMA/CA it work but rate of failure is very high than it should be. so i don't know what is wrong with my code, and asking u guys. plz help me to get over it. the rate of failure

I changed a little part of code and i get these errors: os.asm:error: Can't find valid values for all labels after 1004 passes, giving up. os.asm:error: Possible causes: recursive EQUs, macro abuse.

I installed the dlib library for python. The only problem is when I type import dlib in the terminal, it says importError: No module named dlib. importing dlib in python IDLE works. The problem is,

I have a User model with a Credits relation. public function credits() { return $this->hasMany('App\Credit'); } I'd like to return all users where their credit balance is greater than 0.

I am trying to make a request to the Proactive Events API by using the requests module of Python. However I always receive a response that the scope is invalid. Can anyone help? What am I doing wrong?

I was making a File Encryptor which will encrypt private and important Files securely. I tried to search everywhere but didn't find an appropriate solution Pardon me if the question is Silly as this

I'm learning Alloy and experimenting with creating predicates for relations being injective and surjective. My intuition says that given A and B if there is no r: A -> B | injective[r] then #A >

This is my application : https://cfslpro.com/student_portal/ Front end is done by AngularJS and back end is done by Node.JS. Hosted in Apache server. ( Digital ocean Linux 16.04 ) You can try login ,

I have an old website which uses classic asp. I have a problem in that whenever I display a price, if it is above £1000.00 it displays with a comma, ie £1,000.00. How do I force it to remove or not

emitted data from different process to socketio but not working I created Flask App in which I am using Flask-SocketIO framework. The code for flask app is below: from web import create_app,

In C++ : how to print the digits after the decimal. For example i have this float number ( 12.54 ), and i want to print it like this ( 0.54 ). Thank you all.

I'm trying to set a custom colour for my buttons in Android application but value set for accentColor is always used as button background colour. I am trying to set a global colour for all buttons

I have a csv file that I am reading in, I have a column of numerical strings and I'm trying to get the difference between the two subsequent rows. The numbers were in depths with "ft" following the

I have a DataFrame containing 4000 rows. I'd like to select 20 random rows from this dataframe. The new DataFrame must be balanced. That means that I have an attribute called default that can take

I have a question: is there any way within a winform solution, to have one button's function be referenced in a different winform under a different button? An example of this would be:

I'm trying to send a get request from react native, using axios, to my coldfusion component. My coldfusion component: component displayName="react" { remote any function ajaxLogin(data)

So I'm trying to build a complicated project and it didn't run and after I checked it a lot I started assuming the problem wasn't the code. A more simple code like this one: %{ #include <

This is a followup question from last one Page is redirecting to my php script from form I have put my phploginscript inside my index.php file but now im getting ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS in chrome. I

I am trying to write a program that gets a number with one or two digits and write Hello! as many times as that number. I used this posts to write my code: NASM: The loop turns into an infinite loop

Since Tensorflow support CUDA 9.0, I am trying to install in my windows 10 laptop. But nothing got installed. Getting an error saying "graphics hardware could not find compatible graphics hardware,

I am working in codeigniter with which I am trying to get tweets. But twitter provides tweets for '$url = "https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json";' but not for '$url = "https://api.

I need some help with my PHP as I have a problem with the code. I am working on my code to fetch the value from ckeditor to output them in the $headers variable, then post it. I have tried to fetching

So currently, I'm trying to find a way to (de)serialize my data so the Map will be able to contain instances of Wagon and not just Component. Is there any way to do this with my current structure of

Below are the two ways to insert data in MySql through laravel Way 1: $post = Post::create([ 'title' => $request->input('title'), 'body' => $request->input('body') ]); Way 2: $post =

I am a beginner to CSS-in-JS and emotion, and trying to port a sass react app to emotion. Right from the start I already have the issue of not knowing how to style the body tag. Do people generally

I'm pretty new to android programming. I'm trying to start a service when the phone is started but it does not work. I've already seen other question done by other users but no one worked till now.

So if I do something like: >>> s ='abc' >>> it = iter(s) >>> print(it) <str_iterator object at 0x10543eac8> or: >>> s = 'abc' >>> it = iter(s) &

I want to send a SIP Invite message from a client to a server using a known port. But, I don't know how to send a SIP message from a socket. I know that the server is listening a port. How can I send

I am struggling with a custom menu and getting my menu to work is causing issues with the rest of the website. Rather than use the main menu option from the wordpress backend, I have coded my own as

I have downloaded Debian Stretch Repo using apt-mirror and hosted it locally. When I am doing an apt-get update, I am getting the following warning: W: The repository '

I have a Web Api project and using Castle Windsor as the IoC. I have done this quite a few times and honestly I cannot understand why this is not working so here goes everything that I am doing:

I am using @Encrypted annotation for my attribute name in my entity class which is used for the encryption and decryption purpose of the name. My entity class is like shown below. @XmlRootElement(

I am trying to do a contour plot with 2 one-dimensional array. First, i used meshgrid to combine two arrays and then used a (255*255) array as function (it seems that it is somethings similar to

I am new to android and just started uploading apps to play store with admob & adsense but my adsense account got terminated not I can't access to Admob and Adsense. Only I have remaining google

The following code should print 'Hello World!' on the screen. Insead it prints Error: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined. Why? abstract class Parent { constructor() { console.log(this.

I have a WSO2IS install in development configured with the OOTB PRIMARY user store and a secondary Active Directory user store. When signing in to WSO2IS Mgt Console I can sign in as an Active

I am new to java. It seems really simple but I can't understand why this is happening. for (int i = -3; i < 3; i++){ set.add(i); list.add(i); } for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++){ set.

so i have this environment and reward design that i specially designed to be close to -1, 0 and 1, so (as i got told) the sigmoid wouldn't saturate, also i kept the reward design fairly simple with ca

So far I've only used JS to use getElementById() and change a little css here and there, made some ajax calls and insert some html. Pretty basic stuff. I've recently learned a lot about advanced

I've recently been experimenting with Node JS but have come across a problem with my code not continuing on (As you can tell I haven't used Node JS a lot). When I run the code below (with the size

I want to know, how to create a pointer that points to the address of a function. Supose that we have the following function: int double(int a) { return a*2; } I already know that & is used

This is for our homework so i cant use any hacking tool for this and we have to write a script So lets say i have first did the arp poisoning and caused packets to come to me first, the problem is

This is from "What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic" (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html#1378). The author is discussing the problem

Imagine i am setting up a location background task, for my iOS app, to track the users location. The user granted my app access to his location "Always". Does this mean, the background tasks runs only

I am trying to create pointer link to pdf file in markdown file which is in my local directory. Normally I create hyperlinks to the pages like that. xyz.pdf#page=4 But I cannot figure out how can I

Setup is a docker container running ubuntu 16.04, clang/lldb 6.0. I want to be able to remote debug an application, for now via another terminal instead of an IDE. My docker file FROM ubuntu:16.04

I need to do docker-compose: 1)wordpress with my theme 2) mysql. How is this done in practice? And plus one condition, I will fold the .yam file to another person and it should launch in the same way,

I saw many questions and issues regarding this question, but still none addresses my case. I want to plot the training loss each step and to plot the average validation loss at the end of an epoch.