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Please check below web template image. URL - https://ibb.co/cD3iH8 I am expecting to use this bg-image for a full page. how can I achieve this? Shall i cut this image in 7-8 part and then use a bg or


def crawl(url): source_code = requests.get(url) plain_text = source_code.text soup = BeautifulSoup(plain_text, "html.parser") link = soup.find_all('span', {'style': 'white-space:nowrap'


In my app I need to make around 150 dynamically created panels with descriptions and buttons. Each button will show another url in new window. When you scroll main window for example to middle and


I am working with small electron application, and I want to ask one small question. I need to share a singleton class instance between different two windows of my app. “Share” means instance which


I'm doing a Codewars problem that states: Create a function named divisors/Divisors that takes an integer n > 1 and returns an array with all of the integer's divisors(except for 1 and the number


i wanted to design my wordpress loop like this. i want to show 5 post of a specific category.and the design will be : first category name then first post feature img with title over img.. andother 4


Since tuple is a immutable object, following code gives an Error. tup = (1,2,3) tup[0] = 3 But the following code runs without an Error (1,2,3) = (3,4,5) Why?


I'm using a topic modeling approach that works well on my computer in RStudio, except that it takes ages. So I'm using a linux cluster. However, also I seem to request a lot of capacity, it doesn't


I have used Qt designer to create two different windows, Login_ui.py and Register_ui.py. Here is the python scripts for for getting Values from line edit box. Then i created APP.py file. How could I


I am using JavaMail API to send email directly from my app, but Gmail blocks the sign in attempt saying 'Less Secure App'. How to deal with this? if in my case, I allowed for my device, then what


Please I want to achieve a Goal of Saving Post Permalink In a .txt file. Example: if any post is publish from a specify category, it will save the post permalink structure /%postname%/ (without the


Hello to all iam new to sql I have a table name management Iam trying to write a query like this select registerd, Appeared, registerd+Appeared as col3 from ( SELECT COUNT(REGDNO)as

使用自动备份了解AWS RDS点到点恢复

I'm trying to understand the process of AWS RDS point in time recovery. When I create a new DB Instance and enable automated backups for that instance, I get the ability to restore to


I have ASP.net web application that I need to monitor how long users spend on my pages for that I need to send a bing to my server every 10 seconds to know if user still on the page or not, I will


I need to make a calendar in Python that displays a formatted table of a month when the user inputs the days in the month and the date of the first Sunday. For example, if user inputs 30 days and the


I am working with JointJS ports. By default ports are usually displayed as circles. https://resources.jointjs.com/tutorial/ports Is there any way to format the styling from circle to rectangle.


I have two jtables (master table(tableA) and detail table(tableB)) I need to using Up/Down Arrow Key to Move in a master jtable and get the Data in detail jtable The code I am using is as follows:


I need to label the records when the certain condition is matched for example inside the grouped data when sw1=='q'&type=='good' its a record_1 and record_1 need to be repeated until the next hit

为Salesforce返回空的GEGROUP SACROSSH(),如何获取Salesforce报表数据

I have very simple report where lastname not quails to null. I tried to get data from apex but getGroupingsAcross() is giving null. How to get data from salesforce reports. I have sean lot of


I deployed a web app built with Laravel on Amazon's ElasticBeanStalk, after setup, I tried accessing the page but I got HTTP 408 error. I setup the loadbalancer to listen on port 80 and 443, and also

如何在Unix上通过^ C中断Python循环?

I've written a python script that looks up the recommended server at nordvpn.com and starts the according vpn. There is a part in this script where I assure there is internet access. When I run the


I tried to get one alert. I want to get set the another set of alerts. Like default 8 alerts. How should I do that? Calendar calendar=Calendar.getInstance(); calendar.set(

如何让用户在云FixStury- Android中只访问您的内容

in my Android Studio Project I'm using the FirebaseUI, FirebaseAuth and FirebaseFirestore. The project is a little private to do list and the data will be storage in the Firestore but each user can


HOVER ME< i class="fa fa-question-circle" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="right" data-html="true" title="1st line of text 2nd line of text"> No matter what i do it doesn't comes on next


I'm quite new at c#, and i'm making a form that needs to reload it self when i press a button, but with diferent inputs. public partial class Edit_Desloc : Form { public Edit_Desloc(string id_desloc,


Following the conversation here, what would be the best way to organize the output dygraphs in a grid? To Have one or more graph in a row. The code below would generate 4 dygraphs arranged vertically.


I'm using razor to build a website and I want to know how can I insert rich text from my rich text editor into a sql database


I have the ff. dockerfile for my aspnet core 2.1 with react template webapp. My aspnet core sdk is 2.1.301. But the build always fail. The error message is located below FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.1.1-


I am developing a MacOS app with many labels and buttons. I create them programmatically with global functions like this one: func ButtonZahlErstellen (x:Int, nummer:Int, view:NSView) -> NSButton {


I'm getting this error after importing NoopAnimationsModule for my app ERROR TypeError: this.driver.matchesElement is not a function at TransitionAnimationEngine.push../node_modules/@angular/


Reference: What is the cleanest way to disable CSS transition effects temporarily? http://onezeronull.com/2016/10/06/disable-css-transitions-and-animations-temporarily-or-permanently/ Whenever I


I'm new to Javascript, can I use XMLHttpRequest() after I hit submit from form but the result should be the same as onclick event. I have a function named get and by using XMLHttpRequest() I can add a


I receive from redis-server the next char []: text = "e o 5\n\000\000\001\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\020\000\000\000" And I want remove everything after '\n' to I get: text = "e o 5" The


I have recently installed centOS. I am trying to run a maven project on Intellij IDEA, I get the following output on my console: **[ERROR] COMPILATION ERROR : [INFO] ---------------------------------

Python 3 OpenCV只检测一只眼

I am quite new to OpenCV, and I have made a small program that detects a left eye from a video stream, and draws a box around it. It does this using this haar cascade. Here is the code: import cv2


I don’t normally do this but i am desperate After working on this for hours I am left with the same result and that result is i correct I have this problem 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 * 1 1 0


I have the sqoop job created with incremental append with last value Job: sqoop job --create myjob2 -- import --connect jdbc:mysql://host/DBnam -username user -password passwor --table savingssmal --


The requirement I have is to bypass the windows authentication popup which comes up normally in an intranet site, for all computers in a domain. I achieved this by editing the Site to Zone Assignment


Using HTML Agility Pack, I want to parse a not tagged text in a malformed HTML document. The next HTML is an example of the HTML structure that I will treat and the text below the last div is an


I'm taking a online c# class and it asked me to fill in some of the blanks and I figured out everything expect this: In my console app I added up different amount of money and now i'm trying to


Could someone please tell which software I could use to recover my lost data on a corrupted flash drive. The ones on Google search are not free. P.S I didn't know what to tag.


I recently try to use python to control a lumenara camera to measure intensity distribution of a light source. camera API has some function to create a live video of camera but that is a 2D video. I


I am using Firebase real-time database in my Android app. For data normalization purposes, I'm saving Player's data to multiple paths. When I save it to each path separately all works fine. But I


Trying to avoid a duplicate question but I think this varies from the previous ones I searched for. I have a state of 'favorites' that is an array of items. I want to add an item to the array in the


I am new to nodeJs and trying to understand node features. now I am developing an angular2 project where i can see every plugin is imported from node_modules folder. My question is, is it mandatory


How to do autocomplete dropdown with search as like as below the picture in android programatically. i want to do this with android

Djang ImageField -只渲染

I have a Django form which has an ImageField in it, and I render the field like this in my template: {{ form.my_image_field }} The resulting HTML looks like this: Currently: <a href="https://.

MajyRead事件未被触发,Android 4.4的问题

map.on(plugin.google.maps.event.MAP_READY, function() { alert("pleasee") }); I am using IONIC1,In recent cell phones the map works great, but tested on an Android phone 4.4 the map


I want to write an Or filter in Ember. The filter that I want to implement is as follows: (end_date <= filter_end_date && end_date >= filter_start_date) || (start_date >=


I perform a join of two tables, and then when trying to get the data an error occurs: Exception while beginning fetch of 1 outstanding blocks java.io.IOException: Failed to connect to. from