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Using C# I can create a JSON document containing my data which I can then upload to MongoDB using mongoimport, works fine except the timestamp is a string. For reasons I wont go into I have to create

I'm close to finish learning (basic) C++ and I want to continue to OpenGl and game development, but I don't know how to start learning it (and learn it well). Can anyone tell me about where I can

I am attempting to, given two dimensions (width and height) which represent a quadrilateral, partition that quad in to N parts where each part is as proportionally similar to the other as possible.

Now I have a video(mp4,webm) as background of a html-section. But it does not look good on mobile. I would like place the original html file into the html code, as background. (I have an animated

I have mixed Java & Kotlin code in a demo project which I want to run from command line. For only java, I am able to run the program with java -jar foo.jar but when I use any class from Kotlin

I used firebase::App::Create(firebase::AppOptions(), jni_env, activity) to create firebase app in C++ and call firebase::App::GetInstance() to check if it was created. But from what I see in logcat:

I read an awesome post on application server vs. webserver at What is the difference between application server and web server?. Moreover, Difference between proxy server and reverse proxy server

I am unable to show purchasing template by writing URL "purchaing" on browser. I am beginner here. modelform venv projectforms urls.py bookingform urls.py views.py projectforms.urls from

Thank you for your help and patience. I have always found my answers in previous posts, though not found any answer to this question yet. After creating multiple applications with help of the

I try to iterate over an JSON Array, which has JSON Objects in it. It looks like the following: [ { "a": "a", "b": "b", "c": "c", "d": [ { "a": "a", "b": "b", "

I created a F# Library (.NET Standard 2.0) and a WPF App (.NET Framework 4.7.2) I have a file that I defined as a Resource: When I try to access the library function (.NET Standard 2.0) from the C# (

I have a project with a layout like this: folder_a folder_b file1.html file2.html folder_c file3.html file4.html folder_d .gitignore Now, my goal is to

in my homework they give us a group of 12 customers of the bank every customer have : age , married(yes\no) , job type , The level of income. I have to determine whether the customer will repay the

Are TYPO3 workspaces full TYPO3 citizens that are actively developed or are they rather an outdated concept, that TYPO3 just can't get rid of for reasons of compatibility? Please include the history

I would like to ask you, how I could simulate high-dimensional sparse covariance matrix? It means that desired characteristics are: 1.positive semi-definitness 2.sparsity 3.resulting correlation is

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> typedef struct{ int day; int month; int year; }birthdate; typedef struct { char firstname[20]; char

i am studying C# with Head First book. I have trouble with 2 chapter. My program works incorrectly. You can see how my program look at this link https://i.gyazo.com/ef3698a5b4251e584355c21b179da48d.

I have been currently working on a weather app, and I have 2 versions(sort of) One that works with cards, and my most recent attempt, to work as carousel's. Right now I am just trying to get the

I'm just starting with js frontend frameworks and it's being really hard for me to understand certain concepts. I have a list of users and when I click one of them I have to show it's information in

I have two tables: table of product ids: table p_test: id: 1 2 3 4 and a table of all possible combinations of a product tested with every other product for equality (let't say I test their

So, I'm trying to solve a dynamic programming excercise, which connected with counting the minimum amount of time while recieving some points for acomplishing a mission in a Wormix game. But the task

I want to run a dag in airflow whose execution date should be in CET but by default AIRFLOW runs on UTC .. and so if I want to use the value of of TS or EXECUTION_DATE in a variable it is showing

EDIT: I SHOULD BE MORE CLEAR. The following example is kind of dumb. I need a this because of circular references. Otherwise the shown code would be fine. I understand the benefits of separating .

I was looking at the definition of the glob function and I noticed that the second argument was simply *. def glob(pathname, *, recursive=False): """Return a list of paths matching a pathname

I loop throw a list of files in Firebase storage and I would like to modify a string while looping, here is what I tried to do: the 1st part works well : var str="test"; storage.bucket().getFiles(

I have a little problem with my code. I hope someone can help me because the chart is every time different. I think i'ts because javsscript is ascync and it's not waiting in the for loop for the

I've read this similar question I don't expect the same behavior as the OP and I don't really understand him but I have a usage for protected members inside the derived classes. In Why is the 'this'

I'm wondering how to make a border-bottom property have different colors, as shown in this image below.

I declare a List <T> and a List<List<T>> before starting a loop. then some elements are being added to the List <T>. After a condition, I add the List <T> to the List<

I have been searching the web for methods that could create rolling windows so that I can perform a cross-validation technique known as Walk Forward Analysis for time series in a generalized manner.

Im building ionic 3 (angular5+es2015) application for android OS, it's working for android 7,8, and 9 but not for 6 version, and i got this error when startup application :

Currently struggling with the following output in .csv where their is various random character within the is the players names and values where there shouldn't be (I've given a picture below of the

I have a linux website where data loaded to the page correctly all the way up until I started screwing around with chmod permission changes. I was making changes, because a js script I am using wasn'

css noobie here :). Assuming I have following html <div class="myflex"> <div class="item"> Item1 </div> <div class="item"> Item2 </div> &

I am trying to send an Apple push notification using NodeJS and apns. I have the following code to generate and send the push notification: // Prepare the notifications let notification = new apn.

Ok, this is my first question in the site so I going to try to be clear. I am trying to build a speech recognition application in the raspberry pi with python and the google cloud speech to text api.

I'm running jdk 1.8_191 I created an JavaFX application. I tested it in IDE, everything runs well. I created an exe Artifact, I get errors when loading FXML's. Solved it tho by putting my FXML

We are wanting to design a flutter application that navigates the way that the app "Reflectly" does. It looks very similar to responsive web sites with a parallax type design. I'm including screen

When using Emacs, SLIME and Clozure CL I have a minor gripe: The function signature for aref (I have not yet seen any other instances) is shown only as (aref a). When I go to source the code in

How can I fix the following Error inside my activity? Caused by: com.google.firebase.database.DatabaseException: Calls to setPersistenceEnabled() must be made before any other usage of

I have a simple form in HTML 5 with video API, I want to play a video when user click submit button here is demo html form input HTML 5 <form> <div class="form-group"

I have used model's addGlobalScopes() to set default ordering to one of my models: public static function boot() { parent::boot(); /** Some code */ static::addGlobalScope('order',

Given: Each call to a BE module takes several seconds even with a SSD drive. What are likely bottlenecks? How to check for them? What options to speed up? On purpose I don't give a special

I am using guthub pages to host a simple website with a custom domain. To manage the the DNS I am using CloudFlare. I had pages rules setup on CloudFlare for forwarding to my google drive file:

I'm looking to create some mosaic plots to visualize contingency tables. Mosaic plots are not (for all I know) natively supported by Bokeh so I'm using the statsmodels library (link). Problem is

Let's say I'm trying to send a data to PHP and receive it using pure Javascript. So when I'm sending a string "login="+1+"&username="+username+"&password="+password; with Ajax It's all ok but

I started a thread over here, to ask about "concurrent" writes to an XML file, and it got flagged as a duplicated and referenced here, to a thread that talks about creating a lock file in the same

I am trying to get a hang of the webscraping with BS4. I need to input the provider name and then scrape the info after the search is done. My question is, when using input variables with Python to '

I have 2 Look-up tables (N-rows M-columns matrices). They describe the sampling of two two-variables functions of the type L1 = f1(x, y) and L2 = f2(x, y) (specifically but not fundamental, these

https://i.stack.imgur.com/mcGjx.png (image) New web dev student here. I'm in inspector looking for certain elements of my web page. However once I find elements, it shows the css file and line that