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I am a newbie to GDB and Intel Pin. I've been trying to create a pintool using the basic examples. However, when trying to debug an exec file using gdb with the pintool, gdb ignores my breakpoints. I

I try to get time difference between now and a data's last call and monitoring that in the website. my models.py codes are; class MyModel(models.Model): th_id = models.CharField(max_length=55)

I've just started learning XML/XSL and I've hit a roadblock in one of my assignments. Tried Googling and searching over here but I can't seem to find a question that relates to mine. So what I'm

If one method work doesn't how do I make the code try a alternative method? Here is the code 1st method driver.findElement(By.id("com.simplemobiletools.gallery:id/dir_thumbnail")).click(); driver.

Created a button with mo.js and animocons. It works good but i want to add checked class. When button loads with this class it must be checked. How can i do this? /** * demo.js * http://www.

I am building android app that takes a trader name, shows it's open & closed trades of a trade explorer and also notify when any trade is opened or closed. Link example: https://www.forexfactory.

There has been a problem on my app and it keeps stopping now even when i debug. The problem seems to be with my ArrayList and I don't know how to fix it. it says unchecked cast on ArrayList

I have a TextInput below : Normally I am able to read TextInput when there is a change , the problem is the TextInput for password is populated with a default password . So the user may not need to

I'm trying to introduce OOP in my javascript & I got and error when trying to send an object (class) with two methods with Jquery $.post. The weird thing is that when I remove one of the method (

I use algolia on my web page. I have product named 56x16 . When users search for 56*16 algolia doesn't show results. How can I solve this problem ?

I am having problems converting a string into datetime format in order to store variable into a datetime-type field of a sql table value of $timestamp: 2019-02-23T08:30:03.77 $datum2 = substr($

Say I am having a dataframe named "orderitems" with below schema DataFrame[order_item_id: int, order_item_order_id: int, order_item_product_id: int, order_item_quantity: int, order_item_subtotal:

I am running a Spark Sql batch job and it is to take the dump of a table to parquet file(s). This table is a hive table and underline storage is HBase. I am using MapR and the spark verion is 2.2.1.

I tried running a block of code and got the above error for this line of code: print("Congratulations! You swapped out a", box3, "for", + str( randomPersuade2 ) + " Dollars. Enjoy!") box3 holds a

I want to make an iOS app for taking attendance at my university as my graduate project. I just want to know if it's possible to turn the teacher iPhone into an iBeacon and take attendance from the

my function public function post_sofware_technology(Request $request){ $titile = $request->input('category_title'); $excerpt = $request->input('Excerpt'); $post = new posts(); $

I want to insert Text to an existing PDF-File with iTextSharp. The internet is full of examples. But i actually could not find an example according to my need. It is really important to define the

I have a problem about searching projects in range from $startDate and $endDate. When I input in POSTMAN localhost:8000/api/getprojectbydate?startDate=2019-02-03&endDate=2019-07-04 , I recieved

We found that Cassandra has a lot of write accumulation in the production environment, and our business has experienced a lot of write failures. Through the system.log, it was found that

I am making a turn-based multiplayer game using the Multipeer Connectivity framework. When a peer disconnects for whatever reason, I want that player to be replaced by an AI. This way the game can

I found "ProcessArmor" which prevent user from terminate itself. you can see this code in this site. There is other references about this. Administrator only kill this program. This program seems

But I cannot make use echo statements, so How am I going to print the output? Code written in vi editor fname=/home/scrapbook/tutorial/unix_countproject/input.txt read fname terminal=tty

After reading a tutorial on Logging in Django. I added the following to my settings.py LOGGING = { 'version': 1, 'disable_existing_loggers': False, 'filters': { '

I have one image in a row and a text next to that image. I want the row to expand fully and image takes as its size, then remain full area should be taken by Container. Here is my code snippet: Row(

Link to code in stackblitz Is there a way to repeat a completed observable multiple times? Say I have a button that on click creates an interval observable that emits 10 values, then completes:

I'm just started learning Nodejs, mongodb, reactjs and having a trouble. I'm trying to get data from mongodb. backend code: app.post('/tweet',(req,res)=>{ tweetData.find((err,data)=>{

I want to get specific field like name, contacts and address using ASP.net MVC 5. I'm working with Razor view engine So how can I use XML formate in that as Google Gave xml formate in Google Contacts

Following these instructions of the official repo: added this to my go.mod: require ( github.com/stripe/stripe-go v57.1.0 ) Then I created at main subscription.go and added: package main

I got the issue that the ISPConfig panel is showing on every domain which is hostet on my Server For example if i have www-example-com on my webserver and i go to www-example-com:1234 (my own port)

I've read quite a few similar posts but none solves my case, which could well be because of my lack of sufficient knowledge, so please bear with me. One of the search options in my terminological

I am trying to create a stacked bar chart showing % frequency of occurrences by group brfss_2013 %>% group_by(incomeLev, mentalHealth) %>% summarise(count_mentalHealth = n()) %>%

I need to scrap some data out of a website that asks for login first, and i do manage to login using curl, here is my login code: $login = 'https://example.com/login'; $ch = curl_init($login);

How do I write a function that can output: call first:console.log(currying('l')) // cool call 2nd: console.log(currying()('l')) // coool call 3rd: console.log(currying()()('l')) // cooool call

I want to create a GUI using python tkinter code, in which it must include: checkbox, file open dialog box, description/details box & submit button The file open dialog box should get opened only

Below is the image explaining dynamic calculation for fields. I have fields created dynamically and stored in mysql database. I want to show calculation on fields basis as given in below image. I

Does anyone know how to access Cpanel on 1&1(IONOS). One of the biggest in the web hosting market but I didn't know it was one of the worst. Knowledge Base is empty. Searching on Google doesn't

I am trying to follow instructions to create a duplicate project following this question: Duplicate jhipster project Supposing that it still applies! And I do not know how to change the rememberMeKey

<div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-lg-8 col-md-12 order-2">1 </div> <div class="col-lg-4 col-md-12 order-1">2 </div>

using composer require superbalist/laravel-google-cloud-storage // config/app.php Superbalist\LaravelGoogleCloudStorage\GoogleCloudStorageServiceProvider::class, was able to add Google Cloud Storage

I am trying to find a best way to read array from text file, which is in format: "filename.txt" points = [ [2.0, 0.0], [3.0, 2.0], [2.5, 2.0], [0.0, 1.5], [0.0, 0.0] ] I know

Would anyone be able to tell me how dask works for larger than memory dataset in simple terms. For example I have a dataset which is 6GB and 4GB RAM with 2 Cores. How would dask go about loading the

I want to enter multiple images(8) to the same CNN model at the same time. I built the bellow model: inputShape = (height, width, depth) input1 = Input(shape=(inputShape), name='input1') input2 =

I have a program that created a numpy array and the array is array([[0.0543275 , 0.51249827, 0.43317423], [0.07144389, 0.51152126, 0.41703486], [0.0776112 , 0.48593384, 0.43645496]

I have this HTML element. <text transform="translate(485.93871283297995,595.8334221880784)" font-size="7 pt">Excelsior</text> I went into the chrome inspector and added color: #FFF, but

I want to be able to disable all PAM logging for a specific user when logging via SSHD for anonymity purposes. However, PAM logs by default login failures: Feb 23 09:35:30 caladan sshd[5606]:

I want to modify a value inside JSON. Let's say I have this example JSON and I want to have the php change the phone number: $data = '{ "firstName": "John", "lastName": "Smith", "age": 27,

I'm sure this kind of problem have been resolved here many time but I can't find how those question was formulated. I have a micro-services that handle the communication between my infrastructure

i am not very well on javascript , below are the code which i want get variable from JSON and put the date on the chart as label .Below are the code function getdate(num){ $.ajax({

I'm developing a web app using Mac (Visual Studio for Mac), Entity Framework Code First, and Docker for an instance of SQL Server I created a web project using ASP.NET MVC Core and Identity (

Hello i have a built a user management system for my project. i am workin with php programming language. furthermore my aim here is to keep users logged in for at least a year unless they decide to