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After cap.release() only Frame is getting closed, webcam light is still ON. import cv2 cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) #cap = cv2.VideoCapture(-1) if i give '-1' instead of '0' then light is getting of #

my vbs script are as following: Dim myURL Dim password Dim username myURL = "https://webdav.pcloud.com/Public%20Folder/d.txt" ' change your URL here username = "xyz@gmail.com" password = "

clc; clear; I = imread('../demo.jpg'); imshow(I) grayImage = rgb2gray(I); BW = im2bw(I); imshow(BW) hold on; boundaries = bwboundaries(BW);[enter image description here]

I have some URL paths in the form of: /cat/_CNAME_(/_SUB_(/_SUB_))(/_ATR_/_ATRVAL_(/_ATR_/ATRVAL_))(/page/_PNUM_) That are needed to be converted to: /cat/_CNAME_(/_SUB_(/_SUB_))(/page/_PNUM_)?(

I'm trying to play a video from an app using Flash Builder 4.7, AIRSDK 31.0 and ios 12. private function init():void{ holder.addChild(video); this.addElement(holder); nc.connect(null);

how to update layout in a tabs in android Tabs with fragment , i have more than two tabs with different layout I have first tab with xml layout as shown below (fragment_main.xml) : <?xml

I want to perform a deeplink to my iOS app to reset the app my url goes https://something/en/reset-password? I made the needed apple-app-site-association this works when i put in the path section

I have a Select filter on a dhtmlx grid table, on this filter, we have values that containst "&", "<", and ">". On the table, the values of these fields, are good, but on the select filter,

I have created a few android emulators but for some reason some of them are not working (i can see them running on background but cant display them on screen. anyway to remove them from the list so i

I have two edgelists such as: File1 geneA geneB 0.89 geneA geneD 0.69 geneC geneA 0.76 File2 `geneC geneF rank1 `geneB geneA rank56 `geneA geneC rank20' After comparing file1 and file2, I

I am trying to reference the state object in React. This is working fine but I want to reference a name/value pair in the object based on their position; example: If I had the following: this.state =

I have CXF service and set time out to this: @Bean(name = "MyPortType") public MyPortType myPortType() { JaxWsProxyFactoryBean jaxWsProxyFactoryBean = new JaxWsProxyFactoryBean();

I am creating an email. In the text I've got a long number, like 1234567890, and it is not a phone number. BlueMail makes a link with attr href="tel: on it. I've tryed different solutions, but it

I have tried to display a default state 'Vacation' but it won't work. <select name="states" class="select-states" required [(ngModel)]='stateSelected' (ngModelChange)='onStateSelected($event)'>

I have been using a reflection technique from https://apimeister.com/2015/06/27/add-jar-to-the-classpath-at-runtime-in-jjs.html to load classes at runtime in java's nashorn jjs. It works in java 8,

I'm looking for a way to merge an object into an array based on a common value. My solution should be dynmic, which causes me a lot of troubles. Here is an example: I have a multidimensional array (

For demo purpose, I have an app which has a Container in center of the app now, in my container I have a Text "O" and the whole Container is wrapped under the GestureDetector widget and I am using the

I have few project in VB6 and few are in VS.Net. For VB6 we are using VSS for as version control and for VS.Net we are using TFS. Now we are trying to use one version control that is TFS so we need to

response of my login API is {"access_token":"

I apologise beforehand if some elements of my question seem a little vague, however I will aim to be as specific as I can. I have an excel workbook which currently contains daily stock trading

i my project i have integrated login using gmail .its working fine but i have some issue and i have change the my computer and run the same project in that computer but unable to login using

My understand is Mono<List<T>> is a synchronized Flux<T> and Flux could not be a rest api response. Am I right? If not, what's the different between Mono<List<T>> and

I am trying to set an environment variable by capturing a node from the Response Body of an api, where the node contains two hyphenated words. My script is - postman.setEnvironmentVariable("Token",

My dataset is 30 class each one have 200 image to be train my question is can i train separately then collect final result of them all in one place mean if there are 200 class in one image can

the ember app https://thesmilestylist.ca don't show server side code view-source:https://thesmilestylist.ca/ , my package.json ` { "name": "tsse", "version": "0.0.0", "

I am facing xctest encountered error while executing test cases in xcode 10. The error says Showing All Messages xctest (5571) encountered an error (Early unexpected exit, the operation never

I just started working with Nuxt JS, and i'm trying to pass a request from the client to my Express server, but Nuxt treats the routes like they were suppose to be pages. Hence i get the errors page

I tried sending a zip file from windows to linux via netcat. The zip file gets corrupted. I am not sure whether this is a SuperUser or StackOverflow question, as it has some fiddling with powershell

I tried to write a one-liner to toggle my panel on and off. if [ $(dconf read /org/gnome/shell/extensions/dash-to-panel/intellihide) = "false" ]; then dconf write /org/gnome/shell/extensions/dash-to-

I have a 40-long list of means and variances relating to model error rates. I am looking to determine which models are statistically better (smaller error rates) than others. Assuming error rates are

I am starting with Drupal 7 theming. In my page.tpl.php I would like to print the title a and content separately. If I use print render($page['content']); it works fine and diplays title and content.

When i want to generate a signed APK (release) using Proguard rules i got this error message : Cannot find a version of 'com.android.support:support-annotations' that satisfies the version

I can't negate profile in my YML configuration: spring: autoconfigure: exclude: org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jdbc.DataSourceAutoConfiguration profiles: default: '!

I have two models employee and empdetails //employee model import DS from 'ember-data'; export default DS.Model.extend({ empId : DS.attr(), password : DS.attr(), email : DS.attr(),

extension UIImageView { func tokenImageFrom(link:String, contentMode: UIViewContentMode) { let headers: HTTPHeaders = [ "Authorization" : "Bearer sH3aqTaFFP4xhGSaOTAWSoyHx8ndAXC5",

In fact, I have a specialized application to search for lost phone. Can I include the app in Google Play in the " Designed for Families " Thank you for clarifying it

I'm really new to coding, so I don't know how to fix this error: $mcs *.cs -out:main.exe $mono main.exe Insert the first number: Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Value

I am using community edition of ejabberd, and I am a bit anxious about the environment that is configured in the current system so I would want your advices. On AWS, we are using auto-scalable XMPP

I have used a multiselect dropdown control for my form in angular4 using this package: https://github.com/softsimon/angular-2-dropdown-multiselect I have over 10,000 values in my dropdown, I'd like

In our estate, we have a user-id called abc123 to which we normally "pmrun" to run some admin tasks. When I try to replicate this in a ansible playbook , I am getting a message that Module err: "

I am facing issue in updating records in table. My user_plans table look like below :- id remaning_images transaction_id user_id start_date expiry_date status 1 100 100

I need to have sortable list where I need to set the value of every list element to its index value, for. ex. if element ex1 becomes second then I need to set a value for it of 1 (counting from 0), if

I need a function f :: Eq a => [[a]] -> [a] returning the longest sub-list of each of the list of lists supplied. E.g., f [[1,2,3], [0,1,3], [1,3,4]] = [1,3]. [1,3] is defined to be a sub-List of [1,2,

I'm trying to create a macro that basically goes into a website, introduces two pieces of information which are required and than copies the result of the query back to my excel. As I lack some

I try to extract some data from text Text looks like 38MS0010 г. Иркутск Ул. Кожзаводская 38MS0010 г. Иркутск Ул. Ангарская 38MS0010 г. Иркутск Проезд Карлукский 38MS0010 Переулок Селитбенный

I try to build a live streaming application for mobile using react native framework, I wanna ask you if there is any suggestion for the tools or pluguins used for that, and if there is any tutorials

First of all, thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english :P I make a website with a listing of restaurants in the same page. For each restaurant, I have a Google map in a dropdown so I made

I'm new with swift please explain to me What is the wrong in my code ? I just make copy and paste from another website but it's not woks fine @IBAction func startUploadClicked(_ sender: UIButton) {

I am curious to know why does Selenium Java 3.14 zip shows file names as "client-combined-3.14.0.jar" and "client-combined-3.14.0-sources.jar". Anything wrong in ZIP file? Also the modified date for

i'm trying to convert an image to cmyk array and write those array to a text file but when read from the same file and try to display it shows an error .I think i did some error but i can't found the