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Hints do not seem to work for me. Here is my script: #!/usr/bin/python import os import base64 import googleapiclient.discovery speech_file = os.path.join( os.path.dirname(__file__), '

ystem Integrity Protection: enabled Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000,

I have a csv file with a list of strings:(The strings will change everyday) -Bob -John -Frank I have a dataframe Header:Name age sex -Shelly 56 Female -Jim 48 Male -Frank 50 Male -John

I'm implementing a Karatsuba algorithm, and am running into this exception. Some relevant code (I can post more if needed): From main: int degree = (input.nextInt() + 1); int A[] = new int[degree];

Why is the print statement not working when I run this code? If I put a print statement in the while loop, it prints. However, after the while loop it doesn't work. enter image description here

I am looking for transaction totals by day of week over each day of a pay period for a 1 year timeframe. I can get the DOW but want to split into DOW for week 1 and week 2 over the year between 11/25/

I'm trying to read all line from the socket.getinputstream() but with buffered reader, it's freeze

I built a Camel WAR on JBoss Fuse 6.3 on JBoss EAP 6.4 with a WS SOAP exposed, below the pom.xml dependencies <packaging>war</packaging> <properties> <cxf-version>3.1.5.

--- title: "test_kableExtra" date: "14/12/2018" output: pdf_document: latex_engine: xelatex includes: in_header: head.tex --- ``` {r table, echo = FALSE} library(tidyverse) library(

How can I set my Jira Profile to "Won't Fix"? When ever a new ticket comes in I would like to set it a default of "Won't Fix". I have Turing Troll that the user must ask three questions before they

With reference to the following Snack: https://snack.expo.io/@deltanovember/shallow-scone my Picker has question marks that aren't properly aligned: I've tried to fix this by fixing the width of

I am trying to understand how the promise works in terms of response to client side from a firebase function, i will give here a very simple example: This is the ionic method saving some data which

I used sudo apt-get install python3.6-tk and it works fine. tkinter works if I open python in terminal, but I cannot get it installed on my Pycharm project. pip install command says it cannot find

Do you know how secure is the screen sharing feature? Can I disable the possibility to share my screen via any connection to prevent hacking/worms/viruses? My knowledge is limited to the

I would like to enable my users an option to enter EMoji characters in an input field. I assume that in 2019 this should be as trivial as setting the meta charset of the website to UTF-8. However when

I'm aware that there are thousands of possible questions connected to this question: EditText does not trigger changes when back is pressed EditText does not trigger changes when back is pressed

I want to assign log4j message that goes to console to my variable, for instance: log.info("some info"); String info = // info message from log how can I accomplish this?

I am trying to display two plots side-by-side in a Shiny app. In the first plot, data is displayed as the user chooses from the daterange selector. In the second plot, I would like it to display the

Ok so basically, what I want to do, is copy the file path of a file by using the right click selection for said file. I found a way to add an option to the right click selection, but I need an exe

I need to execute two promises (e.g. to save a document e.g. on Cloudant no really matter). But I need to send http response right after first promise complete and don't wait for another one. For now

Is there an operator or function in Dart to easily verify if a number is in a range? Something like Kotlin in operator: https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/ranges.html if (i in 1..10) { //

An example of the code I have (obviously some is pseudo code) How do I get access to a specific characters body parts (SKReferenceNodes) so I can alter/move/animate them individually? loop through

The problem statement is as follows: given a list of n sets, each containing k integers, find the number of pairs of disjoint sets. Suppose the possible elements of the sets are positive and bounded

I need your help to write a function that does the following: It recieves 2 pointers (type double) ; one points on the first element of an array, the ther one points behind the array. This pointer

I have some code in my mobile app that calls the server to verify an email address with a 6 digit code that is emailed to the user. If the validation is successful I use the refresh token for the user

I'm creating a select in javascript and I'm using this statement to fill the options with the data in the database, but I do not load the data in the option and nor the select when I enter the page,

I am trying to deploy my meteor project at AWS(EC2 instance type => t2.micro) using MUP. But somehow it always stucks when it comes to mup deploy=>Building for web.browser.legacy I thought it may be

During my initiation in big data I came across a training exercise where we say: You are hired in a car company. This company collects automatically and in real-time large volumes of vehicle sales

I am trying to set up node application as a service and to start the service I need to start node with an absolute path, which means I have to start it with usr/bin/node, however for whatever reason

i recently run into some problems , when using socket.io connection from front end , when the internet went down or any other thing interrupting the connection between socket fronted to back end , i

So I have 4 bottom navigation section and I am using fragments , however I have a problem Once I insert my data the data is not populated, how can I go back to my right fragment say once I have added

I don't know anything about OpenGLES, I don't understand anything about it.. I am looking for a way to fill my entire screen with, for example, an array which contains RGB values, and I am looking for

Kindly, I tried to retrieve data from Excel to SQL via MVC but I have issue with date time field because it get below error: Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'System.DateTime?' my code as

I have a Vue application (with several components) to which I would like to add a night mode. I would like this night mode to be managed centrally, where the relevant styling would be applied to the

So i'm trying to make an app and I was testing spinners with firebase databases and I'm stuck on trying to find the node based on an editText in my database (in this case My Building) and find it's

How to get album art of mp3 songs from internal storage in android studio ,kotlin ?

If I have a dict for example d = { 'a': { "x": [], "y": { "z": { "1": 'loser' } } }

When I remove the following user = User.objects.get(username=request.POST['username']) it recognizes if user uses a taken email address when signing up and shows user a sign up error. However the

I have std::stringstream ss;, containing binary data that I want to put into std::vector<unsigned char> my_vector;. Then, I want to take my_vector and use it to create a new std::stringstream

I am experimenting with the Java MongoDB Driver and get the following error: Cannot resolve method 'insertOne(org.bson.Document, anonymous com.mongodb.async.SingleResultCallback)' Code:

Hi I have written a shell script which I'm using to make entries of my meta-nodes and data-nodes of InfluxDb Interprise . "#!/bin/bash" MPIP=`curl

I mean, I need to declare the maximum dimension of the array or can I work with the array like it will stop when I stop introducing lines? Sorry for my bad english.

could you help me to authentificate the client in this code , I am trying to do a mini-chat (client and server) in C using linux (sockets), but when I tried to integrate the authentification part code

How can I pass LocalDateTime to DateTime (data type in sql) thorugh java code? I searched through the net and stackoverflow, but just found to pass only date or only time or the use of timestamp. But

I have a listview with images. I took these images by URL using Retrofit. Now I am trying to set OnClick my adapter to pass each photo to the new activity but i have some troubles with the intent and

I am trying to web scrape data from the first table in the educational attainment section of the statistical atlas website that is based on census data. Essentially, I want to web scrape the

Hello i have two problem :( First thing you have to know; When i run my app on the api 27 or 28, i dont have problem. but when i try this (running) on api 23 (android 6.0) my build is crashing.

. The RSS reader in IFTTT doesn't like https://rss.art19.com/the-daily. I am using python to extract a new link and schedule it for every morning at 06:30. I, however, find it extremely difficult to

I was wondering how the terminal progress bar scripts manage to keep editing the same printed line without issuing any clear commands or form feed(\f)characters. I ain't a very advanced user and by

So I need a list with a few things in it but I can't figure out how, Heres my code: variants = new List<object>(), I need style1 up to style5 inside the list. Does anyone know how to do this?