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raco pkg install iracket -bash: raco: command not found I add path to .bash_profile # Setting PATH for Racket 7.0 export PATH="/Applications/Racket v7.0/bin/raco:$PATH" But it still doesn't work.

I received following error in CloudWatch Logs after using AWS CodePipeline (AWS CodeBuild) to deploy my C# Lambda Function Code Could not find the required 'MyAssembly.deps.json'. This file should be

We have large number of tasks(~30) kicked off by SCDF on PCF, however we are running to disk space issues with SCDF, the issue appears to be due to the way SCDF downloads artifacts each time verifies

Use an intent to open another activity (or, navigate to that activity via the navigation graph itself) Try to call navController.navigate({action}) The fragment is loaded, it's createView code is

I'm looking for an elegant way to select a range of elements in an Array to remove and return, mutating the original array. Javascript has a splice method that serves this purpose but I can't seem to

I have an employee NonAvailability model and instead of displaying all the non availabilities in the table with <% @non_availabilities = NonAvailability.all %> <% @non_availabilities.each

I want to Initialize Firebase App in multiple files to organize my methods properly, but i not sure which is the best way to do so. Below is the file system structure: /functions |-keys |-methods

I have been using FineUploader to drag and drop in my website, I can drag and drop the files which are in my local directory. When I tried to drop the files from another website or from Google which

In c/c++, it is a must to specifiy a literal number of the array size when creating, i.e. int arr[10];. But in java, we can create an array in this form int size = 10; int[] arr = new int[size];. And

I am trying to loop a heatmap for a DTMP (discrete time Markov process). The code works to produce the .gif, I just need it to loop.

My TableView uses a custom CellFactory to display a ComboBox for one of the columns. The items for the ComboBox are set programatically after the scene is loaded and may change in certain cases while

The general meaning: Play protection mechanism warning, this application can simulate the action of clicking screen contents without your knowledge. Please forgive me for my poor English.

This is my code: def get_data(file_name): data = pd.read_csv(file_name, error_bad_lines=False, encoding='latin-1') X_parameter = [] Y_parameter = [] for single_square_feet,

I'm using this code to get the variable product options $terms = wc_get_product_terms( $bundle_product_id, $name, array( 'fields' => 'all' ) );

i wanted to add car estimate value calculator on my wordpress based site which works same as Orange book value site works . can any one please tell the concept behind it or suggest me any plugin or

I am building a react native app and got this following error. I want to send inputted message, email, and name to API, but it's not showing any result in API. Here is the code: fetch('

I would like to plot time series records of activities. My data is as follows: Day 1: Activity 1 (9am), Activity 2(10am) Day 2: Activity 2 (9am), Activity 5(10:15am) I have an idea, of

I am running MNLogit (multinomial logistic regression) as follows: from statsmodels.formula.api import MNLogit model=MNLogit.from_formula("y ~ x", df).fit() model.summary() The variable y is

I have the following arrays: x = [1:33]; y = [0 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 1 0 1 2 3 4 3 2 1 0]; I need to seperate y into different sections. I need to obtain the ascending

Service Reference was generated through svcutil.exe I can't seem to add security headers. Here's my code. OTAReservationPullClient pullService = new OTAReservationPullClient();

I'm building a relatively simple search engine in which I want to to figure out where my hits came from. So, for instance, if I have table A, B and C, and I search for lorem ipsum, I was hoping to

I use openiddict to make SSO login server. but I have a question about how can I make the group with different area or site. example: A and B site can SSO login with the login server. C is the single

Model public static function findOrCreate($plan_id, $data) { $fromDate = Carbon::now()->subDay()->startOfWeek(); $nowDate = Carbon::now()->today(); $spent_time = static::where('

I was doing some LeetCode questions (new at LeetCode) and I wrote a solution for traversing a binary tree iteratively. I used a stack, and I believe my logic works, but LeetCode is giving me a run

Ajax request has the following code: function validate_referral(e){ // stop default action e.preventDefault(); const button = this.children[this.children.length-1]; //Form Handling

As title, I'm using the Regexp_like in my oracle SQL queries, but the performance very bad. I have the following code: SELECT ID, Name, Department, PhoneNumber, Address FROM DPT.DP_vEmployee --

I'm new to redux-observable and write my first testing on my first epic. This epic is mainly dealing with the feature of facebook login. export const facebookLoginEpic = action$ => action$.pipe(

I was following W3Schools' guide on how to create a Foreign Key but every time I try to run my code it gives me an error. My code CREATE TABLE students( `Student Number` INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,

#include <iostream> #include <cstdio> int main() { std::ios::sync_with_stdio(false); std::cout << "a\n"; std::printf("b\n"); std::cout << "c\n"; } how does

I'm trying to add more fields to the Register form that generates, I already add the name, last name and email fields to my form, now I wan to add the user that I'm creating to a group but I don't

Background I have multiple dictionaries of different lengths. I need to write the values of dictionaries to a single CSV file. I figured I can loop through each dictionary one by one and write the

I am aware that you should use Link instead of A tag for router link in react. However, I got this error when using link in google-maps-react's InfoWindow: You should not use <Link> outside a &

I am currently trying to create a system where a user can refer a new user to earn a commission. User A refers User B to signup (10%) User B refers User C - User A gets (5%) - Level 2 - User B gets (

I writing a custom function query on the MultiValued field (fieldname: multival ) in Solr. Below is the code public class testMultiValValueSourceParser extends ValueSourceParser { public void

A prime number is a positive integer greater than 1 that is divisible only by itself and 1. In this assignment you are responsible to write a complete Java program to display first N prime numbers. In

I´m trying to do a simple 7 segment display and to test it I want to make a simple animation which displays the numbers in order with a separation between number draw of 1 second and this must run

This is my first time to use stack overflow to ask a question. I'm a beginner of Java programming. I was stuck on my assignment, can anyone help me to solve? So, the problem is using java if-else to

I just downloaded an ionic program that i was trying to run it and im having problems with compiling it, basically what happens is that when i try to build it the screen gets stuck, heres a screenshot

Is possible (in Java android) send a string and bitmap together to sinalize to server that is receiving a binary data? Ex: DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(xclientSocket.getOutputStream())

I am trying to install a docker package following this instruction. The command I tried to run is as follow: $ docker pull epgg/eg Using default tag: latest Trying to pull repository docker.io/epgg/

Why is it not possible to assign a class Non-static Data Member Variable with another Variable? For ex: class A { bool firstFlag=false; bool secondFlag=firstFlag; // Showing Error. void

I am working with a Supreme Court dataset. I am trying to visualize the percentage of cases in each term that were decided by a one-vote margin. I have variables for terms, the number of votes in the

I am new to Charles Proxy and I have done the following so far : 1.Download Charles proxy 2.Install certificate in the laptop . Help -> SSL proxying -> Install Charles Root certificate 3.Disable

Expected Behavior I have two classes public abstract class ParentWithFunctions & public class UserClass : ParentWithFunctions My ParentWithFunctions class has a constructor like so public

I am using not able to see Customer Segments option besides Navigations in WCMS page of Hybris. Do i need to add some extention to bring it? Can anybody please help!

I have calculated List of dataframe like below: [[1]] COUNTRY Freq percen 1 A 8 100 2 B 0 0 3 C 0 0 [[2]] TYPE Freq

How do I create a contact us model in Ocar I also want to add fields to the users profile such as date of birth in Oscar, how can I do all these?

I'm using https://github.com/jiangdongguo/AndroidUSBCamera in my app. I tried to compile the library on its own with a sample app and it works just fine, but after importing it to my project I face

Im matching my sha1_vsdt.csv file to a log file, If my first column named "SHA1" in my csv matched in a log file, get the 11th column otherwise fill "Undetected". This is my code and it worked in

Sorry this seems to be a dumb question, but really I have no clue! I'm writing an UWP app. Trying to put up the NavigationView Control in the MainPage, and set the navigation bar at top, not left.