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I have rather an annoying read.csv using R or Python Here is the raw data: 33674,672,7267603,Water Softener,Features: • Standard LCD display • "Look Ahead" technology for peak performance • Display


I cant get the function to execute. When I run node app.js in the terminal I get [Function: hi]. I have two files app.js var show = require('./code'); console.log(show.hi); code.js function hi()


Say I have this code (ignore how silly it is; it's just hypothetical): $myvar = null; function set_myvar(){ eval("$myvar = 'Hello world';"); } set_myvar(); echo $myvar; Can I force eval() to be


Could anyone post / refer me to an example of SGDR (or any learning rate algo with restarts, really) in R (keras)? I can only find material in Python, which sadly is Greek to me.


I used CryptoJS instead of nodejs crypto module because I just use the native JavaScript,but some codes can't work: onst cipher = crypto.createCipheriv('AES-128-CBC', _secKey, lv) let encrypted =


I.e. my have the following model: public class CompanyDto { public int ID { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public string CompanyLogo { get; set; } public string


Is there a way, with FluentAssertions, to control how the values of a dictionary are compared for equality ? I have a class, one property of which is a dictionary (string/double). I would like to


I have been using websockets for only sending and receiving location updates, but now I am thinking of using them for other things like analytics, notifications, etc. The way my implementation is set


I have a Java applet: public abstract class FXApplet extends JApplet { /** * Initializes a Swing thread */ @Override public void init() { SwingUtilities.invokeLater(

既然CUDA NVCC是C编译器(就我所理解的),在CU文件中包含C库更好吗?

I have seen both C and C++ style including used in .cu files, and wonder which is better.


I want to update object properties every certain time (calling a rest service). I have the object definition and a class with the new and set public class Obj { private String data; //

在dSPACE 6单元测试中包含自己的服务

I'm trying to do a test in DSpace 6, but my service is Null when i run the test. I test it in a servlet and work correctly, but the test not work My Test: public class PonderationServiceTest extends


i have a project that requires me to use a web server, but the rest of the script needs to correctly. Then when i try run simple.HTTPserver, he stops the entire code. Okay, then im trying to use


I have a directive that creates a row in a table that looks something like this: angular.module("myApp").directive('personRow', function() { return { template: "<tr><td>{{person.


so i gotta sort a struct by an integer, and its not working, but when i try to sort it by a string, its working. typedef struct{ char name[21]; int grade; }CLASS; int grade_cmp(const void *p1, const


Thanks for making it this far on my post! I am studying engineering , yet have a passion for programming and wish to implement computer science knowledge into my own research! My question is


Here is my dsl job: job('job1') { steps { dsl { //If this job is renamed delete the old one removeAction('DELETE') } shell("echo 'just one step'") } } I


In typescript, I am setting an object's date field in following way. at: new Date("2017-06-24"+"T"+"22:00"+"Z") Then I am sending that object as POST body to my webservice. In body, date field


I have a list of vectors (dados_obs) that contains "0" and "1". Head and Tails. I have to test it's randomness. So I made a huge simulation to get the p-value and compare with my list of vectors of 0


I'm something of a Haskell beginner. I'd like to know why the following isn't working: import System.Random simulator :: (RandomGen g) => g -> Double -> (Bool, g) simulator gen p = (x <=


I am trying to create index page for categories to display all categories. Each row has Category name and buttons to delete and edit category. When I click on edit button I want row to be changed to a


I'm building an App to track scores of 2 players. I've nested vertical and horizontal stacks to build up my UI. When I run the app in the simulator, everything looks good. When I run it on a real


The idea here is to insert in two different tables parameters using SCENARIO, first register the customer with their parameters and then register the order that belongs to a customer, all in just one

在Rails窗体中切换布尔值以在DATABLE中切换true /false

I've set up a toggle button on a Rails Slim page, .col-md-6 .form-group span.smart-form input :name=="fieldName('owner_type')" type="hidden" value="trainer" label.toggle


I have a node application and I'm trying to use the google language api. I want to set the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to the json file in the same directory (sibling to


I am trying to implement a reasearch paper that uses image processing techniques to detect bone fratures in X-ray images. The problem is that the research paper is vague for its implentation and i can'


I got a problem with multiple proximity alert. I want to check if entering or exiting in one location then my index + 1 I send many location for proximity class with different ID public class


Is there a way for a ClickOnce app to ascertain the local network path to which it was published and from which it was launched? Let's say the app was published to \\server1\apps\foo and was launched


I have an nginx server setup as a reverse proxy that seems to be crashing daily. There was never any issue with the server before but recently (a month or so ago) I started noticing that nginx wasn't


Ok, I know the way I put the question is very bad, actually don't know how to express and explain the problem. but I have the below code, I'm trying to display items horizentaly one by one if they


How can DAO be used with realm? Because when in my activity I try to set members of my model class I get an exception : java.lang.IllegalStateException: Changing Realm data can only be done from


I an trying to join two tables with two keys. The join code is like: select col1,col2,col3,col4 from data a join data1 b on (a.col1=b.col1 and a.col3=b.col3) I am getting error That: Query Error:


Hi guys I was trying to use Skleanr module, However, my code is below n_range = {'n_neighbors': range(1,100)} knn_search = GridSearchCV(estimator = KNeighborsClassifier(), param_grid=n_range,


I've programmed a Discord bot using node.js to play music from YouTube. It's working perfectly, it's just a bit of a hassle to keep having to open the command prompt to start the bot. I know I could


I want some assistance in being able to combine SharedPreferences with getPhotos I have selected. I am new with SharedPreferences and kind of not understand how it works. So I made a


I want to send a JSON from my Angular application. The structure of the json should be {"data":{"field1":"d","field2":"d","field3":["d"],"field4":["d"],"field5":["d"],"field6":"d","field7":"d"}}


This is what I have. `import random list = ['a','b','c','d','e','f','g','h','i','j','k','l','m','n' ,'o','p','q','r','s','t','u','v','w','x','y','z'] for i in range(400): k = random.randint(


I'm computing a ListMap with null_data_source with count and inputs, to create a ListMap with specific keys and values from a list of hostnames and IP addresses, based on a dynamic created VMs. My


if i want a multi platform desktop app should i use Cef or .net core ?

谷歌标签管理器API Python设置OffReDeGaseTebug =标签创建错误

I am attempting to automate GTM setup using the API and Python. However, I want to set overrideGaSettings to false when I create the UA tag and I can't seem to get it to work. I searched the api doc


I've been given an assignment of re-creating the following web-site: https://plantanapp.com/learn I've made some things but each time I fix one problems, other two show up. I am new to HTML and CSS


I have a weird problem, I`m saving my data in excel file with SaveFileDialog. I set RestoreDirectory to true and InitialDirectory to Environemnt.SpecialFolder.Desktop but the program keeps saving the


I'm experiencing a bug in my code that doubles the display and ends up drawing it twice, besides itself in a weird resolution. After changing a global variable (total_sand) to a different integer, and


if(itemID < 0){ //add total totalAmount = totalAmount + itemCosts[itemID - 1]; //increment counter itemCounter++; } In

SWIFT 3中的XCODE错误:参数标签

Just converted a project to Swift 3 and cant figure out the following error. and i don't where is the mistake with massage Argument labels '(withReadPermission:, from:, handler:)' do not match any


I have noticed the following: This works: Response res = new Response(); // define Response here. try { request.setMethod(Method.POST); request.setEndpoint("mail/send");

如何从选择* FLink中选择字段

I am trying to join 2 selects. The task is to show only names of objects with value "P1" in which numPers is more than 10. object Prog { def main(args: Array[String]) : Unit = { org.apache.


I'm using Visual Studio on Windows. Basically, I just need to figure out how to modify my Xib properties so that the font size on labels that I have change based on the size class. I'm literally


I have some confusion with .bash_profile, terminal, MAMP and MySQL Workbench. My goal is to load a .sql file into a database from terminal. Working through Paul Dubois' book on MySQL. The Appendix A


Hello everyone so here I create a blog and there is a comment system so I have a little problem to post my comments when comments exites the articles correctly displayed with their comments but the