WeChat QR Code

I tried to signup users to Firebase Authentication . but i don't know what is my problem . I Enable Email and password in firebase authentication. MainActivity.java public class MainActivity

Python -伊克沃勒- KeyError:

Trying to fetch Google images via icrawler. Used this : from icrawler.builtin import GoogleImageCrawler google_crawler = GoogleImageCrawler(storage={'D': '\\projects\\data core\\helmet detection\\


Github image Hi, how can I add more languages to the description of my github repository ? I hope the image above explains what I mean, cheers


Im beginner in Laravel, my problem is I want to add products to cart, main problem is Im using modal dialogue to show product and its detail, included some related products which people also added


Does beautiful soup work with iron python? If so with which version of iron python? How easy is it to distribute a windows desktop app on .net 2.0 using iron python (mostly c# calling some python code


I am new to React and I am trying to create a simple voting app which has a list of items, each with a number of votes and a button to increment the votes for that particular item. The issue I am


During starting, Android Studio is asking path for SDK. I am not able to locate the same after several answers on internet. Also, I have re-installed Android Studio million of times but the same issue


I've created a program that takes data from a .txt files and uses a series of regular expressions to turn it into useful information that can go into a Pandas Dataframe. When I was testing this

如何用FFMPEG更快地将图像输出到BMP?(FPS 25)

I'm extracting all frames from mp4 video (video fps: 25) with fps -r 25 param, using ffmpeg. Here is command that I used: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -r 25 frame_%%02d.bmp. It works. In start of


What is the best way to purge all old data from the Sphinx indexes? Right now, I issue an OPTIMIZE INDEX command, however this is only adding the job to the queue. Therefore, I thought if I measure


I have created a webview and added download listener to it. When I download a file in app, it is storing the file in application package instead of the public downloads folder. I have a doubt that


Given the following weights of a 3x3 filter 0.52596 0.8244612 0.9665801 0.3416813 0.21306351 0.35775957 -0.83345175 -0.803643 -0.54590917 and a bias weight of 0.00921442 My input image is all


I'm using apisauce and it's sample code and I wants to set headers in component before API call and don't know how? import { AppConfig } from '../config/app.config' import BaseApi from './

使用Office 2007基于最后填充单元动态地改变单元引用

I have the following simple Excel spreadsheet: A B C D E F G H I J 1 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun


Is it possible to insrall glove on windows 10? from https://nlp.stanford.edu/projects/glove/: Compile the source: cd GloVe-1.2 && make But how can I run "make" in Windows?


I am doing a project recently. I want to build a QA system which helps the freshmen to get information about my college quickly and easily. The source of the information is the official website of our

利用Word Embeddings查找文档中具有较多权重的单词之间的相似性

Using Word embeddings ,I am calculating the similarity distance between 2 paragraphs where distance between 2 paragraphs is the sum of euclidean distances between vectors of 2 words ,1 from each


I want to replace the header row of a cvs file text.csv. header_list = ['column_1', 'column_2', 'column_3'] The header will look like this; column_1, column_2, column_3 Here is my code; import

Our customer installs the iOS app via OTA on their iPads. Before, we would be able to download the apps from the iPads for debugging purposes and to extract the CoreData sqlite databases, from within


I create workflow in ambari-views ui for oozie and sample.sh file in my workflow after run that i have an error. pls advise me 2:34,752 WARN ShellActionExecutor:523 - SERVER[dlmaster02.sic] USER[


I am trying to add the student entity in my database, which looks like this: public class Student { public int ID { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public Course Course {


In my app, I have navigation bottom and container above navigation. I using multiple fragments in one container. When I click on an item of navigation bottom, I replace the fragment to show. This is


I want to use parent_id in user migration as this Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) { $table->increments('id'); $table->primary(['id', 'parent_id']);


I am trying to understand the texture properties coming from a grey-level co-occurrence matrix. Therefore I computed the dissimilarity, correlation, contrast, homogeneity, ASM and energy for the MNIST


I am trying to retrieve the config_value on the basis of config_name as shown in image in codeignitor project. Even i am not able to understand where to start.I find something like this on internet. $


I dropped a corrupted table with large size to reduce the server size. But the server size still the same! I entered the mysql location in my server and found a .ARN file with the name of the


In the last few days I tried to find appropriate Bonjour (or ZeroConfig) libraries for .Net (for Visual Studio 2017, latest .Net version, x64, advertise+discover services). I was really suprised that


I install tensorflow and keras using pip install tensorflow pip install keras in anaconda base environment(window7 64bit) But during importing in Jupyter notebook it show import error so what should


I'm develop an iOS app that upload a list of images to firebase storage, I need to put a progress view inside each cell of uicollectionview (which show each image in datasource) to indicate percentage


Pressing button "Kalendārs" on this page opens a left-sided page. It opens fine on Windows/Android and screws up the scrolling on iPad tablets. The iPad tablets show just part of the page and the rest


Question: How can I show the items in a user's checkout before final payout using the minicart.js script? I want to show my all product lists in HTML form in the checkout page. I have tried paypal.


This is more an architectural question: Do you use ILogger (and pass it in the constructor via DI) or do you prefer a static class Log? We use ILogger a lot but it really seems to clatter the code


I've created a checked listview programmatically, with one of the columns being an editable textbox. I want to enable or disable the subitem on each row according to the state of the checkbox, but can'


I have a simple case. The standard AppComponent of an Angular app contains a ChildComponent which is defined in its own module ChildModule. The template of ChildComponent is very simple <div


I have below information: coordinate <- read.table(text = " 18.915 13.462 31.598 17.898 14.453 32.160 18.220 15.420 32.853 19.208 12.313 32.573


cov = df[['Return Market','Return Asset']].rolling(window=3).cov() cov var = pd.rolling_var(df['Return Market'], window=3) var df['Beta'] = cov / var I have 2 columns with returns. I want to


I have been working on this project for a bit and have found help here in fixing some of my mistakes. I have working ARM assembly code that takes button input from my raspberry pi 3's GPIO and I need


Background I am looking at the OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant flow where a user is redirected to an authentication service and a JWT token is sent back a Single Page Application(SPA). The token is stored

Python 3

I'm reading the book-python crash course. I'm using python3. in chapter 16, there is code like this: import csv filename = '/Users/pc/Desktop/CS Book/Python_crash_course_practice/16.1/


i have one view and i want to return json value in view i am using this way but data not return . when remove return view and only pass return json () then data show in grid . but not in correct


I am a complete beginner with Python so please bear with me. I have a list of dicts looking something like: list = [ { "name": "Bus 60", "direction": "City", "timeLeft": "


I'm trying to insert following entity into H2 database for test @Entity public class User { @OneToMany(mappedBy = "userEntity", ) private List<UserPropertiesEntity>


When I use Colaboratory to run my NIN model, it occurs an error in the output of training process which tells "Buffered data was truncated after reaching the output size limit." in the 61th epoch. I


The below asp.net WebForm code under a master page with bootstrap is for a small page of only 2 input boxes with labels. What I am trying to do is have the labels left aligned to the footer. The way


Need help on changing retention period of each backup policy in Recovery services vault .We have multiple vaults and many policies in each vault .Hence wanted to script the process. Below is the


I have a compile error telling me to remove android:roundIcon from AndroidManifest.xml, similar to this other post: No resource identifier found for attribute 'roundIcon' in package '


I want to save a capture of my html in pdf in firebase storage. But I'm blocking the use of the outpout blob and its link with my backup function. Can someone highlight me my big stupidity? thank you


I need your kind advice, please. I am developing the radio app which will fetch some FM channels in Malaysia. I can only get the url for temporary use only (valid for 1 day) and these url will be


I want to know if setInterval slowing down my site or not? setInterval(function(){ var uploadbtndiv = document.getElementById("imagesmaindiv"); if (uploadbtndiv.childElementCount == 1) {


I'm trying to run a react native app on my AVD using this command : react-native run-android but getting the following error: bundling failed: Error: Plugin 0 specified in "C:\\Users\\ASUS\\test\\