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I want to include file in foreach loop but it included only once time why.. There are 3 orders stores in my database and i want to include info_customer.php 3 times but it's only included only one

In TreeSet: 1)Duplicate element is not allowed 2)Searching takes O(n) time While in Hashset, duplicates are not allowed and searching is done O(1) time. then what is exact purpose/use of TreeSet from

I want to reduce Number of Characters before Read More Tag in wordpress. This feature is automatic in template. This is the link : http://www.pnchannel.com/ enter image description here

I have installed ArcGIS-Runtime-SDK-iOS 100.2 in my project using pod, I have a task to display the route on map for multiple locations in a particular city of USA, to do so I referred the arcgis

I am trying to add UserControl on my page using MVVM and Caliburn.micro. MainWindow.xaml <ContentControl Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="5" x:Name="ActivateItem"></

What I need I need to Bind Jquery Element in Onchange event. code $(document).on('change', '#dropdownid', function (e) { //your code });

DO anyone know exact difference between rawDataSize and totalSize. It do varies a lot in terms of csv and orc. Snapshot of csv table from hive.

I have custom UICollectionViewCell as TaskCell in which I have added 4 buttons. All the Buttons are added programatically using auto layouts. Now when I hide some buttons then i want the other

I created a printer server to receive print as microsoft xps document, which is able to listen at a default port 515. Whenever there is printer command from client, it works very well in windows 8 and

I am creating an API wrapper for my azure cosmos db table and i need to get all table data regardless of the partition key. the docs of cosmos db has a where clause for partition key but i wanted to

I need to extract the all url's from the using php , I refered below url but not getting exact result I want. reference url https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36564293/extract-urls-from-a-string-

i have created one custom entry field with floating label using custom renderer like from this uri https://github.com/AlejandroRuiz/FloatingTextEntry i need to change entry underline color as well

I have a program written in C++ (as a static library for now) with very abstract interface that uses operator overloading on my classes etc. I want to create a shared library out of it (DLL on Windows

date penalty total paid 2017-10-01 2000 2017-11-01 2000 ?2017-12-01 200 ?2000 (!) 2018-01-01 2000

I have a GPS tracking device that communicates through UDP in my C# Windows Form Application. I want to expose that data to my client devices through WebSockets. The idea is to get device locations

I want to search for various files in the the depot and check them out in a changelist. There is large number of files so I want to do it using commands. I have tried the command p4 -c client_name

I try to load angularjs chart with json load on my service call on load itself, but the chart is not rendering. can anyone help on this ?

I'd like to only display a button when a phone or tablet is vertical. Does anyone know whether or not this is possible?

I am trying to mimic some sort of parallax effect for my schoolproject. I used this video to create a starter from my code. The person uses 3 divs here: 1 class for the picture, 1 class for the text,

I'm trying to inject a script reference into all HTML generated by an ASP.NET Core application, using middleware. My code is inspired by this blog post and looks something like this: public class

enter image description here How to get a report(print,CVS) of the page like this in Jquery

In SSRS i am creating matrix report and in that i want to aggregate column together not 1 by 1 as mention below. Want to show enter image description here How it showing enter image description

I'm using JUnit and AssertJ to test my code, and here is the test: public class FooTest { @Test public void test(){ Foo f = new Foo(); assertThatThrownBy(() -> f.abc(

this is my a part of my code: def generateInstruction(Seed, Probability): random.seed(Seed) random.seed() NumberOfAddresses = random.randint(10, 40) ListOfAdresses = list()

I'm using Windows form application with C++. I want to convert a String^ to int. My code is : int number = std::stoi(TextBox1->Text); But the error shows : no instance of overloaded function "

I have two components called customer-details and customer-bookings which are called by their selectors in app.component.html file as shown in below code <app-customer-details></app-

I have a dataframe (call it txn_df) that contains monetary transaction records, here are the significant columns in this problem: txn_year txn_month custid withdraw deposit 2011 4

For the transfer of information, I used the App Group. It remained to verify the two directions of data transfer: 1) Transfer data from the main part of the project to the MessageFilterExtension. 2)

Googled it but still can't realize how to render html tags in a template string in React: return ( <p className="text-left m-3"> {this.state.movies ? `Showing <strong>`${this.state.

I found similar issue @ Android studio Gradle icon error, Manifest Merger. But none of the suggestion works for me. I am using Android Studio 3.2. and in my application, I am using app-> build.

The problem I've encountered is that std::this_thread::sleep_for actually uses system clock to calculate the wake time (at least on Windows), not the steady clock. This produces problems when system

As part of my application, I have to display the google reCAPTCHA for the user. Unforchunetly I don't familiar with web stuff, specially reCAPTCHA. I use the below code string nitroUser

This should work, but it doesn't. can anyone tell me why? For example, if i just put an alert in the clickie function, i can add and remove the event listener just fine. But the moment I try to use

I just want to use my custom build binary module which is only one single file index.node. It's located in src/modules/my_module directory. When I try to use it in my lambda function const myModule =

My Wordress updated to 4.9.8 and it broke TinyMCE. I am getting the following error. What should I do to fix it? I am using // 4.8.0 (2018-06-27) TinyMCE version, I guess

I have a subplots of boxplots with different groups in the x-axis. I want to have same color not for different subplots but for different groups in the x-axis. How to do that? x = ['day 1', 'day 1', '

I have been looking for days now and all the current answers on how to convert a byte[] filled with imageData leads me back to this piece of code: using (var ms = new MemoryStream(byte[])) {

Having this set up using superagent this.acceptContentType = "application/json"; req = Request.post(absoluteUrl) .timeout(config.runtime.apiTimeoutMs) .set('Accept', this.acceptContentType); req.

I am using fabric to get some remote hosts status in flask project, namely app.py env.hosts = ["h1","h2","h3","h4","h5"] @parallel def get_host_status(): return run(GET_STATUS, quiet=True,

Now, I have a model I want to save. code: //I have a lot of tables //tables :day_01,day_02,day_03.day_31; $objData = $objModel->setTable("day_01")->where(['user_id'=>123])->first(); $

I have searched online for a while, but I still cannot figure out how the following one-line comparator works. I know inside the () are the parameters, but where is the return type bool? Is the name

I want to schedule a task to a master mobile phone which is submitted by a client android phone, and that task after being scheduled at the master node should be executed at another client node which

I did Finite element analysis in abaqus simulia on a square plate. I got results in abaqus manually from simulations. Now I want to apply GA on those results for optimisation. How could i do

I have tableView, on each cell displayd data from firebase Cell has textField, likeButton, addMarkButton adn deleteMarkButton I want if addMarkButton pressed - save data to firebase And If

I'm trying to update a TextBlock while typing in a TextBox using Prism Unity in WPF, But it only fires when I close the main window not while typing. ViewModel private string _textName = "text";

I have a project working fine on tomcat, But after making war of same project and deploy on Wildfly 12 project get deploy but getting forbidden on browser .

I am trying to display infowindows on a react-google-maps map, and the documented way didn't work for me. So I set out to change the world and create custom infowindows, the way google intended it.

I have a images array containing 4 images, i have a build image and change image function. I have class box, box2. box2 can be dragged and dropped to any 3 box. I have tried to call the change

There is a custom plugin written by another group of my enterprise and that plugin will spit-out the dependencies of a project, if i execute gradlew depSpit .. It works fine if i execute this depSpit

I stuck in a scenario where i want to merge multiple excel file data into single sheet. I have more that 100 excel files into a directory. So now i want to combine all the excel file data after the