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Can I pass any value dynamically without a stored procedure here ALTER PROCEDURE Ev @v1 int AS BEGIN IF (@v1%2=0) BEGIN PRINT (+cast(@V1 as varchar(10)) + ' is even') END ELSE BEGIN PRINT (+cast(@


a noob here. I tried to use the data that I get from the database using the webmethod in VB. visual basic <WebMethod()> _ Public Shared Function GetChartData() As List(Of datadetails) Dim

Uncaught TypeError:$Ajax不是函数L.Tyelayel.BeTwitWMS函数

Hello guys I'm trying to display an onclick popup for my wms but I get this error Uncaught TypeError: $.ajax is not a function. I followed the instructions and downloaded jquery-3.3.1.js from this

ValdB Java客户端在lambda函数中使用时抛出异常

I get the following exception when I try to write into VoltDB using the java client with ssl enable and running my application as a lambda function java.io.IOException: decrypt task failed at org.


I am new to React language. I have been working in the Shopify store for a year. Now they updated their store to React. if React is for the single page web/application then Why Shopify Implemented it?


I am trying to update an .append that has a dynamic variable inside that receives the data from a web service. I get the data however how do I update the div that holds the dynamic variable? this is


I have declared an own enum type. export enum MyEnum { FIRSTENTRY = 'B', SECONDENTRY = 'F', } I also get some data from a service. res:[{ID: 1, description: "someText", MyEnumType: "

IIS RDLC报告查看器2015网站需要管理员权限

I am getting white page on my ASP.net web application while using simple RDCL report while the identity on the Website's Application Pool is a simple windows user memeber of IIS_IUSRS but when i join


I try to check video rtp stream on my Windows OS computer using command on server: gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location = d:/TestVideos/lama.mp4 ! qtdemux ! video/x-h264 ! rtph264pay ! udpsink host=192.

在Lails PrGRES-RGEO项目中查找LAT/Lon记录

Having Table Neighborhoods, which looks like this: id: 1, title: "Sun City", state: "CA", geometry: "MULTIPOLYGON (((-117.1935499999999 33.74306900000005, -117.1935729999999 33.74198700000005, -117.


sry for my bad english here is my Problem: The "Home" is a H1 element and i want it in the background Here is my css Code: ul li { float: left; width: 19.86%; background-color: black; opacity: .


I'm trying to detect mentions (using @) in a UITextField. Basically, what's I'm trying to do is convert the text String that's being entered by the user into an array and then loop through each item


I use Grunt spritesmith for collection my normal and retina icons in one sprite sheet together. My main problem is that, retina icons size are bigger than normal one about 2x, and I want to use same


I am trying to get the start of the week from a given date. For example if i passed in a DateTime of 16/08/2018 i would expect a return of 13/08/2018. Everything i have found is to find the start of


The following code instantiates jqgrid along with a custom button once the columnModel is available. This works fine. export class SomeComponent implements OnInit{ private _someService;


I have the following function which works as expected. var getJSON = function(url, callback) { var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhr.open('GET', url, true); xhr.responseType = 'json';


I have two global variables in my Typescript file: private myVar1 = 10; private myVar2 = 150; I have a custom element which in the html can take [name] attribute. E.g. this is how a conditional name


I was trying to change the colour of the selectinput dropdown in Shinydashboard, and I wasnt able to change. Here is a simplified example of what I am trying to do library(shiny) ui <- fluidPage(


I'm trying to use boost::flat_set for small sets of iterators which I require to be unique. The code does not compile as there is an ambiguous call to make_reverse_iterator, but I'm not sure how it is


I have some code that produces URL links based on what the user has searched, this links are to file paths in an internal file directory. When we use the website in IE, when clicked the links


I have started rasa core server as in doc https://rasa.com/docs/core/quickstart/ But whenever I am trying to make a call from any rest client getting 403 error. But When I do GET of localhost:5005 I'


I found this method at this question public static void RemoveAt<T>(ref T[] arr, int index) { for (int a = index; a < arr.Length - 1; a++) { arr[a] = arr[a + 1]; }


I am fairly new with SQL, and this is probably an easy thing to do, but I have been looking for a question that answer this problem without success. I have a table, let's call it "Customers", like so:


I'm not good in designing of how data is flowed through a program, so would like to know, how to safely pass, for instance, passwords to it. Particularly, I'm making a service (daemon), to which I'd


I create a website https://marketingexpertsplatform.com but after may 2018 Now Google Map API is paid. And Now Not able to found any alternative to google map API. If there is any alternative like


I am trying to implement a certain part of my project in a generic way, however I am struggling to make it type check. There are two types of models - Service and Product (1-N relationship). In the


I have set up a project like the following example from Microsoft where I have a native application requesting access to a web api using the v2.0 endpoint: https://github.com/azureadquickstarts/

事件多次触发(LYNC SDK 2013)

I use the Lync SDK 2013. When creating a new conversation (of any type, not audio/video only) my conversation_added event triggers multiple times. Having a permanent access to the LyncClient requires


In OOP there is no way of removing the inherited elements such as a method or a variable from a super class. I am wondering is this a strenght or a weakness of the OOP? There is certainly a lot of


I am new to aws I want to add 2 virtual host in my ssl.conf file But we are using application load balancer ssl certificate in server And my ssl.conf file looks like below <VirtualHost


wxDialog is not modal after 3 level on MacOS Launch a wxDialog::ShowModal() from wxFrame. Launch 2nd wxDialog::ShowModal() from 1st wxDialog Launch 3rd wxDialog::ShowModal() from 2nd wxDialog Result:


I have a data frame of several rows, and I would like to have each one of its rows divided by its index. For example, I have: 1 10 20 15 23 2 10 20 15 23 3 10 20 15 23 4 10 20 15 23 And I would like

如何从节点JS中的另一个XY VLAUE中找到XY坐标值?

I have detect car image to get x, y pixel value. Now i need to find another x, y pixel value from 90 degree. Here is screenshot which i excepting: Tried some method but it did not work: exports.


I am trying to generate an html table where the header row and data rows are a subset of fields returned by a sqlalchemy model query. I can't find any examples of this but feel it must be a common


I'm trying the Baeldung Drools Spring Integration described in here. However, in the first step of resolving maven dependencies, I get the following error: [ERROR] The project com.baeldung:spring-


I am trying to schedule some messages to service bus queue in parallel with different scheduling intervals for each message. I have several chains of messages and I'm scheduling these chains in


I have an error when running 'npm run build': node scripts/build.js Creating an optimized production build <--- Last few GCs ---> [432:0x38f0d20] 440313 ms: Mark-sweep 1356.4


I have code followed from some tutorial in youtube about ip camera with opencv and I code below. How can I solve that? thank you and I just to learn about python. import urllib import cv2 import


As we know if we call a function multiple times, the variables don't conflict with each other as they have different scope, for ex. new_var is different in both invocations of a function any_function

问:[交响乐4 ]我如何访问我的表单?

I am building a shopping cart application using symfony4. I have to create a shopping cart using session in order to store the data of the purchase. I created a form that store the item selected.

Azure Databricks与吉图布

I am working with Databricks notebook and I synced it with GitHub. We are 2 members working on 2 different branches in Github repo. When we ran Azure Data Factory activity on that notebook, It ran the


Python noob with very bad english here, Im using this sha256_crypt module to hash my passwords and verify them. and during debug i saw that this line of code takes too much time. sha256_crypt.


With iOS 11, Apple introduced two new methods handling Swipe-Actions in UITableView on leading and trailing edge of the row (These methods were introduced as a part of UITableViewDelegate):


I am new to Jenkins and i will appreciate some help. I have a test that i am running it hourly for a specific time during the day using build triggers : H 7-23 * * * and sending email for the


I am new to Selenium Cucumber Maven integration. I am using Cucumber 3.0.2 . My TestRunnerTest code is given below : package runner; import java.io.IOException; import java.nio.file.Files; import


I am trying to deploy the default .NET core application on Visual Studio 2017 to my Azure Visual Studio Professional account and I get the following error. Any ideas? Web deployment task failed. (The


I thought it would be good to create a resume based on Angular 6. You could create separate components for each part of your resume. e.g one for your profile, one for your education, one for your

先前删除的约束显示为XCODE 9.4中的冲突。

I have an issue where previously deleted constraints seem to show up as conflicted. I am working in a custom xib file, messed around with constraints a bit and decided to start over by using Clear


I keep getting this "class, interface, or enum expected" error in my code. Here is my code: import java.util.ArrayList; public class GradeAnalyzer { public GradeAnalyzer () { } public int


Good morning, I have two columns containing li. I made a script to calculate the height of the li and inject it to the li on the same line in column 2 column A li 1 li 2 li 3 li 4 Column B li 1 li