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How can I get the value from an ISO85838 message? I did below: String msg = "0000400400000000000055506436359084072203"; MessageFactory mfact = ConfigParser.createFromClasspathConfig("

I'm trying to print XML tags and text between them separately. For example: <tag> text1 text2 </tag> <tag2 attribute='value1' attribute2='value2'/> I tried this code, but it doesn'

I want to execute some command in system using (os.system or subprocess module) and make sure shell=False, so I tried the following: os.system('ssh -R 80:localhost:3000 serveo.net') and

I need to fetch a person's Manager details by using the email od from my office 365 credentials in C#. I need this to be fetched in C# console application and the machine doesn't have outlook

So I created a neural net and I would like to save it and load it whenever I want. Specifically, I want to take pictures and do real time processing. I am using the neural net created in https://

I have a dataset from which I made a reproducible example: set.seed(1) Data <- data.frame( A = sample(0:5), B = sample(0:5), C = sample(0:5), D = sample(0:5), corr_A.B = sample(0:5), corr_A.C =

What is the code below the fourth line how do you do in a A p of a plus a B? a,b=0,1 while b<10: print b a,b=b,a+b I don't have problem

Lately i've been trying to link my js on component folder but suddenly the issue came out. The first issue is referrence error which occurs because i make typo mistakes on import section. But then ,on

In TypeScript, is it possible to enforce the following structure with an index signature? { a: { name: 'a' }, // Valid b: { name: 'b' }, // Valid c: { name: 'd' } // Error: Type '"d"' is

Can we also use that the functions in SLL to call a DLL without having any cpp file?

I am trying to get my FireMonkey application to run on Mac OS against a firebird database. All runs perfectly under Windows, but under Mac, I get this : Cannot load vendor library [libfbclient.dylib

I have following very simple batch script to install Visual Basic 2017 Build Tools. C:\packages\visualstudio2017buildtools\vs_buildtools.exe --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.DataScience --add

I have two case classes case class Color (name: String, shades: List[Shade] = List.empty) case class Shade (shadeName: String) I also have parsers for both: object ColorParser { def apply(

I have read a few answers on SO regarding but I think they don't address my problem. I would be happy if someone can point me to one that is relevant. Consider the following tables: There can be

I need to disable a button that opens a modal box with bootstrap 4. I used this code, the button is disabled but does not open the modal box: $('.btn').on('click',function() { $(this).attr('

i'm new in automation test. i meet a problem, i wanna pick json format info from logs and then parse them in python. the original logs as below: origin log i try regular expression:\{(?:[^\{\}]|\{(?:[

please help with google charts. I have 3 columns and I need to pair together and the third to leave alone. Below I attach the picture and the code used. Thank you TK <script type="text/

I would like to create a custom 2FA on Windows XP (and above) for personal computers. I know Windows XP is discontinued, but I'm using an old program relying on Windows XP, so for now I'm stuck on it.

Is there any solution to create an alphabet with RexExp object? Is this possible ? As the result I wish to obtain an array with the length of 26 latin letters (law case). I tried to test my RegExp

How can i have a summary page before payment on woocommerce, I want customers to be able to go back to billing/shipping fields so they can edit or proceed to payment

I'm currently using create-react-app to bootstrap one of my projects. Basically, I'm trying to set up paths in tsconfig.json by adding these to the default tsconfig.json generated by create-react-app:

I am working on alarm with android and broadcast receiver. Setting up and playing an alarm works but I cannot turn off the alarm. I have two button for set alarm and stop alarm .My codes is here;

I am a new user of Java in a command line (Git Bash) environment so I have some problems with understanding. Can you help me to realize how to write/execute some Java code? I added Java to PATH and

I am working in React Native app, i need to encrypt the data using AES/ECB/PKCS5Padding algorithm in my React Native app. I did this in my android app too and its working like a charm but in React

I'm using Kivy (1.10.1) to make a GUI for a Python3 app. Everything okay, until I started working on my laptop, (Running Linux). When I execute any Kivy app, the console shows this Warning: [WARNING]

if I have list=[1,2,3,4,5,6] How can i make it list=123456 Thanks for your help in advance!

SKReferenceNode doesn't load Custom Class, to be precise, I am generating new random SKReferenceNodes from those I have and adding them to the Scene, they get loaded perfectly for the first time, but

I have two scripts one gets Name, Blocksize, Label the other gets Number and Partitionstyle. How do I join them to output one table $Disk = "SELECT Label, Blocksize, Name FROM Win32_Volume WHERE

So the app I was working on seemed to work just fine, it was building alright with react-native run-android and everything was just dandy, however when I moved over to my ./android directory and hit

I'm creating a UINavigationController-based app and want to do it in iOS 12 style: with large titles and the Search Bar displayed inside the Navigation Bar. Unfortunately, I have this problem that

I'm trying to remove stop words from strings stored in a pandas DataFrame, but for some reason instead of iterating through the words of the strings I'm iterating through every character, which gives

I have a problem getting an API controller to call another API controller within the same project. Specifically, the integration project is able to call a controller in the production project, and

I read about Adaptive Payments API, but I don't understand if they are still available to all developers. I should add in my app an option to login to your paypal account and send some money to

Just wondering which method of reversing array (except Array.reverse()) is better in terms of performance and good practice? function reverseArray(arr) { var x = [];

We have a generic solution for a business requirement for our customers. Somehow we ended up putting 4 different customer implementations (differs only by %20) into one microservice to reduce the code

I keep getting that error when I try to use stats.linregress with datasets genreated with make_regression function. Here is my code: x, y = datasets.make_regression(n_samples=100, n_features=1) slope,

I'm having trouble generating tables from entities. I'm using Eclipse Photon on Mac OSX, I have successfully enstablished a connection with my local PostgreSQL database and successfully tested the

I have a form in ms access with many combo boxes. I want to see the dropdown options when the cb has the focus. I can do this individually using me.cboboxname.dropdown. instead of doing this

$user1 = user::where(['other_id', "LIKE", '%'.$uid.'%'])->get(); dd($user1); // [] $user2 = DB::table('user')->where(['other_id', "LIKE", '%'.$uid.'%'])->get(); dd($user2); // [uid ,

When users are added (via their email address as string/userID) as users in Google Analytics their ""userRef.id" string (21 digits) are provided using the Google Analytics management API. Question:

I've been combing through previous questions and trying many solutions but cannot figure this out. I'm trying to convert this query to a Prepared Statement: $query = mysqli_query($this->con, "

It's better to express this behavior in the code: List<Integer> list= new ArrayList<>(); Stream.of(1,2,3).forEach(i -> list.add(1)); // COMPILES Stream.of(1,2,3).forEach(i -> true)

I'm attempting to loop through calculating stats for the rgamma distribution at 4 different size n's and store the results in a matrix. It should be 4x4 (the 4 different sizes and the 4 stats for each)

I have three tables: Table1 (PKFK1, A, B) Table2 (Id2, B) Table3 (Id2, PKFK1) I did a join between Table2 and Table3, like select t2.Id2, t3.PKFK1 from Table2 t2, table3 t3 where t2.Id2 =

I am trying to implement Azure B2C into my Angular 6 App: authentication-interceptor.ts: @Injectable() export class AuthenticationInterceptor implements HttpInterceptor { constructor(private

I need to get user entered markup (tables) and if it does not contain a div with a certain class, I need to add the div & class. <div class="parent"> <div class="table"></div>

While I was creating a basic for-loop in Python within a function in order to work with a dynamic variable length (z) I've just come across the following error: Rs = [] z = [] N = 120 m = 1 for i in

I´m trying to build a new validaiton algorithm to evaluate the performance of classifiers. But since a week I have hit a wall that I cant climb by my own. Everytime i try to evaluate on 2 labeled data

Can you insert an autoincrement value into several columns at once? Example table `zoo`: id (int autoincrement primary_key); parent (int); data (varchar,10). INSERT INTO zoo (id, parent, data)