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I'm developing an aplication that the user can either print the current page or add the page to some printing list and then print them merged. To print the current page I'm using the printing

I want to create PHP OOP routing system. And I found this github link. https://github.com/bramus/router But I am little confused How could I convert the below link. www.example.com/job=

I would like to understand what is a difference from a Join like this SELECT * FROM ((((((((`study_site_list` `sl` JOIN `study_site` `st` ON ((`st`.`id` = `sl`.`study_site_id`)))

The below code works @POST @Path("/{apiId}") @Consumes(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) public Response postMetricsData(String metricsData) { System.out.println(metricsData); return Response.ok().

I am currently using GeoDjango and I have a Point field. Is there a django library out there that would allow me to obtain country from a Point field.Plus point if it gives me a zip code as well. I do

I am using a .do loop in a Windbg script and all the logic is working fine. Within that .do loop I am doing a .f+ and I've used .outmask- 1 to suppress the chattiness of .f+, where it echoes back

I'm developing a Mac OS App using Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2. For a particular scenario, I want to provide the users with are four options but for most users the first option is enough. So I want the

I'm trying to move multiple markers on google map and each in separate in separate thread. Currently I am using java thread class inside loop to create separate thread for each vehicle. Here is the

I have Navbar which has to be rendered on every page. So I'm trying to get this through BrowserRouter like this: import React, { Component } from 'react'; import { BrowserRouter, Route } from 'react-

I have created an asset and i am sending some data to it using rest server and using post command. The problem is that a single insert record takes about 3 to 4 seconds. I am using fabric v1.2 and

I do use profiles in my Spring Boot application. In my application.properties I have this 3 entries: spring.profiles.active=prod key1=demo. key1=prod. Currently I have to uncomment the line

I found some example solution to detected common element on the two images. It's code on Python with OpenCV and I execute on my two exemples images: ''' Feature-based image matching sample. Note,

A newbie in ASP.net core. In fact, a newbie in ASP.net/ web-programming. I have encountered an error message "Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index 77"

please how can i check if user has been followed another account on instagram using php? all old scopes like 'relationships' has been retired , i treid a lot but i found nothing , please help me how

Scenario: a Nodejs rest API using http.createServer() Goal: When a SIGNINT comes (in my case from PM2 reload) do a graceful shutdown of the server and then shutdown the DB connection and then exit

Excerpt from the Laws of Reflection: (Why not fmt.Println(v)? Because v is a reflect.Value; we want the concrete value it holds.) This confuses me because the following code: var x float64 = 3.

I'm trying to use language component, described here https://github.com/Haixing-Hu/vue-i18n But I don't know, how to use it without mistakes. I added components var i18n = require('vue-i18n'); //

Maybe this question seems a bit strange, but it has a very practical use case. Assume that we selected arbitrary a section of a PDF file, such as the selected text (highlighted text) in the following

I'm working on an angular app that uses ngrx store & effects. I get "TypeError: Cannot freeze" error when dispatching an action from my component. I wrote it for a file upload feature. I think

I have a collection view inside a tableview. When I used to load images from api inside collection view , it takes huge time to load images. I have used sd image. How to overcome this issue. Please

I want to add a MTKView as a subview to my main view and it doesn't work. I have another "myView" view that appears, but my "metalView" view does not and I cannot seem to find what I do wrong. Thanks.

I have dataset as follows: No. of images = 60 (= No. of timestamps) Image size = 500 * 500 (= No. of pixels) No. of bands per image = 2 (= No. of features) I read the dataset as follows: ds = np.

I am new to Angular. I want to pass data from Parent Component to Child Component. One way to achieve this is by using @input() Decorator. Today I came across another method. That is, getting the

Given ip address and subnet mask Find number of subnets and first and last host in each subnet. I am stuck. please help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I found on Wikipedia that C(n,k) = (n-k+1)=/k * C(n, k-1). I did the evidence myself and got that it was correct. Then I implemented it in my function, which is suppose to calculate combinations using

I am implementing drawing on control in C# using Graphics class. I need to implement zoom feature, but I noticed strange behavior for dashed lines. When I zoom them in, spaces between dashes change,

I have a question regarding the tracking of AMP with Analytics and I've been looking everywhere but sadly couldn't find my answer :) If my understanding is right, this topic deals with that situation

Hi I have a question with using dataFixtures, I want to use fixtures for prod, dev, test. I have tried to use --fixtures option but it is a not found option. How can I load my fixtures on command line

I have a ImageView which needs to be dragged to LEFT or RIGHT only. I need to acheive the behaviour which is like ScrollerThumb. Then, according to the drag value (x value changes) I need to perform

There was a movie I watched years ago in which I only remember a scene in it. It is stuck in my head for 4 days now and I really want to know the name of it. The scene was when the main protagonist'

Which port number i should use in socket programming in C? I just want to send and receive a data between two systems

Below is the code where a Thread enters a synchronized block, waits for 5seconds and then exits. I have started two Thread instances simultaneously. The expectation was one of the threads will own

We have a requirement where we need to update some fields using Impex import via Backoffice and the data for the same is to be uploaded via csv file. The same can be done in Hybris 5.x HMC using #%

I have created few local libraries (which can't be publish to npm registry) I can install them locally by npm i ../{PACKAGE_PATH} but it's not working with docker. How to install these packeges with

I'd like to stream all the way in an API rest with the conduit lib using routing features etc So far I have used scotty but I'm obliged to terminate the stream inside my api rest call instead to

Reading up on cp -R, what do these mean: create special files rather than copying them as normal files Created directories have the same mode as the corresponding source directory, unmodified by the

ethjsonrpc is already installed and i'm using python 3.6.4. but can't import ethjsonrpc the funniest part is it was working perfectly earlier. now the error is from ethjsonrpc import

I am facing an issue where I have 3 services in docker compose: service1 (django application) service2 (nginx reverse proxy) service3 (ASP.NET core app) I can access each service by the url of

I want to write code for below points. 2) All Book details should be stored in an array of objects, not under single objecT 3) Also the specification, description, reviews buttons data should

Getting: Unable to find metric org.apache.cassandra.metrics.Table.CoordinatorReadLatency.system.hints.p999 Unable to find metric org.apache.cassandra.metrics.Table.CompressionRatio.system_schema.

I am working on w2ui grid and I need to hide and show it based on certain condition. Grid is not showing back once it is hidden. It just showing a line. Please have a look at my code below. Html <

I have written an event handler on change of stage in BPF in Opportunity Entity: var checkForAccountApproved = function (executionContext) { var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();

I am creating an application using Firebase database in which login and sign up functionality added. I want add the login with username instead email id. But i not found any method for authenticate

Can you help me to make a bashscript that will download all its front page contents. Meaning including CSS, JS and images etc. so I can compute the website frontpage size. I used these: wget --user-

I am a beginner and trying to make an inventory program for a school project but my c++ knowledge is very shallow. How can I update a specific data field / delete a specific data field given that the

I'm pulling my hair out with this, and I'm not sure why it's not working. I've searched SO and found a few instances of this issue, but for some reason my code just is not working. I am display divs,

I am new to enterprise github. I have just received access to one of the repo belongs to my project. I would like to check whether I have access to APIs. I tried accessing http://repo-url/api/v3

How php arrays are stored in memory? I'm thinking associative array is like a dictionary in c# but I don't know how it is allocated in the memory.

I have created a google action, which takes in three parameters, I have done training phrases for many word combinations, but sometimes it will not pick it up. I set my input parameters in the dialog

I am using Ransack with Rails 5 to search images in gallery by their descriptions. Search form is located in navbar, and Ransack gives me results only when I'm displaying images gallery page.