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I seem to have an issue with detecting elements within webview on iOS, android seems fine. When I call for query UITest can visibly see items, however whenever I try quering for any of the times I


So, I have just started with CSS, and I got a project to deliver. I really want to know how classes in CSS work, but haven't really found a good tutorial or anything to help me with what I am trying

如何将iPhone连接到iOS 11中的多个WiFi设备

I need to connect my iPhone to camera wifi network and at the same time i need to upload that video to server, but i can't find any way to connect my iPhone to both devices(Camera & Wifi) at the


I'm trying to get data from this endpoint, and I can see the json response in my console log. But for whatever reason I can't seem to return data. module.exports.getMenu = async (options) => {


I have two html reports generated from sonar showing the issues in my code. Problem Statement: I need to compare two sonar reports and find out the differences i.e. new issues that got introduced.


I have a plot that shows the memory usage of some function over time, for two different versions of the function. Now, for each version I added a dashed regression line. So I added a legend (with


I am learning python for fun, and my project for that is parsing popular sites with flash deals and posting it to site https://www.pepper.pl/ . I had a look on networking while messing with the site


I'm trying to simulate a pedestrian flow in the entrance of an hospital. We are installing check-in plateforms and I want to know how many plateforms we should get according to the patient flow. I'


I am trying to use an icon next to a jQuery Jeditable field. The idea is that the user can click on either the email address itself, or the icon, and the text will become editable. Currently, the


I am using google geocode api to get the location details based on postcode. For 3234LB and 2131BL the api is returning invalid postcode.These two are postcodes of "Hoofddorp" city in netherlands.


I have used some source of code from internet and I am displaying on my HTML page and it is showing in some different format. My servlet code -> try { String text = "


Hi guys i have a from where user is going to select a course from drop down and second input user will select expired date that should be optional.so when user didn't give date it is showing error as


I set a new url to previously used origin in our server as git remote set-url origin [new_url] Now there's an error when I'm trying to pull git pull origin dev fatal: refusing to merge unrelated


When I am uploading my apk to google play it shows an error [sha1 is not matching] I have uploaded my app with different package names twice into google play it was successfully uploaded to google


I dragged a label into my view, but when I run the application the label does not appear. why? label called labjel added to view labjel does not appear when app is run


I have a navbar component named Header which is called on almost every page of my web app, now I want some of the navbar items to disappear upon opening certain pages like I want nav items to


I want change height of texterea by knockout 2.3.0 I bind the value of the texterea to "FileData" observable field and want the texterea rows attribute will changed to the count of rows in "FileData"

儿童DIV CSS高度不改变使用jQuery

I am trying to change those <div> height but only the first div which is a parent div only this was changing other two are not affecting. The first div is parent of second and second is parent


I am a beginner in jQuery and I'm trying to learn it by myself. But obviously there's something that I'm still missing out. I will be very grateful for your help. I am trying to create a slider with


I would like to compute a weighted distance map. The distance between two pixels must be the Euclidian distance + a weight. This weight is related to the gray value of the reached pixel. I do not know


I am trying to automate mobile testing using Appium and Python. I need to check if an element is displayed and perform some actions and perform some another actions if the element is not displayed. My


On a Windows workstation I'm prompted (recommended) to install a "User Setup Distribution of MSCode for Windows" I don't see anything that explains what changes this distribution makes or how it's


I have the following component in my code: class ContactsList extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { contactItems: [ <ContactItem


I have a table users with schema id (INT) email (VARCHAR(255)) token (TEXT) uid VARCHAR(32) After updating any row, MySQL is giving following warning for token Truncated incorrect INTEGER value


I have kendo drop down list at the bottom of my page. The flickering happens only at first click.


I have a date picker that is to be IE friendly. However when I use it, it's displaying far too long. HTML: <label class="mr-sm-2" for="startDate">Start Date:</label> <date-


I've got a long list of latitude and longitude coordinates for Australia. Using matplotlib I want to scatter plot them over a map of Australia. I've been searching for days of a map image of


I have a problem with innerHTML() not working when there are <script></script> inside the HTML code needed to display. I get a base64 encoded string that contain a code similar to this, &

在Ubuntu Server 16.04上安装具有不良几何图形的外部写保护磁盘

I have this problem: I can not mount an external usb disk formatted in ext3, where the blocks exceed the disk size, bad geometry message. Unfortunately I can not modify the disk doing the resize and I


Given several sets of time-stamped data, how can one merge them into one? Suppose, I have a dataset represented by the following data structure (Kotlin): data class Data( val ax: Double?, val


I am developing an app with react native in IOS. I am using the navigation to redirecting to other screens. For going forward I used the following code which contains an animation from left to right:


I try to build an ARKit-App. The idea is, to recognize images and place a 3D-Object above it. This is working fine, but the problem is, with some images, the 3D-Object isn't tracked. I know, that de

In the following text: "123+456+789" How can I replace all the "+" characters with %20? The examples I have seen that use regular expressions end up treating the + as part of the rules used by the


I have migrated site magento 1.9.3 to magento 2.2.5 using data migration loader, everything is successfully migrated, I can see order, customer and product data on backend but products are not visible


i have a neural network c# implementation (based on SharpNeat), which is trained "on the fly" by c# code. Therefore, i need to have some serious computing power in the background, as my 8 core home PC


I discovered a feature of Chrome this weekend and would like to program it myself. From Chrome I visited a Google service for Sportnews, here you could "pin" a live ticker. This was now displayed


i have some trouble when implement the nebular component spinner, i already follow guides installation and another, but when i implement the spinner html [nbSpinner] has error. this is my error this


Here's the error message I get: Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop steps of type array supplied to ProgressBar, expected object. in ProgressBar (at App.js:93) in App (at index.js:7) Here's the


I currently have a python script which pulls in Analytics data and churns out a CSV. I want to be able to add in a column in after the CSV has been created. I know which column number it has to go in


I am building an android app that has a list of objects, and every object has a field category which can be one of three possible categories. There is an app widget that is 3x3 in size and has a list


This is the link for my nested JSON : - https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/nearbysearch/json?location=-33.8670522,151.1957362&radius=1500&type=restaurant&keyword=cruise&key=

将Base64编码的数据图像插入MySQL BLB字段

I am trying to insert a base64 encoded dataURI image (sent via Ajax:post) into a BLOB field of a MySQL table with success. Currently the field is being populated, but when I display the image, it is


In the application, I have huge data set in various collection container such as List, Map, Set, etc. For example:- static List<Employee> employeeList = Arrays.asList( new Employee("Tom

VSTS休息API -更新发布

I'm trying to automated the tagging of VSTS releases, using the REST API documented here, using PowerShell, and it seems like it's impossible to add / edit Release tags using the API. I'm able to GET


In the following HTML form, i want to add a red asterisk in every required field. How can i add using css and html only. Also i want to know how jquery can be used here. <form name="login"


I am working on adding buttons to a button panel to be more familiar with java.swing class. Is there a way to set the size of JButton to the length and width of the button label? Similar to setting


I want to have a slider to show opening hours and pause time. I need 4 handlers but I only have 2 handlers. My code now allows to only select the opening hours. I also need to select pause time inside


I am using iTextSharp to fill a pdf form with some values. How I can add new line in one of the fields? Something like this: form.SetField("field1", "blah blah" + Environment.NewLine + "blah blah");


I have a linked picture that is embedded in a chart in excel and both chart and the picture are updated during the macro run. The linked picture + the chart form a "shape object" which I then copy to


I'm learning dart programming. I want to know how to get facebook's video posts to my app listview.