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Need to refresh token if status call is 401. I implemented OkHttpAuthenticator and flow looks like: Call for getSomething - 401 (asynchronous call) Authenticator is activated - token is refreshed (

Suppose we have a sparse matrix represented as a Python dictionary, where keys are tuples of (x, y) coordinates and values are "intensity", what would be the best approach to visualize it using

Although I have installed the SSIS Azure Feature Pack 2017 x64 successfully, I don't see the corresponding tasks in Visual Studio's (version is 2017). I do not see the Hadoop tasks too. How can I

Am trying to make a sidebar by using ng-bootrap and i am using collapse ng-bootrap collaspe by collapse i trying to trigger two collapse alternative example :- 1) if home button is clicked only

I have a RESTful web-service with a lot of different resources (endpoints) all of which work perfectly fine when invoked from Postman. However, only some of them work from the browser, while the rest

I have a LINQ request that get data about the users that are present in the Appointments table var patients = _context.Users.Where(x => x.Appointments.Any(a => a.DoctorId == doctorId)) Now I

I'm trying to make an InspIRCd module, and I need some way to store per-server channel data. After looking through the whole wiki and 20 or so modules, I still can't figure out how to do this. I'm

I'm trying to get a user from the usermanger after External Login, using .Net-Core and IdentityServer4 public async Task<IActionResult> ExternalLoginCallback(string returnUrl = null, string

I have a multiindex dataframe like this: Distance Company Driver Document_id Salt Fred 1 592.0 2 550.0

Hi i have a parent report , inside if i have one subreport (subreport1 rdlc) i have a different datasource to be populate in same subreport multiple times.How to do that?

I was studying when I found a statement about Exported names from https://tour.golang.org/basics/3: In Go, a name is exported if it begins with a capital letter. For example, Pizza is an exported

I wrote a simple UWP app using the ML.NET framework, and it worked on one of my machines without installing any Nuget packages, without any additional setup etc. However, on my other machine, after

I want to click on the tooltipText, such as a link or add html, but the tooltipText always follows the mouse movement (above), how to make it stop? Thank you enter image description here <script

So, I have a movie table (movie), a category table (cat), and their relation table (movie_cat). The "movie" table has values id label 1 Ironman The "cat" table has values id label

My Title maybe does not make to much sense which is why I have been having a hard time searching for the answer. How do I make www.mysite.com/me/me.html OR www.mysite.com/me.html open just by putting

I'm working on UI testing code for iOS app recently, my UI testing code is using swift, but the project itself has some objective-c code, and I create a singleton object for launch arguments settings,

I wrote a Vue (2) plugin and am about to publish it to NPM. The question is should the plugin's package.json contain "dependencies": { "vue": "^2.5.21" } I'm pretty sure it should because it's

I am extracting lines of text in Java and then identifying certain values within the text. I need to create two getters to obtain them (as seen in Example 1 and 2). How to extract string between

I am requiring two modules to my file: (require sicp) ; contains set-car! and set-cdr! (require (planet dyoo/sicp-concurrency:1:2/sicp-concurrency)) ; contains procedures parallel-execute and test-

I'm looking for a smart way to add white space after special character in a long string. let str = "this\is\an\example\for\a\long\string"; str = str.split("\\").join("\\ "); This would produce: "

In my tweets, I am getting Unicode in angular brackets as: "@JS_1974_ @NBCBlacklist No chance "U+0001F602" Loved my flip phones I want unicode in the format: \U0001F602. I used rtweet package for

I'm trying to parallelize a function in my program for time measurement purposes, but I get an error and I don't know how to fix it. Here's the code: def evolucionAutomata(automata, regla,

import json t = (((9, 1, 4),), (), ((14, 5, 10),), ((0, 4, 5),)) j = json.dumps(t) x = json.loads(j) print(t) # (((9, 1, 4),), (), ((14, 5, 10),), ((0, 4, 5),)) print(x) # [[[9, 1, 4]], [], [[14, 5,

I have manged to piece together enough html/css from sources online to almost be able to do what I want. I am trying to display n (currently 4) images with buttons in the center next to each other

I need to implement a zoomable Relative Layout which should have children that are draggable, both in a normal and zoomed state. I have successfully implemented zoomable layout following this SO

Alright, so I have a list created in my README.md that looks correct when I view it in Atom: But when I upload it to Bitbucket, this list gets completely ignored: instead, large parts of it are in

How can I measure time passed since the moment I have changed source or sourceComponent property of QML Loader to the moment visual item actually appeared on the screen (got painted)? Loader { id:

We're seeing occasional timeouts in our application that appear to trace to Redis, though I'm not entirely sure. We have a module that we include in some of our jobs to reduce duplication of heavier

I'm kind of stuck when it comes to this. I want to check to see if the line exists: */2 * * * * ls -1 /var/www/html/shared-media > /var/www/html/files.txt I also need a way to remove that

I'm working on a Vue CLI 3 project that includes a NodeJS backend. I would like to extend some of Vue CLI's "nice-to-haves", like Webpack's import syntax and ESLint, to run on the code in this backend

I have a member variable; valid_add_customer_request = { "client": {0}, "name": "CustomerName", "account_number": "W/L141123512", "mobile_number": "1232 414122", "landline_number":

This issue might not be specific to vue but here goes I'm searching for some items and retrieving them from a database, each item has a unique name which I use to load their image from an external

Hello I am new to pygame and I am trying to write a shmup game. However I am always having this error: TypeError: add() argument after * must be an iterable, not int self.add(*group) This is the

i am trying to send twitter data(json format) directly to spark structured streaming. I didn't find any related solution. i tried below code but got an error with data. class TweetsListener(

I am working on a project on java's earlier version below 1.7 where I am facing a strange issue of automatically round off the decimal values. Decimal values are getting calculated correctly in java

Note: I have seen many question regarding this. But no one satisfies my requirement! So please don't mark it duplicate and think before down voting it! I am using Blogger API to get the list of Blogs

is it possible to add a node-express server to an existing jhipster project to create a separate api? Just wondering. I have multiple microservices that are not working (UAA, and others) so I would

I was searching about complete python source code for a server with multiple clients, I couldn't find code working fine, can someone give me web or GitHub contain my order. Regards

I need to create a dropdown component which can be used for selection of nested values, but i want to create a skeleton structure which can be scaled according to the json structure passed to The

I have an array like: // Array1 [ 0: [ ID: 0, translationcode: 'a' ], 1: [ ID: 1, translationcode: 'a' ], 2: [ ID: 2, translationcode: 'b' ], 3: [ ID: 3, translationcode: 'c' ] ] Now I would

I wish to make a macro which can auto login a page and then autofill the search input field and finally web scraping the search result. I have been struggling for a long time that I can successfully

I have to join two Dataframes. Sample: Dataframe1 looks like this df1_col1 df1_col2 a ex1 b ex4 c ex2 d ex6 e ex3

I am using ViewModel in android to obtain an object and then pass it to a fragment to update UI components. I am trying to obtain the value of the object asynchronously and then pass the object to the

In other words, if I have two foreign key constraints on the same column, will both constraints have to be met or just one in order to successfully add the record?

I uninstalled and installed winows which meant I had to re-download softwares. I downloaded Node and npm, both are installed (node -v10.14.2, npm - 6.4.1). I open me previous projects and run npm

We have a docker swarm and we normally run service container using Docker create service API. Now we are seeing after certain time interval the services are not responding ( means the application

I'm doing a Web application project in Java and I have a problem with securing the application using Spring Security, namely my configuration does not work, I've tried several ways to configure Spring

I'm learning React and I want to create a todoaapp nevertheless I'm working with only one component to not deal with props. I already print the tasks in the dom, but now I want to create an event to

I am working in a project class and got this question mentioned in the title. For example: In my case I have an Item Class with a child Class named CDRom (inheritance), then CDRom needs to have one

I downloaded MeCab to parse some Japanese text. To test it out, I tried doing what some examples online showed. For example, I followed this guy's tips verbatim: http://www.robfahey.co.uk/blog/