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I am trying to generate category pages for my github pages blog using jekyll. When i run locally using jekyll serve this works because it can use my plugin. Using this example from the docs doesn'


I have this code : $number_1 = 0.01; $number_2 = 3.2; $result = $number_1 * $number_2; and the result is : 0.032 how to have decimal digits of $result same with $number_1, in this case, I'm

Python:[WangRebug 267 ]目录名无效

i was opening sample dicom files but i got this error [WinError 267] The directory name is invalid I am using anaconda, pydicom 1.1.0 aIf anyone can help me with this, or even just help me how to


I have a multiple select box with dynamic option creation enabled. After each new option, I send an ajax request and add that option to the DB. $('.skill').on('select2:select',function(e) {


You are at at one corner of a n*n square grid and you have to reach at the diagonally opposite corner. You are not allowed to visit one point again but at any point you can go to any available


I created a Google sheet template to share with my virtual assistant who is supposed to do the following: 1. Make a copy of the template 2. Import a CSV file 3. Run a script I have written to make

Flutter CustomPaint阴影

I have the following widget: class OutsiderButton extends StatelessWidget { final Function onPressed; final Icon icon; final OutsiderButtonPosition position; OutsiderButton({this.onPressed,

如何在ASP.NET MVC的另一个网站上获取新的上传数据

i am develop web software in asp.net MVC .. i want get information that are given on different websites like email addresses that are different companies email address then help me how can i get


I want to draw bar graph in Matlab for my laboratory report. I have created this graph using MS Excel. Now, I want re-draw this graph using Matlab. I have used this Matlab code to create the graph.


I have data for various months for example Jan,Feb,Mar and for various ID. I want the total sum for each month and different IDs to be merged into one column. I want the output in this format

Bootstrap 4滚动间谍不工作

I'm using laravel 5.5 and Bootstrap 4.1 My problem is Bootstrap vertical Scrollspycant handle sticky-top class. Another thing is the data-target always active on the Item 4 even though I'm on Item 1,


I'm using SpringBoot. In '/api/events' I have a list of events. Here's Java code that returns that list: @GetMapping(path = "/api/events", produces = "application/json") @Transactional public @


I am having trouble authenticating a user with the email because the system tells me "Cannot call value of non-function type 'String'", help me please! func handleRegister() { guard let email =


hello developers I need a java plugin for unity3d to add ads in my unity source code which have scripts with JavaScript language I have tried a C# unity plugin but I failed. PS: I need a plugin for


First time user here. I am currently trying to simulate running a website that has access to a server which does back-end operations using node.js. I've done this using a server that was provided


i need print only 1,3,5 values of foreach, help me with php code pls.. i have foreach in my template (joomla - virtuemart) foreach($product->customfields as $field){


I try to set a Child Route as default route that loads when i just enter the site address. const routes: Routes = [ {path: '', pathMatch: 'full', redirectTo: ''}, { path: '',


I am really trying to gain a good grasp of the DOM especially traversing the DOM. I have a simple html table with form to help with this understanding. The id of my table is "myTbl" and the id of an


Please see the GIF below. https://media.giphy.com/media/jyVywFVsRB427YmW4c/giphy.gif It happens even with a hello project. Cocos creator version is 1.92. Simulator version: 10.0 (SimulatorApp-851.


Hi everyone i have been searching for this problem all over and i just cant find anyone who has had the same problem (Which i find very odd), maybe the keywords i search for is totally wrong and if so


When running npm install or npm install foo is there an exit code that represents a permissions error? Something like this: npm install -g foo; exit_code="$?" if [ "$exit_code" == "3" ]; then #


Hi I am attempting to update a react component, which is not working. When a user clicks a button on a sibling component, a post request is made to my api. The purpose of this component is to create


I'm getting an issue that happens when I run a query that results in an error. For example, if I run the following query SELECT * FROM users WHERE account_id=1; The table users does not have an


I have some nodes. Each node belongs to other network. Each node has private IP like and stays behind NAT. Is there any possibility to communicate between Nodes? Actually, I need to

@ Html.ActionLink可以以ID发送,并在其他视图中看到ID

I want to go to this adres. In the project, we create a survey first. then click that button next to the survey to see the survey's questions. Survey's List. And "Soruları Gör" is that button. When


This code is only supposed to run when the Register button is clicked but instead it's adding it below the login page. Once Register is clicked though it goes to Register layout and when you click


I'm trying to get data from MySQL database and show it on a tableview in JavaFX, as far as I tested I found out that the connection with the database is good and data arrives successfully to the


Context I'm trying to deploy a aspnet core sample-app on Heroku with docker but is not working. repo: https://github.com/mykeels/sample-web-api guide: https://blog.devcenter.co/deploy-asp-net-core-2-


I have the following Forecast class: class Forecast { let city: City var currentTemperature: String { didSet { print("cur tepm was set to \(currentTemperature)")

通过AWS CLI将大(50 GB)文件上传到S3失败

I am trying to upload a large file (ie 57 GB) to s3. Boto3 (python) couldn't do it due to 5 GB upload-size limitation, So i used AWS CLI. I have written upload code in a Windows batch file which is


I am assigned a task to build a monitoring dashboard, which can show OS(linux performance data) and app server(weblogic) monitonring data visually on browser. there are 10 different machines and each


I'm using mongoose and express.js. From what I can gather this is the recommended way to register a model in app.js (import after connecting to the DB with mongoose): mongoose.connect('mongodb://


i am learning aws. I am trying to create aws-code pipeline. i have written struts pgm using sql. i used codecommit and push the code. Then i used aws code build to start my build. But it is failed.

CONDA更新CONDA 404未发现错误

I'm having the following error when i try to do conda update conda using miniconda3 inside a docker build. I'm not sure why though. Here is what it shows : CondaHTTPError: HTTP 404 NOT FOUND for url

单击按钮上的Android C *清除文本视图字段

I need to clear 3 TextView fields on a button click to stop them returning the previous entry/ies into the autocomplete text box. Currently when you enter a country it returns the 3 values I need,


So I have a problem with performing a INSERT INTO statement. Below you see the code I am using and it will not perform the action it is asked to do, I have tried so many things yet it still does not

JavaScript .Par()和.PoSuSE()不工作

I'm new to JavaScript and am having trouble using the .play() and .pause() functions. I've looked this up online but can't find many answers and any that do appear don't seem to help. HTML <audio


So when I try to run my parent component 'Dashboard' in my browser. The child component 'ChartUsage' throws an error in my console: [Vue warn]: Error in created hook: "TypeError: Cannot convert


I want to complete my logistic regresson algorithm which predicts the annual season based on the store name and purchase category (see below for sample data, and note the label encoding. Store name is


I have the following structures in my code (FrameNode is a node in a linked list): typedef struct Frame { char* name; uint duration; char* path; } Frame; typedef struct FrameNode {


I have a core data singleton class like this : class CoreDataUtil { static let shared = CoreDataUtil() var container:NSPersistentContainer? = AppDelegate().persistentContainer var


I have a custom class called Array. It stores the array of type T and a size integer. Does this look right saving an array to file? fout.write((char *)m_array, sizeof(T) * m_size); How I'm storing


Example: a = ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ) print( 'Test %s' % (a) ) # this will generate error not all arguments converted during string formatting print( 'Test %s' % (a,) ) # this will print 'Test (1,2,3,4)' Does


I'm trying to get CSS keyframes to animate a 5-frame sprite. It's scrolling as such: Checking the image from the apache server, the dimensions check out at 75x75x for a width of 75px * 5 = 375px:


I have search the Helm documentation and this forum as well as others and see no way to print out or list the environment variables that Helm uses In the docs it states that you can set env vars


I am hitting a web service url 10 times and getting the response. I am using Alamofire and SwiftyJSON. This is my controller code class ViewController: UIViewController { let dispatchGroup =

MS SQL Studio查询数组中的哪一个

Im very new to the whole SQL thing. I have a list of account id's which I converted to a comma seperated string from splunk and would like to build a sql query where i can execute and receive all

I have json string: String jsonString = "{\"first\":{\"1\":[{\"id\":1,\"name\":\"jo\"}]}}"; JSONObject users = new JSONObject(response); JSONArray sub = users.getJSONArray("first"); But in

我可以在Outlook JavaScript中在MessageComposeCommandSurface取一个REST令牌吗?

When my extension opens from a MessageReadCommandSurface ExtensionPoint i can get a token and request the users contacts but if my ExtensionPoint is changed to MessageComposeCommandSurface my call to