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I wanted to install the module 'xlwings', and one of its dependency(not sure if I'm using the correct term) module is appscript. So when I do: pip3.6 install xlwings I get the following error:

I'm scraping data from the web to do my own little side project. My goal is to go through every single page (divided by month and year) and take each day and how many calls were made. I start with a

public void stackPower(int stackAmount) { super.stackPower(stackAmount); if (this.amount == -1) { this.amount = -2; } else if (this.amount == -2) { this.

I need to create simple login with angular and use sessions. for that i've two php files and angular files. This is PHP file 1 session_start(); header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *'); header('

I have a database (not by me) with ~140000 images, and only some (~3500 or so) are to be saved. I am trying to do this using mysqldump, but somehow I seem to be stuck in a loop. Even when performing

I have a dataframe df that reads a json file df = spark.read.json("/myfiles/file1.json") df.dtypes shows following columns and data types id – string Name - struct address -struct Phone - sturct

Hope you aare having a great day. Make mine great too. I wrote a java program, it does autocompletion using tries. Like i took a wordlist file of 500k words and filehandled it in my program. Now the

I have the below flow, and I would like the userGroup to be a loop as well according to data that's coming from another database lookup, Can you point me to the best way to approach this? tXMLMap

this is my first time im using swatch. first of all, what will i do? it send an email if a event happent in my logs. the log entry looks like this: 2018-10-31 21:55:22.420560|INFO |

I have a set of classes; one is template and accepts the other two classes as its template argument. The class template has a function pointer member that will point to a function of the T class. I'm

In simple terms I am trying to scale a large box (used when the browser is in full screen) down to a smaller box using the CSS transform property. The box is scaling properly but the browser is still

I am having trouble using a sg90 servo motor attached to a esp8266 board. When the board enters deep sleep, the servo seems to want to go back to its 0 position. The code here sets it to 180 degrees,

I'm trying to query one table against the other using Python and MySQLdb. Here's what I've got so far: db = MySQLdb.connect( host = 'localhost', user = 'user', passwd= 'password', db = 'vacants')

We have a uuid udf : import java.util.UUID val idUdf = udf(() => idgen.incrementAndGet.toString + "_" + UUID.randomUUID) spark.udf.register("idgen", idUdf) An issue being faced is that when

I am generating a VisualStudio project for Windows with cmake and the provided linking functions don't appear to work on the generated VisualStudio project. The generated project is a library and it

I read the laravel doc saying, If your provider is only registering bindings in the service container, you may choose to defer its registration until one of the registered bindings is actually

I'm an Erlang newbie. I've tried to do my research on this, but as I am new to this language and confused by my code, I am posting here. I want to iterate through the files in a directory and, for

My ms access file consist of multiple tables and i would like to export it to ms excel using vb 6.0. 1 table = 1 sheet but should be on 1 ms excel file. this code will generate 1 table ONLY, the

So I am using lopspower/CircularImageView Library to create a Circular Image View like this <com.mikhaellopez.circularimageview.CircularImageView android:id="@+id/nav_header_profile_pic"

Users in my app create Transactions, and I need for these transactions (and the associated jobs that are created from other user actions) to cancel themselves unless a user performs certain

I have a web application (Python Django) and want to display DB content using ag-Grid. I understand that the grid requires data in JSON format. So far, so good. What I am struggling to understand is,

I am attempting to create tests for domain objects. The test is simple, see below. However it is throwing an error Error creating bean with name 'grailsDatastore' class AccountSpec extends

I want to search for specific word in PS by typing cmd+shift+F, in opened window I'm trying to type e.g "ķ", "Ō", "ę" or any other of "not standard" letters. The thing is that as far as in PC version

I increased notifications in my app through the OneSignal plugin, I would like to customize the icon and sound of the notification, I followed the documentation, but it did not work. What could I

So I need to make an API Response in c#, However I need to take a response from an API I already have access to and basically turn it into c# lists and stuff from the json response. I don't even know

I am trying to run unit test from android studio. I select Run "methodnametest" and it runs the entire package test. What to do? I just want to run methodnametest method. Configuration: Test kind:

I wanted my video to be taken using WebCam which can be streamed on any computers using RTMP. So other people just need to have my RTMP then they can stream online using VLC or whatever. Just needed

How can I get fields name in Angularfire - firestore like this android example?

I have a code that runs fine on my computer with Pandas 0.24.4 installed. The code has the following line best_config = hourly_data.sort_values(['HOY_avg_lists', 'HOY_LUR_lists'], ascending=[False,

I have some private content (images, videos, etc) which I want to make available to my users via an android app. I am using AWS S3 as the storage and have created a CloudFront distribution to make the

I am working on developing a Multiplayer turn based Snake & Ladder game using HTML/JS(Front-end), PHP/MySQL back ended. It is a AJAX driven game. I have successfully done the following: Created

I can't figure out how to enable the linter (red error underline) whenever I use the code editor. So far I have tried enabling other Java linter extensions and re-installing vscode, but no luck. I am

There is an example in nltk.org book (chapter 6) where they use a NaiveBayesian algorithm to classify a punctuation symbol as finishing a sentence or not finishing one This is what they do: First

When I export tables from an SQLite database to csv files with headers, the tables that are empty return an empty csv file. I would like to obtain a csv file with just the header in that case. Here

I am trying to run a playbook with multiple roles and I want them fail if one of them fails. here is my main playbook: --- - hosts: IOS connection: network_cli gather_facts: no roles:

I'm trying to figure out how I can send multiple requests to let the client know that uploading and processing has finished. For example: Let the client know that upload has finished, and processing

Imagine I have a dictionary like this: d = {'1':['a'], '2':['b', 'c', 'd'], '3':['e', 'f'], '4':['g']} Each key of the dictionary represents a unique person of a certain class. Each key must have

How can i insert id manually for this JPA entity in Spring boot? I don't want the id to be autogenerated. I tried sending a POST request using postman sending this JSON string to a restController: {

Hello I have two problems. First one: When I start my app, I can press my ToggleButton with spacebar. Second one: (Even without ToggleButton) My EventHandler on my button is not working, on pressing

I'm looking for a way to get command line arguments for a javascript file that is using osascript. I've tried referencing argv which works with apple script files. I've tried referencing system, and

I am still kind of new to Mongoose in general. I am building my blogging app which has backend based on Node and MongoDB, I am using Angular for frontend. I am creating my Restful API which is

I'm trying to create a form that sticks at the bottom of the div that says "General" and "programming." Here's a picture: I've tried many things, and can't seem to get the form to appear When I

I would like to start Flask app with empty dictionary which later is populated by users, however, when I initialize it like this: @app.route("/")

After one creates words in the interpreter, how does one save the image before issuing "bye"? I have tried 'gforthmi test.fi' and 'gforthhmi test.fi test.asm'. I am using the following as

I am having trouble replicating what I see in my scene editor on an actual device. My scene currently has 3 nodes in it. A Sphere A camera A floor (this floor has a shader modifier to make it look

So I have switched to using vue components inside of my laravel project. I am attempting to make a post request to my login controller through the web.php file however when I attemp to do it I receive

ValueError: Error when checking input: expected input_1 to have shape (256, 256, 1) but got array with shape (259, 259, 1) enter image description here enter image description here enter image

In reactstrap, I saw some single word attributes, like active, flush. How to make them a variable to dynamic bind with dom? <ListGroup> <ListGroupItem active> <

I'm looking to use SVGs to make printable templates. The templates have several different text fields and images on them. I did a proof of concept with a SVG file that I was able to map text and

I'm having some trouble taking apart this code I found. I'm looking to error check a group of cells and I'd like to highlight the ones that don't match a Master list. For some reason I can't get this