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The following query PREFIX dc: <http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/> PREFIX edm: <http://www.europeana.eu/schemas/edm/> PREFIX ore: <http://www.openarchives.org/ore/terms/> SELECT * {


I've gone through all the search results on SO and I can't find one that solves my issue. I have a fragment and I am trying to use an ImageButton to close the fragment. But my onClickListener will not


I am having a hard time figuring out a more efficient way of querying info from AD. As it stands I import a csv file of active users from our student information system. Then I want to create a new

不发送为I2C从机的STM32 F0

I have two identical custom boards using STM32F070CB MCU. I am trying use one as an I2C master and one as a slave. I am trying to follow the code provided in the STM32Cube example. I can transmit from


See sample code. The problem is that my compiler doesn't see the function std::to_string, despite the using directive. Why is that? #include <string> namespace MySpace { using namespace std;

如何从SDN 5中获取FANDALL的关系实体?

For sure, a simple question but I can't find my answer. How can i get the entities from relationships using Neo4JRepository ? Java 8 // Spring Boot 2 // SDN 5.0.9 // OGM 3 There is my code: @


Keystonejs has some kind of bug on the Admin UI login page: When trying to access Keystone, in case of use wrong credentials (login/pass) Keystonejs screen says: "You're already signed in." It's no

在.NET核心2 DLL中找不到入口点

I couldn't find anything that explains this -- for some reason my .NET Core 2.0 ASP.NET application does not run as a DLL via: dotnet MyProject.Web.dll And instead I get the exception: Unhandled


I have a database, postgresql and I make the select in the table iaconsultas. conn = psycopg2.connect(host="10.1", port="5432", database="dbname", user="username", password="pwd") cur = conn.


At the moment I have a model called Dog which contains a date of birth. The date of birth is being added to the protected $dates array like so protected $dates = [ 'deleted_at', '


greetings. One of my brother has proposed a Learning Management System for his Diploma in IT final year project. He did not know about anything, may be heard from someone. The proposal was accepted


If I set the items property to a fractal number (eg: 1.3), the carousel is unable to slide using mouse drag. It "jumps" back to the first item. Using dots or navigation works just fine. $('.my-


I have the table below and when I do a select where I am totaling the Times and Events, one of them is not formatting correctly, even though the temp table is defined as decimal(9,1). DECLARE @


I'm creating a Chrome extension. I want to write a code that matches strings including \n like this: var s = "a\nb"; console.log(s.match(/a.*b/s)); // prints non-null I used the s flag because it


I know I can use the following ways to get my variables into my public function class and that works great, but I am trying to use a custom defined variable. First, here is the way that does work $


I'm using OpenSSL to verify a signed code in a custom PKI. How can I verify the CRL of each node of the cert hierarchy. My hierarchy is : RootCA -> SubCA -> EndUser -> Signature. I use 2 step to


Checking to see if anyone has used pyspark of distributing data and use the same to lookup an external API and store results. I am working on this problem: I have a source file with say 100000 rows

I am facing a problem when using the animated API to perform a card flip animation. Expected: When i click the flip button i see the back of the card. What happens: When i click the flip button the


I have prototyped siri shortcuts in my app using custom intents successfully. I would like to define custom UI for different shortcut types. For example IntentA would show a tall card with lots of


I have some troubles. I'm new to c#. I need to make buttons, that can make add new checkbox, delete all checked checkbox, and if i dbl clicked to checkbox text, i could change it(is it possible =) ?).


c++ code to delete extra spaces in between the words in a sentence #include<iostream> using namespace std; class Solution { public: string process(string &s) { bool b=0; int

Excel VBA移动选定列

I am trying to automate a rolling calendar spread sheet (that should be in an application) that tracks various metrics and charts them into a spark line. The script I would like to write would update


I'm working with Mongodb, and was wondering on how to get records made by the user. In the below example I have to records each with different emails (createdBy), but how do I get the records by the


So basically i want to make a spam bot which sends keys only in specified game window. I have all the codes i need but i can't make it spamming only in the game window. Can you guys help me resolving


I writting a application. My app will select photo from gallery. I use Picasso to load Image to ImageView. Problem is Picasso auto rotate any photo captured from camera, but not rotate any image


I'm using AdminLTE template to create a simple web app. I'm traing to use AngularJS for my front end. I want to split my theme in some child themes because it's easier to mantein. To do this, i use "


I am trying to create an autocomplete select box using the react-autocomplete library. When the field is rendered and I type a query, I am unable to select the first two suggested options. To be more

函数在MS SQL Server 2016中的选项?

Disclaimer: I'm hobbled by the fact that I do not have permissions to create functions nor stored procedures. That's not going to change. I have a large code block that: 1. Populates multiple


So, I have JSON file and all data I put to LinkedTreeMap<String, Object>. If one of JSON field is complex: { "val1": "1", "val2": "2", "val3": { "embVal1": "emb1", "


After running the below code, python prompt error and tell me name "tony" is not defined. print('Hello Sam, this is Javis') #let user enter their name, "nm" being the variable nm = input('Please tell


Is it possible to control multiple website's navbar from one main website? If I change on parent website, the result will display in all the child websites.

从TFS 2015中的发布定义执行硒Java脚本

We have a test suite automated in Selenium with Java using Maven. Now we have TFS 2015 and we were able to use the Maven task to build the selenium project in Build Definition in TFS 2015. I have


I have a window based application (c++) with list of log files; number of logs would vary. When each of the listed log file(each has different name) is double clicked a window pops up.The success


Trying to have sticky bottom bar appear on load then disappear on scroll down then reappear on scroll up and and stay on at top of page. Seems to be working on chrome but not on safari. The bar


I've been trying to get my images to appropriately show in their respective table cell, however it appears my images are just overwriting each other in the first cell instead of printing it in the


I'm trying to insert data in the mysql database with jdbc outbound gateway but getting this error nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Invalid argument value: java.io.


I have a workflow class that import several different worker classes. I call methods on these classes to do work and pass in the calling instance of the workflow class. Because the workflow class

JDK 9兼容性

Currently, I have a JavaFX project running on JDK8 b181. The EJB's are also built on JDK8 b181 platform and deployed as an EAR on WebLogic 12.2.1. Everything works perfectly on NetBeans 8.2. Now that


Trying insert data into hive table through Hue. getting below error. AnalysisException: Syntax error in line 5:undefined: LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH '/home/cloudera ^ Encountered: IDENTIFIER Expected:


I am a complete novice and in need of some expert assistance. I have been trying to get the script below to do the following: "Yes" as trigger in first column of the sourceSheet add trigger date


In Ruby I can simply just do: 5.times do puts "Hello, world!" endor puts "Hello, world!" * 5. How do I do something like this in C++ without using for/while loops?


I have a string in this format $update_script = "update public.textcontrols3 set textboxvalue='@textboxvalue',textcontrols_id='@textcontrols_id',textcontrols3_id='@textcontrols3_id' where

Hibernate不创建表——Spring Boover

I set spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto = update but when I run spring boot the tables are not created. I want it to update the bank automatically. Some settings: application.properties: ## Spring

Python 2.7的谷歌表API

I've been struggling with this error for a number of weeks now and have tried solutions from previously posted questions relating to the python API for google sheets. I continuously get an error


I successfully implemented an audio service to handle playing of several concatenated audio files using @ionic-native/media plugin and it’s working fine on Browser when checked on Mac / Windows /


I'm trying to read an Access table into a pandas dataframe and am a relative newbie. The name of the file/table are: **Name of MS Access file:**BlueCap MA txt files 2018.mdb **table Name:**MA


According to ECMAScript there are null and undefined datatypes apart from others. But recently I got to see something called empty. Let's regenerate it first (I'll go from basic): let a = new Array()


In my databound event every globalGroupLevel that is a 0, the row is grey, but I have no idea on the correct way to disable those rows so they can't be clicked and remove the hover, here is my


This is my JFrame a little above bottom left side is a clear balance button which is set to opaque(false) Now When I roll Over to clear balance button some part of togglebuttons appear behind this


The code below creates a plotly figure of a line using geom_segment with hover text. # Load libraries library(ggplot2) library(plotly) # Create data frame df <- data.frame(xmin = 0, xmax = 1, y =