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I was trying to write a function that could copy a text file content line by line to a matrix, so this is what I came up with: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define rows 5 #

So I'm having an issue when I create Variable Arguments with multiple classes. As you can see on the code below, I'm just trying to take in multiple cities and districts in a random order and try to

I've encountered an error trying to access phpMyAdmin Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\phpMyAdmin\libraries\classes\ErrorHandler.php on line 164

I have the following action and test case - when I run this test(jest) - I am seeing TypeError: Cannot read property 'data' of undefined in action creator, not sure what is missing here? I am

Currently, I have this time stamp from shopify api (2018-12-16T17:36:29+11:00) that I need to store in a datetime field in mysql. 1st question: What exactly 2018-12-16T17:36:29+11:00 means? date:

Attempting to create variable for sorted, joined tables in Rails 5. Everything works except the .where clause. Each Pick has a half index (1 or 2), but it is being ignored in this case and returning

I'm a beginner and learning Python. I wanted to write a python code to "call an REST API". Can you please guide me the steps to call an Rest API? Also I've curl command which I wanted to write it in

i have a download file link like this: <a href="{{ route('download_document', ['file' => 'agos.pdf']) }}" class=" text-info" style="cursor: pointer;">Download file</a> ROUTES Route::

Here is the situation: a flow is received from the network and stored in a certain area in the memory. how can I: get the unique identification of this memory area, eg. physical address? block index?

Looking for help with how to extract data from LinkedIn Content posts. For example, with each Content post, I'd like to get the username and all of the hashtags that they used. Any ideas? Thanks.

public void uploadDocument(ActionRequest actionRequest,ActionResponse actionResponse) throws IOException,PortletException, PortalException, SystemException { UploadPortletRequest

We are integrating with AWS Cognito via: client (browser) -> server -> AWS Cognito. We are doing this as we want to set a httpOnly cookie for security reasons. We are signing up the user via

There is a raft of information out there, I'm using python 3+. From what I can see cgi, flask or django seem to be the top contenders. I want a solution that is simple, safe, stable, and doesn't

**********Hello my name is Kevin i;m currently working on a test where I'm supposed to have html,java script,css and on the test im supposed to have the total number of questions i got right show up

I have kubernetes HA environment with three masters. Just have a test, shutdown two masters(kill the apiserver/kcm/scheduler process), then only one master can work well. I can use kubectl to create a

Can anyone help with the correct configuration within horizon.php to get a single supervisor to run multiple queues? I have tried: 'supervisor-1' => [ 'connection' => 'redis', 'queue' =&

I am trying to convert this to hashtable: Values are not set as arrays My aim is to have the Values as Arrays but it is not working

I have been trying to get Angular animations to do what I want but there seems to be very few resources on achieving this kind of functionality, at least that I could find. Basically, I want to have

We've got an old AppleScript that does all of our job archiving to .sitx (we're a print shop with mixed Windows/Linux/Mac machines). We're looking at the possibility of replacing it with a new one in

I am developing a code to analyze the relation of two variables. I am using a DataFrame to save the variables in two columns as it follows: column A = 132.54672, 201.3845717, 323.2654551 column B =

I already know how to call columns by name and number in data table. I am interested in calling and doing transformations though in a more flexible way. For examplesuppose I am working with the

There is a problem in my php contact form. If in the name field someone types something with a space, for example: Mary Jones, the mail won't be sent. But if it's a single-word it will be sent

I'm playing around with Laravel but I'm having an issue with the controller returning views. $aboutUs works but for $footerText I get an error that says: Undefined variable: footerText (View: /

Help please! I'm wanting to get some elements from this website: https://developers.google.com/android/for-all/vocab-words/?hl=en Using a web API request/Network Request I want to get the list of

I'm using the OWIN Auth providers for a salesforce integration and getting some strange behavior. Inside the demo project, using the salesforce options, I get 401 errors randomly in between the 200

I want to add a fixed element in new Google Sites i.e., Live Chat Widget. Is there any way to add that? Please help me with the issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please do not downvote my

I have an abstract generic class in typescript which has a generic method with parameter of class type variable. I tried to implement abstract method in derived class and found that typescript

I am trying to use the Cloudinary JQuery SDK in a .aspx page, using the following code: <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.0/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript">&

I have a programming class that has a requirement for making the code successfully compile on gcc/g++ 4.8.x or clang++. I'm running mac OSX el capitan at the moment. $ g++ --version Configured with:

I am trying to get a simple nav bar working with GO. Go Server: func main() { tmpl := template.Must(template.New("navigator.tmpl").ParseFiles("./templates/navigator.tmpl")) http.HandleFunc("/",

I'm looking for a Pure Node.JS audio library to listen to an audio channel from my pc (and possibly parse it). All npm packages / libraries I find are HTML5 or ways to play audio through a channel.

I need to validate startIndex and endIndex, and throw an IndexOutOfBoundsException if they are invalid. I am trying to throw an exception on purpose. This code throws the exception, but stops the

I am in a class where we fork the assignment from a repository, work locally in R Studio applying a statistical method, and then we are supposed to get it back onto Github and do a pull request to the

REPOST from my question yesterday. Complete code below: I think the problem is at .Column = MyArray where I send the values into the Listbox thru .column instead of .additem. But i can't

I was trying to filter the time range when run the NewRelic synthetics using script. Just curious the possible way to do this. $http.get(options, // Callback function (err, response, body) {

Before you call this a duplicate, please acknowledge the following facts: There are no boolean values. After I read the text files MANUALLY, they were missing the second String supposed to be written

From microsoft's example I noticed that the value stored in m_MixFormat->nChannels is 2. If I simply change this value to 1, will this enable me to capture from only 1 channel? The problem is, I

I'm using the war plugin to create a new war file with an existing one as an overlay and then laying the dependencies in and rebuilding. In this example the dates in the file are way in the future.

I am using the following code in Keras to classify some images using CNN. I get OS error during the first epoch

I am trying to read the list part of a dropdown list from my SQFlite database, and can't work out how. Query from database_helper Future<List<Map>> getFieldData(String animal, String

I have a table with three variables. one is the amout, the other is a restricting. Strict is the name of a column, but the system views it as a variable. It is not. It is not a reserved word

I have a common shared memory space that multiple processes can read and write to it. I am running into this problem where I am using shm_open() to the access the shared memory and mmap() to write to

I'm trying to understand the relationship between the Sequential() API and the Model() API for setting up NNs in Keras. In particular, I'm confused by the existence of an InputLayer object in a model

I am writing my first django app and in one of my ListView there will be hundreds of records. I want the user to be able to filter the result. The filter widget in the admin console looks intuitive

I have a page listing different items, and when an item is selected I want the name of the item clicked on to load an item-detail page, with the item clicked on being the paramter to item-detail. For

Is there a way to get partitions to inherit a generated identity column from the table that they were partitioned from? E.g CREATE TABLE data.log ( id BIGINT GENERATED ALWAYS AS

Say I have a dataset like this: is_a is_b is_c population infected 1 0 1 50 20 1 1 0 100 10 0 1 1 20 10 How do I reshape it to look

On a scenario to have a pointfree omit i can do this: const omit = <K extends string>( name: K ) => <T, U extends PlainObject<T> & { [P in K]: T }>( x: U, ) => {

I am using file_put_contents to create a video file. the problem is the speed and performance. It takes about an average of 30 to 60 minutes for an average file size of 50 mb to be created and that is

I run the program and it reaches while loop with input set on "" before the loop. When it enters the while loop it prints "Wrong input!" and then it asks to type in input = sc.nextLine(). Why? It hasn'