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Whenever I scroll up on the contents of a file my mac os terminal crashes. I am using Version 2.9.1 (421.1) on mojave 10.14.3. My file contains characters but it is unclear if this is the cause.

I am developing an interface using android studio for Home Automation system, however right now I am not using any physical appliances. I want to control the appliances through the application by just

I'm a new developer. I want to know how do avatar works in android app eg(Ta-da) Avatar maker. I know that face is recognised by computer vision And opengl for 3d view. How do the recognised face is

I want to make a custom loader that showcases the logo of my company and runs a line across the border of that logo, that or show different images icons during loading, the icons which I want are

I have fullnode, i want export exist addresses to external client, In config i only set Password as apikey. this in WALLLET section wallet { password = "YTBYUtuv6576c" }

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cognitive-services/custom-vision-service/python-tutorial I followed the above tutorial for using the Azure Custom Vision Python SDK. Instead of using an image

I would like to redirect registration page to homepage by using .htaccess now my code is redirecting to some strange location on the server and displaying "Page isn't working" message. However I would

Below is a find adjacent tile code I have implemented in c#. I am a beginner in c++ and wish to implement the same in c++. Can you help me convert this to c++ using vectors preferably or any other

As the title shows, I used the Select2 without any error. The component works properly when I enter characters for search. The problem is that, when I click to open drop-down list, an empty list is

I am new to AWS/Lambda/Amazon Connect and trying my way around it. I have the below code to request Information from my dynamoDB table and update the table in case of a new entry. My issue is that the

The online NPM documentation does not explain how to upgrade ember-cli-babel. I tried following the accepted answer posted here Invalid Version: Ember-Cli-Babel, but that did not work. DEPRECATION:

I'm new with JS. I have a bootstrap form and using validation, like this: <form class="needs-validation" novalidate onsubmit="myFunction();"> <div class="form-group row col-sm-3"&

I have been reading up on Filestream and cite the following article which is comprehensive and contains code that personally I would recommend anyone reading if they are also after a good Filestream

I'm new to Python so I'm sorry if this question seems dumb, but I couldn't find specific help on that. I'm working on a testing project where I wanted all the logic to be loaded into a mother

I'm getting a bit stuck. I have two dates in the format D-M-Y like so: 01-01-2019 I need to convert it to a very specific format for an API call which is STARTDATE/ENDDATE. This is the format: 2019-

I am executing tests using testng.xml as given below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "http://testng.org/testng-1.0.dtd"> <suite name="FREE CRM Test

I want to define s[i] to return 0 if s[0] was never assigned and return a reference to s[i] if s[i] was assigned earlier (to implement a sparse array). The following code does it, but it ends up

CREATE TABLE `monthly1` ( `id` int(255) NOT NULL, `year` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `stat_id` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `cat_id` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `january` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `february`

I have setup hyperledger fabric and also started network.But when I create composer-rest-server and access it on my browser and access https://localhost:3000/explorer I'm getting an error: Unhandled

I try following query in pgsql and mysql for violations table data to show properly where "latest_violation_notice_number" should show properly. SELECT violation_data.violation_id,

I'm making a program to evaluate conditional proposition (~ or and -> <->). As the users input propositional variables and truth values (true, false) ,and proposition; the program will go through

I am writing a service in python to be run on a Raspberry. I need an additional protection against situations when the device could freeze due to any circumstances (e.g. momentary power fluctuations).

I want to duplicate a (revenue) column and shift it one year in order to make YoY comparisons. Currently looking to lead values in a Big Query table based on a specific date to achieve this but stuck.

I just started to play with Google Text-To-Speech API. I generated a post request to: https://texttospeech.googleapis.com/v1/text:synthesize?fields=audioContent&key={YOUR_API_KEY} with the

hello friends i am new in android project i have a problem regrading click listener please check code below of mine project and help me guys how can i get out from this problem here is my output

I have below for my code. It is posting it on my entire webpage instead of just on that image and I can't quite figure out why. CSS-dt { font: Arial, Helvectica, sans-serif; size: .9em;

I have an ascii file (input.txt) with the name of several variables (e.g. pollutants): CO NOx SOx I want to execute a command for each string of the input.txt in a bash script. Is it possible to do

I have a student in the users table, Parent is in the same table, And that Parent is the parent of that student in the users table. The student has a schedule in the schedules table. QUESTION: How I

How can I connect through SSH in router's local Network (192.168.1.X) to a Raspberry Pi in a W10 hotspot (192.168.137.X). W10 machine is in the router's local Network Thanks

Is there a way to write a type trait to determine whether a type supports negative zero in C++ (including integer representations such as sign-and-magnitude)? I don't see anything that directly does

I need in feed ads in product thumbnails of my website gforgadget.com which is using wordpress. I have edited my woocommerce-teplate.php as if ( ! function_exists( 'woocommerce_content' ) ) {

I am using RecyclerView to display the data present in the list. But Recycler view loads only the rows data which are visible to the user. As my list has only 10-12 items and I want to load all of

It's been days I've been trying to make this curl request work with node-fetch without success. curl -X GET -u "<username>:<password>" --output hello_world.mp3 "https://gateway-lon.

I think my cList has some problem, but I dont know how to fix it. Am I doing it right? course *a=new course(c); list<course*> * cList = new list< course * > ; (*cList).push_back(a);

I download daily adjusted price data for the companies 'AAPL','BA','GS', and the DJIA index from yahoo finance between the date '12/31/2008' and '12/31/2018' and then convert into daily returns based

I tried to convert old unity particle emitter to new shuriken system. Here is what i do so far; Before Conversion; private Particle[] particles; void Start() { oneOverZigs = 1f / (float)zigs;

I have applied the plotBand option for the xrange chart where the first row is small than the second on , but when resizing the window the data series are not aligned with the plotBand area.

I want create permission nested list like a treeView and create a class like this which has two subclass: public class Stuff { public const string _ = "Stuff."; public class

I am making social login using openfb but i have no idea how to use .js file in ionic4 .Below are my function in which i am trying the call function to social login with facebook.Please help me how to

I have String=“Text1.Text2(er2019).Text3(246)text.” Desidered output: String=“Text2.Text3” I want extract only Text2, Text3and not extract also Text1. Thanks!

I want to be able to access the field values of my collection,but I am not able to do this. I tried two code ways.I have attached the codes I tried and screenshot below. In the below code str is the

I want to store records in a table and then add an index to the one class StoreRow implements Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\ShouldQueue dispatch(new StoreRow(new Row(1, 'title', 10))) dispatch(new

I have problem to get current status count from tbl_status table in mysql. Briefly, i have 2 tables that relate each other. Table 1 : tbl_status <table> <tr><th>

public function directory() { $json = array(); if (isset($this->request->post['directory'])) { $directories = glob(rtrim(DIR_IMAGE . 'data/' . str_replace('../', '

I am Trying (for the first time) to make an app using ionic and that app has a database in it. I've used Sqlite (Ionic Native Sqlite) for making and using it . I can currently do- create DB, make

Hello everyone Iam using Sinch app for calling services in background and as they have provided with a service and if that service keeps running in the background then i keep getting incoming calls

Codes below are atomic.py from the pyrlp package, which is a library of pyethereum. import abc class Atomic(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): """ABC for objects that can be RLP encoded as is.""" pass

I created a scope and controller dynamically from my code (usually from a provider) as given below var controllerFn = function ($scope) { /* scope functions and variables */ $scope.$on('

I am making a graph based web progrom. I am using nodejs. I have a list of keys calls map which stores ID of vertices. I want to retrieve the name of these vertices from MySQL using the ID. I have

I have 2 dataframes Value Location Time Hawai 2000 1.764052 2002 0.400157 Torino 2000 0.978738 2002 2.240893 Paris 2000 1.867558