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Suppose a given string where I want to find two different groups (of words), where one group A satisfies condition 1 and group B satisfies condition 2 but also condition 1. To put it in an example:

Is there a plugin that can take screenshots including SVG elements? I've tried (on Android) https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-plugin-ezar-snapshot https://www.npmjs.com/package/com.darktalker.

Let's say I have a classic TODO app. The app state is saved in an object, and the view is rendered based on the object. Ex. let state = { items: [ {id: 1, task: "Get milk"}, {id: 2,

I am trying to solve a problem about threads. I have 4 different Thread Classes. The first one calculates the sum of an array of integers public class Sum extends Thread implements Callable {

Reading the ViewModel overview, I wonder if it is okay for a ViewModel to simultaneously become a LifecycleObserver too? My point doing that is to disconnect the Firebase listener when user's not

I want to bind all information of data into gridview,I have debugged all program and result is completely working, just data is not showing into gridview. code var mobiles = new List<Mobile>(

I want to activate touch events on Chrome to facilitate the debugging of an app that uses touchstart and touchend events. It seems this post is a bit outdated because I cannot get the 'Overrides'

this is the code I used to show the list view of each posts with the picture of the user and his name , but the photos keep changing for each post when I run the app , they just change as if it s an

I am generating token using following way : index.php <?php require_once("TokenLogin.php"); $secret = "super_secret"; $otl = new TokenLogin($secret); $uid = 10; $token = $otl->create_token($

select sqlite_version(); INSERT INTO users (uuid, test_field) VALUES ('uuid1', '1.0); INSERT INTO users (uuid) VALUES ('uuid1') ON CONFLICT(uuid) DO UPDATE SET test_field = '1.1'; The above results

Best regards. I want to parse Shoutcast info page 7.html on web. Is there any example of how data can be downloaded from other websites, for example: stream.radiocarsija.com:19406/7.html with PHP,

What I'm looking for is something like the following, but it only applies to the first find it gets. str:gsub("1", "") I'd like it to only delete the first 1 it finds OR just the first word of the

const OrderSchema = mongoose.Schema( { Id: { type: String, required: true, unique : true }, Customer: { Id: { type: String, required: true }, Value: { type: String, required: true } }

I'm working on the path follow animation with d3.js I met some problem to implement it. Here is the code and the error what i got let center_data = [Center_Lane] let line = d3.

I am learning Qt. Currently I stuck at layout stuff for QMainWindow. As suggested in some of examples available on internet i used QWidget to be used in setCentralWidget(QWidget*) method of

I'm trying to build a N-ary tree of nodes using GLib 2.58.1, which represents dependencies between different items (parents must be processed before their children, but siblings can be processed in

I think I fully understand the meaning of the inline keyword in C++. Specifically it means two only semi-related things: The ODR rule is relaxed for the function declared inline. Thus you can have

i have 3 tables user(id,name), course(id,name) and users_courses(user_id,course_id,grade) and i used this query (which works on phpmyadmin) in DbCourse.java private final String

I'm trying to deploy my Database Project (DACPAC File) using DevOps Pipeline. But I'm getting the following error, and I did many trials to fix it with no hope! That does not mean that it's always

Situation: A custom plugin has 3 functions declared inside its register function as they need the hapi.js server object for calling other plugins Only one function called 'renderEmailBody' is exposed

I have a rather large project with an embedded Jupyter QtConsole 4.4.2. For more details see: https://github.com/3fon3fonov/trifon Now, while some of the processes are running/finished I am trying

i have been trying to trigger a dialog-box when the iconButton is click in appBar but error is coming this error is persistance. I think that the context passed in the showDialog() have some issue

I have android Progress Bar Notification and i do not know how to cancel it. The Notification take how many Seconds should be the Progress Bar from EDITTEXT and when i press the Button 2 Times the

I have a requirement for my Mac app to check whether brew or ffmpeg installed or not. I tried using following code: NSTask *homeBrewTask = [[NSTask alloc] init]; [homeBrewTask setLaunchPath:@"/bin/

I am writing a program where TShape objects resemble the tiles of a board game. I want to use the OnMouseUp event handler for each shape later in the program. I receive the error - E2009 Incompatible

I am trying to build the bidirectional lstm. This is how source code looks like: model1 = Sequential() model1.add(Embedding(vocabulary_size1, 50, weights=[embedding_matrix_passage], trainable=False))

I need to get sharePoint sites which contain specific type of items. As I see on this docs https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/query-parameters searching is only supported for messages and

I am working on polling IAM API to retrieve user attached policies. So far so good. But I have this use-case for which I would like to be able to retrieve IAM users with management console access to

I am currently using the Wikipedia API to find all articles that are lists of people from places, like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_New_York_City I would only like to get

I got a Segmentation fault when I compile with gcc. Im pretty sure I located the problems with debuging but i don't know what causes the Problem. First of all its about Lists and memory allocation:

I'm using RESTMock for my instrumentation tests, but it only works if I set usesCleartextTraffic to true in my manifest. I only want that to be true for instrumentation tests, though. Is there a way

i wanna get instagram full image(aspect ratio ) size using mgp25 . i use getuserfeed function but just show preivew of Tabulated posts . what can i do to get full resolution of posts ?

When using Facebook Ads Manager, after creating a campaign we can create multiple adsets each one with diverse ads. Is it possible for one adset to have one unique ID and more than one name? Or if I

I want to open a drop down list but I want the icon to have three points. How do I change the spinner icon to the Action Bar icon?

I have a web pased project that written in Java. I use Windows Server 2012 Operating System and publish it with using Apaache Tomcat. I use Mysql as a database, I figured out that the hard disk I used

im trying to show booking id of user from database, but its show all data from all user. this is the original code , // GET: Bookings public ActionResult Index() { var bookings = db.

I am attempting to train a language model time series in Keras using fit_generator. I previously trained this model from a generator that yielded equal batch sizes, but began to wonder if my approach

I am trying to loop through a list of URLs and scrape some data from each link. Here is my code. from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs import webbrowser import requests url_list = ['https://corp-

Scenario: You're on Facebook. Find an image. Right click and pick "Copy Image" Problem: Clipboard now holds a LINK to the URL of the image, not the image. Expect: Actual image is copied to

how can I fetch the Users Schema username easily when rendering a table which displays all products and for each product the user who owns the product (username). For some reason, I get back nothing

Years ago I created a C++ function using FILE to create bitmap files. Recently (not sure when or why) this code is now failing when opening the file. The problem is with the open call file_ptr =

I am trying to detect macroni and cheese using tensorflow api for object detection, I trained initially using ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco_11_06_2017 and got a loss of 1(approx) but during testing the

I am using Flask / Werkzeug do run a small webpage, using Flask's internal webserver. Every once in a while the server seems to freeze and the last message in the logs always look like this: werkzeug.

I have included a CSS file in my project for my own CSS use, but it is not working or having any effect on my page the file default.css .feedbackText{ display: none; text-align: center; margin-left:

I'm practicing with HTML/CSS at the moment and making webpage from a PSD-template. It's going good so far but I'm facing lack of knowledge here. The problem is that border disappears after being

I've been strugling on this for a few hours already. And yes, I know that this might seem to be a duplicated but please, just hear me out. I've tried many solutions I've found on StackOverflow about

How to add information to the labels shown as results of the classification. As an example this App shows details of every dog breed identified, any hint please! (photos below) Image1 Image2

I have programmed a loop which spams spacebar (low-level input) when I hold down spacebar. This does work, but it suddenly stops working when I press any other key while holding spacebar. How can I

I'm trying to restrict my username input field to be like that of Instagram's username field where it allows A-Z a-z and . and 0-9. I've tried a few regex JS examples but just can't get it to this

We want to prevent developers from using ES6 features (e.g. let, const, ) in their javascript codes. So is it possible to configure SonarJS plugin to create issue for ES5-incompatible codes? I'm