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I have this code which checks for http:// in the URL submitted. But I want it to also check for https://. So I tried with an or in the if condition but it still checks only for http:// and not https://

I am writing a customized USB 2.0 HCI controller driver and looking into dummy_hcd/vhci code from kernel 4.15. One thing I notice is that when checking/setting port status change (high 16-bit of port

I have two Python files, global.py and test_train.py, both sitting in the same folder. I am trying to allow test_train.py to access everything (functions, variables, etc. in global.py). I cannot get

My data is in below format and i want to create my below code which is dependent on this data to Python code. I am finding it difficult to proceed. data out1 out2; set Input if excl=0 and

Is there a way to skip array value or any other way around. I know , we can either put it to null or ' '. But I have many array keys & very few keys with a value. In the below array , only

I hate to ask for help on such a simple problem but I've been at it for hours and I cannot figure it out. The function on my service page is: async getPeople() { const mypeople = await gapi.

Trying to get a JavaScript button function to print out a contact form for my website, but its not working. The button comes up, but when you click it, the form doesn't show. Here is the code:

If I already have a column created by OneHotEncoderEstimator how can I drop one of the levels on the fly? Say you have a column with 4 levels (one dropped for dependence) and you want to drop the

I'm working on Middleware in django version 2.1. It is LoginMiddleWare where i need to exclude some urls if the requested url exits it returns None below is the portion of middleware code :

I am unable to toggle between hiding and showing a control using a select embedded in an Angular6 reactive form. I want when the user select option3 in the garde form controll the name form controll

I am testing the obfuscation capabilities of Proguard for the first time. To that end I did the following Downloaded the Cordova Hello World plugin Modified it by adding the string " This is top

In order to create my independent variable (X) for my Machine Learning, I select 6 features of my dataset. 2 are numerical variables and the other are Categorical variables. I've converted my

I have recently started writing tests and I don't have much experience.If any of the community member could point me in the right direction I would be really thankful. My scenario is simple I am half

Iam New in PHP . I Know How to Check a String number or Not using is_numeric but I want Check Mobile Number add + in my case $mobile = "+15666886345" ; if($mobile) { // Valid Mobile

I'm using Tilix terminal and when I change the keyboard shortcut for copy to ctrl+c that key combo continues to send the ^C interrupt character. By default copy is set to ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+c

I'm trying to set width: 50% .book-form div. .book-form div uses padding:6rem; but it doesn't take 50%. when I remove padding:6rem it actually takes 50%. But I needed to set padding: 50%; In inspect

Im have an issue that my sql nativequery return the same result at first row although i use different parameter and test successfully in SSMS before. It works fine at the first click, but at the

I have an excel file with samples listed by row and attributes listed as columns. I'm using python to group samples by one or more attributes and using xlsxwriter to export. Is there a way to auto

I'm attempting to optimize some queries that run against a large amount of data. I'll try simplifying the problem here. Let's start with an example table: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TestTable]( [

I have installed Qt 4.5.0 community and I am trying to build my project with Qt5.10.0 MinGW 32 bit. Having QtQuick 2.12 imported in my qml file in a qtquick project, I face with the following error:

Simply I made a union in my yacc file that is: %union { char* x; int y;} in my lex file, I have something like: "+" {yylval.x = yytext; yylval.y=1} but the contents aren't being copied when I

So here's the situation - When a Link is clicked the nprogress bar will start and I want react-router to only replace the current component with the matched route once that's done loading

Following is the code of my component.html file <ul *ngIf="usertype=='actor"> <li><a href="#list"> Seller</a></li> <li><a href="#list1">Buyer</a>&

Looking for the following ordered 1a.milk 1b.bread 1c.butter 1d.coffee beans The following syntax did not satisfy my requirement. <ol> <li>milk <ol type="a">

I have quite a few integers that need to be incremented by one when certain buttons are pushed. Here is the short version on how I am achieving this. @IBAction func incrementAction(_ sender: UIButton)

I am using below code to create connection factory RedisStandaloneConfiguration redisStandaloneConfiguration = new RedisStandaloneConfiguration(redisHost, redisPort);

i need to save the filter applied on input box, so that when user revisits the page next time he can see that the filter already applied on input box? so can anyone help me to how can i save the

I need to change values in the Contas table, taking the Apostador_ID from the Apostas table, but only on rows that have changes, any idea how I can do this to replace ??? to the value? I've tried

I have a onUpdate function like bellow onUpdate = data => { if (parseInt(data.quantity) < 1) { this.props.setErrorPopUp({ message: 'You cannot set quantity to zero.Use delete actions',

When I use transparent Windows, an area 5px from the windows edge cannot respond to DOM events.

I'm working on a source code editor in C++, using Qt5 and QScintilla as framework. In this project, I want to continously show the row and column of the text cursor (cursor position), so I need a

I am working on an openCV project, I have a stable running variant that is taking input from an HDMI capture card and using FFmpeg to output to a v4L2 loopback device (/dev/video0) my openCV project

I want to arrange divs in HTML/CSS in the following manner: Layout Using the following code: .Container { display: flex; overflow: hidden; height: 100vh; margin-top: -100px;

simple program that grabs user information from an external API. Grabs user info and stores to database just fine, but unsure why click handler that submits username has to be clicked twice. Here's

I using react.js to render d3 v4 sankey . My data load fine, but still got an error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodes' of undefined in sankey.js 39 line: function defaultNodes(graph) {

I'm trying to unit test my Presenter class using Mockito and I always end up failing the test: org.mockito.exceptions.base.MockitoException: Cannot mock/spy class java.lang.String Mockito cannot

I am developing plugins extending Woocommerce. This plugins is for trip booking. My objective is to get the customer information such as his arrival at airport and his next flight time, and show it

So basically I'm trying to make this news site that takes data from mysql table and put that inside my html formatting that I already made. Is there a way I can pull values and put them into my html

The marked duplicate does not solve my problem The answer shows how to increment the values that already exist in a list in a dictionary. I'm asking how to create a list inside a dic and then

so I got an image as a texture for a square, but the problem is that whenever I run the code I get this: But when I take this line out: glTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, 3, image1->sizeX, image1-&

I want to move the dropdown content below the nav header without overlapping . I have added a logo because of which the header has got more height and the dropdown overlapping the nav header. <

I am trying to have a small left icon column, and right text field. This is what I got on the left size .. What happens is that I have multiple text areas some big some small, and the left icon is

I am building a simple web app that takes in 3 different types of inputs and renders one of 3 different EJS file from a views directory (using Node and Express). Each of the rendered EJS files needs

In column A I have the value of: A| and in column B I have 23/04/2019 23:48:17. I am merging both of the columns with the formula =A1&""&B1&, yet the result I am getting is A|43451.

So the hover works perfectly fine on chrome but when I look at it in safari the div that shows up on hover is displayed directly to the right of the div it should be on top of. Not sure why this isn't

I have searched on line and can not find an explanation for this. What does the following mean? Local a,b = foo() Why two variables? Does it mean Local a= foo() And Local b= foo() As well?

I am getting the following error when forwarding port. Can anyone help? mjafary$ sudo kubectl port-forward sa-frontend 88:82 Forwarding from -> 82 Forwarding from [::1]:88 -> 82

Here is my current project code: size(500,500); background(255, 255, 255); fill(250,0,0); ellipse(150, 230, 100, 200); fill(10,0,0); ellipse(180, 233, 30, 30); fill(10,0,0); ellipse(120, 233,

I would like to add commas between the elements in the file. Right now it outputs all crammed together. This is part of a larger program. Can anyone help? code: def export_emp(): f = open('

I am really confused with offset operator in assembly language programming. How does it work. Please see code in line3 from the below most. MODEL SMALL .286 ;Segment are laid out sequentially,